3.18.0b Hotfix 1

3.18.0b Hotfix 1

This patch contains balance changes to Archnemesis Modifiers that were foreshadowed in our recent news posts. Please note that this is not our final set of changes and we have further improvements planned. However, please feel free to share feedback with us in the meantime based on the below changes and we'll continue to keep it in mind as we go forward.

Monster and Modifier Changes

  • Rejuvenating: Verdant Spores inflicted by the Healing Nova now grants 60% reduced Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield (previously prevented players from recovering Life or Energy Shield). The Healing Nova can no longer be used if the Monster with this modifier is on full life.
  • Magma Barrier: Summoned Fire Volatiles are now much more visible and have had their explosion damage reduced significantly.
  • Toxic: Magic Monsters now have a 50% chance to create a Toxic Volatile on death (previously always). Now grants +40% to Chaos Resistance (previously +50%).
  • Frenzied: Now grants 40% increased Damage while Frenzied (previously 50%), and 25% increased Action Speed while Frenzied (previously 50%).
  • Overcharged: Now grants +1 to Maximum Frenzy, Power and Endurance Charges (previously 2).
  • Effigy: Summoned Effigies will now wait 2 seconds before using their Taunt Skill upon linking to a Player.
  • Mana Siphoner: Reduced the Lightning Damage Over Time taken by Enemies in the Aura by 33%, and the amount of Mana lost per second by Enemies in the Aura by 67%. We are also looking to improve the visual clarity and reduce the size of the Ring in the near future.
  • Incendiary: Now grants 100% increased Ignite Damage (previously 300%) and +50% to Fire Resistance (previously +75%).
  • Bloodletter: Now grants 50% increased Damage with Bleeding (previously 100%).
  • Chaosweaver: Now grants +40% to Chaos Resistance (previously +50%).
  • Entangler: Now grants +30% to Chaos Resistance (previously +40%). We previously stated in a news post that this modifier provided +50% to Chaos Resistance, the correct value was +40%.
  • Arakaali-touched: Now grants +50% to Chaos Resistance (previously +60%).
  • Shakari-touched: Now grants +50% to Chaos Resistance (previously +60%).
  • Storm Strider: Trigger Lightning Mirage when Hit now has a 0.75 second global cooldown (previously 0.5 second).
  • Frost Strider: Trigger Snow bolt when Hit now has a 0.75 second global cooldown (previously 0.5 second).
  • Assassin: Now grants 70% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes (previously take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes).
  • Drought Bringer: Nearby Enemies' Flasks now lose 6 Charges every 3 seconds (previously 15 Charges every 3 seconds).
  • Invulnerable: Can no longer appear on Magic Monsters, or Rare Monsters that aren't part of a Monster Pack (such as those spawned in Blight encounters). We plan to review this modifier further and make it more similar to the Benevolent Guardian Nemesis modifier.
  • Reduced the number of Magic and Rare Monster that can spawn in Ritual Encounters. The amount of Tribute granted by Rare and Magic Monsters has been increased to compensate for this change.
  • Soul Conduit, Final Gasp, Mirror Image and Opulent Monster modifiers can no longer appear on Ritual Monsters.
  • The inherent Maximum Life bonuses from Monster modifiers no longer apply to Metamorphs.
  • The Mirror Image Monster modifier can no longer appear on Metamorphs.
  • Magic Blackguard Elites that accompany Piety in The Crematorium and General Gravicius in The Ebony Barracks in Act 3 now have 40% less Life.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Heralding Totems and Lightning Beacons from the Heralding Minions and Storm Strider modifiers would sometimes fail to despawn.
  • Fixed a bug where the Impossible Escape Unique Jewel could roll Keystones no longer on the Passive Skill Tree.

These changes apply to all new areas entered after the time these notes were posted.
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