3.18.0b Hotfix 1

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Hmm... Not yet. Might come back in a week to see how the game is going
You already nerfed the mods 2 times why make the game easier?

any chance Execution will be toned down a tad? i died in a ritual earlier, i am playing RF. maybe the rare spawn rate will make it more survivable now. i was over whelmed by rares and Execution my fate was sealed.
Can't wait hotfix 69.
As someone who is coming back to the game for the first time in a long time, and was originally part of the very first release of POE, and was very into the game at that time, I want to say that the current state of the game is very unfriendly towards new players who have no idea what they are doing.

I would definitely go over the tutorials again, like for instance teach players they can NPC stuff to get certain modifiers, for instance, when you go in to fight mervile, have a NPC make the player create a Cold Ring. and other such little things along the way to help out new players.

I feel like the current League is definitely hard for new players and is definitely pushing them away. A game is only good if you can keep growing the player base, otherwise you run into issues like other games have had in the past, where you get the same old people playing all the time, never any growth and never any progress.

I think it would be beneficial to remove the mods from A1 - A3 just long enough that players can get a handle on the game, then slowly introduce them to these mods so they understand the basics, without the face pounding.

I really enjoy POE, and I plan on playing for a very long time, I would love to see more new players here.

Thank you for patching, these bugs are a little crazy.

I had one where I was in a corrupted Vaal instance, and for some reason the mob might have spawned under the ground or in a wall, because I was getting attacked by crystals coming up from the ground everywhere I walked, after killing absolutely everything in the instance. It was interesting, wish I caught it on video, but hopefully we get these bugs fixed because that was weird.
No change to Elemental Resistance on rares, which feels over-tuned somewhat.
that's a step in the right direction, a lot more to go.
I miss harvest, 36/40 never forget.
Mirror drop - Strand clear speed meta legacy league month "5"
Mirror drop - Canyon casual farming harby ultimatum league month "1"
now i'm a main standard league player.
league content on standard when? GGG! show us some love.
Effigy is still in the game smh my head.
cheng955176 wrote:
Can't wait hotfix 69.

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