3.18.0b Hotfix 1

The game is too damn rippy. This is me throwing in the towel. It has never been this dumb before. Good luck to the few remaining people that enjoy this bullshit. The league mechanic is great, but everything is obliterating me, even with flasks.
This won't make Metamorph doable. Or let you use ' Rogue Exiles are posessed' going in to end game. Works great in white maps, but becomes impossible to use as map modifiers scale up.
"There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die. " ~ Hunter S Thompson ~
Appears GGG has just thrown in the towel. They don’t care about the player experience and are just waiting and waiting until there’s no players left to say “we hear you.”
This is a stupid freaking patch and change to the base game. You go from what was lauded as the best patch since release to this dog turd, What the Actual Hell were you thinking? I'd pay money to see Chris level from level 1 to maps and then have him tell us how much fun this crap is, but at this point, that's the only way GGG is getting any more of my money.
Please remove Archnemesis mods, even Zizarian someone you sponsor his leagues and Ghazzy are releasing videos on this is ridiculous. And they are doing millions of dmg and super tanky. Not all of us are them and they are wanting a revert just as majority.
How many videos, threads and posts do you need. Reddit etc. To see this is the wrong direction for the player base.
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Welcome to Chris "Hardmode" untold Path of Exiled League!
This is my game, i do that i want of it!!
lukedelgados wrote:
Welcome to Chris "Hardmode" untold Path of Exiled League!
This is my game, i do that i want of it!!

This is spot on. It reminds me of that neighborhood bully that people want to be around but can't stand him. You play my way or else. This is my toy and I say who can play. If only he would open up a little bit and listen. I'm about done myself with this league. Too frustrating and annoying. Maybe something good will come out of this mess.
some of these modes just makes the game unplayable.
I would imagine they would listen to their sponsored players a bit more lol. If things aren't reworked and/or fixed this week, (not even a week into league), people will stop playing.
Maybe I'm crazy but I had a "what if" idea.

What if they did add hardmode in a way but allowed us to choose if we wanted it or not.

A checkbox only changeable 1 time daily to use the old mods when unchecked, and to use the new mods as difficult as you want them when checked. Leave the choice up to the ones that pay your salary, the playerbase.

Set it based on the next instance loaded to take effect so as to not lag the servers.

I think in this way, instead of cramming your "vision" down peoples throats, everybody could win in the end.

Thank you for your time.
As always thank you for your time. Be well Exiles.

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