3.18.0b Hotfix 1

Good patch notes.

Would it be possible to change temporal bubble to slowing projectile speed, as opposed to immune to damage?
Can we dramatically reduce the number of magic and rare monsters in delve? It is essentially unplayable at current balance level. So far, the changes look good keep up the good work!
Please get rid of all the fucking vine things.
Last edited by MalibuMoon on May 16, 2022, 10:41:11 PM
No vamp or garg change? lmao
Please also remove Block from Invulnerable modifier!

This leads to players thinking that the monsters are permanently invulnerable.

Especially bad if you have a slow attack.
Thanks, good changes, good work GGG!

I'm confident that the game will be overall better with the new rares after you're done with this work. They're much more interesting and has actual gameplay imapct.
This league is ridiculously amazing :D
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Remove effigy from the game. 2 seconds does absolutely nothing when minions trigger it offscreen.

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