[3.18X] **Under Construction**The dirty scorpion tail -Real Fullblock- Herald of Agony&Phantasms


Facetanker Herald of Agony & Phantasms vs Hydra


Facetanker Herald of Agony & Phantasms vs Shaper


Facetanker Herald of Agony & Phantasms vs Baran


Facetanker Herald of Agony & Phantasms vs The Twisted


+++ Looks like defences are needed this new league and the tankyness of the allstars-set-up will be perfect.

To farm Ueber-Sirus it will be one of the best builds and for most other content too with all our defensive layers, auras, high substain and ranged possibilities.

Awakened empower and awakened enlighten will add a lot of flexibility.

The new unique jewel Impossible Escape will be extreme interesting and probably used.

And of course the new arakaali's fang new raise spider vaultpass-effect will powerimp up our red bloody swarm. +++

>> TL;DR <<


In endgame max 80% poisonchance and castspeed and your generated HoAg virulences to 60-70 with clusternotables "pure agony" and your HoAg-lvl to 28-31 with empower and awakened gems. For defences get 6.5 k es, 75% spellblock and use 4 big defensive auras for top tanky 9M ehp.

That's all.

Ordinary you need only:

1. "Tipps for beginning and levelling"
2. "Path of building"
3. "Choose your edition"
4. "gear, skills, links" - sections gloves, body-armour, dagger
5. "checklist defences/ damage/ faq"
6. Visit thread-page 50 for the tradelinks and budget-variations

Why Occultist? Why HoAg?


The charm of the choice is the best clearspeed in high density of occultists with Profane Bloom.

- As jugg, champ or raider you don't reach high minion-damage. As necro or occu you can reach almost the same damage (8-14 M), but without onslaught or without CI you not get max virulences and as another downside you loose 30% ehp, armour and substain. You have to deal with oneshots and your defences are depending on kiting and on flasks.

- HoAg has huge range of attacks and 5-7 piercing projectiles. Enjoy full fast mapping with the shortlegged crawler in endgame. You reach 2-3x more ehp than most other Occu's builds and in the offensive editions 13-26M, 100% more damage. Let's sting!



No one-shots

Facetank most bosses

Endgame: Max up your build into leading positions - soloplay guardians rank 1 reached


Racing and Speed-Levelling possible: Balaar top 1 A10 Pts+Labs - HoAg in 3h42m51s

Overall not best, not cheap and not easy leaguestarter! Shield is not cheap in leaguestart.

Cheap and alternative gear for each slot.

Ready for red mapping early.

Top 1 substain with 4 keystones and aegis aurora

Top 1: With melding of the flesh 87-90% allresistances or with the timeless jewel militant faith / transcendence overcapped 97% elemental damagereductions possible (facetanking spellhits of maven and ueber-atziri)

Top 1 total defences: 500k ehp buffed against all damagetypes - with melding of the flesh and with frostshield counted in even much, much more.

"Highway to damage 70"-variants reaches up to 24M shaper-damage.

HC viable

Also without top-gear:

Large es/ block is most safe against poe's lags and disconnects.

HC lvl 100 reached, see page 50 spoiler "Hardcore".


Budget: much cheaper than many necro- and metabuilds

Uniques in most slots

Complete poe-trade-links listed page 50 of the thread

Because you can facetank most bosses without danger, it's a nice time to learn more about their abilities, attacks and mods.

Not only a "copy my pob-link"- build: many mechanics of poe are explained in the guide.

100% Chaos Immunity

Ready to level to 100.

I played as guardian 100 myself with high maps, heists and deeper delve.
While most other builds go only for high damage and only lvl 95, this build's focus on defences enabling lvl 100 in all content.

Melee and ranged playstyle combined

All minions are immortal - optimal for boss-hunting

90% - 190% additional movementspeed fullgeared


Best fitting for mapping, simulacrums, deliriums, logbooks, delve, heists, blights, bossing, facetanking sirus, etc.
Easy to balance and to specialize for individual content and goals.

Much space to play and vary with skills, passives, clusters, supports and gear slots.

In groupplay great supporting with auras and curses.

deepdong - delve it deep to level 500 easy and deeper on own risk

More styles for fun in endgame:


- Minion Mass Summoner is guided in "Harry Potter Senior" - build up your swarm up to imposing 77 forceful followers filling the screen.

- Heralds of Purity and Phantasms strong variation

- Expeditions into arcade with "Null and void"

- Fast & funny Headhunter possible

- max 5000 ES on max block possible with mageblood



You have in a optimal build only 4 open bottle slots (1 is reserved for writhing jar).

On maps with the No-Mana-Recovery-Mod you have to take in an enduring-mana bottle and must map slow.

In A8 heavy ground damage can still kill you (exception is our immunity to burning and shocking ground).

In Ssf HoAg is strong also not optimized, but the ssf-mode is more difficult to max CI-gear and clusters.

When you take the tanky nodes "only" 9 - 21 millions singletarget shaper-dps. That is more than enough for all bosses. You will rush through the maps with your 150% added movement and 42 mill. piercing and splitting mapping-damage. You have no downtimes of your damage because you are tank and you have both melee and ranged DD's. But sorry, you don't oneshot Maven and need some seconds more for Shaper.

Not cheap when you max your watcher's eye, amulet and empower.

In leaguestart often alternative gear is needed in these and in the weaponslot because of pricefixers/ high prices.

High prizes are often leaguestart prizes. Ongoing in league they will change. Support and demand changes through the first weeks much in trade.
The cheap starter-gear-variations will carry you also safe to lvl 100.

Thanks to my heroes of hack Vatinas and hitmantb, Shadowtitan, Luetjeminze and Oldboi and FrannyX04, to TrueEdge, CLloyd0, 2rdd, Kaevar, ziumbala and helloicanseeu, ShatteredEssence and to grimjack68, to Zerber, elatycs, jjmccaw, mytrasher, to Wermine, allumino, TheBigDirty, LiQuss, NoxOnion, Humtol, Zakk777, Dragonow, cdnza, to erigol07, monik390, Arkanis_Gath, Shaddrack and Balaar:


Vatinas: His build made this build possible. For my own I changed only 60 passive points, clusters, the mainskill, 5 more skills, 8 support-gems and half the gear and jewels. But the mechanics, gear and deep explanations I learned and experienced from your skills and build! Thank you again for your so interesting and top amazing build!!

[3.13] A CI HoP + Spiders Guardian - 70K armour, 1400 ES on block, millions of DPS || My 1st lvl 100


Hitmantb and Shadowtitan: This helped me so much to get a new love in path of exile!
[3.10] Herald of Agony Mana Guardian | Deathless T19 100% Delirium


Thank you Luetjeminze for doing a great levelling pob!

Oldboi on PoeNinja-Builds: Your Build is perfect, but a bit fluffy-geared. ;-)

FrannyX: You helped a very lot improving this build with questions and video! You made great tipps for gloves, rings and damage-setups!

Thanks to Kaevar and ShatteredEssence! Thank you grimjack68, Zerber and jjmccaw! So many good advices, views and thematics and, also very important, questions you put into the arachnophil community, build and thread.

To monik390 for variations and a lot great tipps, set-ups and for ... discussions ;-) !

Thank you Dragonow for a very interesting and nice new boots-setup, to Zakk777 and helloicanseeu for jewel-alternatives, to Humtol for pob-details, to mytrasher and elatycs for great spider and virulence skill-possibilties!

Thank you CLloyd0 and TrueEdge for tanktests and great & funny videos.

Thanks to 2rdd for alternative elemental-dr with transcendence and to cdnza for upper pathing!
To erigol07 for arachnophil supports and more!

A lot thanks to Arkanis_Gath for best slot of hope!

Balaar created and pushed a perfect HoA speedracer!

I enjoy the community and discussions and questions very much and learn a lot! Thank you!

Path of Building

*** Under construction ***

PoB all Editions + Levelling trees

Here we crawl:

--- Build works also lowbudget with 60 virulences --- 9 - 27M shaper-damage ---

Select the item-tab "100% chaosconversion"


Path of Building


--- pob is calculating unreserved mana not correct - pob's manamanagement is tested and work ---- count in manually 11 phanatasms with "physical projectiles"

Passive Tree, Path of Building

Use the community fork Path of Building to calculate better raise spiders and ehp.


Configurations PoB:


Add 40-80 virulences, 15 withers, the tail-attack of the crawler, # of nearby allies 21 and 10-20 poison stacks to get the correct dps. if used phantasms: 11x physical projectiles.

Add enemy is: mastery increased offerings (singletarget) / unholy might (mapping), minions are on full life, spirit offering, grace, discipline enabled, other curses: despair enabled.
For valuable comparing shaper-damage it is recommended to change melee-splash on dagger to multistrike and pierce on body armour to vile toxins or marked predator.

If used, add ignited (raze and pillage), bleeding (vulnerability), moving (knockback).

For even better calculation add the 10 % increased damage taken of shocked/ consentrated ground vessel of vinktar/ bottled faith.

While mapping add the multiplications of 5 projectiles of the scorpion (with helmet enchant: 7) plus anomalous 6x piercing the targets with pierce support, with awakened fork up to 101 targets.

On all dps-calculations first the singletarget shaper-dps is stated and showed.

----- Because almost all builds stats and notes their aoe damage, cooldown-skills-damage, are counting in chaining-damage, cooldown buffs and full charged skills, maxed not permament supportbuffs, never possesed 100-mirrors gear as their normal setup-configuration, crit hits peakdamage, and a lot other not alltime-up, not permament standard-attack-damage, I decided also to not only mention alone the singletarget shaper-dps in the spoilers and added further factors about the total damage. -----

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Panorama of gear


Boss-Hunter Edition 60 Fullblock

Gear, Skills, Links


Wand / Dagger

Desecrate - Spirit Offering - Sniper's Mark

Harvestcraft increased aoe on the weapon.


Anomalous ball-lightnings (lvl 1) - storm brand (lvl 1) - greater multiple projectiles - chance to poison support

Integrated in rare gloves: faster casting/ + best also: slower projectiles

With lvl21 Divergent HoA and white triad grips: use anomalous spellecho instead chance to poison

Spell-Echo: For endgame-playstyle obtain a full lvl 21 divergent HoA and switch "chance to poison" out to "anomalous spell echo" for faster stacking of 60 virulences.

Best gloves labyrinth-enchantments are "of spite" (chills), "of the grave" (faster gaining onslaught) and "of ire" (virulences).

Ranged playstyle- Max Virulences & Damage while moving


This set-up charges up instant the damage of your Herald.

Simply spam ball-lightnings or/ and stormbrands.

Cast ball-lightnings, when you want to move in boss-fights cast 3x storm brands also.

/ or inverse: Cast some storm brands. When you want more damage or on bosses cast ball-lightnings too.

This set-up is recommended for bosses like Maven and UE, fast mapping and speedlevelling. Singletarget you stack around 30 virulences solely with three thrown storm brands while moving, 40 with runebinder, and 60 combined with ball-lightnings. Use minimal 80% chance to poison to get more HoA damage with maximal virulences like showed in the spoiler below.

For better continuous full virulence-stacks "faster casting" integrated in rare gloves build up the stacks faster and integrated "slower projectiles" keep the balls longer on the screen, equal to 35% castspeed, for your own possible smoother moving.

A nice alternative for less clickings is:

storm burst - (awakened) cast while channeling - ball-lightnings - storm brand

==》 On page 50 is the basic guide "Crafting" for the rare gloves.

Melee playstyle - Cyclone


Monik390 varied a melee-channeling-setup with cycloning and swapping singletarget to stormburst, for example for farming highlevel simulacrums and nemesis-deliriums. Good virulences on only 4 links of triad gripes are stacked by:

cyclone (switch singletarget in triad grips to: storm burst) - (awakened) cast while channeling - chance to poison - ball-lightnings

Visit page 334:


Or when you prefer to combat, move and dodge complete meleestyle cycloning and like whirling while attacks without gemswaps in maps use rare gloves with integrated poisonchance and faster attacks.:

This melee-setup is fitting only until 45-50 virulences. I advice to use spiritual command or resolute technique keystone on SoL also for more not evaded hits. The spoiler "pack of purity" in "Variations" focus on the cyclone skill too.

==》 see separated tree-tab "resolute technique" in the pob

But: cyclone is not capable substaining high damage with 55-60 virulences against singletargets. I advice to change out 1-2x pure agony to the minion masteries spiritual command + aid and chaos mastery +1 or the well thight-fitting Hop-variations instead.

Damage: The Composition of Agony
Poisonchance, castspeed, virulences, HoA-levels


Let's sting!

The recipe of agony mixes 3 maincomponents.

Shake up the coctail of damage in

》 castspeed, poisonchance and medium clusters of pure agony are basic components to stack up full virulences. Final pick up the cherry jewel the golden rule.

》 set up HoAg-crawlerlevels and climb lvl 28/31

》 and gear: fuse it all in the armour skin of the lords, cap the top with the helmet eber's unification

》 If you you are boarding to full-damage serve your composition of destruction in the elegance of the white socketed gloves triad grips.

Hone all in deep love of the dirty scorpion-tail:

I.) Get cast speed in supports and gloves

II.) Skill up minimum 80% chance to poison:

20% HoAg-buff
20% additional poisonchance of Divergent HoAg lvl 21
40% chance to poison support
25% 2 passives serpentine spellslinger
20% curse mastery (whispers of doom: use 2 curses sniper's mark and despair)

In Endgame triad grips with 4 white sockets are scaling up millions of damage. To use them in The 100% Chaos Inversion-Edition you need to add:

+ exchange the poison-support-gem to anomalous spell-echo for 60% more cast speed

Alternative increasements:

+20% increased HoAg buff on circle of nostalgia
+30% ashes of the stars with divergent HoAg
+20% septic spells cluster
+15% discord artisan passives
+10% empowered envoy cluster

III.) Insert 4x pure agony medium clusters

IV.) Double singletarget your stacked virulences and with them your damage with the jewel "the golden rule"

Check the counter in the green HoAg-Aura-Icon for the needed maximum stacks of 60 virulences.
Fast 55-60 quadruples 4x the damage compared to slow 20-30.

V.) Crawl up 28-31 HoA gemlevels:

+1 Divergent HoA lvl 21
+4 2x +2 skin of the lords
+3 empower
+1 awakened miniondamage
+1 awakened void manipulation
+1 chaos mastery
+1/+2/+3 weapon wand/ cold iron point dagger
+1 amulet ashes of the stars

VI.) 15 wither debuffs of spiders of arakaali's fang are mixed in.

VII.) For full damage facetank much and fire almost nonstop ball-lightnings:

More & fast ball-lightnings / + 3× storm brands --> more virulences --> much 4x more HoA damage

Facetank also to debuff with your void gaze of the helmet Eber's Unification.

==》 For all important factors please head to the spoiler "checklist damage" and "checklist defences" at the bottom of the build.

Body Armour

(Divergent lvl 21) Herald of Agony | Awakened Minion Damage | Empower lvl 4 | (Anomalous) Pierce | Awakened Void manipulation | Awakened Vicious Projectiles

The dirty scorpion-tail - Supports and Mana of Herald of Agony


This is the center of millions of damage. It scales heavy with skill-gem-level-increasement of empower and awakened gems.

Best balanced 6 skills are:

You want always Herald of Agony, awakened minion damage, then empower (max lvl 4), anomalous pierce for mapping (all for their optimal relations of damage with their mana reserved).
Then you can play a lot with supports and there are much more worthfull combinations:

Gem-Colors Combination | Different Skills | Increased Mana Reserved | Damage

Divergent lvl 21 Herald of Agony (25% mana) | Awakened Minion Damage (140% manamultiplier) | Awakened void manipulation (130%) | Empower 2-4 (130%) | Awakened/ Anomalous Vicious Projectiles (130%) | Anomalous Pierce (120%) / singletarget: vile toxins

Best stinging and fitting are the compositions:

1) Singletarget: 4g, 1r, 1b
2) 3g, 2r, 1b
3) Multitarget: 3g, 1r, 2b
4) 2g, 2r, 2b

Much lower damage and not recommended are:

Awakened void manipulation (green, 130% increased skillreservation) offers with gemlvl 3 +1 HoA -lvl and high damage in combination with Eber's unification void gaze, withers and spirit offering.

Vile toxins (green, 130%), is high damage, but a second slower building up the stacks. It is like Predator recommended instead pierce for singletarget bosshunting or when you have one more green socket.

Damage on full life (130%) offers second best damage for a red socket and is in maps faster and better as vile toxins!

Summon Phantasms, low 120%, is like or instead (!!) pierce one of the strongest supports for mapping, levelling and legions. They can taunt, hinder and also block a lot attacks as meat shields. As downside they use also capacities of your frostshield.

Phantasms support is optimized:

Herald of Agony | Summon-Phantasms-Support | Awakened Minion Damage | Empower | Awakened void manipulation | last: vile toxins / predator / damage full life / fork

Predator / Signal Prey, 130%, offer as a second blue gem most damage against bosses, but is slow multitarget. You can put it's marking-skill on left mousebutton 1 for automatic casting.

Awakened fork (green, 130%) is interesting to oneshoot up to 49 targets instead pierce or even also added into the combination with chain/ pierce up to 91 projectiles. Perfect in blight-maps.

==》 visit xxx for blight-tipps

(Awakened) Added fire damage with the ignites of raze and pillage, adds levelled to 3 +1 HoA skilllevel for tipping points lvl 28 and 31. You loose much damage, use it only when you need urgent the low 120% manamultiplier or for levelling.

Maim supports (130%) is possible for starting of the league.

Hypothermia support (green, 130 %) is great when you have a way to reliable chill - with "Chilling Presence" on a cluster, hatred, skitterbots or other frost skills like frostshield, frostblink, coldsnap, frostbite, gloves' enchant "of spite" and aquamarine-flask. Anomalous Hypothermia offers cc increased freezes.

Honorable mentions are also:

Impale support (green, 130 mr): the not damageless impales of the HoA are fast and fine trigerred in singletarget situations from the 20 spiders and can be stacked with "rotten claws" on large clusters, "anomalous" impale 50% chance and with dread banner fine further. For boss-hunting interesting, in maps slow.

Faster attacks and minion speed offers not much because the HoA gets already a lot attackspeed of his virulences.

Herald of Purity-setups are working too for different setups.

==》 Scroll down to the spoiler "variants": "pack of purity" to take a look on the 4 melee fighting heralds and enterprise the differences.


Take the trinity of auras. Then upgrade to the quadrophony of the Lords.

The 2 x +1 level of skills skin of the Lords or Loyals serve more damage up for our agony. Sometimes you also need less defences when your enemies are faster killed. For all content we love the damage to onehug the mobs strong and instant.

All Gems have to be corrupted! Max (Divergent) Herald of Agony Lvl 21 and empower lvl 4 are b.i.s. and raises damage much at lvl 28 and 31.
This is the best balanced combination of supports.

Also 4 or 5 correct socket colours are enough.
==》 For different socketcolours dive to the spoiler "the dirty scorpion tail"

==》 Different special setups like the pack of purity (HoP) are guided in the spoiler "Variations" of the build.

--- Choose your final keystone: ---

Ghost dance - Divine Shield - Ranking of all keynotes - Iron Reflexes


In the pob you find special optimized trees for different integrated keystones of Skin of the Lords.

You yourself choose your final key of doubling on top evasion or armour:


Recommended "Ghost Dance" is carrying in high evasionchance of buffed 20k, 95%, 530k ehp and 1000 es when hit collaborating with 1200 es on block. This is the best keynote in high density.

When you do prefer to facetank Sirus A9 with 150k armour and high 3000 es/ block "Iron Reflexes" is your path.

Ghost Dance

High 90% evasion is reached by your buffed grace and 95% with blinding spiders belt-jewel.
You take 1 out of 20 hits.
With your blockings you take 1 out of 80 hits .... that's 1.25% chance to be hit.

Less hits are taken, less recovery is needed. Together this combination manifests a layer of immortality - 1.5 - 9M Ehp. As bonus the evaded hits tripple and more the remaining capacities of your molten shell and frostshield for the big punchs, peaks and crits.

Combine it in synergies to wicked ward.

Ghost dance recovers 800 es and more when hit with high evasion and your aegis aurora 1k es/ block.
Also lags and extreme lags, oneshotting disconnects, stunned and freezed networks or all other framehangers will fail to kill you. Your big block heals and recovers unlimited.
You reach the keynote also with 3 passivepoints.

Ghost Dance is best-in-slot overall and in high density!

"Divine shield" offers much regenerations. It enables the best optimized pathing on the tree for offensive 2 minion-masteries.

Instead you can target divine shield unconnected also with the 'large' radius thread of hope in the templar-area.

The specialized Divine Shield-tree is showed in separated tree-tabs of PoB.

Iron Reflexes

- A tipping point of doubling substain -

Determination and Grace will take you together with Iron Reflexes to 150000 armour.

Not 15000. Yes 150000.

This means you get 3000 Energyshield on all your blockings with the Aegis Aurora-Shield and block is never limited. This is big buffed by our our 140% increased global defences (armour, evasion, energyshield) of the Skin of Lord and increased aura-effects.

For physical damage reductions 150000 AR works, thumbed, well for hit-reductions of 24000 without the known dimishing returns of armour pdr on big hits.

Iron Reflexes is still best for facetanking Sirus.
In maps it's best used with frostwalls linked to cws or meatshields like phantasms.

Explanation high vs medium Armour


The minotaurpunch, a shaper slam or a beam of Sirus with big physical hits are fine examples for differences of effective high 150000 or medium 70000 armour. (https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Armour) Take a look in the ar-calculations on mitigiated amounts of damage and rules of thumb: The allstars take with almost double armour minimum 40% less damage with only one damage map-mod. When Sirus A9 crits it is about 50% less total physical damage taken than other guardian builds because of the dimishing returns of armour, and in maps with double or tripple damage modifications these differences in less damage taken will raise much higher.

You want more?


You really want 200000 armour and more? Or 500000?


Take some #% increased armour notes on clusters like stacking "stalwaart commander", "defiance banner", a vivinsect unset ring socketing grace lvl 26, the helmet memory vault and more of the ar passives in the templar starting area "sanctum of thoughts". You will lift off to 250000 armour and more and will get 5000+ ES on block.

But at the same time you will loose damage and other defences and you will not benefit much from these high AR-numbers, they don't offer much more pdr and your ES on block is already with smaller numbers perfect.

Without downsides wearers of the new b.i.s. mageblood-belt reaches 0.5M armour and 10k/ es on block.

Other keystones:

"Runebinder" offers as keynote 10 more virulences singletarget without ball-lightnings while moving, that's a lot fast damage. You activate it on your path across the tree easy too.

Critical damage reductions you find sometimes on corrupted Skin of the Loyals. Skin of the Loyals offer enough damage for t16 and uncorrupted gems fits in.


1) Skin of the Lords, Ghost dance
Best balanced colours: 4 g, 1 r, 1b or 3g, 2r, 1b
2) Skin of the Lords, Divine Shield, check the special tree-tabs in pob
3) Skin of the Loyals, 2x +1 socketed gems + 50% reduced damage of critical strikes
4) Skin of the Lords, Wicked ward, Runebinder, Zealoth's Oath
5) For melee cyclone: Resolute Technique
6) For Facetanking Sirus: Iron Reflexes
7) Skin of Lords, many neutral keystones
8) Skin of the Loyals

This shield is the fixing point of substain:

Shield: Skillgem Determination (or Determination skill on shield or amulet granted) - Desecrate - (Divergent) Frostblink


Fullgeared you'll get up to 1000 ES on 70% block and 75 % spellblock. This can work 10x and more each second. Blocking is not limited and heals you unlimited.

You have to search poetrade for shield aegis aurora with: " 'implicit' grants # lvl skill determination" or granted grace. Reduced critdamage taken is third choice. Links are found page 50. It is not easy to obtain. You can also corrupt the shield yourself.

Safety First! - Determination

Important: Put in a skillgem Determination when you don't find a Determination-Corruption or other skills granted on gear, push out another skill.
The Armour is most important for ES on block and pdr.

==》 15 other ways for free skillslots are listed in "skillmanager" below.

1-2 Circles of Nostalgia / Unset Ring


Circle of Nostalgia is very important for our ressource mana and will manage our reservation for our herald. You need minimum 1) 38% increased efficiencies on the ring.

==》 visit spoiler "manamanagement"

The best implicits on the ring are stats like "chance to avoid elemental ailments" and increased aura-effects.

Gear an unset ring with "curse despair on hit" (or before triad grips vulnerability) and change serpentine spellslinger to whispers of doom with the welcomed curse mastery poisoning cursed enemies. Your skillslot-management turns much more easy too.

Also only one cws-triggered curse, sniper's mark for bosses, is fine and you have 4 free passives instead.

Upgrades with catalysts


You should upgrade your circles of nostalgia with fertile mana-catalysts for reservation-efficiencies, the belt for overcapped elemental resistances against debuffs with resistance prismatic catalysts, and aul's uprising amulet with attributes intrinsic catalysts for needed dex



The best choice in this build is the cheap "ashes of the stars". It buffs many skills and fits great also to climb up to HoA's tipping point lvl 31.


It's additional 30% skill quality offers best stats for this build:

30% increased poisonchance Divergent HoAg - much more virulences
15% increased castspeed ball-lightnings/ storm brand: more virulences
3 more withers - total 12 withers with anomalous withering step
Increased duration molten shell/ spirit offering
15% more damagereductions Divergent Frostshield
3% spellblock or +3 chains Divergent/ anomalous tempestshield
60% more knockbacks Divergent sniper's mark

The choice of tanks is the amulet aul's uprising featuring defensive 'grace'. The aura is doubled by your global defences into buffed 95% evasion.

A +2 gemlevels of a rare amulet is a strong variation for damage.



When you need urgent mana choose 'charisma' as best anoint.

Or anoint your amulet with 'crystal skin' or 'anointed flesh' and ==》 visit the spoiler "fire and other ailments" to build and stack up in endgame 80-100% all ailments-immunities.

For blocks choose 'sanctuary' or 'deflection'.

Whispers of doom is prefered taken straight on tree with 20% poisonchance of the curse-mastery for more crawlervirulences.


(Divergent) Cast when stunned (lvl 20) - (Divergent) Frost Shield (lvl 21) – Spirit Offering – (Divergent) Sniper's Mark (Bossing) / defensive for scourges, heists or delves: Frostwall (lvl 1)


A Eber's Unification Circlet for nice 25% more damage or simply a rare helmet with increased reservation efficiencies, high es and other stats like debuffed chaos resistances nearby.

The triggered frostshield carry in damagepeaks 30 % up to 60% damagereduction ranged and chill-effect.

The tailored skills gift a lot layers of defense and a lot of damage. Sniper's Mark also helps filling up the charges of writhing jar in long boss fights like Sirus.

Best helmet-enchants are:

1.) Singletarget: 75% increased efficiencies of less skillreservation is the best enchantment for Herald of Agony

2.) Blight/Delve/High density: Herald of agony fires additional projectiles – it's like a LMP-support and best for clean screens. Easy to use with two circle of nostalgia and with "presage", on an alpha howl's helmet or with an added "self-control"-cluster.

You can get 30% quality of the helmet with Hillock or with corrupting beastcrafting for more es.



Ylfeban's Trickery shocking ground (together with tempest shield's shock-immunities), a Vertex Vaal Mask for the mix of ar and es, or an Ancient skull are prefered too.


(Vaal) Molten Shell - (Anamalous) Vaal Discipline – Vaal Grace - Fullblock-Edition: (Divergent) Tempest Shield - Movementskill Phase Run / (Anomalous) Withering Step (lvl 21) / Increased Duration/ Socketed gems are supported by #lvl Increased duration


In the fullblock-edition you take in tempest-shield.
The poisoning lightning-blockings also automatical trigger around 10-15 virulences. Use tempest shield early for easy damage-uptime and a lot qol.

Rare boots enable to reach 100% elemental ailments-immunities. The alternative integrated increased duration-support almost double your vaal skills-uptime.

==》 visit spoiler "fire and other ailments"

Best boot enchants are added movementspeed and es-regeneration.

Belt, Rings, Boots and belt-jewel
Free stats and suffixes


Energyshield and armour are best and they are multiplied and quintupled high with the ascendancy and passives of the tree. Int and mana adds nice es too. Ailment immunities and spell suppression are interesting. Of course take first missing elemental resistances to cap 75% and you need around +40 dex on your rare boots, rare gloves, ring, belt, clustertransfers, split personality jewel or passives to reach required 159 dex. You should count in endgame 6500 energyshield.

Use a final 2% spellblock-procc and minion chance to blind to raise your ev op from 90% to --> 95%. Corrupted-blood-immunity, 2% skillreservation efficiency or 2 % spell/attackblock are on belt jewel also welcomed.

Of course a mageblood is best in slot.



I advice to activate your auras in the order:

1) determination: tankyness
2) vaal discipline: Vaal Discipline is also our immortal-mod because of high es-recovery.
3) grace (possible without aul's uprising with "sublime form" and "self-control" on clusters and skill-efficiencies on amulett)
4) (divergent) tempest shield: automatic virulences, spellblock for fullblock edition

5) Clarity is only necessary when you use a Watcher Eye with the increased max mana as energy shield while affected by clarity- mod. Without use another skill. You have enough manaregeneration without clarity.

6) When you have enough mana: defiance banner for tauntings and some defences

Level of gems


Maximal gemlevel 21 is very useful on: Herald of Agony, Frost Shield, Withering Step, Sniper's mark and take max lvl 4 empower.

1 empower-support lvl is around big 20% multiplier for HoA.
HoA lvl 21 is around 10%.

To reduce mana for active skills and against elemental reflection mods limit ball lightning, storm brand, desecrate and clarity to Lvl 1, quality 20 in endgame (not while levelling).

When you are missing some strength, limit molten shell to a lower lvl. The 75% damagereduction of full 10000 shell remains.

When you use frostwall in the defensive lvl 100 setup, limit it to lvl 1, quality 0

Alternate Skillgem Qualities


When you max out your build, these alternate gemqualities offer best buffs:

Divergent Herald of Agony adds 20% increased chance to poison. When you get this gem in mandatory level 21 (not lvl 20) you switch in anomalous spellecho.

==》 see spoiler xxx "crafting clusters, gear, gems"

Anomalous ball-lightning and anomalous spellecho offer more cast speed, they are perfect for virulences single target.

Anomalous pierce: pierce and sting 6 targets

Divergent cast when stunned: Increased chance to trigger

Divergent Frost Shield offers 30% damagereduction inside the chilled shieldarea.

Divergent Sniper's mark (lvl 21) - knockbacks

Divergent Tempest Shield - 2% spellblock

Divergent Frostblink - better cooldowns

Anomalous Withering Steps - more withers

Anamalous Vaal Discipline - a bit damage
Anamalous Vaal Grace - a bit ailments avoidance
Divergent Determination - a bit ev/ ar
Divergent Clarity - a bit damage

Free skill-sockets


When you have fullgeared free sockets, you can use defiance banner (taunts), precision, golems, arcanist brand, void sphere (interruptions & virulences), culling strike linked to tempest shield, or the debilations of anomalous reckoning.

Or vary your cws-skills with frost wall lvl 1 (against ranged attacks, best in heist or delve), enfeeble in maps, (anomalous) skeletons.

Jewels and Clusters


On your jewels and clusters the implicits most worthfull are corrupted blood-immunity and increased skill-efficiency crafted with vaal orbs and immunities and avoidances against ignites and freezes crafted in harvestgardens.

Dex and Str are great added on clustertransfers.

Basic guide to craft clusterjewels:



The Golden Rule - golden damage


This doubles the poison stacks for your Herald of Agony-Virulences. With this jewel you will be able to have 60 - 70 virulences also single-target on bosses.

With Golden Rule the stacks are doubled and enough to keep maximum virulences for the Herald even singletarget. Mobs and mapping are never the problem for enough stacks.

Use only as CI, the reflected poison can cause suicide,or before with helmet maw of conquest.

==》 The complete line-up of poisonchance and virulences is in "gear, skills, links", section gloves listed.

This is also a place for corruptions like "corrupted-blood-immunity" or "skill-reservation-efficiency". Often it is cheaper on the golden rule and on the belt-jewel-slot as on other jewels.

Pure Agony - pure damage


+5 to Maximum Virulence
Minions deal 20% increased Damage while you are affected by a Herald

This is our Leader for damage! Each cluster counts around 19 % more damage for the agony-crawler. You need fast balls to get them up!

Alternative: When you find a pure agony on a megalamonic-unique-medium cluster with 2 best-fitting skills take it in. The lost cult-leader-notable is about 3% damage.


Please scroll down to the spoiler "Important Clusters and their ideal combinations" for interesting offensive and defensive combinations of medium clusters. But the rare medium clusters with jewel slots are already almost perfect.

Thread of Hope


Insert it with large radius in the templar area. It is best to activate fast the keynote Divine Shield, 2x points Sovereignity and Redemption for high damage.

Split Personality - es


2 of them in your 2 last medium-cluster-jewel sockets with ES and Int (or Mana or when needed dex) are best in slot and almost as strong as Will Shapers. For one you will get around +400 ES. You get 4 more not-used- passive points compared to inserting small clusters.

Forbidden Flame and Flesh


... used (instead split personality) to build in hierophant's "sanctuary of thoughts" are extreme strong but expensive.

The Watcher's Eye


One of the best items in the game to farm is the Watcher's Eye. There are combinations to explore and you can also explore some of the most peak-high prices in trading in Path of Exile. So don't worry when you only get 1 and not 2 or 3 optimal mods.

The most worthfull mods for this build are:


1) Clarity: Gain 10% of maximal mana as extra maximum Energy shield
This will result in around 400 added ES and is best relaxed to reach needed 6.5k es against oneshots (... or fiveshots in 0.1 seconds without blockable attacks). But this blocks as downside one socket. Without this mod remove the clarity-jewel! We have enough mana-reg without and you get a free socket. Not needed when you already reached around 6.4k Es.

2) Discipline: ES gained on hit: This enters top rank with divergent HoAg lvl21, castspeed and spell-echo.

It's also one of the most expensive mods. It will raise the substain much with your active spell-hits when there is no blockable damage.

Ball-Lightnings strike default each 150ms, 6x second, and you reach fast castrates of 3 -4 hits/ sec, that's 24 hits/ second. Spell-echo splits and increases the counting of overlapping aoe-strikes. If you use Slower projectiles it's equal to 1.35 multiplier to add in manually last.
Yuuups - nearly I forgot to mention to count further the storm-brands as well as the tempest-shield-chainings in. Impressive multiplied by multiple targets in high density content.

3) Determination: Reduced Damage from Critical Strikes
Nice to have in damagepeaks.

4) Discipline: big buff for wicked ward with 40% faster start of es-recharge

5) Determination additional attackblock is best to cap your attackblockings in the Full Block Edition. When you have high evasion (without iron reflexes) it moves down to 7).
Born to block!

6) Determination: added armour: nice armour and more es/ block

7) Additional spellblock with Discipline: With these you can change your boots to rare boots (with socketed gems are supported by #lvl increased duration, ailments-immunities or to Wiendshriek boots for one more curse) - but you get capped 75% spellblock fast and perfect on passives, tempestshield or clusters

8) Grace: movement speed
When you like it speedy very fine.

9) Discipline: energy shield regeneration
Against degens, when all skills are on cooldowns, ES-regeneration is best. Take only with good roll!

10) Grace: more evasion/ spell surppress: a bit more ehp

Large Clusters


You want it everytime with 8 passives and 2 jewel slots, usable skills positioned on 1 and 3 in the cluster-stats.

Best for fullblock-edition are:

Large cluster attackblock

Large cluster spellblock alternative

Best for more miniondamage are:

1) Renewal 2) Call to the slaughter
Only without void manipulation support/ triad gripes: 3) Rotten Claws (single-target-damage) 2) Raze and Pillage (mapping-damage and the ignites are the most beautifull free mtx!)

Belt jewel


Best stats on the belt-jewel (and also for some free suffixes on the rare ring, belt or gloves) are:

Stats like first capping spellblock, second attackblock, corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you, Energyshield, Int and Blindings of minions are best.

Replica Pure Talent

Great 4% attack-and spellblock offer tankyness and recovery. Best to reach fast fullblock-capacities.


With this large cluster you get much more variable in use of medium clusters and jewels and improve to 65-70 virulences.

Since 3.16 and the nerfs to aurastackers affordable in endgame. When you are still not out of currency, buy & switch in 1x or 2x large voices clusters: Adds #3/1 small passive skill which grants nothing.
You reach the capacity for 5-6 medium cluster jewels with 5-6 x Pure Agony and up to 70 stacks of virulences.

Alternative jewels: Melding of the Flesh / Reckless defences / Fortress Covenant / Elegant Hubris


Melding of the flesh

We are able to reach fast 88% or also the fullcapped 90% all elemental resistances and 18M and more ehp.
Max cold-resis with aegis aurora, (vaal) purity of ice (lvl 21-25, best is lvl 25 as implicit granted on a ring), and the amulet anoint 'prismatic skin' or 'crystal skin' or cluster 'winter prowler'.
Add 'self-control' or 'pure guile' on clusters for the manamanagement and the needed resistances on boots and/ or ring, passives 'holy dominion', banditreward Alira, Anointed Flesh-passives, Purity of Elements or clusterskills.

Fortress Convenant / Quickening Convenant

This is an alternative as long as you have too much unused jewel slots. It offers our minions around some 4 % more damage. Insert it inside the tree, not into clusters.

Reckless defences

...more blockings

Elegant Hubris


The timeless jewel offers the transformed passive skill "slum lord" with 80% increased miniondamage. When you are very lucky to get a very rare one with "Commissioned 128880 coins to commemorate Caspiro" or craft it with divine orbs it will transform even 2x passives to slum lords. 160% miniondamage for 2 points and one jewelsocket is a charming damagefull trade sometimes! No problem without - it is extreme rare and hard to get.

Important and unique Clusters and their ideal combinations

- When you have the luck to find the combination of pure agony on a unique megajewels together with uncompromising, sublime form or self-control, this is for medium clusters often best in slot.
You can switch out the small cluster for some passives more with this b.i.s. unique.

- Only when you find a Megalomaniac with 3 very strong notables (pure agony, ailment-immunities, es, block or spellblock-clusterskills) take this eventually in. There are thousand possibilities, and sometimes you find the one and only b-i-s.
As long you don't find a megamega one the rare medium clusters pure agony/ cult-leader and jewelsocket are almost perfect.

- a complete list with all usable cluster-skills is on page 50.




Best setup and best cluster skills

1. Pure Agony
2. manamagement: uncompromising, self control, sublime form etc.
3. with ailment immunities: Elegant form / Flexible sentry
4. passives with es: Will Shaper/ Energy from naught / Openess
5. With attack/ spellblock: second skin, conjured wall, rote reinforcement etc.
6. others like enduring composure, septic spells, shifting shadow, prismatic carapace, prismatic dance ...

==》 See page 50

Interesting cluster notables


Septic Spells, Bodyguards


"Septic spells" allows to push out early "chance to poison".

"Body Guards" (Minions have 10% chance to Knock Enemies Back on Hit with Attacks) is relaxing if you want to stand alone in your frost shield and the knockbacking spiders will add 40% more damage reductions in maps. Also Burden Projection (knockbacks with spellhits, possible on a defensive large cluster too) or divergent sniper's mark are great, but result in much less knockbacks. In mapping this avoids many taken hits. But huge bosses and most endgame bosses like Shaper or Maven are knockback-immune.

Flasks and Sulphur


Your flasks need a lot of love in endgame.
Invest maximal into their layers of your defences.

We need urgent mandatory suffixes:

- one flask with stop- and antibleeding (best on quicksilver flask)

Use instilling orbs and crafting bench to autotrigger your flasks "when you start bleeding" and Rumi's blocks "used when charges reach full".

Flask-prefix "Masochist's` / 'Flagellant's' " gain 7 charge when you are hit by an enemy" are the best. They are mandatory for enough charges in long-boss-fights.

Versus corrupted-blood take also permament immunity on a jewel's implicit.


Rumi's concoction is recommended in the fullblock-edition or when you are missing much block.

You can only benefit from 1x + 1500 armour on 1 granite flask and only 1x #% increased armour-suffix. Don't take 2x the same type of flasks.

Bottled Faith is the headhunter for tanks. I don't mean the fine 10% more damage, I mean the killing physical degenerations-damages our 120000 armour don't work against. Here we need Energyshield- Regeneration. Take the optimal Bottled Faith to not miss the consecrated ground because it has this big and beautifull increased area. BiS. Expensive endgame-gear.

Special flasks


Take a sapphire- or aquamarine-flask with anti-freeze-suffix against Sirus, Shaper, Maven, Hydra or Redeemer with their freezing-attacks, best autotriggered crafted (when you don't use a lot of anti-ailments-stats on gear or jewels harvestcrafted)

A quicksilver-flask is very effective with more movementspeed, clever crafted with "used when you use an travel skill" with withering step/ phase run on lmb.

When you activated tempest shield the Vessel of Vinktar increases damage with shocks beside less lightning damage taken. Best are the max effect with it's increased shock-effects and proliferation suffix.

Soul Ripper offers the possibility to use a lot more often the vaal skills beside spell surpress and phasing. You get vaal discipline with a regeneration of 3400 ES/sec on almost each mob and double times in the boss arena.
So it's a great alternative for mapping. Consumes 50-80 charges is optimal, so you can combine soul and flask rechargerate for optimal use of 2 vaal skills. (Don't take "consumes 49 charges on use" or less: they are not enough to fill the 50 souls of one vaal skill. Take only -10 - +20 to maximal charges.)

More alternative flasks:

On maps with the No-Mana-Recovery-Mod you have to take in an enduring-mana bottle and must map slow. I personally prefer to reroll this mapmod.

Alternative flasks for knockback & chance to flee, anti-ailments, despair:

Kiara's Determination is a nice cocktail of ailments-avoidances for levelling.

Lion's Roar is fine to get the mobs out of your frostshield and to get full 60% damagereduction of your cleaned up shield.

In [3.16] with ghostdance and eber's unification a witchfire in maps is a tasty battledrink

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All Links & Lists for poetrade


You can reduce / lower the item-filters!

To get cheaper, easier and more tradeoffers, open in the tradelinks the added filters of searching and delete or reduce some added stats manually.

Take/ change in some links manually "increased efficiency" instead former 3.15 "reduced reservations" instead former 3.13 "less mana reserved", GGG changes these stats all leagues, for: Rings, helmet enchant, jewel implicits, etc.


1. Levelling gear lvl 1 - 75
2. Starting and starting CI gear lvl 40-90 / Cheap offers / The Allstar's shopping list ranked in price-performance-ratio
3. Gear Endgame, Maps (Lvl 60-100)
4. Flasks
5. Mandatory and important jewels
6. Oils
7. Skillgems lvl 21, Alternate Skillgem Qualities, Awakened Gems
8. Clusterjewels Manamanagement
9. Medium and Large Clusterjewels damage with Pure Agony
10. Defensive Clusterjewels with Block
11. More Variants gear
12. More Variants jewels

1. Levelling Gear lvl 1 - 75


The Shortlist of recommended HoA levelling gear:

Lvl 1: Wanderlust boots, movementspeed

Other gear, high movementspeed

Lvl 1: careful planning solves all your dexterity-problems: 2 fusing

Lvl 17: Ashrend tunic

Lvl 24: Gloves curses on hit

Lvl 40: cluster uncompromising, self-control or sublime form 1 chaos

Lvl 45: The anvil, recovery on block

Lvl 46: Replica advancing Fortress, 15% attackblock and cwdt-integrated

Lvl 52 and further: Helmet enchant HoAG skill-efficiency, starting 50%, best is 75% HoAG skill-efficiency, 1 alch:

Lvl 54: Kalisa's grace - faster casting 5 links

Lvl 63: Shield Whakatutuki o Matua or other shields, 1 chaos:

Shields, life on block, before CI

Shield, as Ci, before aegis aurora, es / block

Lvl 73 hoAg lvl 21 gem

Rare amulet, efficiencies or skillevels


Flasks anti-bleeding


+1 gemlevel weapon (look for dex for example) 1 chaos


Or heartbreaker, es and culling strike, much less damage: 1 chaos


The scourge minion damage: 1 chaos


Vaal grace gem (you can use vaal grace without activating aura grace) - your second evasionflask 2 chaos


The Scourge


Not full recommended:

Lvl 48: Not full recommended: Helmet Maw of conquest (or boots), unaffected by poison, to use golden rule before CI, only variation for early bossing and singletarget-damage

Lvl 50: Not full recommended, better are 5-6 link armours: The Embalmer - cheap 5 links Absolution or HoAg gloves 1 alch

Tabula rasa, no stats


2. Starting gear and CI Gear lvl 40 - 90 The Allstars's shoppinglist / Leaguestart Gear and cheap offers:


The Allstars's shoppinglist for Leaguestart:

1) Vaal discipline gem - your CI's lifeflasks -1 chaos


2) Cheap skin of the lords:


Skin of the loyals, 1 green socket, 24 chaos


Or The coming calamity, bodyarmour, less HoA manarervation, 5 links, 30 chaos


or starting rare with dex:


Gloves supported with "chance to poison", take them with high es 1 chaos


Rainbow stride boots, look for 6% spellblock


Stygian belt


7) Shield with recovery, aegis aurora or instead rare shield



8) Circle of Nostalgia only skill efficiency

better: Circle of nostalgia, HoA less skillreservation and HoA increased buff --> increased chance to poison --> more virulences --> much more HoA damage 10 chaos


9) Jewel singletarget as CI The Golden Rule


with "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you":


10) Small cluster Uncompromising


Best 2×6% efficiency


11) Medium cluster solely Pure agony


12) Small cluster self-control


13) Helmet Eber's Unification


rare helmet, high es, nearby enemies have reduced chaos resistances: not available


Ancient skull, some es, minion attackspeed, 2 exalts:




A very good alternative in 3.16 is a Rare helmet, example dex + high es, much less reduced efficiencies. 6 chaos


Rare helmet HoA increased efficiency, some es or Ylfeban's trickery: 2 chaos


Helmet The Vertex 2 chaos


14) Spellblock cluster


15) The cold iron point dagger +3, use summon phantasms-support for your ascendancy buffs and onslaught 24 chaos


+1 triggerwand


17) Defensive large cluster (when miniondamage is too expensive)

18)Flask Rumi's Concoction, block, spellblock, alternative for Leaguestart instead replica pure talent, armour (you can beastcraft unique flasks and farm them with xxx to be edited xxx)


Lionseye vision 5 links (Requires Level 59, 160 Str, 160 Dex) 13 chaos



Cheap unique gear at leaguestart is often: Rainbowstride boots, Stygian belt, jewels: golden rule, spellblock: jewel replica pure talent, flask Rumi's concoction, Skin of the Loyals, circle of nostalgia without HoA increased damage, rare gloves with chance to poison or faster casting only, trigger wand 8 sec or cold ironpoint-dagger, medium cluster Pure agony solely without cult-leader, small clusters, defensive large clusters

Shield Apep's slumber, as CI, regenerations + max resistances 3 chaos:


Brine crown helmet


Cheap offer! Cold Iron Point dagger
(use summon phantasms-support in the HoA links or skeletons cws / cwdt to get the ascendancy 5 allies onslaught buff) 24 chaos


You can start with a large defensive cluster to get more slots for medium clusters "pure agony", spellblock, knockback, hinder, etc. 10 chaos:


3. Gear (Maps and Endgame, Lvl 60 - 100)


(With Examples for trading prices 3 weeks after leaguestart 3.17 Siege of the Atlas)
Example prices: online trades only, 2nd cheapest offer (not all prices checked, only of important gear)

Gear, jewels, clusters, flasks, gems

The list starts with most important mandatory gear


1) Vaal discipline gem 1 chaos


2) Vaal grace gem (you can use vaal grace without activating aura grace) 2 chaos


3) Divine vessels needed 4x for upgrading pantheons: 1 chaos


4) B.i.S.: Helmet Eber's Unification, 75% HoA efficiency


Rare helmet with enchants and "nearby enemy 9-12% reduced chaosresistances" included:




Eber's Unification,other useful enchantments like reduced skill-reservation determination, discipline or 90% manamultiplier etc.


A good choice in 3.16 are also helmets with high es, like Ylfeban's Trickery Hubris Circlet, Vertex Vaal Mask, The Gull or simply rare ones.

Take not memory vaults because 20% reduced efficiencies of memory vault unique downside. Take not devouring diadem. 20 chaos


Ancient skull


Vertex Vaal mask:


Alpha's Howl, perfect for blight maps with "HoA fires additional projectiles" or when you urgent need mana:


The Gull in maps

Since 3.16 no longer recommended because of decreasing skill efficiencies: Memory vault, more armour: 1 exalt


5) Shield Aegis aurora 20 chaos


Aegis aurora shield, high mana and high armour, 20 chaos


B.i.S.: Aegis aurora shield, implicit grants level 23 determination or grace 5 exalt


Aegis aurora, other useful ranked implicits:



Best implicits on shield aegis aurora are:

1- granted determination
2- granted grace
3- 5% attackblock
4- less critdamage taken
5- 5% spellblock
6- less damage taken from projectiles
7- physical damage etc. taken as chaosdamage
8- 1% increased max spellblock

Mind the grace: Granted grace or discipline on aegis aurora does not include "vaal" grace / "vaal" discipline.



The Squire is possible: 6-links and a lot more M damage for the spiders.
Use the recovery instead of other spots like es on hit /discipline watcher's eye, ghost dance and wicked ward.


Shield Apep's slumber, as CI, regenerations + max resistances 3 chaos:


Rare shield, es recovered on block, +1 increased HoA gemlevel, take high es:


6) B.i.S.: Weapon dagger Arakaali's fang 60 chaos


Alternative weapons:


Alternative Cold Iron Point dagger
(use summon phantasms-support in the HoA links or anomalous skeletons cws to get the ascendancy 5 allies onslaught buff, anomalous withering steps lvl 21 or wither-spelltotems for withers, free flaskslot instead writhing jar, 19 chaos


Alternative trigger wand cooldown 8 sec +1 gemlevels (requirement 242 int), craftable, 50 chaos


Use skills triggered: sniper's mark, desecrate, spirit offering or anomalous vaal skeletons, feeding frenzy, eventually phantasnms, withering touch or stone golem
For ascendancy 5 allies buff use Zombies or spectres in a hungry loop or even Heralds of Purity.

All triggerwand-set-up-tipps:

Wand +1 gemlvl and curse despair on hit (rare):


Alternative trigger wand cooldown 8 sec +2 gemlevels (requirement 242 int) 2 exalt


Alternative 4 seconds cooldown triggerwand, 140% manamultiplier, int requirement 242 int, +1 gemlevels, 80 chaos


Alternative 4 seconds cooldown triggerwand, 140% manamultiplier, int requirement 242 int, +2 gemlevels, 10 exalt


"make hatred not grace" - you get triggered spells, free flaskslot and some stats, but loose spiders and 15 withers, damage-uptime and total damage -40 exalt-


Crafting a selfmade triggerwand is guided below on page 50 in the spoiler "Crafting Clusters, Gear and Gems".

Alternative Replica claw Advancing fortress for defensive early fullblock: 4 chaos


United in dream - chance to poison for HoA/ minions, best in combination with withering step: 45 chaos


Replica innsbury edge, 15 withers with cyclone without spiders, high ats, 5 chaos


Spectral spirits, essence craftable, for onslaught buff


Iron mass - some more withers with skeletons


A bit damage with the scourge: 3 chaos


7) Flask Writhing jar, 1 chaos: prefer it with high "18-20% reduced charges used" / consumes 16 of 40 charges on use 2 chaos


8) B.i.S.: Body-Armour Skin of the lords
, ghost dance (usable with high lvl grace) or divine shield (see special pob-tab) for high density, 4 correct socket colours: 2 exalt


In the pob you find special optimized trees for different integrated keystones of Skin of the Lords.

Best colours:


Best stinging and fitting are the compositions:

1) 4g, 1r, 1b
2) 3g, 2r, 1b
3) 3g, 1r, 2b
4) 2g, 2r, 2b

Skin of the Lords other keystones
There are optimized trees Divine Shield-Edition and Wicked Ward-Edition in the PoB. 1 exalt


All other keynotes / not fitting keynotes disabled, 5 correct colours:

You can path 4 passives to Ghost dance for more substain.


Best for facetanking Boss Sirus Iron reflexes:


Ranking of other keynotes Skin of the Lords


1) Number one in high density: Skin of the Lords, Ghost dance, best balanced colours: 4 g, 1 r, 1b
2) Divine Shield (see pob-tab)
3) Skin of the Loyals, 2x +1 Level of socketed gems + 50% reduced damage of critical strikes
4) Skin of the Lords, Wicked ward, Runebinder, Zealoth's Oath, for cyclone Resolute technique
5) Skin of Lords, neutral keystones
6) Kick Sirus with Skin of the Lords Iron Reflexes
7) Skin of the Loyals (best with reduced crits)

Skin of the Loyals, 5 correct socket colours, +2 levels (20 % damage), 4 exalt https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ultimatum/bXa08XSL

You can farm skin of the loyals in deliriums with breaches-mods and then corrupt and trade them.

Alternative body-armours, other keynotes on bodyarmour:


Skin of the Loyals, 50% reduced damage from critical strikes, 5 correct socket colours: 20 chaos


Skin of the Lords other keynotes starting-gear, 6 correct socket colours 100 chaos:


SoL, for cyclone melee resolute technique, but ghostdance is 1 passive better:


Skin of the Loyals startinggear, 5 correct socket colours, 15 chaos:


Lionseye vision, 7x links, +1 lvl of socketed gems


Brass dome tankyness (you can deactivate added gemlevels in searchingfilter)

Saqawal's nest, minon damage, efficiencies:


9) B.i.S.: Ring Circle of Nostalgia, crawler increased damage, HoA increased efficiency, you can craft to improve the efficiency with divine orbs:


Second best: Circle of nostalgia, HoA less skillreservation and HoA increased buff-->increased chance to poison --> more virulences --> much more HoA damage, fullskilled you can put out "chance to poison"-support, 10 chaos


10) B.i.S: second ring: Rare unset ring curse on hit, dex, socket, best is despair, second only before triad gripes vulnerability or third enfeeble on hit. You can lower filters and delete stats es, socket: 4 chaos


Ring variants:

Sorry, not all tradelinks are updated.

Take "increased efficiency" instead former 3.15 "reduced reservations" instead former 3.13 "less mana reserved", ggg changes these stats all leagues, lol:

Circle of Nostalgia Leaguestart / Starting solely without crawlerdamage:


With divine orbs you can max the stats to 20% if you get a fine fitting circle with lower reduced HoA skill reservation.

Ring Despair on hit, dex, without socket


Vivinsect Unset Ring, defensive variation, + attributes, grace socketed +5 levels combinated with iron reflexes raises armour around 20k buffed, 20 chaos:


Rare ring, dex, es, mana, socket 1 chaos:


Hungry loop with chance to poison, spellecho, faster casting, gmp etc. for free sockets:


Ring Circle of Nostalgia, crawler increased damage, HoA reduced mana reservation: eventually not 20% less skill reservation, vulnerability/ other curses on hit,: -not available-


11) Gloves Best-in-slot for damage: Triad Grips, 4 white sockets, for Fulldamage 100% chaosconversion-edition:


Best-in-Slot for virulences: Rare gloves, faster casting, slower projectiles, dex, take them only with high es, 5 chaos - 1 exalt


Rare gloves, with faster casting or chance to poison, dex or attackblock, take them only with high es, 5 chaos - 1 exalt


On page 50 just below is a basic guide in the spoiler "Crafting Clusters and Gear" for crafting yourself rare gloves, boots etc.



Rare gloves with curses on hit, best are offensive "despair", defensive "enfeeble" -- take only with high es --


curse + 2 supports/ slower projectiles, best are offensive "despair", defensive "enfeeble" -- take only with high es --


Ailment immunities to reach 100%:


Alternative vixen's entrapement, 1 curse more, take despair or enfeeble, 40 chaos:


Shaper's Touch gloves, tanky mapping with enfeeble on hit, 4 sockets, 10 chaos:


Gravebinds for a bit qol mapping autotriggered spiders:


Alternative breathstealer (you can anoint them) 1.5 exalt:


12) B.i.S.: Amulet Aul's uprising, grace reserves no mana: 4 exalt

You can farm it in delve in aul's citadels.


Aul's uprising, determination/ discipline reserves no mana, 2 exalts:


Ashes of the stars: great to reach HoAg lvl 31 without 5 passives chaos mastery, use instead sublime form on a cluster for grace, take 30% quality, 1 exalt.

30% quality offers:
30% poisonchance Divergent HoAg, 15% castspeed ball-lightnings/ storm brand: much more virulences.
Increased duration molten shell/ spirit offering, 15% damagereductions Divergent Frostshield, 3% spellblock or +3 chains Divergent/ anomalous tempestshield, 60% knockbacks Divergent sniper's mark, etc.


For lowbudget/ leaguestart/ hc/ Aul's uprising with discipline workaround to activate aura grace without Aul's uprising:


workaround to activate aura grace without Aul's uprising:

Work around, see in the pob the separated tree/items-tabs "mapping lvl 90 before amulet aul's uprising" to get all auras determination, grace, discipline, tempestshield easy and cheap before aul's uprising amulet:

1) Take 3 x small clusters: 1x uncompromising, 1x sublime form, 1x self-control, manually define the item-search-filters


2) take helmet enchant HoA has 75% increased mana-efficiencies, also on cheap rare helmets priorized (and take in the tree "sovereignity" and "influence" + 1-2x circle of nostalgia)

3) take rare amulet with increased efficiencies, amulet ashes of the stars or anoint charisma on amulet


or with 2 valuable stats 50 chaos:


Ashes of the stars 1 exalt:


Take also a look into "Manamanagement" and just there additional mana-reductions for even more easy possibilities.

Alternative rare amulets, etc.:


2 stats damage of skillgemlevels & less manareservations auras included:


Rare amulet variant: Rare amulet 2 skillgemlevels for high damage, combinate it with medium cluster uncompromising and sublimeform/ self control, small clusters manareductions, helmet enchant, amulet anoint charisma or other steps of spoiler "manamanager", 2 exalt:


Rare amulets with diverse skillgemlevels, granted skills or reduced reservation of auras (prefer grace or determination): 2 chaos


Amulet "stranglegasp" for 4 blight-anoints (block/ spellblock, skillreservation reductions, max elemental resistances, gravepact etc.), you can gamble / vaal it after anoints to a rare one on high own risk, 35 exalts:


8-link amulet "uul-netol's vow", for predator/ awakened added fire damage/ summon phantasms-support:


Rare amulet granting lvl 22 determination: 1 chaos


Alternative amulets for starting like astramentis, anvil, apply additional curse and others:


Astramentis 15 chaos:


Aul's uprising amulet, other auras determination, discipline, envy, pride, hatred or haste, 1 exalt:


Other alternate starting amulets:




Replica Winterheart


Alternative Replica Hyrri's truth (damage, hatred)


Other corrupted amulets, to anoint with

"tainted oil":

Stone of Lazhwar, spellblock, additional curse, cast speed, anoint it with tainted oils, 45 chaos:


Rare amulet, dexterity, you can apply an additional curse


13) B.i.S.: Rare boots, to reach 80-100% ailments-immunities, avoid elemental ailments (best 35-50%) or reduced ailments duration (50%), see spoiler "fire and other ailments" for fitting amulet anoint and 100% optimizations, , best with movement speed and with high es 75 and more, starting 5 chaos


... also unaffected to burning ground to change minor pantheon:


Rare boots, socketed gems are supported by integrated increased duration, best to apply withers of anomalous withering step, for movementskills, and to spam vaal skills in maps, starting 5 chaos


On page 50 just below is a basic guide in the spoiler "Crafting Clusters and Gear" for crafting yourself rare gloves and boots etc.

Rainbow stride boots, with 6% spellblock: 1 chaos


Rainbow stride boots, with 6% spellblock, high es, high mana/ ar:


with 6% spellblock and some enchants/ implicits 10 chaos:


Alternative boots stampede for cyclone melee set-up or for easy manamanagement / windshrieks more curses:


Alternative the stampede, 150% movement permament, b.i.s. for cyclone, anoint it with blight oils
You cannot labyrinth-enchant the boots, only anoint or enchant them, not both! Best for divergent frostblink cooldowns, but some lower es, 14 chaos:


Windshriek-boots, 1 curse limit more, 120 chaos:


Fenumus Spinerets with damage of aspect of spiders offers nice es/ on hit, but need 25% mana and aspect of spider: 10 chaos


14) Stygian belt b.i.s. with high resistances, armour, es, 18 chaos:


with 250 armour and 25 es 25 chaos:


with dex 35 chaos:


B.i.s.: Mageblood, heavy belt, permament buffs of utility flask effects, inclusive 100% increased flaskeffects (enkindling orbs, alchemist suffix), dex, resistances



More belts with empty modifiers for crafting, alternatives:


Or search for a belt including:
- "empty suffixes" to benchcraft yourself resistances, dexterity
- "empty prefixes" to benchcraft energyshield, armour, mana
(- or empty modifiers)

Stygian belt, empty Suffix to craft on resistances, dexterity:


Empty Prefix to craft on energyshield, armour, mana:


Alternative darkness enthrones: 4 chaos


Mechalarm belt, taunts, 10 chaos:


Alternative cyclopean coil, ailments-immunities, attributes

3.1 Scourgestats


Shield: added block attack damage

Dagger: Culling strike, +1 HoA skills, resistances


Skin of the Lords Granted HoA high lvl --> 7 links:

Sin of the Lords, +1 minion lvl


Body Armour: Granted HoA, high lvl 22 needed:

Boots: freeze immunities/ not below 75% as


Gloves: scourge despair/ enfeeble on hit


4. Flasks

Rumi's concoction granite flask 10%+ attackblock, take high blocks:


Quicksilver flask, bleeding immunity, craft "used with movementskill" or "when bleeding"


Flask Vessel of Vinktar, take it with high increased shock-effect: 10 chaos


Flask-examples with ailment-immunities:

Rare basalt flask, gain charge when hit, freeze immunities:


Rare jade flask, gain charge when hit, immunity to ignites:


Flask Bottled Faith 320 chaos:


Flask Soul Ripper, consumes 50-80 charges on use 46 chaos recommended:


Rare granite flask, charge gain when hit by an enemy, increased armour 10 chaos ( you can cryft yourself with alterations orbs etc.)


5. Mandatory and important jewels


15) Golden rule jewel use only as CI 1 chaos:


with reduced (in poetradesearch: increased) reservation of skills: 1 exalt


with "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" 1 exalt


16) belt jewel spellblock, es blinds 5 chaos:


17) Split personality jewel, int and es or mana):



Alternatives split personality:



1) energyshield es
2) int (mana, es)
3) dex, when you miss 159 dex for the HoAg lvl 21 requirements!
4) mana (es)
5) evasion (only with iron reflexes)
6) armour


1x forbidden flesh, 1x forbidden flame "sanctuary of thought"


spellblock jewel replica pure talent, small cluster will shaper (or enduring composure or flexible sentry)

18) Watcher's eye, #% of max mana as additional es, starting 5 exalt:


Use divine orbs to max 10% mana as additional es

Watcher's eye, 2 usable mods, starting 10 chaos:


2 good mods:


Ranked best watcher's eye-mods:


The most worthfull mods for this build are:


1) Discipline: ES gained on hit: This enters top rank with castspeed, spell-echo

2) Clarity: Gain 10% of maximal mana as extra maximum Energy shield

3) Determination: Reduced Damage from Critical Strikes

4) Determination additional attackblock for fullblock-edition

5) Discipline: big buff for wicked ward with 40% faster start of es-recharge

6) Determination: added armour: nice armour and es/ block

7) Additional spellblock with Discipline

Watcher's eye, #% of max mana as additional es, 2 mods, starting 1.5 exalt:


Watcher's eye, #% of max mana as additional es, 2 mods bis:


19) Thread of hope, large ring, to reach divine shield and 2 points sovereignity, take with low decreased elemental resistances! (-10)


Thread of hope, large ring, corrupted blood immunity or increased skill reservation efficiencies:



beltjewel minions chance to blind and spellblock and corrupted blood or less skill reservation:


beltjewel with 2% attackblock (and skill-efficiency or corrupted blood-immunity + es + minion blindings:



Before large block-cluster: Jewel replica pure talent 4% block + spellblock 10 chaos:


With corrupted blood immunity or 2% efficiency:


Alternative melding of the flesh, go aegis aurora +5 and cold resistance, anomalous purity of ice lvl 21 +5, high resis belt, boots, ring, holy dominion/ alira bandit reward, and a small cluster pure guile or self-control, 5 chaos


Against Ueber-Atziri/ Maven: Timeless jewel militant faith, glorify Maxarius, for bosses like ueber-atziri or maven: for the keynote "transcendence". You will take 90% less elemental damage of hits, but not elemental aoe's or dot's, and in the cooldowns of molten shell and frostshield much increased physical damage, perhaps squeeze in enduring composure/ deflection/ endurance charges/ arctic armour/ aspect of the crab etc.
with reduced ailments duration included 8 chaos


With corrupted blood-immunity or 1% less skill reservation:


6. Oils


blight oils: opalescent, golden, golden to anoint the amulet aul's uprising with "charisma"

1 golden oil 45 chaos:


1 opalescent oil 10 chaos:


7. Gems Level 21, Anomalous/ Divergent Gems, Awakened Gems


Gems lvl 21


1) HoA gem lvl 21, quality 15%, 20 chaos:


Best-in-slot: Divergent HoA level 21 (damage + 40% chance to poison): 3 exalt


You can combinate/ craft lower Divergent HoA gems with facetor's lenses and gemcutter orbs to lvl 20, quality 20, to vaal them to lvl 21:



Crafting b-i-s Divergent HoA gem level 21

When you use a vaal orb on a level 20, quality 20 "Divergent Herald of Agony" skillgem you have a 12.5% chance to get the increased damage of gem level 21.

Gem-quality raises this chance.

With 6, 7x corrupting a level 20, quality 20 Divergent HoA you should win the b-i-s gem 40% chance to poison lvl 21.
Then change "chance to poison" instead to "anomalous spellecho"

2) B.iS.: Empower gem lvl 4, 9 exalt:


Anomalous / Divergent Gems


Awakened Gems:


1)Awakened minion damage support, +1 minion gemlevel


2) Awakened void manipulation


Awakened vicious projectiles


Anomalous viciuous projectiles, HoA 10% chance to poison


Awakened melee splash support


Awakened multistrike support


Awakened Fork for blight maps etc. 2 exalts


Awakened added fire damage, +1 physical HoA gemlevel


For skin of lords: all gems have to be corrupted

8. Cluster jewels Manamanagement


Rare (not uniques) clusterjewels are, when you craft yourself, often only around 1/3 price compared to prices in trading. In the spoiler below is a craftingguide for clusterjewels.

Spoiler "crafting clusters" is just below on page 50.

(Large clusters adds 8 passive skills, 2 jewels slots
Rare Medium clusters adds 4 or 5 passive skills, 1 jewel slot
Rare small clusters adds 2-3 passive skills)

1.) B.i.S.: Uncompromising small cluster, 3 skills, 2x with 6% more efficiency on transfer, take with es, resistances or needed attributes 20 chaos:


Uncompromising small cluster, 2 skills, with 6% more efficiency on transfer 6 chaos:


Unique Megalomaniac cluster, Pure agony combined with uncompromising/ self-control/ sublime form


Uncompromising/ Self-Control/ Sublime Form small cluster, 2x 6% efficiencies, for grace without aul's uprising:


Diverse clusters when you are in need of corrupted blood-immunity or 2% less skill reservation:


9. Medium and large damageclusters, B.I.S. with Pure Agony


Rare cluster, Pure Agony & Cult-Leader 80 chaos


Rare cluster, Leaguestart only "pure agony":


B.i.S.: Unique Megalomaniac cluster, Pure agony combined with uncompromising/ self-control/ sublime form


Unique Megalomaniac cluster, Pure Agony + 2 skills


Pure Agony + 1 strong skill



Unique Megalomaniac cluster, Unique Megalomaniac cluster, Pure Agony + 2 strong skills b.i.s.


Pure Agony and block/manaskills


Large miniondamage-cluster, 8 skills, 2 jewelsockets, 3 notables renewal, rotten claws, 120 chaos


Large miniondamage-cluster, 8 skills, 2 jewelsockets, 3 notables renewal, raze and pillage, 2.8 exalt


Large minion-damage cluster with corrupted blood or 1% less skill reservation:


When you reach out for bis-large-cluster ..... much easier to use medium clusters and alternative jewels - 32 exalt : :-)


10. Defensive Clusterjewels with Block


B.i.S.: Prodigous defences / Riot Queller / Veteran Defender: b.i.s. and very rare are the best skills listed on position 1) and 3) in the jewel description


B.i.S.: Defensive large cluster with spellblock/ knockback and hinder or es-regeneration, 20 chaos:


Only 6% spellblock:


Defensive large cluster with attackblock, take it with the blockskill on position 1 or 3 of 3 skills:


2 Blocking/ spellblocking clusterskills when you path fullblock for tempestshield is an alternative:


Alternative small clusters attackblock-skills

or unque medium cluster pure agony + attackblock


Small cluster "enduring composure" for physical damagereductions for maven and ueber-atziri when you use "militant faith" with transcendence, 40 chaos:


Unique megalamania clusters with 3 usable skills:


Unique megalamania clusters with 3 strong skills, some for special situations:


Unique megalamania clusters with 3 strong skills:


Unique medium cluster, septic spells and defensive skills:


11. More Variants Gear:


Variant hungry loop for spectres/ Zombies/ animate guardian with diverse buffs.

For example feeding frenzy buff, Spectres (take desecrate level 20): frenzy charges 1M buff (carnage chieftains old field act 2), enfeeble level 30, 17% damagereductions of unique enemies (diabolists, upper prison, entrance from lower prison) 1.5 exalt


Hungry loop for minions like spectres, zombies (need desecrate) or holy relic, vaal skeletons, golem, animate guardian without desecrate:

example for nice combinations:
meat shield - defensive
feeding frenzy - damage, agressive
empower - more minionlife
elemental army - tanky, minion resistances, debuff
minion life - tanky
fortify - tanky

Hungry loop with chance to poison, spell echo, faster casting, greater multiple projectiles to free up gloves/ 4 sockets on gloves:


Grip of the council with curse on hit, best are offensive "vulnerability", defensive "enfeeble"


Null and void gloves:




Skin of the lords iron reflexes for herald of purity, basic 3 red sockets, phase acrobatics or iron reflexes


and circle of guilt, less HoP skill reservation, more HoP damage


12. More Variants Jewels


Fortress convenant, with corrupted blood immunity or 1% less skill reservation:


Jewel reckless defences 4% attackblock + 4% spellblock (with pantheon soul of solaris):


The blue nightmare jewel 180 chaos


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Ascendancy, Bandits, Pantheon, Attributes Requirements


Bandits: Lunch for the spiders

(Kill them all. You want passive points.)

(When you have too much problems reaching 75% resistances, help Alira and/ or path 'holy dominion'.)

Ascendancy: Take them in this order:


1) Profane Bloom

2) Malediction

3) Void becon

4) Withering Presence



You have to upgrade the pantheons with "divine vessels" to get all benefits. Put one in the map device and kill the bosses of the pantheon-maps:

1) Soul of Solaris: 20% chance to take 50% less Area Damage from Hits, Take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes if you have taken a Critical Strike Recently, 50% chance to avoid Ailments from Critical Strikes

The crit- and aoe-avoidances are very strong and there are almost no enemies which can chainfreeze us without Soul of the Brine King. We have 80% coldresistance and blocking is also working when we are stunned or freezed.

2) Alternative Major God: Brine King against freezings of Shaper or Sirus

Minor God:

1) Soul of Abberath (for ignite-reduction and burning-ground-immunity)

2) When you reached 100% ailments- and burning ground immunities: Soul of Tukohama

3) For Ascendancy-Labyrinths, when you are unused to the traps: Soul of Ralakesh

Attributes Requirements:


Dexterity 159 (Herald of Agony Lvl 21)

You need high dex, around +40, on amulet, rare boots, rare gloves, belt or ring. You should increase the rings and Aul Uprising amulet dexterity with catalysts for attributes. Perhaps you get some missing attributes added on the clusters too. Until you get them on gear you can take +30 dex passives on the passive tree, in the attribute mastery or on one jewel "split personality" es + dex. Mandatory!

Intelligence 155 (Discipline, Spirit Offering etc. Lvl 20)

Strength 155 / 111

(Determination / Molten Shell Lvl 20. When you have determination granted on shield you can reduce to Strength 111. Molten shell has full 75% damagereduction and full 10000 shell also in lower levels with lower strength.)

Mana: take a look in the spoiler --> "manamanagement", "additional mana-reductions" for you manamanagement.

Full levelled and geared you should count around 1500 reserved Mana and 60-100 points unreserved mana.

Energyshield: Full geared in endgame you want to get around 5500-6500 es depending on your playstyle.
For all factors and stats of energy-shield you find a complete checklist "energy-shield" on page 50.


Important Mechanics




This spoiler will manage your mana reservation (see all steps 1) to 13) in this spoiler) for you, for all your auras and for your herald.

Follow the PoB first for updates or different editions!

The "Manamanager" shows the default management, the "Manamaster" additional and variable paths.



You need a minimum of 1) 1x 38% base increased Mana Reservation efficiency on 1x ring "circle of nostalgia".

2)Max the rings with mana- fertile catalysts for more increased efficiency.

3) You need the helmet enchantment "HoA has 75% increased Mana Reservation efficiency"

4) You need 1x 50 % skill efficiency for determination with 1 small cluster with "uncompromising".

5)Take also 1-2 x 6% efficiency added on the cluster-transfer point! Best is to take 2x 6% transfer points with attributes, es or resistances.

6)You activate the "Energy Shield Mastery" with Discipline has 25% increased Mana Reservation efficiency

7) Take the points on the passive tree "Sovereignity" 8% + 8% + 12% increased Mana Reservation efficiency.

You need on the passive tree 8) "Influence" 8% increased Mana Reservation efficiency.

9) Just there the "reservation mastery" is activated for 15% efficiency.

10) You have to limit ball-lightning, storm brand, desecrate, clarity skill-gems to Lvl 1, quality is best 20%.

11) You need in 3.16 0x/ zero % increased efficiency on your jewels like the golden rule (and 1x corrupted blood immunity too) or your belt or cluster- jewel.

12) Only not fullgeared or while levelling best is to anoint your amulet "charisma"-tic with golden, golden, opalescent blight-oils when you need more mana. Fullgeared later you anoint it with "sanctuary" or "deflection" to cap blockings in the fullblock-edition.

13) Don't forget your ascendancy Radiant Faith! The less unreserved manapoints you have, the more ES you get.

You need only 60-100 unreserved mana points total for your skills remaining. When you have more unreserved mana, regret out "influence" or change out anointment "charisma", or take in awakened fork or raise the lvl of clarity.

- best is maximal high reserved mana (circa 1500)
- best is minimal unreserved mana (for example 60-100)



More reserved-manareductions for different gears, auras, socket-colours, single-target-gem-swaps and skills

Fine tuning mana is sometimes like a minigame for the Arachnophilias.
When you want to have more reduced-skill-reservations, perhaps because you need more mana for

the helmet enchant more HoAg projectiles in high density,
for ashes of the stars or other amulets,
for awakened fork in blight-maps,
for different socket-colours and supports for other skin of the lords,
for a defiancebanner,
for leaguestart,
for levelling,
as long as you miss some steps of skill-efficiencies above,
or something else,

here opens the paths:

1) Start with HoA support gems with less manamultipliers, take a look into the "the dirty scorpion tail" above.

Faster attacks instead a green support, added fire support instead damage on full life or summon-phantasms support instead minion damage are easy and fast ways to use less and to get more mana.

While levelling perhaps use for the scorpion supports with almost 0% manamultipler like knockback or stun etc.

2) Add a small cluster with the notable "self-control". It offers with 80% efficiency discipline as much efficiency as "uncompromising".
On multiple added small clusters you can combinate for the aura determination "uncompromising", or for aura discipline "self-control" or for grace, when not free on aul's amulett, the notable "sublime form":

But when you stack the same one notable double times it suffer from dimishing returns. Use different ones.

3) Take 3 passives with 2x 6% increased reservation efficiency transfer points on the small cluster determination.

4) Use 2x circle of nostalgia.

5) Try to fit in more 2% increased efficiencies-corruptions on jewels and belt-jewel.

6) Insert the "thread of hope" with large radius in the templar area and activate 1-2 points "Sovereignity"

7) Take 1-3 points for the way to "Presage" in the upper witcharea of the passivetree.

8) Change one jewel in your passive tree to the crimson jewel: Conqueror's Efficency for increased efficiencies.

9) Fit in an Enlighten-support-gem linked to the auras.

10) Take in the unique blight-boots "the "stampede" or the gloves "breathstealer" and anoint them with "Charisma", "Champion of the Cause" or "Presage"

11) There are also rare amuletts with "increased efficiencies"-stats available

12) Insert the jewel "intuitive leap" in the central witch area and activate "presage" unconnected

13) Wear the helmet Alpha's Howl

14) When only 5-20 manapoints are missing to use ball-lightning, try ballghtning without greater multiple support and without spell-echo

15) Take "righteous decree" to lower mana costs.

16) +20/ 10% mana with "deep wisdom" helps also.

There are a lot of different ways. Grace and determination combined are worth some points or a bit less damage...



The Allstars use all sockets of their gear and more implicits corruptions for determination and for curses on hit. When you are not fullgeared and are missing some hard to find or craft endgame gear, you will need free sockets for all your skills.

Here in this skillslot-minigame all fast changeable possibilities are listed and ranked to manage your skills and sockets for determination, sniper's mark or other skills when you need a free skillslot. Take one or two for your prefered setup and depending on your gear, prefered movementskill, clusters and build-edition from 15 ways:

1) push out increased duration when you use it

2) use storm brand or ball-lightnings to raise spiders, push out frostblink

3) get determination or grace as implicit corruption on shield aegis aurora granted (or on other gear), push out determination or grace skill gem

4) switch in rare boots with integrated increased duration (and high es and movement) - switch out skillgem increased duration

5) use an unset ring (with high es and perhaps dex), push out one circel of nostalgia and finetune your mana if needed with "manamanager"

6) get "curse enemies with despair on hit" on a rare unset ring or rare gloves, push out sniper's mark only in maps for 1-2 free slots. Use whispers of doom or put back in sniper's mark against Sirus, shaper, maven.

7) reach 80%-100% chance to poison with 'divergent' HoA lvl 21 20%, "increased HoA buff effect" on circle of nostalgia 20% more, perhaps "septic spells" on a (unique) cluster 20% or use whispers of doom (see 6) ) the curse mastery 20% poisonchance also and final switch out "chance-to poison" gem.

8) get "support socketed gems with faster casting" integrated in rare gloves (and also slower projectiles for 60 virulences), push out spell-echo / storm brand gem

9) Push out greater multiple projectiles support.
When you want, compensate with the flask "dying sun"

10) Use a quicksilver-flask, push out movementskill or use only one movementskill

11) Use will shaper, energy from naught or other energyshield-notables on clusters and/ or anoint your amulet with "sanctum of thoughts" or "foresight", use watcher's eye with other strong mods like es/ hit or crit-reductions etc. and push out the clarity gem

12) Use boots "stampede" or gloves "breathstealer", anoint them like in 11) with 'sanctum of thoughts' or also "foresight" etc, push out clarity

13) Use a witchfire brew flask's despair aura and change out sniper's mark.

14) Use a rare amulet with a granted skill.

15) Feed a hungry loop-ring with chance to poison - faster casting - spell echo - gmp for 4 (!) free skills and use only ball-lightnings

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Basic Crafting Clusters, Gear and Gems


Crafting large clusters with 8 skills, 2 jewel slots, minimum level 50 for rotten claws, level 68 for raze and pillage:

1. Spam alterations until you get Renewal and Call to the Slaughter.
2. (Optional) Imprint.
3. Regal for any suffix. If you get a prefix, scour and go back to step 1 (or step 2 if you used an imprint beast).
4. Augment fire with harvest to guarantee Raze and Pillage.

The cluster jewel need to be at least item level 68, and if it is below item level 84 then you will have more chances of getting Renewal and Call to the Slaughter from the first step.

Thanks to LiQuss for the craftingguide!

Of course when you get other popular clusters before, sell them! There is a large market and a lot other combinations are very high priced traded. Craft further with a new cluster.

Large clusters adds 8 passive skills, 2 jewels slots
Rare Medium clusters adds 4 or 5 passive skills, 1 jewel slot
Rare small clusters adds 2 passive skills.

In Harvestgardens take the option "New/ improve with implicit cluster jewels/ jewels" to craft corruptions like elemental ailments and stun avoidances on your clusters and jewels.

Crafting large Attackblock-Cluster

Thanks a lot to Kokiri_Boy for this clustercrafting-guide:


Basics of crafting are often the same for flasks, clusters, gear, when you craft without harvest or fossils.

Obtain the correct base item (flask, cluster, gear), with the correct stats like energyshield/ armour/ evasion, with the correct level (required level, often high levels), eventually with the correct elder/ shaper/ conqueror influence, scoure orb it, max the quality.

Use a transmutation orb, you get a "magic" item.
Then Alterate it with alteration orbs until you get 2 fitting stats or with only 1 fitting stat improve with a augmentation orb. You can random regret one stat with orb of annulememt.


For many flask suffixes go then after to your menagerie / beastarena and beastcraft the flask against bleeding, freeze etc. Use flasks orbs for special situations like autotriggered uses or increased effects.

Crafted "magic" gear and clusters you improve instead with delve fossils or with regal orbs to "rare" ones. When you got a bad result, scoure them with a scoure orb and start again.

When you got nice results, you can decide to use an "imprint" at this stage.

The next craft further free empty prefixes/ suffixes with harvest, with exalted orbs or with Conqueror's/ Shaper/ Elder orbs or beastcraft aspects (cat/ spider/ etc.) in your menagerie if you want them somewhere added.

Next with blessed orbs you can try to maximise the random numbers of stats on the belt/ gloves/ boots etc.

Then at last go to your crafting bench and when you have empty modifiers add them to your item.

With "divine orbs" you can also max the random stats of "unique" gear like circle of nostalgia.

With blessed orbs you can max the first stat / implicit above the topline ________ above the list of prefixes, suffixes, gearpiecestats.

Corrupted gear you cannot craft, but you can change sockets/ links/ colours and anoint corrupted amulets.

Crafting unique white socketed gloves triad grips


*** to be edited ***

Crafting rare gloves


Faster casting & slower projectiles

Base: fingerless silk gloves, es, requires lvl 80, shaper influence (red ico), 3.16 found in Lira Arthain, base:


It's only a 1 stat item. You never exalt a one stat item. At best you'll have 2 usable stats at the cost of a 142 chaos exalt, which is like 2k alterations. You'll roll the same 2 mods many times over with 2k Alts.

Scour it and keep alt spamming until you get 2 desirable stats, slower projectile + faster casting and then exalt the rest and craft stats like dex, increased energyshield or what you prefer.

Crafting b-i-s Divergent HoA gem level 21


When you use a vaal orb on a 20% quality "Divergent Herald of Agony" skillgem you have a 12.5% chance to get the increased damage of gem level 21.

Gem-quality raises this chance. Improve the gemquality to 20% with gemcutter-orbs before you vaal and corrupt them.

With 6, 7x corrupting a Divergent HoA you should win the b-i-s gem 40% chance to poison and max damage of level 21.

Crafting boots


Rare boots, increased duration

You need elder influenced (violet "+" ico) es-arcanist/ sorcerer-boots, best is required level 70 or 72, base:



Thanks to th3_m0le for some tipps of best boots and gloves!!

boots are rather easy. buy the elder base if one is on the market thanks to the new div card for item with elevated mod. bought the ones i used for 1ex. get some spaper influcenced boots either with t1 ele avoid plus another shaper mod from trade for maven orb slam or get a high level shaper sorcerer boots base and use perfect fossils for easy 30% quality.

use harvest reforge fire/cold more common on the boots until you hit t1 ele ailment avoidance plus another shaper mod and slam maven orbs until you got boots with only elevated avoid elemental ailment avoidance mod.

awakener orb the boots with the elder elevated increased duration onto the shaper boots and pray for a usable suffix or at least one free prefix.

if full suffixes and at least one free prefix craft suffixes cannto be changed and harvest reforge fire and hope you only get unaffected by burning ground as prefix - if you happen to hit some es mod along the way that's fine. craft suffixes cannot be changed and slam a t4 aisling and hope she replaces the crafted mod. craft some life mod before unveiling and get a movespeed to unveil. craft es, divine and be done.

gloves are not that difficult either. awakener orb some high level shaper or elder sorcerer gloves together with the other influence. mods don't matter at that point. perfect fossils for 30% quality when you're at it.
spam 2 slot resonators with aetheric/corroded until you hit faster casting/slower projectile/chance to poison and ideally a free prefix for an es craft. should not take that many tries (around 75 if memory serves right - check craftofexile for approximations)


Crafting +2 skillgemlevel triggerwand


Fossils needed:

Jagged Fossile
Shuddering Fossil
Corroded Fossil
Metallic Fossil

Prime Chaotic Resonator


A Convoking Wand with +1 to spells / 1+ to minions, an open suffix to do the Trigger craft. Anything else is basically gravy.
To "self craft" this: 4 socket resonator w/ Corroded, Shuddering, Jagged and Metallic fossils. Something like a 1 in 12 to hit the +1/+1, but usually without open suffix.
The +1/+1 is just to get the Herald to the tippinglevels of gem 28 / 31.

Crafting +2 amulet



Crusader amulet with +1 phys
Awakener Orb

NOTE: hold alt key to check mods on amulets. There must be only one influence mod!

Click on orb, click on one amulet to hold the mod, then click on second amulet to add mod. The orb will add influence mod and reroll other mod

Last edited by Chromino on Apr 28, 2022, 2:27:14 PM

Fire and other ailments


80-100% all elemental ailments immunities in endgame and hardcore

Avoidances or reductions are reached in the slots and passives with

A) elemental ailments avoidances
35-50% prefix avoidances + eater of world / searing exarchs' implicits on rare boots + or 25% benchcrafts boots/ or gloves + 20% shield-mastery + 20% amulet anoint Crystal skin + 20% elegant form (clusterskill) + harvest-implicits on jewels + stats on rings, belt or beltjewel or 25% arcane sanctuary

B) reduced ailments durations:
50% implicit on redeemer influenced boots + 20% anoint amulet or 30% pathing on tree Anointed flesh + 25% flexible sentry (clusterskill) + or 16-32% transformed small devotion passives of the unique jewel militant faith + harvest crafted implicits + poe rounds up 95% to 100%

C) or with the aura "purity of elements"

Before .....

We can craft in harvest up to 80% ailment-reductions against ignites, freezes and shocks on all the jewels-implicits of belt-jewel, cluster-jewels and watcher's eye. We have other free slots for ailment-reductions on stats of rare gear and rings. We can get a very nice belt-enchantment for even 20% more ailment-avoidance while we are elusive in the Ueber-Godess-Labyrinth.

We have also three rare flask-suffixes free to choose. Craft instant counter-suffixes against ailments with instilling orbs on your flasks to optimize reactiontimes.


Our armour and block don't work on heavy, critical Ignites. Ignites will kill you in 500+ levels of deep delve and T16 Legions. We have a bad stacking of Ignites also in the first second of staging up our frostshield and our es don't start recharging on burning ground.
So we choose urgent the burning-gound-immunities and reduced Ignites in the Pantheon Minor God Soul of Abberath.

Ignite immunities on jewels harvestcrafted are optimal beside or add in ignite-removals on a flask.

With final 25% ailment avoidances from the shield mastery our preparations against fire are completed.


We can activate the es-mastery to not be frozen when es started recharging recently.
For anti-chain freeze against shaper, ueber-elder, the hidden, etc. get "freeze-reductions" in for these fights autotriggered on a flask or sapphire-flask.

When you still get too often freezed, alternative change your pantheon to "Soul of the Brine King" or use a cluster "hibernator".


We are 100% immune when we use tempest shield.

scorch, sap, brittle, ee, exposures

With 30% overcapped elemental resistances we are prepared against scorch, ee and exposures.
Sap and brittle do not affect us.

Other ailments


We need mandatory bleed-immunity on one flask.

Corrupted Blood

I advice urgent to take for more lazy playing and against Sirus A8 and a lot other bosses a permament corrupted-blood-cannot-be-inflicted-corruption also on one jewel.


We get permament 80 % curse immunity with the time-of-need-ascendancy.

35% overcapped resistances compensates comfortable elemental weakness and other elemental curses.
We have so many layers of defences that there are no threatening curses remaining.


We are 100% immune CI.

Stun- and blockrecovery

We get 50% less stuns from CI and energyshield and 20% more from cluster with determination. Eber's Unification carry in 50% stun and block recovery and 50% block recovery is pathed in arcane guarding. We have cast-on-stun frostshield.

You could choose more stun-reductions on boots, belt, flasks and anti-stun-implicits in harvest on jewels. But you should easy go without too - 100% immunities would disable our cast when stunned tailored triggering skillset.


Physical Aoe and physical-degens and dot's are no longer weak spots of this build. We have vaal discipline and some es-regeneration, the Solaris pantheon and anti-bleeding flask. Since 3.16 we have best layers of defences with protections of the divine shield. Wicked ward started es-recharge often beside. Together with time of need we are ready and have substain with top 5 layers of defense.

That is enough and I never got problems again after getting all defensive layers. I don't play hardcore, but when you get all these ailments controlled you will be hardcore-ready.

Controls / keybindings / movement


What are examples for keybindings and controls? What are best triggers for molten shell etc.? Which movementskills are best?

All methods work. For different gamers different keybindings are best and different different triggered or manually casted skills fitts different ways to different playstyles and content.

Choose your keys intuitive for your own style!


Only do not forget:

- Vaal skills cannot be triggered, you have to cast them manually
- Frost shield needs around 0.5 seconds manually be casted, it is not instant, take it better on cws for instanttriggering.
- When you choosed the not recommended bastion of hope urgent prefer cwdt over cws!

I personally for myself prefer instant skill molten shell manually casted. Other players push it on movementbutton autotriggered: left 1 mouse button or on cws.

Frost shield I prefer on cast when stunned. Best because triggered instant.

Spirit offerings (and sniper's mark) are not ideal on cws, despair selfcasted would be stronger as on hit triggered, but this way spamming ball-lightnings is possible and for me personally best cozy. You can manually cast spirit offerings when you want to after desecrating. But on Cws it is better against corpse-explosions when you not see all corpses in the lightshow.

Curses are best triggered on hit or triggered cast when stunned/ cws.


In the different videos you can see different styles of keybindings.

Choose and order your keys individual and intuitive.

For example I personally prefer:

Left 1. mouse: withering step autotriggered on movement or phase run for speedmapping

Middle Mouse button: frostblink (to raise spiders used also)

Right 2. Mouse button: desecrate

Q ball-lightning (spam it)
W storm brand (throw 3x out)
E molten shell (our most important layer of defense, instant skill)
R vaal grace (our back-up vaal skill when other skills are on cooldown)
T vaal discipline (our final recovery, when there are no blockable, not wick warded and not physical damagetypes to be divine shielded)

Space bar vaal molten shell (or predator/ signal prey)

Frost shield on cws is only our backup for cooldowns of all other defensive skills and for facetanking. Autotriggered instant skill.

Sniper's mark is on cws linked too best and triggers automatical.

HoAg and all auras: discipline (for es), determination (for ar and es/block), grace (for ev), clarity (for watcher's eye mod only): on 2. alternative keys with Ctrl key. You need to activate them only one time.

When you need a free key for another skill: change "spacebar" and/ or other keys in settings/ options as new key instead one ctrl-key and multiple activate your auras manually with ctrl

To raise spiders use fast: 2x desecrate, 1x writhing jar, 1× storm brand (or frostblink)

BUT: Take the keys you like! Everyone likes another key-binding!


Take the movement and blink-skill you like most! All movementspeed works!

- Take only 1 "blink" - skill or you get into problems sometimes with their blink-cooldowns. 2 x "movement" is okay.

I would advice:

Overall: take anomalous withering step for continious speed. The elusive is great in heists. The 9 instant witherstacks are a fast damagebuff in maps. The evasions are another additional 4. panicbutton in damagepeaks.

Flamedash (3 uses), phaserun (no blink-skill-cooldown) etc. are a bit better for more speed but without buffs.

When you have enough skillslots, you can combine phase run or shield charge, on mousebutton 1 autotriggered, no blink-cd, and divergent frostblink well.
The combination withering step with first of 3 charges flamedash works too.

All blink- and movementskills fits! Take the one you like and prefer!


Level 100


Level 100

The Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars are ready, skilled and geared to experience grinding and farming the way to lvl 100 in all content.

You do not want to die in the levels 98 to 100 and all mapmods and bosses are designed to detect and exploit your last vulnerability and to kill you when you miss solely only one defensive layer.
Check step by step the spoiler "checklist defences".

You can further balance into defences, es and blocks not only with the passivepoints on your tree and your clusters, also with some skills you can turn direction into more tankyness.

Tear up the wall

Blocking with whole walls is a level-up in safety and protection.

In a warding basis you can combine your skills with freaky frostwalls - linked to casted when stun they are autoteiggered and simply the best against all types of ranged attacking enemies.

I use them also sometimes for the encounters in delve and for heists instead sniper's mark or spirit offering. In these special situations frostwalls are BiS.

Frost walls length is fine on lvl 1 or lower, quality 0. Dont build them too long and strong with higher levels when you want sometimes to walk around without phasing.

Phasing / Withering Step

With phasing – take your withering step or phaserun on the left mouse-button one to get phasing on movement – your own movement will not be walled.
Withering step skills both into more evasion and damage with instant withers.

On a rare unset ring the despair curse on hit free up a skillsocket instead sniper's mark in the cws-links for frostwalls.

Or you can turn in tanky enfeeble, and 4 passives whispers of doom and include the poisonchance of the curse mastery to further exchange "chance to poison"-support to anomalous spellecho.

Innocent spirits

I myself personally would never, never, never advice to misuse the 11 cute souls of the summon-phantasms-supports as cannon fodder - but it's a tormenting fact that they would gulp thousands of hits in your place to guard your way safe to 100 when you heartless sacrifice them. Place them in your spiders- or HoAg-supports. ;-)


The Allstars stack so much damage that it is easy to switch some points, clusters etc. from offensive to defenses, to ES, ailments-immunities and blockskills too.

When you are not a very experienced player, combat the hardest encounters like maven fights or ueber-atziri on your level- ups.
They remain dangerous. One too slow reactiontime or one, last after-fight not known explosion of the ueber-elder outside Zana's shield are not welcomed in these final levelling periods.

All other content you can do deathless and in fast playstyle every time. You don't depend on 5-ways, breachstones or other carrying-services like other builds.

Boss-Hunting: Sirus, Shaper, UE, Ueber-Atziri, Maven


Long Bossfights without added minions - Sirus, Shaper, Singletarget

1 - You should change the melee-splash-gem in your dagger to multistrike. With this gemswitch your spiders deal almost double damage to shaper or sirus.

For most endgame bosses you have enough damage without changing gems. But Maven, Shaper and A8-9 Sirus are much easier with the preparation.

2 - Take in your cast when stunned links "sniper's mark" for automatic refilled writhing jar flaskcharges and a lot of damage for the scorpion.

3 - When maven wittness bosses like shaper, she sometimes supports them with high multiple 25% regenerations. The audio-sign is that Maven shouts "Live longer!". Then do high damage nonstop to kill them or in lower levels take "frostbomb" on cws instead spirit offering or instead frostshield to debuff these regenerations - for example for shaper and ueberelder with their high hp-pools wittnessed by maven.
With the boss-hunter edition and 55 virulences all bosses are easy to kill without frostbomb. Only for Shaper/ UE or while levelling with lower damage I advice to prepare a frostbomb in your inventory to switch in. Ordinary you deal enough damage without frostbomb.

4 - You need immunity against inflicted corrupted blood on a jewel-implicit and against burning ground with maxed minor pantheon against sirus a7-9 and many other bosses.

5- Use freeze immunities against shaper.

6 - Unending Hunger debuffs you with "infinitive hunger". You can/ should regret Divine shield and Ghost dance against this debuff in tree and gear a different SoL especiallyin hc.

A lot more tipps you find in the spoilers "flasks", "pantheon", "fire and other ailments".
Special tipps for bosses you find here just below in the spoiler "boss-farming", "dangerous bosses in endgame" and on page 50 in "map-mods and maven invitations" and "more tipps for maven, the hidden, ueber-atziri and the feared".

These 4 steps are recommended. More nice & easy possibilities are:

7 - You can use "desecrate" in boss-fights to get also corpses for "spirit offering". When you miss damage cast both manually instead cws-triggered. But you can more lazy go without too.

8 - You can deactivate vaal grace to get more vaal souls for more often use of vaal discipline.

9 - You can change out the pierce-gem of your herald-of-agony too when you have enough mana. Vile Toxins is the prefered support instead of pierce, or predator for another blue socket.

Your herald is working without changes almost perfect too and spiders are more important to prepare.

10 - when you use unholy might in maps as minion mastery, change it to buffed offerings

11 - For more boss-hunting-tipps like Ueber-Atziri, maven's last invitations like "the feared" or "the hidden" a ranking of difficult mods (in spoiler "map mods") and special flask-set-ups etc. (in spoiler "More Tipps for Shaper, The Feared, Ueber-Atziri, Maven") are listed on page 50:


12 - Use full 3 stormbrands for damage while moving or the HoP variation with much damage-uptime

13 - You can switch out hex-curses like despair and "whispers of doom": bosses are 66% hex-curse resistant, but not the mark-curse sniper's mark

14 - For bosses like Ueber-Atziri or Maven with mainly a lot elemental-damage you can take in a timeless jewel militant faith, glorify Maxarius, for the keynote "transcendence" or the jewel "melding of the flesh".

50000 Armour transforms to instead 90% elemental damage reductions added to 65% resistances results into total 96% / capped at 90 % elemental reductions. You will get almost unvulnerable to all elemental damage-dealing hits.
But it also does not protect against elemental aoe and dot-damage.

Insert it in the central witch area and activate "doomsday". As downside in the cooldowns of molten shell and frostshield you take more physical damage. Perhaps add "enduring composure" or anoint "deflection" on a cluster for basic physical damagereductions of endurance charges when you are playing with transcendence.

When you have enough mana (with helmet enchant) another option is to take in "arctic armour" and change your minor Pantheon to Soul of Grutkhul for more pdr. You can change iron reflexes to ghost dance on bodyarmour if you want more evasion while using transcendence and still have a lot transformed armour.
Example POB: https://pastebin.com/xDzNaLQM

Militant Faith / Keystone Transcendence:
Courthouse Synthesis, facetank all fire-explosions T18:


Don't take "transcendence" for bosses with much physical damage like Sirus, Shaper, UE.

15 - Only when you don't use the curse sniper's mark, you change your Minor Pantheon to Soul of Ryslatha. So your worms are always ready after some seconds, your writhing jar flasks will auto-fill-up.

Boss Hunting and Boss farming

I did Sirus, Maven, synthesis-bosses, mastermind, Aul, ueber-elder etc. deathless without switching gear and only with the standard-setup. Full deliriumbosses, Cortex, Legiongenerals etc. also.

On a lot of points this build is managable to specialize on special situations with flasks, clusters, gloves, ring, belt, boots, amulet, auras, cwdt/ cws, pantheon, movement-skill etc.

This build plays both melee and ranged. And all our minions are immortal. This is optimal to go on bosshunting.

Dangerous Bosses in Endgame


Only one unique boss of the vaal-side areas killed me two times. His name is something like stormbringer or stormdrinker and he uses a very fast leap slam attack. (I guess, while he is jumping and slaming the minions and lightning balls cannot target him. I suggest there were also vaal-map-mods like ... unique boss... 198 % additional lightningdamage ...960% faster attacks... 1980% additional physical damage ... and only one single unvulnerability shrine next room to him... Run when you see him, hihi.)
Tzteosh, Hungering Flame, a beyond-Boss, is sometimes depending on the mapmods, not easy too. Burning exarchs tar-aoe and mods are rippy.

For the bosses with physical-degenerations-beams or aoe-beams (like plaza, orchard, mineral-pools, terrace, garden, high-garden) you have to use hidings like pillars to interrupt their degen-beams and move and let your minions do the job. Don't try to facetank them. When you activated divine shield and wicked ward, or take in a endurance charges with "enduring composure", you can very often facetank them too, but I would not check it out in t16 red-maps, hehe.

Some other bosses are impossible to tank too, like the rotten core-map, bramble valley and foundry-bosses are rippy.
Some attacks of the shaper and groundeffects of maven you have to move around. But you have a much longer time to react to their most damaging attacks.

In the Halls of the grandmasters two of the very last grandmasters and a few Expedition-mob-types have high block and regenerations and are immortal for our normal setup. You have to debuff them on top with Block Chance Reduction Support or high dot-damage of the minions and more adjustements.

A lot of endgame-bosses like Elder or Sirus are checked for facetanking on A7. A8 you have to walk around their aoe- grounds. Don't forget anti-freeze reductions, maxed pantheons and corrupted blood-immunity.

Maven's invitations instead are easy for our setup and for managuardians, only "the feared" and maven herself remain difficult with groundeffects and memory games.

Simulacrums Wave 30


Use in the last waves 27-30 a rubin-, or sapphire-, or topaz- / vessel of vinktar- flask against the main-elemental-damage to complete also 2 simultan bosses easy.

Specialisation (... and Individualisation)


In maps 5 mill damage were always more than enough for me and I did not need more. When you get the third or fourth medium cluster with pure agony you rush through the maps topspeed. But there are faster builds of course out there than minions.
This build safe you in endgame with unique optimized defences first.
In such decisions Poe is often about finding the fitting balance of offensive and defensive for your goals and content when you don't use the newest metabuild.
Do you want to farm fast, do you want to kill bosses, do you want lvl 99 and more, which content like blight, delve, etc. do you prefer or do you need an Allrounder build for the mix without to much gear-swaps...

My own favourites are the combinations of skills with the fast spiders (...or phantasms or meat shield - zombies or skeleton mages I liked very much). I want a swarm of minions. I love to optimize a build and trade for best gear in slot, I like to level high 99-100, to optimize the build more with 2 last passives, I hate the grinding. And the visuals of spells and mapdesigns are important for me to love playing a game. And I love to write a build too, to find a unique build like here managuardian with auras and keystones for best top defenses, hehehe.

On the opposite I don't like speedfarming & grinding too much, Alva and temple are boring for me, but good exp., crafting is not so interesting for me, hardcore I am afraid of, I prefer facetanking instead movement, .... lol, hehe, exactly all this is offered by this build. Firing the balls out, stacking virulences and damage was for me the most wonderful and enjoying playstyle in whole poe until now.

If you want another different playstyle, you can change your belt to the curious, funny and high damage offering headhunter and try some new experiences in next level lags. Voices clusters can lift you to 25M damage with 70 virulences. Or the meta-mageblood-belt offers a new level-up of defences in this build.

Checklist damage


Long necks & short legs.

6 legs, 8 legs, it does not matter. 9 - 24 millions of damage on 166 legs enjoy full our tendencies of destruction.

Dps- Checks

■ 5M damage are enough and best for lvl 100 farming
■ 8M are enough to kick Maven
■ 10M for UE, simulacrums 30 and nemesis farming
■ 12M for the feared

In my experiences you can best choose your set-up around this precondition and so you can balance your build very good in Poe.
You can easy switch with a few clicks from more tankyness to more damage and back by changing clusters, passives and gloves.

Checklist for damage:

For full damage: Facetank much and fire almost nonstop ball-lightnings:

More & fast ball-lightnings / + 3× storm brands -> more virulences --> much more (4x) HoA damage

Best sequenze is for example:

fire ball-lightnings, 2x stormbrand, fire ball-lightnings

1) get enough virulences with 85%-100% chance to poison selected out of

Poison support 40%
whispers of doom and curse mastery 20%
"serpentine spellslinger" 25%
HoAg 20%
Divergent Hoag lvl 21 40%

2) Use ball-lightnings (hits 150ms), in gloves integrated faster casting, (+ if possible slower projectiles), 3 casted storm brands, anomalous spell-echo, and the jewel "the golden rule".

Double virulences = 4x more damage

3) use the jewel "the golden rule" to double virulences
4) use 4-6 medium clusters with "pure agony"
5) Max up your's HoA to the tipping point Lvl 28 and let him sting with full destruction:

+4 Skin of the Lords 2× +2
+3 empower max. lvl 2-4
+1 HoA gem level 21 (b.i.s. is Divergent HoA lvl 21)
+1 awakened minion damage HoA
+1 awakened void manipulation

+1/+2/+3 weapon wand/ cold iron point dagger

6) use 1 (or 2) large minion damage clusters
7) use sniper's mark (0.8 M)/ and/ or despair
8) for sirus/ shaper/ maven change melee splash to multistrike in the dagger and vile toxins instead pierce and check spoiler "boss-hunting" also (0.8 M)

further damagesources: the golden rule (double virulences), 3x storm brand 30 virulences, tempestshield 10-20 virulences, onslaught buff ascendancy (1 Million shaper-damage), intimidated debuff ascendancy (0.6 M), 15 withers of spiders (1.8 M), spirit offering (1.6 M), vile toxin singletarget (1.3 M), bottled faith /vessel of vinktar (0.5 M), despair (or before vulnerability) as second curse (1 M), 4 more triggered impales rotten claws, ignites 20 spiders (0.4 M), awakened / anomalous vicious projectiles (0.5 M), predator: marked prey (x M), minion mastery unholy might 4 sec (1.5 M)/ buffed offering (1M), Eber's unification / void gaze, instant 7-9 withers of withering step

Full damage

Next tipping point HoA lvl 31 is the final step into the Fine Art of full destruction (in exchange for a bit es/ sacrifying around 15% ehp):

8) +1 Chaos Mastery (increased wither-effect don't count in / are bugged in pob,) 5 passives

9) 100% transformation into chaosdamage with 4 whitesockets of triad grips buff your crawler's damage high and hard.

10) Minion masteries and especially Unholy might are big damage too.

Switch perhaps in the spiders-supports feeding frenzy in instead unbound ailments when you reached HoA lvl 31.

==》 More, more, more


Take a look into the spoiler "Variations" ~-> "make hatred, not grace - more damage" to scale up more damage with even more HoAg-lvls, auras, curses, variants of amulets, weapons and wands.

Checklist defences


Checklist defences:

1. Check your elemental resistances. They have to be capped and have to be all 75%.

- Do you have antibleeding on one flask?
- Do you have autotriggered flasks like "used when flask is full / you start bleeding"?
- Is the quality of all your flasks 20%?
- Do you have 60% ignite reductions in the minor Pantheon and immunity to burning ground?
As CI it's most important to recharge your es. Max the Pantheons with divine vessels in the maps.
- Do you have max 75% spellblock?
It's your priority against spelldamage!
- Do you have blockings and armour on Rumi's concotion and flasks? Use all your flasks often!
- Do you have 50% attackblock and high evasion of grace? Or without grace 70% attackblock?
- Use "the golden rule" not before transformed to CI (or before CI not without "maw of the conquest")
- Do you have "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" on one implicit on one jewel? A lot bosses can kill you very fast without.
- Do you have 4 ascendancies in the labyrinths done?
- Do you use and spam Molten Shell, Vaal Grace and Vaal Discipline? Use them often!
- Do you have activated all the auras "Determination" for high ar and es/ block and "Grace", "Discipline" and "Tempestshield"?

¤ on page 50, section amulet, is a workaround with clusters as long as you miss aul's uprising and in the pob a tree about "lvl 90 before aul's uprising"
¤ When you are still missing the "/implicit/" grant # lvl 23 skill determination/ grace - corruption on your shield or amulet, you have to put a skillgem in your setup! 14 ways to free up a skill socket for determination are shown in the spoiler "Skillmanager".

- Don't forget your ascendancy Radiant Faith! The less unreserved manapoints you have, the more ES you get. You need only 60-90 unreserved mana points for skills and supports remaining. When you have more switch out skill reservation efficiencies. You have enough mana-reg to use all skills.
- Do you have all the important jewels in the passive tree?
- Do you use "Divergent" Cast when stunned, Frost Shield, Sniper's mark, Frostblink for some tanky effects?
- Did you already arrived in the fullblock-edition?

2. Use more slots of energy shield and mana on your gear and jewels. They multiply a lot with your ascendancy and passives.

3. The last unique jewels with intelligence and es ( / or mana), 'split personality', grant a lot energy shield (2 x 350).

4. While your defensive skill gems like determination, molten shell, divergent frost shield, vaal discipline, vaal grace, divergent cast when stunned are levelling up, you will get a lot more defense with raising levels of course. When you have too much too weak lvl 1 gems socketed on your gear it is dangerous and you have to level them a bit before returning in high content.

5. You need total minimum around 6500 energyshield for all content. Estimated and thumbed. In my experiences. Try to get more to get more reaction time in damage-peaks! Some more is much better! With all the defensive layers and 90 % pdr you will never be oneshotted and when there are blockable hits, you will get healed fast and nonstop.

■ When all your defences are optimal builded up, 6.5k es are enough.
■ With 100% ailment-immunities and fullblock 6.1 k es are great.
■ With "melding of the flesh" 88 - 90 % allresis 5.8 k es are fine.

6. Do you often die of ailments? Please take a look in the spoilers: "fire and other ailments" and "Pantheon". Use the shield anti-ailments-mastery.

7. Do you have problems with a special boss?
==》 Please take a look on "boss-hunting", and just there at the spoilerbottom into "dangerous bosses in endgame".

8. Know the dangerous map-mods:

■ "no mana recovery" (reroll or use enduring mana flask)

Much too much multiple mounted up mods like:

■ "ignites" and rippy searing exarch-mods and tar
■ "reduced maximal resistances"
■ "less armour and block"
■ multiple damage/ vulnerability/ reduced aura effect- mods

==》 Check the spoiler "map-mods" on page 50 of the thread for more infos.

9. Check the spoiler "Level 100" and balance into some defensive skills like frostwall in your cws-links, hittanking phantasms, enfeeble or withering step. They are for mapping very tanky.

10. Change a medium or a large clusters to a defensive one with spellblockings, blockings, ailments-immunities or es.

11. Of course the new Meta-Mageblood-Belt is a level-up or Bottled Faith for more regeneration and damage.



The build is very complex.../ Where should I start?

Don't worry! The spoiler "gear, skills, links" shows everything needed for the build.

There is a TL;DR: in endgame max your generated HoAg virulences to 60-70 with 80% poisonchance and castspeed and your HoAg-lvl to 28-31. For defences use 4 big auras for 9M ehp, that's all.

Start to copy easy the tree-tabs equal to your lvl:


Also without optimized gear the build is the tanky tank of tanks.
All set-ups work great.
Don't worry when you miss some stats of the best-in-slot-gear.


I don't sting enough damage

Take a look into the spoiler just above "checklist damage" for all important ranked factors.
In "gear, skills, links" the section gloves is listing the line-up of damage also.
Just right close there use the red headed spoiler "the composition of agony".
Take cast speed, poisonchances, 4 x pure agony on clusters for 60 virulences and raise gemlevel HoA to 28.


I don't have enough energy shield / I die very often /

Take a look in the spoiler above "checklists defences" for all important layers of defences.


Do you have some tipps for levelling and gearing?/ What are the prices for this build and gear?/ What are alternatives and lower budget-variations until getting the best gear?

Please scroll up in the build to the spoiler "Tipps for starting, levelling and gearing". In the pob's are levelling trees, items and skills included in separated tabs.

Take a look on page 50 of the thread for a complete list of gear with all poetradelinks and examples for prices and cheap variants:



I don't have enough Mana / I cannot use all 5 support gems on HoA / Can I use different socket-colours on the armour for the Herald / I cannot activate all auras:

Please take a look at all possibilities of mana-management and -reductions in the spoilers:

1) spoiler: "Manamanager" ++ ----> "Manamaster"

2) spoiler ----> "The dirty scorpion-tail" (manamultipliers of all HoA-supports)

When you are still missing mana, please post it / ask me.


I cannot raise my spiders / have problems raising spiders.

In the spoiler "blizzard - raise your spiders" are all tipps.

2× desecrate, 1× writhing jar, 1-2 x storm brand or frostblink


I am searching for a special information/ alternative/ What is Path of Building / Poe- Wikipedia / Poe-Ninja:


Please take a look in the spoiler "Index/ Navigation". You find a lot keywords with the related spoilers of the build.

Path of Building, community fork, is the best app/ program/ method to calculate and simulate your character with all datas, damage, gear, skill, passives, ehp and to take a look on all modifiers. PoB simulates the original datas of Poe:


You can import the build, see spoiler "path of building" and it's "configuration", or a character, your own characters, characters from poeninja-links, or for example all public profiles

On the site poewiki you get a very nice overview to each skill, tag, keyword, interacting gear, etc.

Like for minions for example:

or for defences: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Receiving_damage

With poeninja you can research tradingprices, their tendencies and also all leading builds in poe-challenges, gear, skills, passive trees and more. Take the desktop-view-version, not the mobile, to get more menues and selections:


FGA for starting PoE:


All Minion-buffs:


More sources for websites like crafting are found in the thread:


Explanations / Variations / Informations




21 is only half of the truth
Blinding minions, molten shell, frost shield, no one shots


21 - This is a legendary number of minions to trigger a lot of skills:


With "divergent sniper's mark", and/ or the cluster-notables "bodyguards" or "burden projection", 21 knockbacking and blinding bodyguards-minions push back the blind mob out of your frostshield.

You can also clean up fine your frostshield with a lionsroar flask for knockbacks to get 60% dr of frostshield.


20 withering touching-spiders synergize perfect with the chaos damage of herald of agony and void gaze of helmet eber's unification.

Max up your shields more

Grace is the most easy way to get 50% evasion. Only 50% of hits reaches us. They are buffed with flasks and elusive up to 18k and 90%. 100% of damage are evaded from hits. These evaded hits multiply on top the capacities of 10000 damage taken of molten shell and 4000 damage taken of frost shield per sec to total reductions of practical 36000 and more against hits in damagepeaks, with grace and vaal grace up to 85000 complete es and shields pool even without flasks.

There will be no one shot.

Don't panic:


You get more panicbuttons. After Vaal Discipline - so much energy-shield-recharge uninterrupted - and vaal grace 15% evasion you also get phasing and 10% more dodge in movement with withering step, which withers also for your withering spiders and herald of agony. With a soul-ripper-flask you can use your two vaalskills almost nonstop one after another if you want to in maps. You have long 15 seconds vaal-molten shell as back-up also when molten shell's capacity is used. When you want support your guardians – molten shell, vaal discipline, vaal grace, vaal molten shell and withering step – with an increased-duration support or id integrated in rare boots. So you will get with the passives from your tree: 6 seconds molten shell, 10 seconds vaal grace. 10 seconds frostshield are triggered too almost every time– so minimum one cooldown is ready to start again when the other skills ended. In fights you can spam all your 3+2 defensive skills synchron.




Make Hatred, Not Grace - More damage


Sometimes you want to go and take the highway to damage and kick the mobs hard and fast.

If you want to raise your dps into the top of 20+ mill. shaper damage, add pure agony-clusters, add HoAg skill-gem-levels for lvl 31 (on chaos-mastery), add voices clusters for 65-70 virulences, change your auras, or improve your curse-limit (on passives, boots, amulet or amulet-anoint).

--- More Damage with skillgem-levels ---

For more, more and more damage switch in your build increased HoAg gemlevels on your weapon and on your amulet:

When you raise HoAg up to tipping point level 31, the HoA's attackspeed increases 60%, 1% per virulence (1.5 M).

Go for HoAg level 31 with:

- Divergent HoAg level 21
- Chaos mastery +1
- or +1/+2 rare or ashes of the stars amulett ( "sublime form" and "self-control" on more small clusters enables replacing aul's uprising)

Use Triad grips, 4 white sockets, feast full benefits of 100% chaosdamage

Choose and path on:

- With hoA lvl 31 change in feeding frenzy to the spider supports
- With voices cluster you can improve to 65 or even 70 virulences, take in despair as second curse and the minion damage-mastery with granted "unholy might" raises your damage to total 24M shaperdamage or 42 M mapping damage in high density content like simulacrums:
- use withering step for some more instant withers

When you want still more:

- take awakened fork for more projectiles in delve or delirium

+1 /+2 / +3 on alternative trigger wands, weapons or cold iron point dagger are not full recommended. You loose too much damage of strong 90% damagedebuffs of full 15 withers of multistriking spiders and 1.5 M spiders damage.

--- More Damage with auras ---

Hatred with ee and/ or awakened generosity or are not recommended since [3.16.] :

- Change aul's uprising to "hatred reserves no mana" (or cheap Replica Hyrri's truth") for added hatred
- anomalous skeletons (or spectres) with feeding frenzy and withering touch linked cws for ascendancy's onslaught
- with Hatred instead Grace Iron Reflexes change your Skin of the Lords' keynote to Elemental Equilirium and use only solely lightning, physical and chaos damage yourself
- link awakened generosity to hatred
- perhaps use Hypothermia switched into the HoA supports for cc freezes
- dread banner no longer offers much since [3.16]

--- More Damage with support-minions ---

A hungry loop is another possibility to get the fine feeding frenzy-buff and/ or for example a lot damage with frenzy charges (1.5 M) of carnage chieftains, other support spectres for curses, zombies, animate guardian etc. But the often nerfed spectres and support-minions die often too fast in red maps and bosses's aoe's.

Prepare a hungry loop ring for spectres, zombies or animate guardian, with supports like:

feeding frenzy / minion life / meat shield / empower / elemental army / withering touch

Perhaps anoint the amulet for +1 spectres with "death attunement" to get the onslaught-ascendancy-buff.

With Cold Iron Point dagger and (Anomalous) skeletons
15 mill. HoA shaper-damage singletarget


Also on gloves you can get cold-damage with the "Grip of the Council" in change for some defences. But I advice urgent instead to triad gripes or rare gloves with integrated faster casting.

--- More Damage with headhunter ---

If you want another different playstyle and more lags, there is a curious variation for oneshotting the mobs with headhunter. Check the spoiler "headhunting" below.

--- More Damage with curses ---

- More offensive curses, despair, vulnerability or punishment, are possible

==》 see spoiler "whispers of doom" just below.

Whispers of doom- More curses


Use whispers of doom, next to the CI-keystone, to use 2 curses and also 20% poisonchance of the curse-mastery. Most easy is to get beside sniper's mark a second curse on hit on one ring.

Take Despair for best and overall damage.

Take Punishment and trigger it in your cws when you want to.

Take enfeeble to get even more tanky-tanky-tanky in maps.

But the hexcurses are at bosses like shaper with their high hexcurseresistances not valuable, prefer mark-curses on them. The hexes are best only in maps.

When you like to try three curses, change your boots to Wiendshrieks.

When you like to try four curses, try the gloves Vixens Entrapement.

Harry Potter Senior & The Airforce 11 - More minions


When you like the Dementors, Shadows and Spirits, you will love the Phantasms:

Socket a Summon Phantasms- Support in your herald of agony-supports instead pierce. For finetuning your mana visit the spoiler "mana-management". They make fine damage and as meatshield they absorb many hits, but are bad on bosses or fast killed by aoe-effects outside of your frost-shield and auras.

Also they profit maximal of "call to the slaughter's" more castspeed and your auras.

Raise your number of minions to unstoppable 32 with the supports, because full life and vicious projectiles don't support ideal, to:

Herald of Agony | Summon-Phantasms-Support | Awakened Minion Damage | Empower | Awakened void manipulation | vile toxins / damage full life / predator / fork

When you have enough mana change pierce to awakened fork.

This setup has great synergies in all supports. It's a build on its own best balanced for high density content of poe.

If you like, switch in passive points to "enduring bond" also for longer miniondurations.
On a cluster the notableskill "blessed rebirth" is valuable in aoe-damage of some bossfights.


Add in skeletons and vaal skeletons to fill the screen with 50 and more minions. Use zombies in a hungry loop and skulls of the gloves enchant "of the grave" and 100 minions are in close reach.

Magic 77

Take a look on page 50 to improve your army to the max:


A twin is born

Take a look into the twinbuild "Commander Longworm - The Magic Mana Minion Mass Summoner Summer Mix" for a screen filled with your swarm of 82 minions:


Full Null and headhunting


For rampage and much fun try the gloves "Null and Void" in delves, blights or deliriums.

Nice effects of chain explosions are relaxing watched with "Asenath's Gentle Touch"-Gloves as variation in delve or blight.

For fast and funny headhunting take in the belt and some more elemental resistances on a ring, a jewel, cluster or gloves. By your spiders and scorpions killed poisoned monsters count as killed by yourself and grant a lot of curious and damagefull buffs.

Collection Videos - Gloves & Belt Variations


"Null and Void"- Gloves in delves:



Full Delirium with Headhunter T18 beach, not optimal adapted gear& skills& playstyle to headhunter:


"Asenath's Gentle Touch"-Gloves in Delve:


Pack of Purity - Melee heralds

4 Heralds of Purity

Make some fast changes to the agonybuild and go for a ride with the gang of purity. Overall you loose max-damage, but you get in that place instead meatshields and against bosses longer damage-uptime. Focus please on 100% chaos conversion and phantasms-supports.

Thank you again Vatinas!


----- Thank you Vatinas, from your guide I learned a lot of the managuardian- setup.
His build made this build possible. Thank you again! -----


To try the melee Heralds of Purity you need the purity-ring "circle of guilt" or take for a short ride less support gems for less manareservation.

To max up the melee purity build you need more red sockets. Phantasms are buffed extreme and adds a lot clearspeed. Change in circle of guilts as HoP-rings and a HoP helmet-enchant. Take in different medium clusters featuring "blessed rebirth", "renewal" and also "disciples" instead "pure agony". On the tree "enduring bond" is recommended too. Perhaps switch to cyclone.

HoP (3M) - Phantasms (6M!) - Empower - Awakened Multistrike - Awakened Minion Damage - Vile Toxins

Since the glancing-blows nerf, melee-mana-guardian-builds are a bit less tanky as before but remain still very interesting and one of the best poe-builds I ever played.

Even when the purity-heralds are great minions, I think the agonyherald is clearing (around 2-3x) much faster overall in maps.

When you want to try from original HoP to this HoA setup:

You can try both herald-styles easy and try on low maps the differences.

I personally prefer and love the ball-lightnings before cyclone and the better tankyness, the hybrid and ranged attacking and more layers of defences of this arachnophil build.
For melee style HoP Vatinas great build has some advantages and some downsides in it's offensive and defensive interactions. I switched to HoA-Crawler because of more possible specialisations with supports, clusters and skills.

- HoA vs HoP -

==》 stats and styles of different Heralds- and Managuardianbuilds are shown in a chapter on page 50.



What is this kind of language?


Sorry for my funny and not native english. :-)

Updates / Changelog / to be edited


To be edited/ soon: ---

Former updates and changes are archived on page 50 of this thread.


...the build got longer than 50000 digits. I never believed that once in my lifetime I like to write and explain so much. First time. Lol :-) Arachnophilia! lol :-)


Here I will post some added buildstuff, which should have been on other placements in the build:

Former updates, trading-links and special stuff of this build are noted on Page 50:


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