General websites to make poe easier some things are outdated

You can check this youtube video guide

Engineering eternity great youtube channel :

You can alway add something new down below in comment or just comment if you find any mistake.



How to link items

You link item with holding ctrl alt and then left click
on item


Path of exile chat
, to enter specific chat you have
to type for example /global 1 or /global 820

/global chat 1 is biggest chat and people mostly troll

/trade chat 820 for Paid services selling buying challenges

/trade 1 for for selling items mostly, pretty much dead now

/global 820 is for free stuff, trials,etc


You can find here all skills gems in game,unique items, divination cards,maps, vendor recipes, prophecies and more

Poe wiki: Here you can see all unique items, vendor recipes, jewels, whatever you want

Poe wiki for unique items:

Poe wiki for Divination cards:

Poe wiki for Skill gems:

Poe wiki for Maps:

Poe wiki for Prophecy:

poe wiki for immortal syndicates in betrayal league:

Poe wiki for vendor recipes:

Heist league

Blight league helper

Craft of exile

Websites about hideouts
You can download hideouts here:
You can download hideouts here:

Use this to calculate the costs of a hideout file. It will also tell you which masters you need at what level it also lets you import your own decorations to calculate exactly what you need to pay

How to sell items on poe forum

Of course it is much easier to sell if you have premium tab, I recommend buying premium tab(40 points) or upgrading normal tab into premium (15 points).
1. go on poe forum, and select forum:
2. if you want to sell in standard league you go:
3. then go make new thread
4. then you just go on your icon and you can pick if you want to link items from your stash/inventory and then just ctrl-alt-left click item and it will appear in here :
5. everytime you link an item, you can go preview so you can see how it looks:
6. when you are done just submit:
7. this is how it looks:

Poe affix

Path of building

You can import your build here and test your build

Crafting bench

Awakened poe trade
You can use poe macro while in game for fast price checking, you can open items on poewiki, poetrade while in game.
Download link:

Poe Ninja
Site where you can see current value of all items.

Immortal syndicates

Poe builds:

You can find all the builds over here

Trading sites
I personally use only poe trade
PoE official trade site:
poe trade:
Pages where you can

-check the prices for items
-search for specific item
-buy items
-buy currency


You can see layout of every labyrinth each day.

Lootfilters,these filters can help you with your loot, you can hide specific items, or make them bigger/smaller, change colors etc. to find color explanations, change the filter and simulate it's behavior.

Download link:

Guide link:

Ziggyd's video of how to install the filter:

And here are the colors if you want to personalise it yourself:

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