NeverSink's LOOTFILTER v8.13.x♦ in-depth ♦ endgame+leveling 2in1 ♦ user-friendly ♦ SC/HC versions

IMPORTANT: Please read the FAQ before asking questions. The vast majority of questions/suggestions can be found there. Please don't message me ingame/PM me with general questions about the lootfilter.

You can use my site to find color explanations, change the filter and simulate it's behavior.

If you can't find your question/answer in the FAQ - post them here. I check this thread pretty much every day and other users can learn/find the answer this way too. Thank you for preserving my sanity.


This thread was created on the 15-April-2015 during the Awakening beta. I'm a developer and I value time, comfort and automation. I also do have a little knack for in-depth and complete things. Back then I took upon the quest to design a lootfilter that would meet my standards. I've shared it here and I met with a lot of attention, criticism and suggestions. The filter has received well over 150 updates since then. Due to differences in playstyles, I've developed the strictness, style system and later - a website designed to finetune the filter to your own needs.

In the past years the filter has received ingame integration on consoles, integration into the POE ladder and now can directly export filters to your account as well. The filter has become somewhat of a community standard.

The result is a very advanced and polished script with several strictness and style versions that suits the needs of exiles all over Wraeclast. Enjoy :).

NOTE: ALWAYS get the latest version of the filter before the start of each new league. Loading your save, will always merge your changes into the latest filter version.

NOTE: Want to watch me code/poe or get live updates about new versions?:

VIDEOS (more videos coming soon, reworking old ones):


You can just ask your questions in this thread, but if the answer can be found here, chances are my answer will be "check the FAQ on page 1" or "FAQ, page1".

Please ensure that you're using the latest version of the filter, before reporting bugs/suggesting things

Each player has his own preferences, when it comes to sounds, chancing bases, crafting and some other aspects. The settings you see in the filter are my preferences - based on my years of experience in PoE. You may suggest changes in this thread, but it's quite unlikely that I'll implement them - if they are orientated for "your build". However, you can adjust the filter for yourself within a few minutes on

So here are the regular requests and questions:

Will you update it for league X? How often should I update?

A: I will release an update for the filter, before the start of each league/expansion. This usually happens 4-48 hours (varies because of work and travel schedule), before the start of the league, but always ALWAYS before the start. Sometimes I even stream the process. Come say Hi :).

I HIGHLY recommend you to grab this update. I also update the filter 7-14 days after the league start to adjust it for the current economy, fit the meta more etc. This one is recommended too. You can follow me on twitter/github or add me ingame (NeverSink) to get informed if a new update is out. The remaining updates usually address bugs, community discoveries and small QOL features.

Letters are missing/changed/moved! Did you do this?

A: You can find an explanation and a "fix" HERE."]

Why send me here with FAQ, page 1, instead of answering directly?

A: I receive 25+ questions a day (PM's, forum, ingame, emails), very often repetitive ones. I enjoy helping out, but I'm not a machine and don't want to burn out answering the same question over and over.

The FAQ is there to do that. I also want to *just* play the game sometimes and work on other projects and I can't do it, if I'm busy answering the same question all day. Thank you for your respect towards my time and my sanity.

My items disappear after a second. What should I do?

A: Click "Z". You're welcome. Your "always highlight" option was turned off.

How do I change feature X in the filter?

A: Well you have 2 choices:
My recommended way is to go to and change it there in the customizer. You can search on the right side for whatever features you need. That's likely the easiest way to edit my filter, while having the ability to merge your changes into the lastest version.

You can also edit the filter by hand in any text editor of your choosing. That being said, I don't provide support for edited filters (due to lack of time) and you can't use edited filters with the filterblade customizer. If you want to go that route, I recommend reading up on the wiki.

Why do you keep advertising FilterBlade?

A: Reason 1: Looting is very personal in POE. The game is about YOUR path. I'm confident that my filters are good, but they'll be even better for YOU, if you'll finetune them to be YOUR filters. The power of filterblade is to personalize my filter for your playstyle.

Reason 2: I have built from the ground up and have invested thousands of hours to get it to it's current, highly polished state. I've done it, so that people can do whatever changes they want, without breaking their filters and then complaining here or poking me ingame. I take some pride in it, it's pretty good. The site is free, I get no advantage of it what-so-ever, except for a very minor ad-income.

The filter changes fonts/sizes, but doesn't hide anything for me

A: You're likely testing in level 1-12 zones. The filter barely hides anything at this point, because everything has potential uses for certain classes or can be sold for wisdom scrolls during races, new leagues etc.

Can I use key pickup, without showing all the hidden items

A: Yes!
In options -> UI scroll to "Key Pickup" -> Switch to "Use Bound Key"
Now go to Input and switch "Item pickup key" to "Alt"
Switch Highlight items and objects to "F" or some other hotkey.
This way you can use key pickup, without showing the hidden trash, if you hold alt (you can still show it, by holding "F)". You can still see item-levels, by holding the "F" key.

Can you create a filter for me with X changes?

A: No. You can post suggestions here, but if you want personalization, do it here:

What are suggestions/features you don't wanna add and why?

A: I have a LIST.

The itemsounds are too loud/silent, how can I change that?

A: Open the ingame options, go to the sound tab and change the volume of the item filter slider. You can adjust further on>Style->Sounds->Change the volume there

I have a problem with Filtration / another tool

A: This is something I can't help with. I'm not designing the filter with or around another tool. Please contact the respective authors. The only exception is, which is developped and maintained by me.

Does this filter really hide mirrors?

A: No it doesn't. You got trolled. The sourcecode is public and easy to understand. Just search for "Mirror of Kalandra" and you'll find it in a shown category. You can highlight items by many properties. For instance "Class Currency" would highlight all currency items, mirrors included. So don't panic, if CTRL+F doesn't find a certain item.

I don't like the backgrounds on rares? Is there any version without it?

A: Yes, use the "slick" version!

Can I use custom sounds?

A: Yes! Use You can use the "customsound" style, one of the streamer sound presets or use your own custom sounds, by adjusting them in the style or customizer screens.

Can you/I change the font on chests/masters/breachhands

A: No. The filter API doesn't support that.

The filter shows way too many items in low level areas (<65)

A: The filter becomes more strict as the AREALEVEL increases. In low-level areas (<13) there's pretty much no filtering at all and it'll quickly become strict afterwards. In 65+ areas, it filters over 95% items.

Why is the the Onyx / Goathide Boots unique highlighted?!

A: The filter can't tell if it's an Astramentis or Carnage Heart, the same applies to windripper/lionseye's glare, Mjölner, Aberath's Hooves and other uniques with 2+ uniques in the same basetype.
This is also the reason why jewels get no unique classification.

I've found valuable [insertrandomunqiue] and it's not highlighted!

A: Filters can't distinguish between different uniques, only between basetypes. I can either highlight ALL uniques of a certain basetype or non.
If a single basetype has 2+ uniques - there's no way to implement the variation into the filter.

Example: a xoph's heart amulet is an "Amber Amulet". There are 2 unique amber amulets: "xoph's heart" and "the anvil". Xoph's heart is very expensive, but very very rare. I can either highlight both or highlight neither. In some cases, I give those uniques a T2 highlighting.

However, especially in cases with league-specific uniques, I prefer not giving them any highlight. I'm afraid you just have to check those manually. Some of the further cases where this problem exists are Goathide boots, all jewels, leather belts in nemesis maps etc.

This does not apply to boss-specific drops. I see no reason to give those a T2 highlight, since you're expecting a drop anyway and it'll be wrong in all other times.

I found a (insert unique with purple border)! What gives?

A: You can upgrade those via prophecy. Only you sometimes can't. (refer to the question above)

I'm colorblind and can't distinguish certain indicators.

A: Color blindenesses are very personal and diverse. You can use>style or ->customizer to adjust it to your preferences.

Why do normal sorcerer boots make sounds and have green borders?

A: Green borders on normal quality items indicate that they are good chance orb bases. Example: sorcerer boots have a small chance to create Skyforth if you use a chance orb on them, a very very expensive unique. Yes the chance is minor, but the reward is massive. By the way, the itemlevel of the base item does not matter when chancing. Also, it's highly controversial if it's worth chancing items or not. The chances of the desired result happening are very low, but it's pretty fun and chance orbs are pretty cheap, so worst (normal) case scenario you get nothing or a couple of decent rares, but you also lose barely anything.

I want to (not) chance base X?

A:>Customize->Chancing Bases

I've just found a crude bow with a green border.

A: Those are used by SRS-summoners in the essence meta, to create +2 fire bows with low stat requirement and good coloring possibilities in combination with the soul strike quiver. Those are sometimes worth a bit, especially with a lot of sockets (6) and a high itemlevel (80+)

How do I prevent Wisdom/Portal scrolls from being shown?


I (don't) want to see white rings in maps or only specific ones


I want to maximize the size of all non-hidden items

A:>Advanced->Quick Functions->Maximize Shown Items

I have suggestions for general improvements!

A: Post them in this thread. I check it quite frequently and will read it.

Why didn't you implement my suggestion?!

A: Quite possibly I don't agree with your viewpoint or I don't think it'll be any good for the general public.

Can you filter/highlight rings with top-rolled implicits?

A: Nope, the filter API GGG provides does not allow checking affixes (implicit and explicit both)

Why does the filter show me trash if I go back to lower level areas!

A: The filter cares about the level of the items dropped and can not evaluate area or player level. By going back to lower level areas it'll use the leveling section config.

Will you make a special version for my guild/stream/me?

A: No. I just don't have the time and if I'll start doing it, the requests will spread like wildfire.

Will you check/improve my filter

A: No.

You're a bit rude, no?

A: Nope, I'm just receiving way too many PM's/Whispers and also have a family, friends, job, projects and girlfriend to take care of. I enjoy helping out, but I'm just one man.

Are you working for GGG?

A: No, this is just a hobby and an excercise. I'm not affiliated/hired/payed by GGG.

I wanna support you, how can I do it?

A: Well, by reaching the end of the FAQ you already have my respect. I'll be honored if you'd check out my stream/youtube. Or you can...

You can also support development of the filter by checking out my Patreon Account.
I'm not sure I'm allowed to post paypal links here, but you can find a way to buy me a beer on my GitHUB repository.

This helps me to improve my hardware/software setup and help me slowly realize my dream to become an independent developer, who's making a living from working on his own projects for everyone's benefit.

Finally: I'm glad you're enjoying my work. It's nice to know that there are people who appreciate it and it gives me a warm feeling here and there, knowing that I can bring fun and efficiency to so many people. Thank you.


THIS is a video demo showing the differences, between no filter and different strictness versions. This is not an exaggerated demo. Monsters in Path of Exile drop a lot of items. Most of them are bad. This filter will help you find the good ones instantly, while keeping the screen clean.


Here's your usual map drop. Try finding the most valuable items without scrolling down! See how long it takes you to find the exalted orb:

And this is how it looks with all the junk gone. How much faster did you spot the valuable stuff?


1) Open
2) Scroll down! You'll find an explanation of many of the filter colors and features there.
3) You can find more information on the customizer and loot simulator page of filterblade.

* for strictness differences, go to filterblade and click on "details" next to "Strictness"
* for style differences, go to filterblade and click on "details" next to "Style".


The changelogs for the versions starting with ~3.3, can be found in the release description on my Github account.

You can find the old changelog list and on my PasteBin account. Please note that I no longer support the pastebin changelog and also no longer host filters or changelogs on PasteBin.


You're very welcome to do anything you want with the filter, edit it, subversion it, use pieces from it for your own filter, write apps for it etc, there are just 3 small catches:

1) You have to provide a reference, that you got those pieces from my filter (MIT license)
2) Please don't post or link other filters/subversions in this thread. Thank you.
3) You're not allowed to use the images used in this thread for your purposes. I enjoy having my own style and spent a lot of time creating them.

Also please keep the "Thank you/Credits" section at the end of the filter!

The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2015-2020 NeverSink

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.


I will also NEVER ask for your private or PoE-login data, will NEVER ask you to download ANY files other than from my GitHub account or and will NEVER ask you to pay for the filter (this filter will be forever free and donations are 100% optional). If someone tries to force you to do any of those, you're very likely getting scammed.

I will also not hold responsibility if the filter will eat your dog, format your hard-drive, become sentient and threaten humanity or for any damage in general.



Q: So how can I help you?

A(1): I'd appreciate if you'd check out my Twitch, Twitter or Youtube! Come say hi!
A(2): I have a Patreon now! It has a few benefits for supporters and I also post some stories and ideas there here and now!
A(3): You can also check out the filter GitHub page, if you want to support the project in a more direct way. Please note that the filter was, is and always will be free for everyone!


You can get all versions on both: and GitHub. I recommend using FilterBlade. It provides additional installation instructions, filter information and the possibility to simulate and modify the filter. Use GitHub if you want direct code access or are interested in forking the repository.

The filter comes in 7 basic strictnesses, ranging from "soft" to "uber-plus strict". Each consequent strictness will show less and less loot. The core idea is that as you become faster and your gear better, you're usually better off running a higher strictness, killing more monsters and focusing more on the chance of getting great drops. I recommend starting a league/account on regular or semi-strict and slowly increasing the strictness, when you feel like you're finding too many items. You can get an overview of how the stricntesses differ (and download all of them) on (click on "Details" next to the "Strictness" button)

NeverSink's Filter - Regular - Shows a lot. Recommended for beginners, new leagues and slow-clearing gameplay. Shows all rares. Good for chaos recipes.

NeverSink's Filter - Semi-Strict - Healthy balance. Great for new leagues and beginners and medium-speed endgame gameplay. Hides the worst rares. Good for chaos recipes.

NeverSink's Filter - Strict - Hides bad-base rares and scrolls. Recommended endgame strictness. Hides random gems (hold alt in the first zone if you level with it). Bad for chaos recipes.

NeverSink's Filter - Very Strict - Hides most rares, scrolls, augments, armourers. Good for the endgame and for farming once your character is well equipped.

NeverSink's Filter - Uber-Strict - Hides all low currencies, rares, 6links, lots of uniques, prophecies, divinaiton cards. Great for speed-farming, once you have a highly optimized build and atlas! Hides all maps below T11

NeverSink's Filter - Uber-Plus-Strict - Shows too little. Sterile screen. Hides even more uniques, cards, prophecies, currency, scarabs, all maps below T14 etc. Only recommended for high-speed clearing, once your character is top tier geared, your atlas complete and optimized and you're breezing through maps very fast!

NeverSink's Filter - Soft - Too soft. Shows recipes, items and crafting bases that are regarded as not efficient enough to be picked up by most players.


There's 3 ways of getting the filter. All 3 are simple and each comes with it's own advantages.

1) [recommended] - Select league/style/strictness. Then click on download and follow the simple steps. You can either download the files or export them to your account. Use this if you care about: styles, personalization. You'll get the latest version, every time you load filterblade. Every time you load your "save", your changes will be merged into the latest version of the filter.

2) Official Filter Ladder - subscribe to my filter. Filters will be exported to your account and can be found ingame->options->UI->lootfiler. You'll get the latest version every time you restart your game. Use this if you always want the latest version and DON'T care about styles, customization etc.

3) GitHub - mostly interesting for developers.


COLLECTION OF USEFUL LINKS AND INFORMATION: - Optimized for this filter - Personalize filters - before downloading them - using advanced customization scripts, test them on generated lootdrops, compare, save and share them, all in a slick and easy-to-use online UI.

The GitHub URL of my filter - you can always find the all of my latest filters, filterversions, report issues and problems here.

Data and research about looting, crafting and filter preferences - I did a survey (4000+ entries) on how different players act, depending on their experience and used the statistical knowledge to improve my filter and techniques. I also wrote a long document (and a short video) explaining the results. Wanna read it? You'll find it in the video description.

Rant: Filters, people and variations - I often see people arguing: "Filter X is better/worse than filter Y" Want to hear my opinion?

The Item filter guide - This wiki entry will provide you with all the knowledge you need to edit the filter and understand the code.

My motivations - In case you want to know why I keep doing it :)

Installation for GITHUB users

The recommended way to download the filter is using FilterBlade ( VIDEO: Download, Install, Edit NS Filter with FilterBlade ) or the POE Ladder. If you want to download it manually using GitHub, here's how you do it:

1) Click on the github URL using one of the links above.

2) Click on "Source code (zip)". Always use the latest (top) release. You'll download the ZIP-file

3) Open the download folder on your PC.

4) Rightclick the file and extract it. You'll need 7zip, winrar or winzip for that.

5) Start POE. Open the options menu. Navigate to the interface tab and scroll down to the bottom. Click on "Show filter folder". Alternatively navigate to C:\Users\*username*\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile

6) Paste the archive content from step 4 there (the files, not the whole folder or archive).

7) Restart PoE. Scroll to the bottom of the interface tab again. You should now be able to select the filter(s) from the scrolldown menu. Enjoy :)

If you're experiencing problems: it's very very likely because you've failed extracting the files or pasted them to the wrong folder. The filter works for thousands of users, it should also work for you (yes also if you're using steam). You can also check out the POE wiki on filters.

If you have any suggestions or questions you didn't find in the FAQ, feel free to post here.

These wise men (and women) provided significant help with their advise, help, feedback and helped me shape the filter to it's current form:
  • Bex (GGG) - Special thanks for providing information to keep the filter running well on league starts!
  • Chris (GGG) - For the amazing work, caring for the community and answering my E-Mails.
  • Haggis & Tobnac - Thanks for being good pals and POE-Teammembers. Also members of the project!
  • My guild - you guys rock!
  • Malchron - for helping out with his advice. And stuff.
  • Helmannn - for helping to test the filter during the Ascendancy Alpha!
  • Antnee - adapted some of his ideas. He also helped with feedback and a nice lootfilter himself, check it out. Finally I love his unique map (Putrid Cloister)
  • Ghudda - I've learned the filter syntax from his filter. Thank you!
  • ZiggyD - Thank you for helping out with testing the filter during the 2.0 beta. Also for being awesome.
  • StarRune - Found several flaws and improvement possibilities. Thanks!

These amazing people donated to the project. The majority of this money was used to improve my hardware. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

Bekdesh, Ceri, Edeka, MrPing!, Tittenbeschwörer, Cruzz999

There have been more people, who supported/donated to the project over time If I'll somehow forget/oversee your PM, please PM me again. I'm sometimes flooded with questions and support requests.
Please don't PM me ingame with filter/guide questions, post them on the forum, after reading the FAQ.
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how do i know what the sound alert soundds like?
[out-of-date post quote removed by support]

if you had 100 game sounds you would put all 100 over 1 item? as you just did with the 10 available...

i was sure you trolling everyone with this:

Class "Fishing Rod"
SetTextColor 255 0 0
SetBorderColor 255 0 0
SetBackgroundColor 0 0 0
PlayAlertSound 1
PlayAlertSound 2
PlayAlertSound 3
PlayAlertSound 4
PlayAlertSound 5
PlayAlertSound 6
PlayAlertSound 7
PlayAlertSound 8
PlayAlertSound 9

LinkedSockets 6
SetTextColor 255 0 0
SetBorderColor 255 0 0
SetBackgroundColor 0 0 0
PlayAlertSound 6
PlayAlertSound 7
PlayAlertSound 8
PlayAlertSound 9
BaseType "Eternal Orb" "Divine Orb" "Exalted Orb"
SetTextColor 255 0 0
SetBorderColor 255 0 0
PlayAlertSound 7
PlayAlertSound 8
PlayAlertSound 9

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This is exactly what I've been waiting for. Awesome job man I can't wait to try this ingame.
I miss chance bases here, but otherwise decent filter so far!
Kazanian wrote:
I miss chance bases here, but otherwise decent filter so far!

It does have those.

Gavels, Occultists and Imperial bows.

You can add more if you want :)
Please don't PM me ingame with filter/guide questions, post them on the forum, after reading the FAQ.
Kazanian wrote:
I miss chance bases here, but otherwise decent filter so far!

It does have those.

Gavels, Occultists and Imperial bows.

You can add more if you want :)

I pretty much exclusively chance Occultist's and 20q Gavel's. I know other people chance bases like Imp Bows for LGlare, and Judgement Staves for PoH. Is that even worth it? Maybe I've been going about chancing things incorrectly for months....
trolling about 10 sounds? no, I'd also do this.
I would play a whole symphony (while pausing the game) for a fishing rod, eternal/exalted orb or rhoa feather. Doesn't really matter because it happens only every 1000 h of playing.

Edit: I use gavels for the recipe, not for chancing, probably I also do it wrong :)
Architekturkritik, die man tatsächlich sieht!

Farin Urlaub
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Nice filter, I think I'll be using it. One small error when I tried it out on the PoE ItemScript Editor.

On line 855 you have "Rarity RARE" should this be "Rarity rare"?
DaemonMonkey wrote:
Nice filter, I think I'll be using it. One small error when I tried it out on the PoE ItemScript Editor.

On line 855 you have "Rarity RARE" should this be "Rarity rare"?

Yes, I fixed this and a few other small bugs in the current url.
Please don't PM me ingame with filter/guide questions, post them on the forum, after reading the FAQ.

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