[3.22] The dirty Scorpion-tail 46M |The Arachnophilia Allstars| Chaos-Necromancy| Herald of Agony CI

Wow only 1 reply to this big guide.

I for sure will test this in standard with whatever gear and currency i have.
There is an insane amount of information here. Is there a summary to league start this? I think too many choices here make it worrying.
Yes, the levelling-trees and build-layout (spoilers, endgame, etc.) will be further optimized and not often needed trees of the pob will be removed.

It's a bit complex build because final you max the mix of keystones, generating virulences for Herald of Agony, mana and auras. Skin of the Lords is corrupted and offer many keystones, so there are also some more variations and optimizations to be finetuned as in other builds. On the other side: You are able to easy individualize much skills, gear, clusters and keystones for your goals and your favourite content.

The summary you find already in the "TL;DR" in the top of the build which lists the important spoilers. The necromancer-levelling trees are added in the pob and there is a spoiler with "Tipps for Levelling, Gearing, Leaguestart" also already in the build.
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Chromino, why Necro? Isn't Occultist with forbidden jewels for Unholy Might is better?

And also we need a tablesheet for 3 ascendancies to compare. Something like this.


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Ksakep wrote:
Chromino, why Necro? Isn't Occultist with forbidden jewels for Unholy Might is better?

And also we need a tablesheet for 3 ascendancies to compare. Something like this.


Hi Ksakep,

yes, with the [3.19] updates I will add the needed tablesheet soooon#●○, hehe! Thank you for the tipp and question!

To start fast:

■ Occultist is most squishy and not easy to max defensive layers like full spellblock or melding of the flesh - but great when you dislike spiders and prefer one more flaskslot. You can add in maps phantasms in the Herald of Agony supports, best with the notable "blessed rebirth" on one cluster, and apply withers yourself against bosses. Occultist's Profane bloom is b.i.s. in blight-content. Only with forbidden flame and flesh activating new necro's "unholy might" equal damage in lategame, before 15% less damage.

■ Guardian is most fast with more movementspeed and with 5-allies-onslaught-buff still has the same damage as the necro.
Permament curse resistances and more armour and nice regenerations are big upsides in defences too.

■ Necromancer scales up in [3.19] most damage only in lategame with the b.i.s. buffing 8. link new "unholy might" ascendancy in combination with forbidden flame and flesh and occultist's "void beacon" (or profane bloom + spiritual aid instead in high density).
It's flexible with bone/spirit/flesh-offerings and a bit more easy to use early the (nerfed) melding of the flesh for +max-resistances.


Occultist is only third choice when you want tankyness.
Guardian remains great with q.o.l. of 20% more movementspeed and fullgeared some more tankyness.
It looks like necromancy is the best fullgeared to maximize damage in lategame and most flexible in [3.19], but as downside deals with a bit less defences.

It's impressive that poe is nowadays so well balanced and out of the three ascendancies each one has one specific upside.

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DPS overall__________1___________1________2

DPS high density_____2___________3________1

DPS b.i.s.-geared_____2___________1________3




Pros guardian more movementspeed and tankyness, Necro a bit more flexible levelling and until lategame.

Cons guardian depends a bit on 5 allies for onslaught buff, Occu hard to max with more needed investments in defences and castspeed for virulences

Notes: DPS high density Guardian / Occu with minion-mastery "unholy might buff" (25% after kill) / DPS b.i.s. geared: with forbidden flame/ flesh and all clusters

Prices ---- equal by now, some differences for "forbidden flame/ flesh" or use of voices clusters in lategame difficult to plan forward -----
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IcEBeARBeAr wrote:
hi sir which is the pob for the occu use storm burst is that for 3.18 versions


sorry for my very, very late answering. The first tried Occultist-pob was hard to maximize in top-defences without melding of the flesh/ aegis aurora/ molten shell etc., so I did not updated it until now with the new fine infos of [3.19] balance manifesto.

Now are all pob's updated and cleaned up and only some small details in the guide are missing.

And now Necro and Guardian have more upsides as the Occultist in the upcoming [3.19] kalandra-league. Let's crawl into the mastery of necromancy soon#!

All the storm-burst-set-ups are shown in the spoiler "gear, skills, links", first section gloves, and you use most easy:

storm burst (lvl1) - (awakened) cast while channeling (lvl5) + (anomalous) ball-lightnings (lvl 1) + void sphere (lvl 1)

You can also easy create and vary your own individual style:

storm burst (lvl1) - (awakened) cast while channeling (lvl5) + X + X


storm burst (lvl1) - (awakened) cast while channeling (lvl5) + X + X

You can choose your prefered channeled 3. and 4. skill.

Below 80% poisonchance:

chance to poison (lvl 20) (or integrated in rare gloves)

==》 Use minimum 80% chance to poison to get more HoA damage with maximal virulences like shown in the spoiler "composition of damage".

All lvl 1, quality 20%:

Virulences automatic & while moving:

void sphere
(divergent) storm brand (best with 'Runebinder')
voltaxic burst
hydrosphere, placed at position 3 in links
blade vortex

(Linked into cast when stunned very valuable also)

Virulences while channeling & facetanking:

blazing salvo
glascial cascade (knockbacks)
(anomalous) purifying flame (es-regeneration)
flame wall
blade fall


(divergent) frost shield (lvl 21)
culling strike, lvl 20

Simply spam storm burst.

These set-ups are recommended for bosses like Maven and UE, fast mapping and speedlevelling.

Singletarget you stack around 20 virulences solely with three thrown storm brands while moving, 30 with "runebinder", 40 with voidsphere and 60-80 combined with stormbursts or ball-lightnings.
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First of all: thanks for the build-guide :) . Going for HoA sounds interesting and viable. I think I'll check it out. I have a few remarks about the spiders:

I don't see them beneficial in boss fights. Since they only spawn when something dies, spiders won't be up all the time - or am I wrong? The jar spawns 2 spiders and cannot be recharged during a boss fight, right? It's max 2 uses, 4 spiders for 30 sec. After that there is effectively no application of wither in Boss fights as I see it, which is a huge dmg loss :(
They also do no meaningful dmg. So....wouldn't be a CIP with simply wither totem the better alternative? (Jeah I know spiders are cool, but the jar stinks :D)
HoA dmg benefits greatly from CIP and the totem does solid wither stacks.
Clearing would be less quick without spiders, but as u already mentioned, phantasm support in HoA Link will do fine here.
I also checked united in dream, it seems way worse than CIP so far, but since poison will be buffed we'll have to wait for patch notes.

And what are your thoughts on a life based version and on using lone messenger? Going for occultist then (no auras weakens the necro or guardian benefits), stacking chaos res and max chaos res for going divine flesh (and a lot of other changes in the defense layers).

Let me know what u think.

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^you can always get up to 20 spiders. you dont need random corpses either. just use desecrate so spiders are very beneficial in boss fights.
Lyutsifer665 wrote:
^you can always get up to 20 spiders. you dont need random corpses either. just use desecrate so spiders are very beneficial in boss fights.

Thought it is triggered "on kill"? oO

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