What's your strategy or technique to make maven memory game easier to remember ?

Haven't seen this topic discussed . What's your tips on making it easier ? For example pathofmath uses number 1 and 2 1 can be up or down 2 can be left or right . What's yours ?
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I just remember with my brain. Keeps my short term memory sharp :). And there are only a few different orders to remember, so you get used to it after a while.

Some people type it out in local chat or whatever.
1 2 3
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Local chat sometimes. Sometimes I just try to remember it with limited success on the higher order memory games.

1 2 3 in local chat does the trick. Just remember which area is assigned to a number and good.
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I use my brain op.
So all you really end up having is playing the economy, and plowing maps. And if you want to get anywhere on your character, you are better off mowing monsters down like weeds and just collecting pennies of the ground as fast as possible than any meaningful item hunting.
Don't do maven while stoned
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Don't do maven by urself :D

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