[3.23X]The Arachnophobia Allstars|100% Chaos Guardian CI|The dirty Scorpion-tail|Herald of Agony 32M

Links & Lists for poetrade


You can reduce / lower the item-filters!

To get cheaper, easier and more tradeoffers, open in the tradelinks the added filters of searching and delete, exchange, reduce, or also of course increase some added stats and filters manually.

Take/ change in some links manually "increased efficiency" instead former 3.15 "reduced reservations" instead former 3.13 "less mana reserved" when I missed them. GGG changes these stats all leagues, for: Rings, helmet enchant, jewel implicits, etc.


1. Levelling gear lvl 1 - 75
2. GEAR ENDGAME (Lvl 40-100)
3. Flasks
4. Mandatory and important jewels
5. Skillgems lvl 21, Awakened Support-Gems, Alternate Skillgem Qualities
6. Small Clusterjewels Manamanagement / Winter prowler
7. Medium Clusterjewels - Damage with Pure Agony
8. Large Clusterjewels with Spellblock / Veteran Defender / Voices etc.
9. More Variants gear
10. More Variants jewels
11. Oils

1. Levelling Gear lvl 1 - 75


Cheap unique gear at leaguestart is often: Rainbowstride boots (spellblock), Stygian belt, jewels: golden rule, flask Rumi's concoction, Skin of the Loyals, circle of nostalgia without HoA increased damage, rare gloves with chance to poison or faster casting only, trigger wand 8 sec or severed in sleep, medium cluster Pure agony solely without cult-leader, small clusters, defensive large clusters.

The Shortlist of recommended HoA levelling gear:

Lvl 1: Wanderlust boots, movementspeed

Other gear, high movementspeed

Life flask, instant recovery

Flasks anti-bleeding (better beastcraft in menagerie)

Lvl 1: careful planning solves all your dexterity-problems: 2 fusing

Lvl 5: Stone of Lazwhar amulet, castspeed, spellblock

Lvl 24: Doedre's Tongue amulet, when you want early elemental ailment-immunities

Lvl 28 starting: Rare gloves, choose in the tradefilter your 1-3 stats: faster casting or chance to poison or enlighten or ailment avoidances/ reduced durations, culling strike, curses on hit, etc., 1 chaos

▪︎▪︎Lvl 38: Severed in Sleep, best damage for 2 chaos▪︎▪︎

No fix lvl, starter body-armour, best with dex/ str/ resis, 5 links

Lvl 40: cluster uncompromising, self-control or sublime form 1 chaos

Lvl 40 Defensive large Spellblock cluster, lower filters for lower budget

Lvl 45: The anvil, life and mana on block, before CI, 2 alch

Or no fix lvl, Shields, life on block, before CI

▪︎▪︎ Only when you need more block/ recovery, better is damage with "severed in sleep" (lvl 38) ▪︎▪︎


Lvl 46: Replica advancing Fortress, 15% attackblock and cwdt-integrated

Lvl 50: Heartbreaker, fast es-recharge with wicked ward + ar/es mastery + essence surge, also great to dualwield, 4 alch

▪︎▪︎ ▪︎▪︎▪︎

Lvl 50: The Embalmer gloves - cheap 5 links for HoAg (but better are 5-6 link armours and kalisa's grace lvl 54), gloves 1 alch

Lvl 52 and further: Helmet enchant HoAG skill-efficiency, or aura-efficiencies, starting 50%, best is 75% HoAG skill-efficiency, 1 alch:

Lvl 52 Circle of Nostalgia, HoA less skillreservation and HoA increased damage or increased buff --> increased chance to poison --> more virulences 10 chaos

□□□□□ Starting CI-Gear etc. □□□□□

Lvl 53 Rainbow strides boots, high spellblock for 1 chaos

Lvl 54: Gloves Kalisa's grace / or other rares - faster casting for storm brand and storm burst, or for Absolution, high es, 4 alch / 2 chaos

Lvl 54: Medium cluster solely Pure agony, 4 chaos:

No fix lvl: Vaal discipline gem, your CI-lifeflask, 2 chaos

Lvl 60: Rare amulet, best with aura-efficiencies choosed in the filters, or skillevels

No fix lvl: Skin of the loyals, 6 links, minimum 1 green socket 10 chaos

/ or cheap Skin of the Lords, neutral keystones 20 chaos

Lvl 62: Shield Apep's slumber, as CI, b.i.s. for recovery before aegis aurora, high es, 400 es/sec in combination with jewel the golden rule, and +3 max resis, 2 chaos:

Jewel The Golden Rule, use only as CI, for singletarget-HoA-virulences 1 chaos

Or Shield, as Ci, before aegis aurora, 5% es / block

Lvl 68: Rumi's Concoction, armour + attackblock + spellblock 5 chaos

Lvl 72 HoAg lvl 21 gem


Not full recommended / often more expensive:


+1 gemlevel weapon (look for dex for example) 1 chaos

Lvl 48: Not full recommended: Helmet Maw of conquest (or boots), unaffected by poison, to use golden rule before CI, only variation for early bossing and singletarget-damage 1 chaos

Lvl 59: Lionseye vision 5 links (Requires Level 59, 160 Str, 160 Dex), 13 chaos

Lvl 62/67: The cold iron point dagger +3, 24 chaos

Lvl 63: Brine crown helmet

Lvl 70: The Scourge

Lvl 72: +1 triggerwand, better benchraft:

Lvl 73: Ancient skull helmet, some es, minion attackspeed, 1 chaos:

Tabula rasa, no stats

3. GEAR ENDGAME (LVL 60 - 100)


(With Examples for trading prices 10 days after leaguestart [3.20] Sanctum)
Example prices: online trades only, 2nd cheapest offer
Gear, jewels, clusters, flasks, gems

The list starts with most important mandatory gear


1) Vaal discipline gem 1 chaos


2) Vaal molten shell / or grace gem 2 chaos

3) Divine vessels needed 4x for upgrading pantheons: 1 chaos

4) Helmet Eber's Unification, 75% HoA efficiency, B.I.S. UPGRADE included with 90% costmultiplier for auras, 2 div

Helmet Eber's Unification, 75% HoA efficiency 1 div

other useful implicits:

Rare helmet with enchants and + minion levels or "nearby enemy 9-12% reduced chaosresistances" included:




Eber's Unification,other useful enchantments like reduced skill-reservation determination, discipline or 90% manamultiplier etc.


Rare helmet +2, adjust the filters and you will need a lab-service for the HoA-lab-enchant:


A good choice in 3.16 are also helmets with high es, like Ylfeban's Trickery Hubris Circlet, Vertex Vaal Mask, The Gull or simply rare ones.

Take not memory vaults because 20% reduced efficiencies of memory vault unique downside. Take not devouring diadem.


Ancient skull


Alpha's Howl, perfect for blight maps with "HoA fires additional projectiles" or when you urgent need mana:


5) Shield Aegis aurora 2 div


Aegis aurora shield, high mana and high armour, 2 div


B.I.S. UPGRADE: Aegis aurora shield, implicit grants level 23 determination or grace 20 div


Aegis aurora, other useful ranked implicits:



Best implicits on shield aegis aurora are:

1- granted determination
2- granted grace
3- less critdamage taken
4- lvl aura/aoe/duration gems to buff (vaal) purity of ice lvl 21
5- 5% spellblock
6- 5% attackblock
7- less damage taken from projectiles
8- physical damage etc. taken as chaosdamage
9- 1% increased max spellblock

Mind the grace: Granted discipline on aegis aurora does not include "vaal" discipline.

Alternatives & Variations before Aegis aurora:


Shield Apep's slumber, b.i.s. for recovery before aegis aurora, regenerations + max resistances, high es, 3 chaos:

Rare shield, es recovered on block, +1 increased HoA gemlevel or ailment avoidances, take high es, 2 chaos:

Rare shield many other stats, choose in the filters

New The Saffell's Frame Unique Shield +4 max res in combination with grace, jadeeflask, high evasion

New Daresso's Courage +100 block/ spellblock in combination with tempest shield + grace

Apep's Supremacy, + max resistances, stack wicked ward with 80-100% faster recharge with watcher's eye-discipline-mod and 'Essence Surge' to 1 sec delay 30 chaos:

The Squire is possible: 6-links and a lot more M damage for the spiders.
Use the recovery instead of other spots like es on hit /discipline watcher's eye, ghost dance, wicked ward.

Xirgil's Crank staff

Dualwielding Heartbreaker dagger

6) B.i.s. singletarget: United in dream / Severed in sleep 2 chaos - chance to poison for HoA/ minions, best in combination with withering step, since 3.19 minion-poison-buff best alternative:



B.I.S. UPGRADE with implicit increased aoe 100 chaos


B.i.S. for clearspeed: Weapon dagger Arakaali's fang 30 chaos


Flask Writhing jar, 1 chaos: prefer it with high "18-20% reduced charges used" / consumes 16 of 40 charges on use, to raise spiders 2 chaos


Alternative weapons:


Severed in Sleep 2 chaos


Alternative Cold Iron Point dagger 50 chaos
(use summon phantasms-support in the HoA links or anomalous skeletons cws to get the ascendancy 5 allies onslaught buff, anomalous withering steps lvl 21 or wither-spelltotems for withers, free flaskslot instead writhing jar, 19 chaos

Alternative Replica claw Advancing fortress for defensive early fullblock, use with: (anomalous) vaal skeletons - phantasms / feeding frenzy / withering touch: 4 chaos

Heartbreaker, fast es-recharge with wicked ward + ar/es mastery + essence surge, also great to dualwield, 4 alch

Weapon with Spectral spirits for onslaught-buff, craftable with essence of insanity, see search-filters to get more offers, socket in: phantasms - feeding frenzy - withering touch

Alternative trigger wand cooldown 8 sec +1 gemlevels (requirement 242 int), craftable, 50 chaos

Use skills triggered: sniper's mark, desecrate, spirit offering or anomalous vaal skeletons, feeding frenzy, eventually phantasnms, withering touch or stone golem
For ascendancy 5 allies buff use Zombies or spectres in a hungry loop or Heralds of Purity.

All triggerwand-set-up-tipps:

Wand +1 gemlvl and curse despair on hit (rare):

Alternative trigger wand cooldown 8 sec +2 gemlevels (requirement 242 int) 2 exalt

Alternative 4 seconds cooldown triggerwand, 140% manamultiplier, int requirement 242 int, +1 gemlevels, 80 chaos

Alternative 4 seconds cooldown triggerwand, 140% manamultiplier, int requirement 242 int, +2 gemlevels, 10 exalt

"make hatred not grace" - you get triggered spells, free flaskslot and some stats, but loose spiders and 15 withers, damage-uptime and total damage -40 exalt-


Crafting a selfmade triggerwand is guided below on page 50 in the spoiler "Crafting Clusters, Gear and Gems".

Replica innsbury edge, 15 withers with cyclone without spiders, high ats, 5 chaos

8) B.i.S.: Body-Armour Skin of the lords[/b], magebane, ghost dance, Lethe Shade (only with 90-100% ailments-immunities!), Iron Reflexes (only for bossing!) 4-5 correct socket colours: 50 chaos


Skin of the Lords other keystones
There are optimized trees Divine Shield-Edition and Wicked Ward-Edition in the PoB. Lethe shade is only recommended with high ailment immunities. 30 chaos

Skin of the Lords other keystones
Lethe shade is only recommended with high 90% ailment avoidancess and Glancing Blows only with around low 37% spellblock. 25 chaos


All other keynotes / not fitting keynotes disabled, 5 correct colours:


Skin of the Loyals, 5 correct socket colours with useful implicits, +2 gem-lvls, reduced crit-damage, etc. 115 chaos


Best for facetanking Boss Sirus Iron reflexes 60 chaos:


Best colours:


Best stinging and fitting are the compositions:

1) 3g, 2r, 1b
2) 4g, 1r, 1b
3) 3g, 1r, 2b
4) 2g, 2r, 2b

Ranking of other keynotes Skin of the Lords


1) Number one in high density: Skin of the Lords, Ghost dance, best balanced colours: 4 g, 1 r, 1b
2) Divine Shield or Lethe Shade (see pob-tabs)
3) Skin of the Loyals, 2x +1 Level of socketed gems + 50% reduced damage of critical strikes
4) Skin of the Lords, Wicked ward, Runebinder, Zealoth's Oath, for cyclone Resolute technique
5) Skin of Lords, neutral keystones
6) Kick Sirus with Skin of the Lords Iron Reflexes

Alternative body-armours:


You can farm skin of the loyals in deliriums with breaches-mods and then corrupt and trade them.

Skin of the Loyals startinggear, 5 correct socket colours, 5 chaos:


Lionseye vision, 7x links, +1 lvl of socketed gems


Brass dome tankyness (you can deactivate added gemlevels in searchingfilter)

New Dialla's Malefaction

New The Covenant

Saqawal's nest, minon damage, efficiencies:


9) B.i.S.: Ring Circle of Nostalgia, crawler increased damage, take HoA 38-40% increased efficiency, you can craft to improve the efficiency with divine orbs, 5 chaos - 1 div orb:


B.I.S. UPGRADE with selected useful implicit in searchfilters , take or reroll needed high HoA-efficiencies:


Second best: Circle of nostalgia, HoA less skillreservation and HoA increased buff--> increased chance to poison --> more virulences --> more HoA damage, take HoA 38-40% increased efficiency, 3 chaos


10) B.i.S: second ring: Rare unset ring curse on hit, dex, socket, best is despair, second only before triad gripes vulnerability or third enfeeble on hit. You can lower filters and delete stats es, socket: 15 chaos


Ring variants:

Ring Despair on hit, dex, without socket


Vivinsect Unset Ring, defensive variation, + attributes, grace socketed +5 levels combinated with iron reflexes raises armour around 20k buffed, 20 chaos:


Hungry loop with chance to poison, spellecho, faster casting, gmp etc. for free sockets:


Hungry loop with minion life, meat shield, feeding frenzy for spectres/ animate guardian/ zombies
Variant hungry loop for spectres/ Zombies/ animate guardian with diverse buffs.

For example feeding frenzy buff, Spectres (take desecrate level 20): frenzy charges 1M buff (carnage chieftains old field act 2), enfeeble level 30, 17% damagereductions of unique enemies (diabolists, upper prison, entrance from lower prison) 1.5 exalt


example for nice combinations:

feeding frenzy - damage, agressive
empower, elemental army, meat shield, fortify, minion life - tanky

Ring Circle of Nostalgia, crawler increased damage, HoA reduced mana reservation: eventually not 20% less skill reservation, vulnerability/ other curses on hit,: -not available-


Anathema, 3-5 curses (use storm burst - poison-support for virulences instead whispers of doom, use bane/hextouch - despair - temporal chains with united in dreams-sword) 10 chaos

11) Gloves Best-in-slot for damage: Triad Grips, 4 white sockets, for Fulldamage 100% Chaosconversion-edition 3 div:


Rare gloves, choose in the tradefilter your 1-3 stats: faster casting/ more castspeed or chance to poison or enlighten or ailment avoidances/ empty suffix to benchcraft ailment avoidances/ reduced ailments duration, +2 max cold resis, block/ spellblock, culling strike, curses on hit, etc., take them only with high es, 5 chaos - 1 divine


For ball-lightnings-virulences: Rare gloves, faster casting, slower projectiles, take them only with high es, 5 chaos - 100 chaos


On page 50 just below is a basic guide in the spoiler "Crafting Clusters and Gear" for crafting yourself rare gloves, boots etc.



Alternative vixen's entrapement, 1 curse more, 40 chaos:


Shaper's Touch gloves, tanky mapping with enfeeble on hit, 4 sockets, 10 chaos:


Vaal Caress gloves - +5 lvl of auras to socket vaal purity of ice etc.


Gravebinds for a bit qol mapping autotriggered spiders:


Alternative breathstealer (you can anoint them) 1.5 exalt:


Abhorrent interrogation for withers, with implicit in filters like curse on hit


12) B.i.S.: Amulet Aul's uprising, 1a* Determination reserves no mana. , 12 div

Best is "determination reserve no mana" to stack multiple 1-3x clusters sublime form +10 resis for melding of the flesh.

You can farm it in delve in aul's citadels.


B.i.s. for damage with United in dreams-sword: 8-link amulet "uul-netol's vow", 20 div:


B.i.S. Ashes of the stars: use instead sublime form on a cluster for grace/ uncompromising determination, take 30% quality, 12 div.

30% quality offers:
+1 skills -more damage HoA
+1 to lvl of Auras (es, ar, ev)

30% poisonchance Divergent HoAg, 15% castspeed ball-lightnings/ storm brand: more virulences.
Increased duration molten shell/ spirit offering, 15% damagereductions Divergent Frostshield, 3% spellblock or +3 chains Divergent/ anomalous tempestshield, 0.8 M more damage Default sniper's mark or 60% knockbacks Divergent sniper's mark, 12 withers anomalous withering step - 3 more withers, etc.

downsides: More complex manamanagement, 1-2 more small clusters/ amulet anoint charisma need for all auras, more expensive in trade


For lowbudget/ leaguestart/ hc/ or Aul's uprising with discipline workaround to activate aura grace without Aul's uprising:


workaround to activate aura grace without Aul's uprising:

Visit in the pob the separated tree/items-tabs "mapping lvl 90 before amulet aul's uprising" to activate all auras determination, grace, discipline, tempestshield easy and cheap before aul's uprising amulet:

1) Take 3 x small clusters: 1x uncompromising, 1x sublime form, 1x self-control, manually define the item-search-filters


2) take helmet enchant HoA has 75% increased mana-efficiencies, also on cheap rare helmets priorized (and take in the tree "sovereignity" and "influence" + 1-2x circle of nostalgia)

3) anoint charisma on amulet or take rare amulet with increased efficiencies or amulet ashes of the stars


or with 2 valuable stats 50 chaos:


Take also a look into "Manamanagement" and just there additional "Manamaster" for even more easy possibilities.

Alternative amulets:


Aul's Uprising, 1* Determination 2* Grace 3* Discipline 4* purity of ice 5* purity of elements 6* Haste reserve no mana


2 stats damage of skillgemlevels & less manareservations auras included:


Rare amulet variant: Rare amulet +1 / +2 skillgemlevels for high damage, combinate it with medium cluster uncompromising and sublimeform/ self control, small clusters manareductions and other steps of spoiler "manamanager", 2 exalt:


Accessoires granting skills, auras, curses etc.


Rare amulets with diverse skillgemlevels, granted skills or reduced reservation of auras (prefer grace or determination): 2 chaos


Amulet "stranglegasp" for 4 blight-anoints (block/ spellblock, skillreservation reductions, max elemental resistances, gravepact etc.), you can gamble / vaal it after anoints to a rare one on high own risk, 35 exalts:


Rare amulet granting lvl 22 determination: 1 chaos


More alternative starting-amulets:


Doedre's tongue - early elemental ailment-immunities


Stone of Lazwhar - spellblock + castspeed


Rare amulet, dexterity, you can apply an additional curse


Corrupted amulets, to anoint with

"tainted oil":

13) B.i.S.: Rare boots, best exarchs/world eater-influence, to reach 80-100% ailments-immunities, avoid elemental ailments (best 35-60%) or reduced ailments duration (50%), take high 160-230 Es, and movementspeed, see spoiler "fire and other ailments" for fitting 100% ailments-avoidances, starting 5 chaos
Craft with eldritch ichors chance to avoid elemental ailments-implicit


Rare boots, choose in the filters 1-3 stats like reduced ailment duration, unaffected to burning ground to change minor pantheon, socketed gems are supported by integrated increased duration -best to apply anomalous withering step and for vaal skills:


When you are familiar with crafting: empty suffix for 25% benchraft avoidances:


On page 50 just below is a basic guide in the spoiler "Crafting Clusters and Gear" for crafting yourself rare gloves and boots etc.

Rainbow stride boots, take with high spellblock instead tempest shield: 1 chaos


Rainbow stride boots, high es, high mana/ ar:


with some enchants/ implicits 10 chaos:


Alternative boots:

Eater of the world boots, take with high es, check craftable suffixes etc.


Crafting Base fractured mod included


Alternative the stampede, 150% movement permament, b.i.s. for cyclone, anoint it with blight oils
You cannot labyrinth-enchant the boots, only anoint or enchant them, not both! Best for divergent frostblink cooldowns, but some lower es, 14 chaos:


Windscream-boots, 1 curse limit more, 120 chaos:


Fenumus Spinerets with damage of aspect of spiders offers nice es/ on hit, but need 25% mana and aspect of spider: 10 chaos


14) B.i.s.: Darkness Enthroned to stack 100% minion-poisonchance, take with high effect: 4 chaos

Stygian belt with high 150-180 resistances, empty suffix for benchcraft cold-resis/dex etc., armour, es, or empty prefix to benchcraft 18 chaos:


with 250 armour and 25 es 25 chaos:


with dex 35 chaos:


B.i.s.: Mageblood, heavy belt, permament buffs of utility flask effects, inclusive 100% increased flaskeffects (enkindling orbs, alchemist suffix), dex, resistances


Alternative belts:

Rare Crystal belt, implicit more ES


More belts with empty modifiers for crafting, alternatives:


Or search for a belt including:
- "empty suffixes" to benchcraft yourself resistances, dexterity
- "empty prefixes" to benchcraft energyshield, armour, mana
(- or empty modifiers)

Stygian belt, empty Suffix to craft on resistances/ dexterity:


Empty Prefix to craft on energyshield/ armour:


Mechalarm belt, taunts, 10 chaos:


4. Flasks

Rumi's concoction granite flask 10%+ attackblock, take high blocks:


Quicksilver flask, bleeding immunity, craft "used with travelkill" or "when bleeding"


Elixier of the unbroken circle, 400 ward/ es, endurance charges, 3 chaos


Vessel of Vinktar, take it with high increased shock-effect: 10 chaos


Flask-examples with ailment-immunities:

Rare basalt flask, gain charge when hit, freeze immunities:


Rare jade flask, gain charge when hit, immunity to ignites:


Flask Bottled Faith 320 chaos:


Flask Soul Ripper, consumes 50-80 charges on use 46 chaos:


Rare granite flask, charge gain when hit by an enemy, increased armour 10 chaos ( you can craft yourself with alterations orbs etc.)


For mageblood-belt granite flask + max resis


5. Mandatory and important jewels


15) Golden rule jewel use only as CI 1 chaos:


16) beltjewel corrupted blood-immunity, resistances, dex, minions chance to poison, damage recouped as mana, spellblock or attackblock, or less skill reservation etc.:


17. B.I.S. Melding of the Flesh, go aegis aurora +5 and cold resistance, anomalous purity of ice lvl 21 +5, high resis belt, boots, ring, holy dominion/ alira bandit reward, and a small cluster pure guile or self-control, take almost perfect rolls, 1 div


18) Split personality jewel, es+dex 8 chaos:


Split personality jewel, es and int (when dex is not needed) 1 div:


19) Glorious vanity, valuable for the transformed passive "ritual of shadow", 25% wither on hit with storm burst


Only in legacy standard: Balance of Terror
for using "United in dreams" jewel and "Inflict Withered", take with high resis, 70 chaos


B.i.s. balance of terror with second mod curse immunity 15 div



B.I.S. 1x forbidden flesh, 1x forbidden flame "sanctuary of thought"


20) B.i.s. Watcher's eye es on hit + second mod 4 div


Watcher's eye,
2 usable mods, starting 30 chaos:


2 good good mods 1 div:


Ranked best watcher's eye-mods:


The most worthfull mods for this build are:

1) Discipline: ES gained on hit: Best with stormburst and ball-lightnings
2) Additional spellblock with Discipline: With these you can cap 75% spellblock fast and perfect. Max it up in endgame for boss-hunts not flask-depending to 70/ 75%!
4) Only when you need urgent more es: Clarity: Gain 10% of maximal mana as extra maximum Energy shield
5) Determination: Reduced Damage from Critical Strikes
6) Grace: movement speed
7) other discipline/ determination/ grace-buffs

21) Impossible Escape (+3 max resis with melding of the flesh or +1 and 35% ailment immunities)




Alternative Thread of hope, large ring, to reach divine shield and 2 points sovereignity, take with low decreased elemental resistances! (-10)


Thread of hope, large ring, corrupted blood immunity or increased skill reservation efficiencies:


Firesong, for stacking ailment-immunities with abberath-pantheon 20 chaos:

For firesong collection of reduced ignite duration (or benchcraft it on open suffix of unset-despair-ring):

Before Melding of the Flesh against Ueber-Atziri/ Maven: Timeless jewel militant faith, glorify Maxarius, for the keynote "transcendence". 90% less elemental damage of hits, but not elemental aoe's or dot's, and in the cooldowns of molten shell and frostshield much increased physical damage taken
with reduced ailments duration included 8 chaos


With corrupted blood-immunity or 1% less skill reservation:


6. Gems Level 21 (Damage), Awakened Gems (Damage), Anomalous/ Divergent Gems


Gems lvl 21


1) Starter: HoA gem lvl 21, quality 10%, 5 chaos:


Best-in-slot: Divergent HoA level 21 (damage + 40% chance to poison): 2 div


You can combinate/ craft lower Divergent HoA gems with facetor's lenses and gemcutter orbs to lvl 20, quality 20, to vaal them to lvl 21:



Crafting b-i-s Divergent HoA gem level 21

When you use a vaal orb on a level 20, quality 20 "Divergent Herald of Agony" skillgem you have a 12.5% chance to get the increased damage of gem level 21.

Gem-quality raises this chance.

With 6, 7x corrupting a level 20, quality 20 Divergent HoA you should win the b-i-s gem 40% chance to poison lvl 21.

Repeat this for empower lvl 4 support, anomalous withering step lvl 21, frostshield lvl 21, Sniper's mark etc.

2) Empower gem lvl 4, 8 div:


b.i.s. awakened empower lvl 5


Awakened Gems (Damage)


1)Awakened minion damage support, +1 minion gemlevel 30 chaos


2) Awakened void manipulation 1.5 div


Awakened vicious projectiles 0.5 div


Anomalous viciuous projectiles, HoA 10% chance to poison


Awakened Cast while channeling, lvl 5 avoid interruptions from stuns, 2.5 div


Awakened Fork for more projectiles


Anomalous Vile Toxins - some damage when you use United in Dreams-sword, 6 chaos


Awakened unbound ailments (onyl with united in dreams and temporal chains singletarget) 60 chaos


Arakaali's fang supports

Awakened multistrike support (spiders)


Divergent melee splash (spiders)


/ Awakened melee splash (spiders)


Anomalous / Divergent Gems


Divergent Storm burst, more virulences, more aoe, limit it with orb of regret by vendor to lvl1, quality 20, 10 chaos


Anomalous Withering step - more withers 0.5 div


Divergent Frostshield, 30% dr: 13 chaos


Frost shield level 21 4 chaos


B-i-s Divergent Frostshield level 21: 5 exalts


Divergent Cast when stunned 12 chaos:


Anomalous Purifying flame, more consecrated ground, limit it with orb of regret by vendor to lvl1, quality 20, 7 chaos


Divergent Storm brand more aoe = more virulences, use lvl 1 for low manacosts


Anomalous Grace, ailment avoidances 40 chaos


Divergent Tempest Shield, best is lvl 21, quality 20


Divergent Sniper's mark 12 chaos:


Sniper's mark level 21 9 chaos


Anomalous Vile Toxins - some damage when you use United in Dreams-sword, 6 chaos


Anomalous Ball-Lightning 15 chaos:


Anomalous Spell Echo support 30 chaos:


Divergent Frostblink 12 chaos:


Anomalous reckoning 15 chaos


For skin of lords: all gems have to be corrupted

7. Small Cluster jewels Manamanagement / Winter Prowler


Rare (not uniques) clusterjewels are, when you craft yourself, often only around 1/3 price compared to prices in trading.

Spoiler "crafting clusters" is just below on page 50.

Large clusters adds 8 passive skills, 2 jewels slots

1.) B.i.S.: Sublime Form +30 resis /Pure Guile small cluster +20 dex /Uncompromising/ Self-Control, 2x 6% efficiencies, for grace/ melding of the flesh+purity of ice,
B.i.s. with high resis for melding of the flesh:


Or manually edit the tradefilters before: with increased effect, resistances, needed dex/str on transferpoints:


Winter prowler for +max resis


Unique Megalomaniac cluster, Pure agony combined with uncompromising/ self-control/ sublime form/ pure guile


Variation: 2 manareduction-notables on 1 cluster


Diverse clusters when you are in need of corrupted blood-immunity or 2% less skill reservation:


Alternative small clusters block-skills

Small cluster "enduring composure" for physical damagereductions for early maven and ueber-atziri when you use "militant faith" with transcendence, 40 chaos:


8. Medium damageclusters, B.I.S. with Pure Agony


Rare Medium clusters adds 4 or 5 passive skills, 1 jewel slot

B.i.s.: Pure Agony, choose in tradefilters resis (melding of the flesh) or dex / str for transferpoint


Rare cluster, Pure Agony & Cult-Leader / or Purposeful Harbinger 80 chaos, best with resistances / dex on transferpoints


Rare cluster, Leaguestart solely "pure agony":


B.i.S.: Unique Megalomaniac cluster, Pure agony combined with uncompromising/ self-control/ sublime form/ pure guile / +max resistances for melding of the flesh+purity of ice


Unique Megalomaniac cluster, Pure Agony + 2 skills


Unique Megalomaniac cluster, Unique Megalomaniac cluster, Pure Agony + 2 strong skills b.i.s.



Pure Agony and block/manaskills


More unique medium megas selections


or medium cluster with 3 strong defensive skills


Unique megalamania clusters with 3 usable skills:


Unique megalamania clusters with 3 strong skills, some for special situations:


Unique megalamania clusters with 3 strong skills:


9. Large Clusterjewels with Spellblock / Veteran Defender / Voices etc.


B.i.S.: Defensive large cluster with spellblock and useable skills like knockback and hinder or es-regeneration, 1.5 div:


Leaguestart, only 6% spellblock, cheap 10 chaos:


Veteran defender, grants 45 resis, 15 dex/str, 150 es, take veteran defender on position 1 or 3!, 40 chaos


B.i.S.-Upgrade: Veteran defender + second useable skill Prodigous defences / Riot Queller / Strike Leader / Advanced Guard
Very rare: the usable skills veteran defender (resis for melding of the flesh) / blockskill / Strike Leader / Advanced Guard need to be listed listed on position 1) and 3) in the jewel description


B.i.S.-Upgrade Voices - When you reach out for bis-large-cluster ..... much easier to use more medium clusters, pure agony and jewels - 18 divs:


10% Resis, Ar, Ev Master the Fundamentals-Cluster:


Large miniondamage-cluster, 8 skills, 2 jewelsockets, 3 notables renewal, rotten claws or raze and pillage, 120 chaos/ 2 exalts



10. More Variants Gear:


Grip of the council with curse on hit, best are "vulnerability" or "enfeeble"


Null and void gloves:


Skin of the lords iron reflexes for herald of purity, basic 3 red sockets, phase acrobatics or iron reflexes


and circle of guilt, less HoP skill reservation, more HoP damage


11. More Variants Jewels


Fortress convenant, with corrupted blood immunity or 1% less skill reservation:


Jewel reckless defences 4% attackblock + 4% spellblock (with pantheon soul of solaris):


The blue nightmare jewel 180 chaos


12. Oils


blight oils: opalescent, golden, golden to anoint the amulet aul's uprising with "charisma"

1 golden oil 45 chaos:


Last edited by Chromino on Apr 25, 2023, 4:27:00 AM
Updates / Changelog / to be edited
Former updates and changes


To be edited / soon:



cyclone with prismatic burst?
Try soul ascension gloves

5% to apply full withers chaos-mastery seems interesting

Add leaguestart-video: lvl 80/90, no awakened gems, no watcher's eye, no aegis aurora, etc.

Add: pob-tree 100% spell suppression

Add: pob firesong ailments duration

Improve + simplify: "skills and trigger"

Black Zenit gloves?
New 3-5 curse-ring anathema? Vixens entrapement-gloves for triggering?
Vaal venom gyre and Soul ripper?


Check brine king crown, Dialla's Malefaction +2 red sockets armour, Daresso's Courage +100 block/ spellblock shield, The Heartbreaker Unique Rune Dagger dualwield, the Saffell's Frame Unique Shield +4 max res, 30% spellblock, 0% block

Add ignite-, hatred- pob-tree with 100% conversions

Check poet's pen: cylone attack/ + ball-lightnings-wither-withering step
Check poet's pen - srs/phantasms/ skeletons - feeding frenzy - withering touch

Try Mjoelner
Try replica innsbury edge

Check: ichimonji, the surging thoughts, iron mass


[3.22] The crawlcestors League is upcoming.

All pob's are updated and optimized.


***** 1.3 M views - wooow, the arachnophil community grows *****

Added variations levelling gear before aegis aurora like malachais loop shield, graven secret belt, etc.


I balanced the default set-up into 100% spell suppression with Skin of the Lords Magebane.

100% elemental ailment avoidances are obtained with the jewel ancestral vision (instead before 88% all resistances with melding of the flesh).


200000 views of the necro, 50000 views of the pathfinder build


Improved Flask-set-up, amulet anoint and watcher's eye with spell suppression in the pob and in the related spoilers.
Added ancestral vision für 100% ailment avoidances by default.
Added by default mystic bulwark for better mana-reg.
Improved and updated many more spoilers
Added graven's secret as belt-variation


10 pages in the new pathfinder forum-thread and 25k views!

Woooooow, that was fast and arachnophil!

With the new projectiles-behaviour anomalous faster projectiles is added for 60% chance to return & double damage after pierce, best with ashes of the stars

With the crit-imminities in poison-mastery changed the major pantheon


⊙⊙⊙⊙ Published the new sisterbuild in the Pathfinder-ascendancy ⊙⊙⊙⊙

With the patchnotes of [3.21] Crucible it's vety valuable to use the new Wither and Occu-points.

Mageblood is inbuilt with 100% flask-uptime and 100% spell suppression, 65% full spellblock and 30-45 M damage are easy reachable


Added the way to 100% spell suppression in the section mageblood-belt in spoiler "gear" and some tipps in "the ubers"
More early large clusters veteran defender for resis for more early melding of the flesh were pathed.
Improved some small details
Improved some pob-tradelinks for implicits of shield, helmet, rings etc.


*** Published another new showcase ***

Added Uber-Exarch and UU-Elder videos in the Arachnophilias' build (Necro)

Improved spoiler "FAQ"
Improved some tradelinks and the order of the clusters-tradelinks


○○ 50 pages of discussions, questions and arachnophilia in the necromantic build ○○


Improved levelling trees lvl 85 + lvl 90: pathing earlier to +1 chaos mastery and the last clusterslot
Improved in "the keystones" the explanations for ghost dance and wicked ward
Added Stone of Lazhwar as cheap starting amulet
Cleaned up and improved section other cheap starting amulets in poe-trade-links


*** Published a new showcase ***

Some bosses - Exarch in 5 seconds, Eater in 5 seconds, Facetanking Shaper's Beam

Added "firestorm " for many cwc set-ups: singletarget, virulences while moving, cyclone
Added variation support "increased duration" for storm burst: only when fullchannelled 40% more virulences
Moved spoiler "attributes requirement" into "important mechanics" and ranked the twists
Improved some spoilers more
Cleaned up some stuff pob


Thanks a lot to VahnNoa for perfect crafting guides (boots, clusters)! (Added in "important mechanics" and on page 50)


*** New Order ***

Improved structure and order of content
Improved and simplyfied pob-skill-tabs, item-tabs
Updated pob-notes
Separated "gear" and "skills and trigger, auras and styles"
Improved "checklist defences" and "checklist damage"
Improved "the composition of agony", "melding of the flesh" and many more spoilers
Added 100% minion chance to poison variation (with pathing jewel-slots or darkness enthroned-belt)


Added for using "United in dreams" jewel "Balance of Terror" and "Inflict Withered on hit after using despair"
Improved minor guidings and small details in many more spoilers

Added guardian-pob: United in Dreams, Uul-Netol's vow, 1x ghastly eye jewels each 15% minion poisonchance:
40M are reached, 87% +max-resis, still infinitive ehp

Added necro-pob: United in Dreams, Uul-Netol's vow, 2x ghastly eye jewels each 15% minion poisonchance:
55M are reached, 87% +max-resis, still infinitive ehp


*** 1.2M views of the Arachnophobiatics ***
Improved guiding "melding of the flesh": Added examples for resis-numbers
Changed void sphere to phantasmal void sphere
Added in spoiler "skillmanager" the tip: 3 free sockets and 1 free flask with United in Dreams instead Arakaali's


Cleaned up the list of levelling/ starter gear in the poe-trade-links
Updated "Build up and balance your defences and damage" (former "Choose your edition")
Updated examples of trading prices in the poe-trade-links


□□□ 100000 views of the Arachnophilias □□□


*** [3.20] Leaguestart- The Forbidden Sanctum of Arachnophilia ***

Converted and updated all pob's
Changed despair on hit-ring to trigger cws or selfcasted lvl 20 despair after [3.20] hex-buff:
up to 5M more damage
Added and improved the spoiler "The Ubers" (Necro in spoiler "Endgame", Guardian on Page 50, before integrated in "boss-hunting")
Improved spoiler "triggers"
Improved many more spoilers


Waiting for pob-updates [3.20]
Started improvements new firesong jewel/ ailment-durations, skillmanager, manamaster etc.
Improved the spoiler "The recipe of damage", "tipps for levelling", etc.

200000 views Youtube ChannelPlayL


Switched in (anomalous) purifying flame for generating virulences in maps instead before void sphere

Swapped in faster casting for stormburst for generating virulences +es on hit singletarget.

Added alternative weapon united in dreams / severed in sleep with buffed minions poisonchance.

Cleaned up many pob-trees.
Improved some pob-trees.
Cleaned up and improved pob-skill-tab.


Added large cluster alternative +10% Resis, 30% Ar and Ev: Battle-Hardened + Master the Fundamentals


Corrected and improved flasks-set-up in pob-item-tab "mageblood"
Added some advices in gear/ belt-section


1.1M views of the build

Many small adjustements in the guardian and necro-build


Published some gifs and videos: Facetank the maven's memory game - the allstars trousers are the longest/ most shortest
(default set-up and gear, 1 elemental damage-reductions flask, frostshield, molten shell)
Added in pob alternative trees for dual-wielding (with new tanky heartbreaker-dagger for example possible)/ 2H-Staff. Still not optimized: ascendancies es radiant faith, time of need or bastion of hope block/ spellblock and possible es-leech
Added in the tradelinks page 50 in the alternatives of gearslots the most interesting new [3.19] buffed uniques (dagger heartbreaker, shields, armours)


**** Published the sister-build "The Arachnophilia Allstars" ****

Started already in may 22 as Occultist but did never finished that because Occu's hard to max defences and castspeed/ virulences returned now with 3.19 known patch-notes again as necro: best ascendancy for boss-hunting with great to balance tankyness

Added [3.19] Lake of Kalandra pob-trees with known changes helmet/chaos/reservation-mastery
Added rankings and Pros-Cons Guardian/ Necromancer/ Occultist
Improved some details in the build and many tab-titles in pob, added some tradelinks with the new buffed uniques
Switched in bastion of hope as tanky ascendancy for levelling


Added lethe shade as keystone against high dot of Uber-Bosses instead wicked ward
Improved some spoilers
Added some new videos tanking maven, tanking shaper-beam, tanking uber-shaper slam, tanking 2 bosses simultan simulacrum wave 30etc.


Improved the pob's in small details (es / mana-passives)
Improved "skillmanager"
Improved spoiler "boss-hunting"
Improved almost all spoilers in "Variations"


Added many skills and supports for individual choice like void sphere, glascial cascade, Flame wall, voltaxic burst, blade vortex in "gear, skills, links", section gloves


Improved and balanced many pob-trees (was before only edited in the final trees)
○ some es into melding of the flesh
○ 100% all elemental-ailments-immunities with arcane guarding and boots
○ aul's uprising determination reserves no mana to swap in sublime form with resistances for melding of the flesh

Improved some spoilers page 50 (boss-tips, clusters)


For science!:

Added in the pob the Full_Glascannon & + Full_Glascannon Item-Tab (Uul Netol's amulet: Predator, The Squire shield feeding frenzy, awakened minion damage, awakened melee physical damage, awakened multistrike, awakened empower HoAg, Vessel of Vinktar):

89.7M shaper damage :-)


Added the pob-tree and pob-item-tab for using "the melding of the flesh" with the aura "purity of ice", for 87-90% all elemental resistances


Improved tipps for the melding of the flesh in "jewels and clusters"
Improved tipps in "movement": flamedash
Changed Storm Brand to Divergent Storm Brand
Improved many trading-links page 50
Improved details and layouts of many more spoilers





Less clicks for virulences in maps
Added a nice variant for mapping:

storm burst - (awakened) cast while channeling - ball-lightnings - storm brand


Updated Index




Improved "dps-checks" in spoiler "endgame"
Improved spoiler "important clusters" in "jewels and clusters"
Improved "Pack of Purity", HoP, in "variants": 13M damage with phantasms and 100% chaosconversion
Improved some tradelinks page 50


Updated pob, balanced tree, boots and amulet anoint into 100% elemental ailment-immunities (before 60%-100%)

Improved the set-ups in "fire and other ailments"--> 100% ailments-immunities, "gear, skills, links" section boots and in tradelinks page 50 the b.i.s. boots


⊙⊙⊙ 800k views of the thread ⊙⊙⊙

Imroved levelling tree in pob "mapping lvl 90 before aul's uprising" and some other levelling trees


Improved order of spoilers
Added and improved some tradelinks page 50
Improved "Tipps for beginning and levelling"


***Patch-Notes Siege of the Atlas ***
No nerfs, castspeed-buff, sniper's mark pemrament selfcast possible

Added separated tabs and trees in pob for keystones divine shield and resolute technique (cyclone) on skin of the lords
Improved some items- and some more tree-tabs in pob


Shaddrak started a fantastic thread about speedlevelling and Balaar's new speedlevelling record!
Added the link in the spoiler "Tipps for levelling"



*** Added siege of the atlas * mars attacks teaser ***

After a lot more testings I changed ghost dance/evasion-setup to rank 1 keystones body-armour
Buffed wicked ward with es-mastery
Improved section watcher's eye (es-recharge mod)


+++ Thank you Balaar for the great video with the new record in speed-levelling! +++

Updated PoB: All levelling-trees and the levelling-items-tabs and levelling-skills were improved

Added 2 optimized trees for Divine Shield/ Wicked Ward integrated keystones in Skin of the lords in the PoB

Improved spoiler "Tipps for Levelling"
Improved many other spoilers
Improved many tradelinks page 50




Improved explanations in the spoiler "Choose your edition"
Improved some tradelinks page 50


Added spoiler "scourge-stats" in trade-links page 50
Improved many tradelinks page 50


Thanks a lot to Monik390!
He added a set-up and variation with stormburst + cycloning on page 334 and a great guide and tipps for high simulacrums and beyond Nemesis farming on page 334.
Optimized to start farming high content with several exalts / hour

Added spoiler "simulacrums"
Improved spoiler "gear, skills, links": section gloves
Improved "the compositions of agony" in "gear, skills, links"


Added spoiler "TL;DR"


100k views of playL Youtube

Added on page 50 the differents of monik390's variation of the build (65% less ehp, 10% less damage, infight gemswaps) in "HoA vs HoA - comparing older and different HoA - builds


Improved PoB and added a "Voices_Clusters_70_Virulences"- Edition for high density content like simulacrum wave 30/ deep delve etc.

With voices clusters you can improve to 65 or even 70 virulences, take in despair as second curse with the poisoning curse-mastery, activate feeding frenzy in the arakaali's spiders links, and the minion damage-mastery in simulacrum or delve almost nonstop grants "unholy might". This raises your damage to total in high density content on kill up to interesting 24M shaper/ 44M delve-deep-dong-damage

Improved spoiler "Choose your edition"
Improved spoiler "make hatred, not grace"
Improved sections gloves and section rings in "gear, skills, links"
Improved spoiler "skillmanager"
Improved "Introduction"
Improved "This build in [3.16] Scourge" page 50
Improved spoilers in "tradelinks" page 50


Some spoilers got too hard and too long to read.
I added many and a lot spoilers for better overview into:

"gear, skills, links"
"tipps for levelling"

Added shortlist levelling gear in "tipps for starting and levelling"


-Keystone ghost dance is new rank 1 for 150+ stacked scourges
Iron reflexes remains b.i.s. against sirus, shaper and delve

-Es on hit with Ball-lightnings with anomalous spellecho and faster casting supported is new rank 1 watcher's eye (discipline-) mod with ghost dance's lower recovery es/ block

Improved spoiler "Tipps for starting, levelling and gearing"
Improved order of spoilers "poe-tradelinks" page 50


Changed set-ups:

With divergent HoA lvl21 and 80-100% poisonchance spellecho instead chance to poison
Anomalous pierce instead pierce

Added again spoiler "level 100" from subspoiler "endgame" and improved it

Improved spoiler:

"jewels and clusters"
section amulet-anoints, gloves
added variants and improved tradelinks page 50

and a lot more


With Eber's Unification, void gaze, 15 withers, awakened void manipulation and spirit offering a strong fullchaos-team of skills raises and change in. The new fulldamage 100% chaosconversion, fullblock, shows 17.5 M shaper-damage.

Thank you again monik390 for nice and fine gearing and pathing!


Improved many spoilers


600k allstars-view - thank you a lot!


With the shock-immunities of tempest shield the "vessel of vinktar" as alternative flask became high interesting in "Flasks"
Improved spoiler "checklist defences" (dangerous mapmods expanded)
Improved spoiler "flasks and sulphur"
Improved spoiler "fire and other ailments"
Added a lot explanations in section gloves in "Gear, skills, links"


+++ New B.I.S. helmet Eber's Unification +++

Fullblock reaches now 9.2-12.5 M with Eber's Unification Hubris Circlet and skillreservations are much easier without memory vault.

Glancing Blows reaches new 12.2 M, 150k ar, 3k es/ block.

Full Damage edition update reaches new top peak of 18 M.

Awakened unbound ailments new b.i.s. support for raise spifers of arakaali's fang: thank you a lot monik390


***** Olohyp_scSC is NUMBER 1 in guardian-soloplay, number 5 in scourge-guardian-leaderboard overall! CONGRATULATIONS! *****

Improved "introduction"
Updated pob-screenshots
Improved spoiler "manamanager"


*** 500 k / 0.5 M views - I never believed that the build would create so much interests! ***
*** The allstars are most popular build in the guardian ascendancy in poeninja-rankings (19% used) ***
*** 100k views in 10 days! - woooow & wuuuw ! ***


Upated and improved the spoilers:

"the dirty scorpion tail"
"make hatred, not grace"
"gear, skills, links": rankings auf auras
"boss-hunting": new spot for militant faith / transcendence


Improved spoiler "manamanager"

Improved pob:
Added mapping lvl 93-97 item set and tree in pob
Added levelling items in notes of pob

Improved and updated spoilers:
- 21 is only half of the truth
- gear, skills, links: order of auras
- fire and other ailments
- tipps for levelling

Improved and updated spoilers on page 50:
- updated and improved many poe-trade-links
- Improved sources of stats
- Improved CI Transformation


Improved pob

Added spoiler "Fullblock vs Glancing blows, Time of need vs Bastion of hope" page 50

Updated some tradelinks page 50
Added spoiler "CI Transformation" page 50


Improved pob with divine shield, wicked ward and armour es-mastery: es-recharge increased by armour
Improved all pob's with threads of hope and divine shield and Sovereignity - Thanks again a lot to Arkanis_Gath and Humtol!!
Squeezed in "tempest shield" full-geared
Updated spoilers: Fire and other ailments
Updated many other spoilers and improved them

Added videos facetanking minotaurier and phoenix



Updated & improved pob https://pastebin.com/uV3T5uhS

Added and improved leaguestarting "The Allstar's shoppinglist" in first spoiler page 50 and PoB:


updatedranking keynotes for bodyarmour in "gear, skills, links" and tradelist
"manamanagement" is 3.16 ready updated


Added Glancing Blows edition pob

Improved fullblock edition pob

Added flickerstrike / whirling blades to trigger attackblock of bastion of hope if needed

Improved and updated many spoilers
Added some poetradelinks page 50
Improved poe-trade-links with "cheap offer!"
Improved poe-trade-links with "best of best!"


Thank you so much Luetjeminze!!

I never experienced such a skilled skilled poe-pob-er!
So much fun to celebrate with you this game and hack!
We path it nice again soon!

Levelling tree published
Glancing blow edition updated - thank you too Humtol!!
Updated a lot of spoilers
Added some tradelinks clusters page 50


400000 Arachnophobiatic views --- wooooow!!


PoB fullblock ready, gear 3.16 edited
Levelling pob improving much - Thank you Hauke a lot!
Updated a lot spoilers

So many interesting strategies and Helsingborg posts in these days - it's an amazing waiting for leaguestarting 3.16


Updated bodyarmour: keynotes for 3.16
Started updating "the dirty scorpion-tail" for 3.16
Started to list the new uniques in poetradelinks page 50
Edited, improved and added chapters/spoilers in "poe-tradelinks" page 50 for a better index, overview and shortcuts


Added video "full blight map"
Added video "drox"
Removed keynote 3.16 phase acrobatics from several spoilers
Added teaser buffs 3.16 top of build


Added spoiler "ratings and rankings of the build" on page 50
Added a spoiler "speedlevelling" on page 50
Added and improved some tradelinks in spoiler "poe-tradelinks" page 50


Added page 194 outview on [3.16] Scourge league, summarizing the 3 manifestos about ailments, core defences and manareservations in the upcoming patch


started to edit in advance [3.16]:
Removed "energy from naught" of "interesting clusters" because of nerf
Started to edit keynote "phase acrobatics" as valuable keynote on body armour Skin of the lords
Started to edit keynote "elemental equilirium" in spoiler "make hatred, not grace"


Improved pob's 9M & 12M Make hatred, not grace full damage builds (feeding frenzy spiders, +2 skillgem-level amulet)
Improved spoiler "make hatred not grace"
Improved some links in "poe trade links and lists" page 50


Improved "This build in 3.15 Expedition" page 50, page 190


Improved spoiler "other ailments", page 1, and "hardcore" page 50: how to reach 80% - 100% elemental ailments immunities


Added video double shaper (2x) wittnessed by maven


Added video Simulacrum wave 18-20
Added link to video goodguygaming3 introductioning the build 3.15 Expedition - - thank you a lot!


Improved levelling trees in "Tipps for beginning, levelling, gearing, trading and Leaguestart":
Head soon with level 55 to "serpentine spellslinger" for 25% more chance to poison --> virulences --> damage
Improved some links (split personality, clusters) in spoiler "Links & Lists for poetrade"


300 000 views - thank you very much and lot! Arachnophilia!


Added spoiler "Free skills fullgeared / skill alternatives" page 50
Improved spoiler "sources of stats" page 50
Improved spoiler "crafting clusters, gear and gems" page 50
Improved: "poe-tradelinks", "map mods" page 50
Improved "make hatred, not grace"


Added Index in spoiler "Links & Lists for poetrade" page 50
Changed "awakened vicious projectiles" to "anomalous vicious projectiles", 0.1M more damage
Changed "melee physical damage" of spiders singletarget to "multistrike" for more attackspspeed and more withers
Improved sections about spectres/ support spectres/ frenzy charges/ enfeeble in "make hatred, not grace" and poe-trade links: alternatives hungry loop page 50


Improved spoiler "flasks and sulphur"
Improved spoiler "boss-hunting": craft flasks with Instilling Orb
Improved spoiler "skillmanager" - wanted mods like es/ hit discipline and critreductions determination to change out watcher's eye


updatet reduced manamultipliers in "dirty scorpion tail" (patch)


Added spoiler "Why guardian? Why HoA?"


Updated / corrected pob's:
stormbrand limited to level 1
stalwaart commander instead self-control edition 55

Improved section defences in spoiler "tipps for levelling and leaguestart"
Improved spoiler "leaguestart-gear" in spoiler "poe-trade links" page 50


Improved "Tipps for beginning, levelling and Leaguestart"
Updated "manamanager"


Updates almost completed:


"Choose your edition"
"path of building"
"gear, skills, links"

"the dirty scorpion tail"
"flasks and sulphur"


Page 50:


***** PATCHDAY 3.15 EXPEDITION *****

Started updating the spoilers:

"the dirty scorpion tail"
"gear, skills, links"
"flasks and sulphur"

Started otimizing tree, waiting for full changelog 3.15 and complete stats of the new skillgems Banner of defiance (armour), Sentinels of absolution, Reaper minion


Added jewel variation "unnatural instinct", inserted next to pain attunement 350 energyshield in spoilers "jewels and clusters" and "skillmanager".

Thank you helloicanseeu for the variant!


Improved getting virulences automatical triggered, also while moving:

Anomalous ball-lightnings - storm brand - anomalous poison support - gmp - faster casting integrated in rare gloves

Thank you a lot elatycs for starting with ideas about storm-brand!


Noted in "contra" before:
"sometimes difficult for blight".

Corrected into: "with awakened fork perfect screencleaner for blight-maps"


Added a spoiler "blight maps" on page 50.

Thank you helloicanseeu!


Added new option: Stacking virulences 60 singletarget: storm brand / Swift brand / anomalous poison support / faster casting

Added video: facetanking Elder, with transcendence keystone, page 50 in spoiler "more videos"

Added new PoB: Transcendence in spoiler "boss-hunting"


Added video: militant faith / keystone transcendence (around 97% elemental damage reductions and resistances) Cortex t18 court in spoiler "boss-hunting"

Added video: facetanking Hydra (& Maven)


Aded "awakened fork" as alternative in the spoilers "the dirty scorpion tail"
Thank you Zanzum!


Improved order of spoilers

Added separated spoiler "checklist for damage and defences" (before in spoiler "faq")
Added separated spoiler "Controls / keybindings / movement" (before in spoiler "faq")

Improved spoiler "faq"
Improved spoiler "gear, skills, links"
Improved spoiler "ideal clusters"
Improved spoiler "boss-hunting"
Improved just there explanations "militant faith"
Improved explanations in spoiler "make hatred, not grace"
Improved some other explanations and spoilers


200000 .......


Added alternative storm brand for cws / cwdt / cwc cyclone
Added alternative storm burst set-up instead ball-lightnings page 50
Thank you a lot elatycs!

Added alternative replica pure talent to get spellblock/ free skill with rare boots / free cluster slot instead conjured wall etc.
Improved a lot poetradesearch links with corrupted blood-immunities or 1% less skill reservations on page 50


Improved some poetradelinks page 50
Added workarounds for starting without aul's uprising
Improved checklist damage in "faq"
Improved spoiler "hardcore" page 50


Increased spoiler "Experiences of gamers with this build - Quotes and Posts" page 50


Added spoiler "Improving and upgrading without currency" on page 50: Tipps improving and farming


Added video The Elder

Added videos page 50:

The Formed

not deathless:

Ueber Atziri
Cortex Boss (killed him before deathless)


Improved spoiler "map-mods", page 50, with 12 and more "most easy map-mods"
Improved spoiler "Pro"
Improved poe-trade-links page 50 (order, rare ring etc.)
Added video "The Formed", 1:01 min (forgot to raise spiders in invitation)


Improved "boss-hunting" for elemental-damage-dealers like Ueber-atziri or Maven: alternative "transcendence" keynote with militant faith timeless jewel etc.

Thank you 2rdd!

Added 3 videos (with militant faith/transcendence):
Redeemer 9 seconds
Synthesis Boss
Maven x10 invitation

Improved tradelinks page 50 (belt-jewel spellblock)


Added some defensive large clusters trading links on page 50
Corrected 2 jewel-links on page 50.
Thank you IamTheSunLiightHi!


100 pages of discussions and arachnophil mentions in the thread - and this is in the young build's first complete league.

Arachnophobiatics gamers quintupled in poeninja also elegant.

A lot Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars in the top leading positions of all poeninja challenge-rankings: Guardian, HoA, hardcore


Improved spoiler "other ailments".


Added poe-trade-links for bis-megamegaclusters
Added poe-trade links for watcher's eye best in slots
Added poe-trade-links for implicit curses on ring and rare gloves
Added poe-trade-links for boot-enchants and boot implicits
Added poe-trade-links for high es/ mana/ armour on helmet and shield
Added poe-trade-links for watcher's eye multiple and b-i-s - mods
Improved "faq"
Added spoiler "usable cluster skills" on page 50
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Improved order of spoilers page 50
Improved spoiler "faq" and checklists
Improved some more spoilers


Improved explanations in "boss=hunting", "Soul ripper", "faq: checklist damage"


Improved order of spoilers

Added separated sections of spoilers
Improved some titles of spoilers

Added "checklist damage" in "faq"

Improved checklist "energy-shield" page 50
Improved spoilers: flasks, gear, make hatred not grace, choose your Edition, some more


Thank you a lot CLloyd0! So funny & fine video:

CLloyd0 tanktest

/ The head is bald but their neck is longer -
the allstars need two minotauriers
to scratch & relax
their very long necks /

(facetanking double minotauriers, full shocked, full aoe, full crits, Maven, no flasks, no buffs) - that is Allstars-style!
Lol, hehe! I love it!
Added gif and video.


Added videos TrueEdge facetanking Regenerationmaster - thank you a lot TrueEdge!

Improved "Tipps for starting"
Improved list for poetrade page 50
Improved "jewels and clusters"
Improved "flasks and sulphur"


Moved/ Copied complete spoilers page 25 to page 50 for better handling/ not splitting up content
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Improved "Faq"
Improved checklist in "faq"
Improved order of spoilers page 50
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Added tip for "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted" as implicit corruption on clusterjewels again, solely on flask is not reliable
Corrected some numbers of definitive defensive edition (after nerf renewal and rotten claws)
Added/ changed pictures/ screenshots


Improved "Choosing your Edition and balance your setup", combined path of building with guide 50 - 55 - 60 virulences

Added winter orb as variation, channeled virulences, thank you mytrasher!

Added cluster crafting guide on page 50. Thank you LiQuss!


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Added a complete list on threadpage 50 with all links in poetrade for complete gear:


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Updated pob


Added on page 25 spoiler with 3.14 trading prices and links

Improved spoiler ascendancy with different order for hc


Added on page 44 / 45 / 25 tipps for gearing with low budget level 50-90 in first days of Ultimatum League



Ultimatum 3.14 :

stalwaart commander got nerfed 25%, our armour will lower from around 140000 buffed to 137000 - no problem we have high overcapped 90% pdr.


Added videos:

Sirus A8 deathless, facetanking meteors and all beams (+ awakened spell-echo drop)
Conqueror Baran 5 seconds kill

Added videos on page 25:

Maven invitations the Twisted, the Hidden deathless


Added Video 100% Delirium map Atoll with 2× delirium-bosses, multiple damagemods, full juiced, no Headhunter


New spider modellings are awaiting in Poe 2
Helmet seem to get easier to enchant - yeeeeaah
Defences seem to be important again in Ultimatum mechanics - nice


A twinbuild with some smaller changes is under construction and in development.

Take a look into "The magic 77 - Mana Minion Mass Summoner Mix" for an impressing swarm:



Added "The Arachnophil 100" in "Harry Potter mass Summoner"
Improved "Harry Potter mass Summoner"


Added videos:
Shaper & UE & Maven witnessed


Added Boss-Hunter Level 100 Edition in spoiler "path of building": 55 virulences, sniper's mark, 6.1 mill shaper-damage
Added videos: tanking Sirus a8, tanking Phoenix + Explosion
Added video full delirium with belt headhunter in "full null"
Improved spoiler "leaguestarting" and spoiler "boss-hunting"


Added a spoiler "- HoA vs HoA - Stats and styles of different/ older
Herald of Agony builds" on threadpage 25
Added screenshots Passive tree lvl 1 - 90 in "Tipps for starting, levelling, gearing"


Added path of building calculations of ehp- pools, buffed and unbuffed, in " index of defences", "intro / countdown" and "path of building"


Added spoiler "skills and sockets management",
14 possibilities to get a free socket

Improved spoilers "gear, skills, links", "Leaguestart", "FAQ", "path of building pob", "Make Hatred, not Grace", "Full Null", "pro", "movement skills" in "possibilities of keybindings" in "FAQ", "the hidden ones and shaper-tipps"


Added section "Leaguestart" in spoiler "Tipps for levelling, starting and gearing".
Improved tipps for starting and gear alternatives in the spoiler.


Added timeless jewel "elegant hubris" as jewelvariation. optimal jewel offers slum lords 2x, 160% minion damage for 4 points, but jewel slot needed on medium rare cluster for offensive Edition55.

Thank you Zakk777!


Added section: free to choose movement and blink skills in spoiler "faq" ---> "keybindings" Thankk you baboen!
Added stibniteflask in "flasks and sulphur" when blindings are nowhere on gear, skills, minions, clusters


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1) Definitive Defensive Tank Edition
2) Offensive Edition 55

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Added flasks to "flasks and sulphur" for stats like anti-freeze, knockback, chances to flee, pdr, curses, etc.
Improved Levelling and gearing
Improved Manamanagement


Added "prismatic dance" to recommended cluster combinations
Added Grips of the counsil to "Make Hatred, not Grace"


Improved: Switched in "Divergent Frostshield" - more damagereduction of 30% in chilling shield-area with divergent gem-quality.


+++ Many changes in gear, flasks, clusters and curses. Thank you Dragonow for a very interesting and very nice new boots-setup! +++


Improved order of watcher's eye mods: discipline additional spell block raised up, to free 2x Circles of Nostalgia with dex and increased duration on rare boots or windshrieks. Thank you Dragonow for the very nice gear-setup!


30000 views! Wooooow!
A lot of lvl 99, 98, 97, 96, 95 - total arachnophilia!

Greetings and thanks aded! Thank you a lot grimjack, zerber and jmccaw!

The build improved a lot. Optimized 15 spoilers.

Added videos, added gloves section, added more bodyarmour variations like imbalanced guard.


+++ Heralds of Purity variation is guided in the spoiler "Pack of Purity" +++ Mass Summoner Guardian variation: Spiders & spirits & scorpions in "Harry Potter Senior"
Added Video 31 minions, Mass Summoner, Harry Potter Senior
Improved Intro and 7 spoilers


Improved a lot of spoilers


Improved Order of spoilers
Improved 21 spoilers
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+++ 20 days + 20000 views. Thank you a lot and enjoy a lot the Allstars! 20000 x arachnophilia!! I never thought that Arachnophobiacs will get so fast into the two most trending mana- and minionbuilds! +++

Former updates of 2021: [3.13] Ritual / Echoes of the Atlas, [3.14] Ultimatum, [3.15] Expedition + Changelog continued on page 345, second post:



The allstars in [3.20] Sanctum


In every end of the league I try to summarize the aspects of the Arachnophobia and the Arachnophilia Allstars. Let's start again.


The allstars in [3.20] Sanctum

The Sanctum of Arachnophilia


Sanctum mechanics


With firestorms or winterorb and when wanted predator the singletarget-focus of sanctums were easy adjustable.

The ups of Herald of Agony are with ranged attacks and with storm brands, phantasmal void spheres and predator automatical triggered (and/ or feeding frenzy) one of the best ranged minionskills.

The build is easy to vary at some point. It can offscreen handle a lot.
I myself farmed often red vaal temples and I guess it's a bit the same that the mix of movement and damage fits.

The downs are that the build focus on global basic defences and maxed tankyness and they are not needed that much in sanctum, so balancings into damage are recommended.

Many said that freezings or damage dealt around corners have advantages in sanctum. Ranged also offscreen damage is great to generate with HoA and when choosed the spiders attack everything beautiful consequente aggressive.

Again phantasms in the HoA supports are an interesting variation - as meatshields they block attacks and traps and have long damage-uptimes.

Freezings are also not hard to max. The frostshield is to slow to selfcast in my experience and cast while channeled not nice to target.

But .... We can fast build in chilling presence on a cluster, anomalous hypothermia supports for freezes into the HoA-supports with one green socket in the triad grips, with cast while channeled coldsnap, or other frost skills like frostblink, frostbite, aquamarine-flask etc., then already many fine freezes are triggered.

Overall the HoA is most fast in open designed maps - but here in sanctums as ranged immortal minion also much better than most other melee-ranged-skills.

Beside the sanctum-relics enabled best valuable using keystones, ailment-avoidances and +max-resis.

Poison HoA vs. Poison SRS


This league was dominated by the most strongest meta ever seen in all minion builds. 95% (!) played poisonscaled summon raging spirits, and all streamers promoted the skill and skulls.

Against ubers the srs-builds have some bigger ups - more freedom in movement and more automatic targeting. The raging spirits are also tanking as meatshields hundred of attack-hits and in sanctums they fight more aggressive around walls and corners and have easy wither-uptimes.

But further I am not sure about the real buff-uptime of it's support-animate-guardians and spectres of the srs-builds. Their envy-aura works only when the srs are nearby, not far ranged. Malevolence-blessing-setup has not that perfect uptime too. When you don't invest into full defences of the srs-minions their summoned number is only average around 14 realistic, not 20. You need mandatory to permamament resummon the spirits.

Bossing with the Allstars with void sphere or storm brand you reach 90% uptime of 35 virulences.
That is equal to a not too bad dot-damage of around 8M or with Uul Netol's amulet and some phantasms nice 12M.

The 3 firestorms with 21 seconds generate 80% uptime of 50-60 HoA virulences, that's already average damage easy around 25M dot.

Then beside you get very often the full-peak-damage of 40-50M with storm burst.

In multitarget-content you have 90% uptime of 40M always with storm brands alone fullgeared with Uul-Netol's.

Instead srs' small melee splash in multitarget high density content the HoA is definitive much faster clearing with the 35-40 projectiles of awakened fork and sniper's mark and it's unique range of tail.

So, when I try to compare defences of HoA with the [3.20] meta minion srs builds, I would first note that the Allstars are builded to be much tankier. 87% resis, CI, watcher's eye, 1k/es on hit/sec, more defensive auras, double armour, high evasion, ghost dance or iron reflexes possible, 100% ailment-immunities, lethe shade etc. 1M-infinitive ehp, to compared squishy 120k-200k ehp of srs-builds.

But also our CI only help against Sirus and our evasion only against uber-eater.

Both concepts works great.

When you don't know the hard to detect best 10-20 seconds to deal the 500-1000M against Ubers with max HoA-virulences, a darkness enthroned belt with ghastly jewels minion chance to poison are better and you could add also a feeding frenzy buff with supports. Then take more resis also on the belt jewels and when needed with bandit alira /practical application /holy dominion.


Improvements of the build




After once more testing hundred of skills the channelling of 2-3x firestorms, each impacting 7x each second, is the perfect addition for uber-bosses and damage while moving. With the short and simply beautiful perfect fitting delay of 0.3 sec after stormburst's 80 virulences and following 2 seconds uptime of 60 virulences singletarget the meteors offers beside storm brand or phantasmal void sphere optimal damage-uptime while moving.

It's the long most wanted mix of damage and flexibility in movement. And it's also easy scaleable with increased duration or spell cascade or more alternatives in the supports when prefered.

Celestial mtx turn the visual design less ugly when you ask me personally. ;-)



The pob's were symplified and got a better structure too. The levelling pob-trees were balanced a bit (around 9 passives) from tankyness into damage especially for early bossing.

More early medium clusters pure agony and large clusters veteran defender with resis for more early inserting melding of the flesh were pathed.
More early the +1 chaos mastery "corruption" and slots for ghastly jewels "15% minion chance to poison on hit" are chosen.



Great crafting guides were added and updated - thank you again a lot VahnNoa!

The Guide


I optimized again the order of thematics and spoilers.

The guidings and explanations in the spoilers the "melding of the flesh", "the composition of agony", "checklist defences", "the ubers" and "the keystones" were fundamentally improved.
I am still not sure if it's the best in the dfault set-up to pob' the Uul-Netol's vow amulet for the ubers-content or aul's uprising for tanky 100 levels. Because tankyness means always more HoA-virulences and more damage-uptime I keep Aul's uprising in and Uul-Netol's is really only needed for the Ubers.

The now new separated spoiler "skills and trigger" expanded a lot. It grants now new max individualization and flexibility, but lacks consecrated effects and newbie-service of shorter rankings. It will be more developed in 3.21.

Many poe-trade-links were better organized and optimized. The category "b.i.s.-upgrades" was added for many implicits in the tradelinks.



The elixier of the unbroken circle stepped up into the default set-up for nice 400 ward filling gaps in early low geared set-ups, easy overcapped resis and perfect pdr of endurance charges.
The Stone of Lazwhar amulet was moved up to the cheap starting alternative beside the cheap aul's or cheap rares.
I optimized the easy obtainable 100% spell suppression set-up for high levels/ mageblood (quartzflask, rare eldritch gloves, Inveterate on tree, elegant form).

So definitive the build is in the best shape ever.

New showcases of the build


I added two more youtube-showcases like "some ubers" and "exarch in 5 seconds, eater in 5 seconds".

Facetanking some bosses - Exarch in 5 seconds, Eater in 5 seconds, Facetanking Shaper's Beam


PlayL proudly presents another new showcase - the Ubers

Some Ubers - U-Shaper - U-Exarch - UU-Elder

Last phase shaper, second phase exarch.

Recorded with around 40M, 87% resis, keystone Iron reflexes on SoL, Lethe shade, no Ghost dance, Uul-Netol's amulet, selfcasted frostshield, selfcasted molten shell

Recorded as necro, without sanctum-relic, without balance of terror, witherings with glorious vanity / ritual of shadows - so it could have been easy optimized 10M further more.

For HoA-virulences choosed:
storm burst - faster casting - cwc - firestorm
and divergent storm brand - hextouch - despair - temporal chains


Leaderboards and Leaguestart


Congrats to chaho / 아고니조아요 and also to I7apaHouK / MrPrincipleSan for the extreme speedful kickstart in first days into leaguestart-leaderboards!

Totally awesome climbed into the Necro- and Guardian- and also Occu-Leaderboards into best positions! Great skilled!

Congratulations to Dakota_sky and to Oscar_sanTank, to mAnzsAntum and ARESTEMPLARARES !

Best crawled too! Well stinged the Boards!

It was a beautiful leaderboard of Arachnophilia again! With only a few, but very successful Arachnophobiatics!



After 5 days in league most prices were lower as in last leagues.

Arakaali's 90 chaos, aegis aurora 3 div, aul's 2 div. Clusters nice 10 chaos, severed in sleep 2 chaos.

Overall Sanctum was probably the best league ever (or together in line with Scourge 3.16) to gear perfect best in slot. Many great b.i.s. implicits on the helmet like the 90% manamultiplier or on circle of nostalgia and aegis aurora were cheap available on the market, great small rare and unique medium clusterjewels were early cheap in good numbers in trade. Uul Netov's Vow amulet was extreme cheap or also the squire when wanted.

Only the belt mageblood was more expensive as in last leagues.

Popularity of the build


In [3.20] in the necro-forum the build was great rank 2 in views again like in last league.

It's still the fresh second league guiding the optimizations for necros, because the build started in may 2022 in the Occultist-ascendancy, and I never finished it as Occu because of maxing in defences and castspeed/ HoA-virulences is very expensive and hard and much easier as guardian and since 3.19 also as necro.

In the guardian forum the allstars were like in all last leagues the far most viewed build again.

In the poe-forums kaygaming stopped her great threads about srs and other killable minions in the typical spectre/animate guardian-set-ups and so all the popular srs builds were only guided in youtube-videos. I miss her and hope to see her again in poe 2!

Poebuilds.cc recommended again the Arachnophobia and Arachnophilia Allstars in both the ascendancies guardian and necro and both as budgetstarter as well as higher budget in variations.

GhazzyTV again mentioned and adviced to the HoA-Allstars-builds in his streams. Thank you Ghazzy! Arachnophilia!

PoE-Veteran Luetjeminze tried out some Palsteron-builds in leaguestart. But beeing not convinced in their tankyness and qol in endgame he continued again with an loud "Arachnophilia forever!" and maxed out the HoA build one more time again.

BalorMage used some older mechanics and optimizations of [3.13 The Arachnophobia-Allstars] in his new [3.20] poison-srs and -spark-build.

Betta-ah created again totally great beginner-budget-video-guides.

Starter Guardian:

Starter necro

But: overall in the dominating 95% srs-meta much, much less Arachnophilias as in former leagues stinged the sanctums.


Outlook: Diablo 4, Last Epoch, and more


Diablo 4

Beeing in love with in real life creature named Lilith and remembering the fun of Diablo 1 (climbing down the stairs and levels of the dungeon + these nightmare fire-immune bats against my flamewall-sorcerer on my first win95 Laptop lol) & 2 (I loved raiding slowly the tombs as necro with my raised army of giant bone-apes in the sunny deserts maps and in the colorful temple-decorations), and also some of 3 (in the monk-style fighting down Belial and slowly stinkty Ghom and the drop of my first Echoing Fury farming in the Zoltun Kulles' Archives and my first witch hour trading in the middle of the night X-) ) I tried out the Beta of Diablo 4.

Getting into the fun for completing challenges and the aspects, loving the burning of new-tristram and the nice (but in beta-tiers too easy) boss-fights I am keen of the next acts and the paragon-tree.

Overall I prophecy that d4 will be again a short 1x or 2x playthrough-wonder, the casual burger among arpg's for the fast and short hunger.

Like in d3 almost all impactfull individualizations and optimizations are done solely by too limited stats on gear and the only so-called skill tree is a bad joke again - that is simply too simpel for lategame and not longer fun. E.g. Path of Exile is containing much more factors of character- and skill-upbuilding with thousands more combinations and mechanics in the endgame.

Last Epoch

In Last Epoch I had fun rolling as a Primalist, Totems & Druid Forms with the best Palladino Luetjeminze after trying out already the alpha before some years.

Already in early access it's an interesting game with much fun about skills and crafting, but miss much mechanics in endgame.


Are there plans beside for serious Titan Quest or Grim Dawn 2, a new Sacred or follower of Dungeon Siege 1/2 already leaked - hehehehe? And MMXI awaits us soooon? Yeaah!

After all again I am focussing on the news of PoE [3.21] crucible Crawlcible - and am quite sure Poe II will be the upcoming meta for bitches, gourmets and maniacs like us in the whole Arpg-genre after PoE I.

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The allstars in [3.21] Cruicible


In every end of the league I try to summarize the aspects of the Arachnophobia and the Arachnophilia Allstars. Let's start again.


The Sanctum of Arachnophilia


Cruicible mechanics


The channelling of the mobs was perfect fitting to have a long time to cast a frostshield. CI was great to facetank all the poison- and chaos-damage

Improvements of the build




Arachnophilia [3.21] !

Only around equal 5% damage is nerfed in united in dreams and the much more scaled minion poisonchance remains. It's also craftable with the cruicible league-mechanic further. And Severed in sleep is useable now to apply withers with HoA+phantasms e.g.

But minion chance to poison is from now on probably best with 100% effect of ghastly jewels in the heavy buffed darkness enthroned belt. Perhaps the build moves as a result to 100% spell suppression (pathing 61% with inveterate and instinct, then further perhaps magebane on SoL, watcher's eye-mod, or rare eldritch gloves, etc.) instead 87% all maxresis (or 100% spell suppression + around 82-85% max-resis) and combinate a new cruicible-crafted weapon or again arakaali's fang and the HoA-poisonchance on ghastly jewels.

New darkness enthroned belt 100% effect = that's already 60% poisonchance with 2 ghastly jewels inserted, and the possible resis on ghastly jewels (or recouped mana, spellblock, es, etc.) are buffed too to around awesome 40-60%!

■ I can tell already in 99%: the former stygian belt will be exchanged to darkness enthroned. ⊙ added into the default set-up

■ CI seems to be very, very valuable in Crucible for many new damage-mods in all content (see all the new chaos "profane" modifiers)

■ The Buffed Poison mastery makes crit-immunity possible and frees up the major pantheon ⊙ added into the default set-up

■ Vaal firestorm looks interesting of course. ⊙ added into the default set-up

■ 5% to apply full withers chaos-mastery seems interesting, but "corruption" is nerfed, probably pathing instead to another jewel-slot (on the tree across foresight to Lethe Shade / CI, upper witch area regretted, or in the southern templar area) or also "steeped in the profane" will be more valuable. ⊙ added into the variations

■ The added Es-mastery: 100% increased Energy Shield from Equipped Helmet! Woooow, beautiful buff! ⊙ added into the default set-up

■ Still needs to confirm: with changes/ buffs to projectiles-behaviour the anomalous faster projectiles is perhaps 60% able to let return HoA projectiles! ⊙ added into the variations

■ The new amulet "tainted pact" really allows poison leeching uncapped?

■ The Pathfinder is buffed to a very valuable new HoA-ascendancy. Still under construction and will reach after rework of the ascendancy in the pob around 30 M. ⊙ published a build in the pathfinder-ascendancy

Visit also our new neighbour: Go for a walk in the Pathfinder-ascendancy, 30M, inbuilt Mageblood at home:


■ To check further:

HoA-Scion raises? ⊙ sorry, no
Check variation mana-mastery with increased skill-efficiencies ⊙ added into the default set-up
Check anomalous faster projectiles
Check buffed Bubonic trail
Check new vaal absolution ⊙ added into the default set-up, vaal lightning arrow
Check Cyclone with prismatic burst-support for HoA-virulences
Check new triggerbots of saboteur for triggering double HoA-virulences, probably best as trickster with forbidden flame/ flesh
Check Crit-HoA (again lol)
Check new amulet tainted pact
Check new snowboard grace armour (arctic armour)
Nimis ring seems to be buffed for doubling the generating of HoA-virulences with projectile-skills

On page 50 in the second post I edit the patchnotes which affects us most and looks most interesting to me (in "updates /changelog", spoiler "soon" - looks all like big buffs until now.)

It's an massive patch with impactful new masteries and combinations - I will need some days for the most important changes and will do before this overview.


To summarize:

■ No feared nerfs to the hexes temporal chains or despair or minion-poison. But molten shell is not nice nerfed.

■ The build and CI keystone are heavy valuable and buffed in Crucible!

HoA fits also very fine for the buffed breaches and abysses.

■ Weapon slot is freed / exempted to craft with Crucible rare weapons!

Example: HoA 40M leeching 400k es/ sec for you is possible - that's a new quality of immortality for this build. Comparable to the immortal legendary legacy baron-zombies-builds in poe [3.08]
Keystones or Aura-effects or supportskills are possible too.

United in dreams, CIP, Arakaali's fang and severed in sleep remain great options.

Looks on first view like a great league for Herald of agony!

Crawl it!

The Guide




Leaderboards and Leaguestart


I myself started with 1 chaos for the embalmer-gloves and 2 chaos for small clusters into t3 maps on day 1. I improved into t6 on day 2 and sold the embalmers for 2 chaos and bought a 6 link for 6 chaos.



Aegis auroras were traded on first days for 100 chaos - that was 1/3 price as in last leagues. But skin of the lords were raised to 2 div, 5x the price as in 3.20

Popularity of the build


In [3.21] in the pathfinder forum the raising hOA-pathfiinder was the most viewed build.

In the guardian forum the allstars were like in all last leagues the far most viewed build again.

Poebuilds.cc recommended again the Arachnophobia and Arachnophilia Allstars in both the ascendancies guardian and necro and both as budgetstarter as well as higher budget in variations.

PoE-Veteran Luetjeminze tried out some Palsteron-builds in leaguestart. But beeing not convinced in their tankyness and qol in endgame he continued again with an loud "Arachnophilia forever!" and maxed out the HoA build one more time again.

Dangerous Bosses in Endgame / Hardcore


Only one unique boss of the vaal-side areas killed me two times. His name is something like stormbringer or stormdrinker and he uses a very fast leap slam attack. (I guess, while he is jumping and slaming the minions and lightning balls cannot target him. I suggest there were also vaal-map-mods like ... unique boss... 198 % additional lightningdamage ...560% faster attacks... 980% additional physical damage ... and only one single unvulnerability shrine next room to him... Run when you see him, hihi.)
Tzteosh, Hungering Flame, a beyond-Boss, is sometimes depending on the mapmods, not easy too.
Phoenix's charged explosion aoe can oneshot since [3.18]. Keep range!

For the bosses with physical-degenerations-beams or aoe-beams (like plaza, orchard, mineral-pools, terrace, garden, high-garden) you have to use hidings like pillars to interrupt their degen-beams and move and let your minions do the job. Don't try to facetank them. When you activated divine shield and wicked ward or lethe shade, or take in a endurance charges with "enduring composure", you can very often facetank them too, but I would not check it out in t16 red-maps, hehe.

Some other bosses are impossible to tank too, like the rotten core-map, bramble valley and foundry-bosses are rippy.
Some attacks of the shaper and groundeffects of maven you have to move around. But you have a much longer time to react to their most damaging attacks.

In the Halls of the grandmasters two of the very last grandmasters and a few Expedition-mob-types have high block and regenerations and are immortal for our normal setup. You have to debuff them on top with Block Chance Reduction Support and frostbomb and use dot with chance to poison switched into HoAg-supports.


Often the arena in the quest "Raffinery Tharthanic powder" is buggy!

The HoA-crawler spawns / stand outside the arena! Be careful, open a townportal and portal back in again to get the HoA-crawler into the boss-arena!

A lot of endgame-bosses like Elder or Sirus are checked for facetanking. But you still have to walk around their aoe-grounds.

Maven's invitations instead are easy for our setup, only "the feared" and maven herself remain difficult with groundeffects and memory games.

More Tipps for Boss-hunting, Shaper / UE, Uber-Atziri, The Feared, Maven, Ubers


Hunt them on your level-ups if you do not want to fear the exp-penalty. They remain rippy when you react one time not fast enough.

It is common when you die in the first tries of these endgame bosses. When you know their attacks and know how to move out of their damagepeaks you will kick them nice and hard back.

Map mods and atlas awakening level


Be very careful with the mods of the invitation "the feared" or "the hidden", see spoiler "map and invitation mods" just following below on this page 50

- when you are not bis-geared or not full-levelled lower the awakening of your atlas for maven or the feared, put out the atlas-watchstones.

Ailments, Flasks, Elemental Damagereductions


- take in again sniper's mark for autofilled flaskcharges of writhing jar

- suffixes "charges gain when hit by an enemy" are best to get charges

- or upgrade your utility-flasks in harvest with mods like "50% reduced Charges used. -1% to this value when used", etc.
Prepare/ store the upgraded flasks for "maven" and "the hidden".
Or less effective use instilling orbs on flasks to instant automatic trigger the needed effects of ailments-immunities.

100% ailment immunities and the jewel "the melding of the flesh" are b.i.s. against maven, the feared, searing exarch, ueber elder, ueber atziri, uber-bosses.

All other bosses are not very difficult. Maven also not when you are familar with her aoe-orbs and memory game and Ueber Elder is with some practise also extreme easy.

- Put in for special bosses:

- Ueber Elder, Shaper and Maven: anti-freeze is very important. Take in a Sapphire or aquamarine-flask for anti-freeze and less cold damage taken

Or "Hibernator" on a cluster works great (or perhaps switch to the Pantheon "Soul of the brine king").

- "The Hidden", Maven: Anti-Shock and Anti-Freeze are very helpful.

- Ueber-Vaal-Queen Atziri is difficult too, she don't have much blockable skills and you cannot tank her. When she fires her fire- and lightning-blasts move and stand at the edges of her cave. Take a ruby-flask against fire-damage and an anti-curse-flask-suffix for her curses-reflection or switch out your curses against her curse-reflections.



On flask use instilling orbs to instant automatic trigger the needed ailments-immunities.

Use flasks with "charges gain when hit" against bosses

Anti-freeze Aquamarine against Shaper, Uber Elder, The Hidden, Maven, Sirus, Aul


To not get freezed too long in ground-effects, aoe's and beams anti-freeze is mandatory for:

Shaper, Uber Elder, The Hidden, Maven, Sirus, Aul

You need an sapphire-anti-freeze-flask or aquamarine or "hibernator" on clusters or anti-freeze of anointed flesh passives, jewel implicits, or flexible sentry, or pantheon soul of the brine king is a good permament solution also.

Anti-Shock Topaz against the hidden, maven


You can also use a vessel of vinktar foe 10% damage, but withourt charges gained when hit.

Anti-Fire Ruby against Searing Exarch, Ueber-Atziri, Phoenix


reduced fire-damage taken

Anti-Curse against Ueber-Atziri


- solely in the single encounter, not needed in the feared-group encounter



- For Maven, the Uebers, The Hidden, The Feared take Divergent frostblink or another movementskill and movementspeed in. For example take the combination of frostblink and phaserun, you can use both as blink and no blink skill. Or the combination anomalous wthering step with flame dash fits.

- Use storm brand with runebinder to substain 30 virulences even while moving.

- Void sphere offers much virulences while moving too.

- Don't get too long into ground aoe-s of course.

Safe periods to raise the spiders


With multistrike instead melee splash the spiders deal a lot damage and buffs your crawler much with 15 witherstacks.

In boss-fights like maven/ shaper you need to do the 4 clicks not in a damagepeak and do it instead when their mainattacks are on cooldown. In each boss-fight are several periods you can do the clicks safe. Here a selection of the safe periods is listed - easy to spot like between the phases of bosses, after their mainattacks in their cooldowns, or use a bit movement in maven's invitations.

You kill a lot bosses like elder, sirus, Ueber-Atziri, etc. solely with HoA and without spiders too when you want.

during a boss fight, I found the best way to resummon spiders is as follows

You can also put Signal Prey on boss to keep the scorpion engaged
Note if you have a couple of spiders still alive, you can press weaponswap x twice to get rid of them and they don't kill your worms when you raise New spiders.

Raise the spiders in phases and cooldowns like:

Shaper inside zanas shield when shaper spawns balls or just after a big shaperbeam

Maven when phases between brain and maven switches, on the edge of the arena when the oneshot aoe fills the arena, before the memory games

Sirus between the phases, only not in his aoe's

The hidden after the large shock-nova, or move quick to an edge of the arena, when one breachlord follows not fast, you get the needed 1.5 seconds to raise the spiders

The feared when cortex boss does his spinning lasers, when elder increase his circle attacks, most difficult to watch the cooldowns of their other damagepeaks

Damage and singletargetsupports


- Take in again singletarget support "multistrike" instead melee splash for the spiders.

- For better continuous maximal virulence-stacks "faster casting" integrated in rare gloves build up the stacks faster and integrated "slower projectiles" keep the balls longer on the screen for your own smoother moving and more damage-uptimes. Against many bosses stormburst is better to hit them instant for virulences.

- take stormbrand, cast 3 stormbrands for 30 virulences singletarget, multitarget more, while moving or link the brands cwc to storm burst.

- take a look into the spoiler "checklist damage" to not miss the needed high damage

- Take 60 virulences. 50 are very low / not enough for "the feared", "maven" or Ueber Elder

- change in singletarget supports for the crawler like vile toxins instead pierce or predator when you have more than one blue socket.
With some tipps of the spoiler "manamanagement" or with the helmet enchant "less skill reservation of HoA" you have enough mana.





Phoenix's charged explosion aoe can oneshot since [3.18]. Keep range!

Other Guardians, Conquerors, Elder, The Formed, The Twisted


Be only careful to not get freezed too much/ too long.

Infinite Hunger


Ordinary you can facetank all his attacks. Kill him quickly, his debuffs are awful rippy when he survives long.

When you don't kill him fast, Unending Hunger debuffs you with "infinitive hunger". Especially in hc you can/ should regret Divine shield and Ghost dance against this debuff in the tree and gear a different SoL.

Eater of worlds


Move a lot.

Black Star


In 100% Chaosconversion the Youtube record 4 seconds is gained by the allstars.

Searing Exarch


- a ruby-flask is great

- (Anamalous) skeletons or frostwalls are nice shields against his magmaballs, but can kill you when you are near to the explosions.



- you need urgent the stat "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted" permament on a jewel

- immunity against burning ground with upgraded minor pantheon adds much reaction time against Sirus ground-effects. Upgrade your pantheon with divine Visselhövede.

- Sirus uses only spellhits and aoe.

So it's extreme tanky to gear a skin of the lords with 'iron reflexes' for double es/ spellblock

- He freezes much also.

- Cast "molten shell" before a meteor in his mazes hits you or get into your frostshield to take them relaxed

- Don't stand too long in his debuffing red star - beams

- Only his ground effects can kill you, get fast with movementskills out of ground effects and / or swap wicked ward to lethe shade. You can facetank all his ordinary attacks.

- Use molten shell against crits of meteors.

Sirus damagetypes (mainly physical, corrupted blood, cold, chaos, burning ground):



- The shaper is not easy when he is wittnessed by maven. To study his attacks, take his fight first not wittnessed by maven if you want it more easy or when you are not experienced with this fight, switch out the maven beacon in the map device to get the ordinary shaper without maven.

- Slams: You can facetank shaper's slam and most other attacks and get es/ on block. Attack him.

- Beams and Balls: It's a test of your reaction. Run behind him and attack. When Zana is moving, he will start a beam.

- When he spawns blue/ red balls all over the screen, get into Zana's shield. Zana says "to me, exile, quickly" as audio-sign before. You can also stand outside the shield with a little bit damage taken in consentrated ground with your es/ block when you are full geared.
This phase ends with the big shaper beam, so be prepared to move out the beam fast again.

Shaper damagetypes (mainly cold, physical):

Ueber Elder and Shaper wittnessed by maven:


The Hidden


The shocking breachlord multiplies the damage of all other lords and is most dangerous without tempest-shield/ anti-shock.



She reflects curses: take anti-curse flask or change out sniper's mark.

Fire and lightning damage: Ruby- (and Topaz) flasks are very useful and tanky.

She does not reflect in "the feared".



In deeper delve focus on damage. Perhaps use chaos golem with feeding frenzy and selfcast spirit offering, because the sequenzes to deal damage to Aul are extreme short.
Use also dynamite and torches.

With molten shell and in divergent frostshield you can facetank all his attacks and channelings. Only kite his mines-aoe-oneshot attack.

The Feared


In the first seconds deal max damage nonstop facetanking.
Then after when more feared are spawned move and blink always.

Try to take Ueber-Atziri out first and Cortex also.

Ueber atziri is most dangerous. Manage her first. Cortex boss is dealing probably most damage, Elder and Chayula are most easy.


- with the melding of the flesh fullgeared you can facetank all her attacks, lasers, "cascade of pain", "take this" etc.

- spam your attacks uninterrupted, you don't need to kite fullgeared

- Focus on/ most important: try to encounter and activate her frost-aoe-balls at the center of the arena, they hit you ordinary just after "cascade of pain"

- Then the memory game turns much more easy. Take 1-2 movement skills.

- when you reenter the fight with a portal wait the first seconds to get not instant-attacked

- you should take a look for the mechanics of maven's attacks and aoe's and kite her frost-aoe's. Fullgeared you can facetank easy all her spellattacks.

- maven herself only use spells and aoe's. Only by the brain summoned bosses use attacks. So in many cases the aura gracec is not optimal useful.

- When map-bosses of "mineral-pool", "garden", "high-garden", "plaza", "orchard" are summoned they can kill you with degen-beams and you need to move to tghe other side of the arena to interrupt their degen-beams.

For example:



You are able to tank her memory game full with vaal molten shell or in frostshield all flasks up:




patterns of maven's memorygame:


- her most dangerous attacks are the orbs creating heavy groundeffects / aoe's (place them in the middle of the arena if possible or on the edges) and the broad debuffing lasers (and the memory games of course).

- all other spells and hits and attacks of her you can facetank with melding of the flesh or timeless jewel militant faith and transcendence 97% overcapped elemental damage reductions. Only when she summons a lot physical dadealing bosses (rng) you have to kite a bit, but still get huge es/ block.

- you can take out frost shield when you need a free socket, it helps only a little bit against her most dangerous attack or against shaper's beam: they are not facetankable and you have to get fast out of many aoe attacks. Perhaps switch in more movement or frostwall.

- You have more reaction-time for her than with other builds. But get fast out of their lasers and iceballs and attack her from behind.

- There is some rng in the fight.
When she raises bosses with debuffs and dot and degen-beams the fight is difficult, when she raises bosses with hitting attacks and hitting spells the fight get easier because you get much more es on block.

Maven damagetypes (mainly fire, lightning, cold):

More explanations for "the hidden ones"


(Page 31:)

The hidden ones are one of the best trained bossteam in aoe-damagetypes.

They are easy in their own breachmaps, but in the maven hidden invitation they can kick you fast and hard from all sites with their combined aoe-s, freezes and shocks. With their not blockable damages they are dangerous in the area and with 4 of them with high HP not fast to kill. Depending on the mods of the invitation you can adapt your flasks, clusters, skills, supports.

"The Feared" 3.13 Maven Invitation, 4 Breachlords, multiple damage mods and debuffs-mods:


- You have to move and kite sometimes in circle around the edges of the arena and do only build up virulences for the crawler short.

- For bosses like the Hidden, Ueber-Atziri or Maven with mainly a lot elemental-damage you can take in a timeless jewel militant faith, glorify Maxarius, for the keynote "transcendence" and add "enduring composure" for physical damagereductions with endurance charges. You will take another more reduced 90% less elemental damage, but in the cooldowns of molten shell and frostshield you will take much more increased physical damage. You can also switch iron reflexes out for phase acrobatics or +2 gemlevels when you are playing with elemental damage dealing hard bosses.
Don't take "transcendence" for bosses with much physical damage like Sirus, Shaper, UE.

- Choose as suffixes for flasks "gain #3 charges when you are hit by an enemy" or gained when you critical hit.

- The shocking breachlord is most dangerous with very large aoe shocknova and ranged arc and ball-lightnings all over the area. He shocks and debuff you with his attacks, and this multiplies the damage of the other breachlords. Try to kill him first.

- When he did / finished his large shock-nova aoe, you can raise the spiders, with full molten shell up inside frost shield simultan for big damagereduction.

- When all bosses are attacking around you, you have to move to the other side of the arena out of their aoe-s and attack them ranged for virulences.

- Perhaps take a look at https://youtu.be/RVCKz95cKNg how to move, that video helped me a lot.

- Try to avoid/ don't take invitation-mods like: less auras/armour, less chance to block, less maximal elemental resistances, high 3x multiple damage mods, temporal chains cursed, no mana recovery mod. When you are not full levelled and best geared in most slots reroll the invitation.

- Don't forget using molten shell!

- when you have too much problems raising spiders, take instead united in dreams/ severed in sleep sword in

- Also for the breachlords frostwall is sometimes bis and halves the ranged damage and you can try it on a cws-link.

Map and Maven invitations mods


I personally would rank most dangerous map-mods in this order:

1) No mana recovery (reroll or use enduring mana bottle)

Most dangerous: reduced aura effects mean a lot reduced defences and recovery and when you use purity of ice it's getting rippy in combination with other mods.

Searing exarch-altar-mods can be rippy and multiple.

Go a bit slower in:

2) when you are not full geared / without overcapped resistances: elemental-equilirium, elemental weakness, perhaps take in a bismuth-flask for more resistances

3) Less maximal elemental resistances in combination with multiple other elemental damage mods

4) less armour and block in combination with other damage- or increased crit mods - go slower, be careful, don't pull too much mobs at once

5) vulnerability cursed - be careful with physical dot- and aoe damage, when anti-bleeding flask is empty and vaaldiscipline on cooldown you need fast reactions and stopp moving while bleeding and wait careful for time of need regenerations

5) multiple (3x or 4 x) damage mods like 100% more added lightning, 100% more cold, increased critdamage and some other damagedealing stuff combined

6) without tempest shield: shocked ground/ increased shocks - don't stand too long on shocking ground, move more or take in Soul of Arakaali, the anti-shock pantheon

Mods of maps and invitations like "the feared":

In the mods "temporal chains" and "enemies have #% chance to avoid poison" you loose much damage because of reduced castspeed and less virulences. Don't take them in "the feared" or "the hidden", you need your full damage too.

Most easy map mods:

1) Chaos damage / poison damage mods: 100% immune
2) Burning ground / Ignites / Ailments: 100% immune
3) reflected damage: almost 0
4) chained projectiles also no danger
(only with phantasms-support don't pull too much at once)
5) elemental equilirium: full geared we have 40% overcapped resistances and are not affected
6) charges gained by monsters: no problem
7) Attack speed increased: mainly offers more es on block for us
8) crit-mods: we are immune after first hit with pantheon of solaris and have fullgeared enough es for explosion of critting exploding strongboxes. In combinations with multiple-red-maps-damage-mods map careful
9) cold-damage mods: we have 81% cold-resistances
10) temporal chains: no problem, we have frostblink, but do less damage with less cast speed/ less virulences.
Be careful: As mod of maven invitations "the feared" and "the hidden" temporal chains can be very dangerous, you need damage of fast virulences and fast movement in these invitations
11) other curse mods (beside vulnerability): we are permament 80% immune. In some multiple debuff/ damage/ elemental mods go slower

12) all other mods not listed above in "mods to go a bit slower / dangerous mods": no known problems too.

Dangerous maven invitation mods:

Be very careful with the mods of the invitation "the feared" or "the hidden".

Temporal chains, chills and increased chills or enemies have chance to avoid poison lowers your cast speed/ movementspeed/ virulences/ damage.

Dangerous Scourge [3.16] Mods:

- see above, max your ignite immunities with minor pantheon summit map and harvestcrafts on jewels, above 150-200 scourge-stacks be very careful

Dangerous Expedition [3.15] Mods:

- "remove # % es on hit" - as Ci fast & deadly, also blocked hits are taken hits
- "overwhelm 100% phys damage reduction" - we have high es/ block, but very dangerous

- "chaos-immune": avoid and don't use white triad grips

Special chainstun-situation

- In 1:10000000 cases you can be chain-stunned near to an unvulnerability shrine. In these very rare cases your molten shell cannot kill a unvulnerabel buffed mob to raise spiders/ generate virulences / HoA automatic. When there are mobs able to stun or freeze you, you can get chain-stunned or chain-freezed.


Crafting Gear, Gems, Clusters


4 W Sockets Triad Grips


100% Chaosconversion: 4 white sockets

In Syndicate/ Betrayal look for Vorici. When you get the chance, get him assigned to the "Research" safehouse. When you raid the safehouse, the higher rank Vorici is, the better chance is getting more white socketed items.

It is guaranteed that there will be one white socket at rank 1 and a maximum of 6 sockets when Vorici is at rank 4.

Or alternative use the double-corruption chamber in Alva temple.

Crafting b-i-s Divergent HoA gem level 21, empower lvl 4 etc. ...


When you use a vaal orb on a 20% quality "Divergent Herald of Agony" skillgem you have a 12.5% chance to get the increased damage of gem level 21.

20% gem-quality raises this chance. Improve the gemquality to 20% with gemcutter-orbs before you vaal and corrupt them.

With 6-7x corrupting a Divergent HoA you should win the b-i-s gem 40% chance to poison and max damage of level 21.

Repeat the same for empower lvl 4, anomalous withering step lvl 21, sniper's mark, divergent frost shield etc.

You can use facetor's lenses level up the gems.

Crafting Eldritch Boots


Start with sorcerer boots with a fractured high tier resist
Step 1 is the implicits.

Start with a sorcerer boots with a high tier fractured elemental res
1) Spam Grand Ichors until you get 24-26% avoid elemental ailments.
2) Use a lesser ember on it.
3) Use an orb of domination. If you upgrade the avoid elemental ailments, proceed to step 5. If not revert to step 1
4) If you have to have 30-32% avoid elemental ailments as implicit, repeat step 3 until you upgrade it once again.
6) Once your avoid is at the proper tier, use t4 embers until you get an implicit you can live with, probably movement speed.
7) Spam deafening essence of loathing until you get another high tier resistance AND t1 flat or t1 % energy shield
8)If you have open prefixes, craft suffix cannot be changed. If you do not, use an eldrich annul AS LONG AS EATER is dominant. Your goal is to get the t1 defense mod alone. If you annul T1 defense, go back to step 7.
9) Now that you have t1 defense alone and have crafted suffixes can't be changed, aisling for a 50/50 chance to remove suffixes cant be changed. If this removes your t1 defense, back to step 7. DO NOT UNVEIL
10) Craft max mana on your item to block. NOW UNVEIL. hope for MS. If you unveil anything else, back to step 8. If you annul t1 defense, back to step 7.
11) If you hit MS, craft either flat or % ES and finish.


- Get a base-item-lvl 85
- Get first movementspeed or use essences of zeal for movementspeed.
- or use easy a fractured base
- or use essences of loathing to get starting with 35% ailment avoidances
- Add/ reroll 2x elemental resistances (or 1 and elemental ailments-avoidances. Lightning and fire suffix resistances when you use melding of the flesh. You can swap with purity of ice not needed cold- resistances later too in harvest to the element you prefer.
- Benchcraft 25% ailment avoidances.
- 23% ailment avoidances as implicit are crafted with greater eldritch itchors eater of world

- Add implicit lightning/ fire resistance with searing exarch itchors when needed or actionspeed
- To increase ailment avoidances further from t3 23% or t4 26% to t5 29%/ t6 to max 32% with 50/50% chance with orbs of conflict or reroll prefixes etc. Zizaran made a great eldritch-currency-crafting-video-guide:


Grimro is always great clipping too:





Crafting large clusters with 8 skills, 2 jewel slots:


You now have two choices.

Option #1: Expensive but expedient.

Buy any 8 passive cluster with riot queller from trade. Fill it with 4 mods by exalt slamming. Fracture the item, and hope you hit the 25% chance to hit riot queller. Average total cost of this is 17.2 divine.

Spam harvest reforge defense until you get veteran defender and any other notable.

Option #2: Alt-Regal for it.

Explanatory. Alt for riot queller. Imprint. Then aug until you get any suffix noteable. If you don't get it, restore and reimprint.

once you have both on your cluster, imprint again and then regal until you get the 3rd.


1. Spam alterations until you get (for example) Renewal and Call to the Slaughter.
2. (Optional) Imprint.
3. Regal for any suffix. If you get a prefix, scour and go back to step 1 (or step 2 if you used an imprint beast).
4. Augment fire with harvest to guarantee Raze and Pillage.

The cluster jewel need to be at least item level 68, and if it is below item level 84 then you will have more chances of getting Renewal and Call to the Slaughter from the first step.

Thanks to VahnNoa and LiQuss for the craftingguides!

Of course when you get other popular clusters before, sell them! There is a large market and a lot other combinations are very high priced traded. Craft further with a new cluster.

Large clusters adds 8 passive skills, 2 jewels slots
Rare Medium clusters adds 4 or 5 passive skills, 1 jewel slot
Rare small clusters adds 2 passive skills.

On Harvestbench you can exchange crafted cold elemental resis to fire/ lightning.

Crafting large Attackblock-Cluster

Thanks a lot to Kokiri_Boy for this clustercrafting-guide:


Basics of crafting are often the same for flasks, clusters, gear, when you craft without harvest or fossils.

Obtain the correct base item (flask, cluster, gear), with the correct stats like energyshield/ armour/ evasion, with the correct level (required level, often high levels), eventually with the correct eldritch / elder/ shaper/ conqueror influence, scoure orb it, max the quality.

Use a transmutation orb, you get a "magic" item.
Then Alterate it with alteration orbs until you get 2 fitting stats or with only 1 fitting stat improve with a augmentation orb. You can random regret one stat with orb of annulememt.


For many flask suffixes go then after to Einhar's menagerie / beastarena and beastcraft the flask against bleeding, freeze etc. Use flasks orbs for special situations like autotriggered uses or increased effects.

Crafted "magic" gear and clusters you improve instead with delve fossils or with regal orbs to "rare" ones. When you got a bad result, scoure them with a scoure orb and start again.

When you got nice results, you can decide to use an "imprint" at this stage.

The next craft further free empty prefixes/ suffixes with harvest, with exalted orbs or with Conqueror's/ Shaper/ Elder orbs or beastcraft aspects (cat/ spider/ etc.) in your menagerie if you want them somewhere added.

Next with blessed orbs you can try to maximise the random numbers of stats on the belt/ gloves/ boots etc.

Then at last go to your crafting bench and when you have empty modifiers add them to your item.

With "divine orbs" you can also max the random stats of "unique" gear like circle of nostalgia.

With blessed orbs you can max the first stat / implicit above the topline ________ above the list of prefixes, suffixes, gearpiecestats.

Corrupted gear you cannot craft, but you can change sockets/ links/ colours and anoint corrupted amulets.

Crafting gloves


Faster casting & slower projectiles

Base: fingerless silk gloves, es, requires lvl 80, shaper influence (red ico), 3.16 found in Lira Arthain, base:


It's only a 1 stat item. You never exalt a one stat item. At best you'll have 2 usable stats at the cost of a 142 chaos exalt, which is like 2k alterations. You'll roll the same 2 mods many times over with 2k Alts.

Scour it and keep alt spamming until you get 2 desirable stats, slower projectile + faster casting and then exalt the rest and craft stats like dex, increased energyshield or what you prefer.

Rare shaper/elder boots before [3.17]


Thanks to th3_m0le for some tipps of best boots and gloves!!

boots are rather easy. buy the elder base if one is on the market thanks to the new div card for item with elevated mod. bought the ones i used for 1ex. get some spaper influcenced boots either with t1 ele avoid plus another shaper mod from trade for maven orb slam or get a high level shaper sorcerer boots base and use perfect fossils for easy 30% quality.

use harvest reforge fire/cold more common on the boots until you hit t1 ele ailment avoidance plus another shaper mod and slam maven orbs until you got boots with only elevated avoid elemental ailment avoidance mod.

awakener orb the boots with the elder elevated increased duration onto the shaper boots and pray for a usable suffix or at least one free prefix.

if full suffixes and at least one free prefix craft suffixes cannto be changed and harvest reforge fire and hope you only get unaffected by burning ground as prefix - if you happen to hit some es mod along the way that's fine. craft suffixes cannot be changed and slam a t4 aisling and hope she replaces the crafted mod. craft some life mod before unveiling and get a movespeed to unveil. craft es, divine and be done.

gloves are not that difficult either. awakener orb some high level shaper or elder sorcerer gloves together with the other influence. mods don't matter at that point. perfect fossils for 30% quality when you're at it.
spam 2 slot resonators with aetheric/corroded until you hit faster casting/slower projectile/chance to poison and ideally a free prefix for an es craft. should not take that many tries (around 75 if memory serves right - check craftofexile for approximations)

Rare boots, increased duration


You need elder influenced (violet "+" ico) es-arcanist/ sorcerer-boots, best is required level 70 or 72, base:



Rare helmet


Nearby enemies have 9% reduced chaos resistances: Hunter suffix, abberant fossil (more chaos mods)

Crafting +1/ +2 all miniongems helmet [since 3.19]

Crafting +2 skillgemlevel triggerwand


Fossils needed:

Jagged Fossile
Shuddering Fossil
Corroded Fossil
Metallic Fossil

Prime Chaotic Resonator


A Convoking Wand with +1 to spells / 1+ to minions, an open suffix to do the Trigger craft. Anything else is basically gravy.
To "self craft" this: 4 socket resonator w/ Corroded, Shuddering, Jagged and Metallic fossils. Something like a 1 in 12 to hit the +1/+1, but usually without open suffix.
The +1/+1 is just to get the Herald to the tippinglevels of gem 28 / 31.

Crafting +2 amulet



Crusader amulet with +1 phys
Awakener Orb

NOTE: hold alt key to check mods on amulets. There must be only one influence mod!

Click on orb, click on one amulet to hold the mod, then click on second amulet to add mod. The orb will add influence mod and reroll other mod

Usable Clusters


You find a poe-tradelink in the shopping checklist. For some notables you have to adjust some passives or gear or pantheon like chills, shocks, ignites, blindings etc.


For megalomaniac clusters take for example:

Best Top Rank 1

Pure Agony (damage)

Top Rank 2


Sublime Form
Pure Guile (for jewel melding of the flesh)

Rank 3

100% ailment avoidances / 100% reduced ailment durations

Elegant form (ailment avoidance)
Flexible Sentry (reduced ailment duration + block/spellblock)

Rank 4

attackblock, spellblock, resistances for melding of the flesh

Conjured wall spellblock
mystical ward spellblock
enduring ward
second skin
viciuous guard
prodigiuous defences
magehunter spellblock
flexible sentry
one with the shield attackblock
rote reinforcement attackblock

veteran defender
sublime form
enduring composure

septic spells
wish for death

Rank 5

Energyshield etc.

Will shaper es
energy from naught es
openess es

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Explanations / Variations / Informations




21 is only half of the truth


21 - This is a legendary number of minions to trigger a lot of skills:

More millions - Max up your shields

Grace is the most easy way to get 70% evasion. Only 30% of hits reaches us. 100% of damage are evaded from hits. They are buffed with flasks and elusive up to 90/ with blindings in pure guile 95% and fullblock to 98.5% of hits dealing -0- damage.

These evaded hits multiply on top the capacities of 10000 damage taken of 70% dr molten shell and 4000 damage taken of 60% dr frost shield per sec to total reductions of practical millions and more against hits in damagepeaks.

There will be no one shot.

Max it up!


With "divergent sniper's mark", and/ or the cluster-notables "bodyguards" or "burden projection", 21 knockbacking and blinding bodyguards-minions push back the blind mob out of your frostshield.

You can also clean up fine your frostshield with a lionsroar flask for knockbacks to get 60% dr of frostshield.




Make Hatred, Not Grace - More damage


Sometimes you want to go and take the highway to damage and kick the mobs hard and fast.

If you want to raise your dps into the top of 25-90+ M shaper damage, add pure agony-clusters, climb more HoAg skill-gem-levels, add voices clusters for 65-85 virulences, add minion poisonchance and crawl with Uul Netov's Vol amulet or go as glascannon with The Squire shield.

Choose and path to:

- Use Triad grips, 4 white sockets and feast the full benefits of 100% chaosdamage
- With voices cluster you can improve to 65, 70 or even 85 virulences

--- More Poison ---

Kickstart on 60% poisonchance with the sword "united in dreams".
Use more voices-clusters or path for jewel-slots and stack 2-3 ghastly jewels "15% minion chance to poison on hit"
Use Despair and Temporal Chains as curses with arcanist brand or anomalous reckoning - hextouch support etc. triggered. Change out Sniper's Mark.

The amulet Uul Netov's Vol adds the 8th link to HoAg.
When you bear the mageblood-belt, use a Jade and an increased evasion flask-suffix or even a Stibniteflask/ Witchfire brew. You reach 15k evasion easy without the aura grace. Push out grace, use 2× circles of nostalgia or presage on the tree and change Aul's uprising to Uul Netov's amulet for 40% more damage.

--- More Damage with skillgem-levels ---

For more, more and more damage switch in your build increased HoAg gemlevels on your weapon and on your amulet.

When you raise HoAg up to tipping point level 29, the HoA's attackspeed increases 60-85%, 1% per virulence.

Or go for HoAg level 34 with:

- Chaos mastery +1

- or a +1 or ashes of the stars amulett ( "sublime form" and "self-control" on more small clusters enables replacing aul's uprising)

- or a rare +1/ +2 amulet

When you want still more:

+1 /+2 on alternative trigger wands, weapons or +3 cold iron point dagger are not full recommended.

Swap in 4 minions like anomalous skeletons with feeding frenzy linked cws for ascendancy's onslaught buff.
Skill anomalous withering step for 9 withers and 12 with ashes of the stars amulet.

--- More Damage with gear ---

The shield the Squire tripples and more the damage of the spiders.

Dual wielding Cold Iron Point Daggers +6 mounts up effective millions of damage.

These are best used in combination with the ascendancy 'bastion of hope' for blockings and meatshields like phantasms in spiders-supports when you miss shield 'aegis aurora' or aura 'grace'.

--- More Damage with more projectiles ---

- take awakened fork for more projectiles in blight, delve or delirium

- and / or the enchant "HoA fires more projectiles" featured by the alpha howl or additional manamanagement

--- More Damage with chain explosions ---

Nice effects of chain explosions are relaxing watched with "Asenath's Gentle Touch"-Gloves as variation in delve or high density. Combine them with the passives "spiritual aid".

--- More Arcade ---

For rampage, virulences and much fun try the gloves "Null and Void" in delves, blights or deliriums.

Collection Videos - Gloves & Belt Variations


"Null and Void"- Gloves in delves:



Full Delirium with Headhunter T18 beach, not optimal varied gear & skills:


"Asenath's Gentle Touch"-Gloves in Delve:


--- More Damage with support-minions ---


- A chaos golem buffs great feeding frenzy in boss-fights.

- A hungry loop is another possibility to get the fine feeding frenzy-buff and/ or a lot damage with frenzy charges (2 M) of carnage chieftains-spectres, other support spectres for curses etc. But the often nerfed spectres and support-minions die often too fast in bosses's aoe's.

Prepare a hungry loop ring for spectres, zombies or animate guardian, with supports like:

feeding frenzy / minion life / meat shield / empower / elemental army / withering touch

Perhaps anoint the amulet for +1 spectres with "death attunement" to get the onslaught-ascendancy-buff.

--- More Damage with headhunter ---

If you want another different playstyle and more lags, there is a curious variation for oneshotting the mobs with headhunter.
By you poisoned mobs killed count as killed by yourself and grant a lot damagefull and also defensive buffs.

--- More Damage with auras ---


Offensive Auras and Hatred with ee and/ or awakened generosity or are not recommended since [3.16.] :

- Change aul's uprising to "hatred reserves no mana" (or cheap "Replica Hyrri's truth") for added "hatred"
- change your Skin of the Lords' keynote to "Elemental Equilirium" and use only solely lightning, physical and chaos damage yourself
- link awakened generosity to hatred
- perhaps use "Hypothermia" switched into the HoA supports for cc freezes
- the "Grip of the Council" can be turned in interesting

- dread banner no longer offers much since [3.16]
- precision, aspect of spiders or skitterbots add a bit damage

- Best since [3.16]: (vaal) haste adds some M

Don't panic - More duration


You get more panicbuttons. After Vaal Discipline - so much energy-shield-recharge uninterrupted - and vaal grace 15% evasion you also get phasing and 10% more dodge in movement with withering step, which withers also for your withering spiders and herald of agony.

When you want to double and more the uptime of vaal-skills use the soul ripper-flask in maps. You can use your two vaalskills almost nonstop one after another if you want to.

You can buff your guardians also with in rare boots integrated increased duration. Or link in an increased-duration supportgem. Or buff vaal-discipline big with the reservation-mastery "Non-Curse Aura Skills have 50% increased Duration".

So you will get with the passives from your tree:
5 seconds vaal discipline, 6 seconds molten shell, 15 seconds vaal molten shell as back-up when molten shell's capacities are used. 10 seconds frostshield are triggered too almost every time– so minimum one cooldown is ready to start again when the other skills ended. In arenas you can spam all your 5 defensive skills synchron.

Harry Potter Senior & The Airforce 11 - More minions


When you like the Dementors, Shadows and Spirits, you will love the Phantasms:

Socket a Summon Phantasms- Support in your herald of agony-supports instead pierce. They make fine damage and as meatshield they absorb many hits, but are bad on bosses or fast killed by aoe-effects outside of your frost-shield and auras.

Also they profit maximal of "call to the slaughter's" more castspeed and your auras.

/ oneshotting the legion /

Raise your number of minions to unstoppable 32 with the supports:

Herald of Agony | Summon-Phantasms-Support | Awakened Minion Damage | Empower | Awakened void manipulation | vile toxins / predator / awakened fork

It's a build on its own best balanced for high density content of poe, use it with "blessed rebirth" on a cluster.


Add in skeletons and vaal skeletons to fill the screen with 50 and more minions. Use zombies in a hungry loop and skulls of "summon raging spirits" linked in your cwc and of the gloves enchant "of the grave" and 100 minions are in close reach.

Magic 77

A twin is born

Take a look into the twinbuild "Commander Longworm - The Magic Mana Minion Mass Summoner Summer Mix" for a screen filled with your swarm of 82 minions:


Pack of Purity - More melee


4 Heralds of Purity

Make some fast changes to the tail of agony and go for a ride with the gang of purity. Overall you loose max-damage, but you get in that place instead meatshields and against bosses longer damage-uptime. Focus on 100% chaos conversion and phantasms-supports.

Thank you again Vatinas!


----- Thank you Vatinas, from your guide I learned a lot of the managuardian- setup.
His build made this build possible. Thank you again! -----


To max up the melee purity build you need more red sockets. Phantasms are buffed extreme and add a lot clearspeed. Change in circle of guilts as HoP-rings and a HoP helmet-enchant. Take in different medium clusters featuring "blessed rebirth", "renewal" and also "disciples" instead "pure agony". When wanted switch to cyclone.

HoP - Phantasms - Empower - Awakened Multistrike - Awakened Minion Damage - Vile Toxins

Since the glancing-blows nerf the melee-mana-guardian-build is a bit less tanky but remain still very interesting and one of the best poe-builds I ever played.

Even when the purity-heralds are great minions, I think the agonyherald is clearing (around 2-3x) much faster overall in maps.
I personally prefer and love the better tankyness, the hybrid and ranged attacking and more layers of defences of this arachnophil build.
I switched to HoA-Crawler because of more possible specialisations with clusters and skills.

- HoA vs HoP -

==》 stats and styles of different Heralds- and Managuardianbuilds are shown in a chapter on page 50.

More mines

Whispers of doom - More curses


Use whispers of doom, next to the CI-keystone, to use 2 curses and also 20% poisonchance of the curse-mastery.

When you like to try three and more curses, change a ring to the Anathema
Moonstone Ring or your boots to Wiendshrieks or enjoy the gloves Vixens Entrapement.

Take Despair for best and overall damage or before white triad grips vulnerability.

Take Punishment or Temporal Chains and trigger it in your cws when you want to.

Take enfeeble to get even more tanky-tanky-tanky in maps.


Atlas Tree [3.17], League-Content


Useful for the build:

1. Maven (awakened gems)
2. Heist (Gems)
3. Delve (Aul's uprising)
4. Temple Alva & betrayal (white socketed triad grips)
5. Essences (boots)


1. SIRUS is easy to farm with a Skin of the Lords Iron Reflexes and molten shell all his attacks are easy to facetank

2. UNENDING HUNGER: Regret divine shield, he debuffs extreme armour and regeneration with "corrosive hunger" when you don't kill him fast enough.

Bossing + Sinletarget / Mapping + High Density


You can specialize fast some supports, skills and gear:

Singletarget (Bossing)

Multistrike spiders

Vile Toxins
or Default Pierce
Sniper's mark

Storm Burst
for movement: Storm Brand with Runebinder

High Density (Blight, Delve, etc.)

Divergent/ Awakened melee splash spiders

Awakenend Fork
Awakened Chain
Anomalous Pierce
Despair / other Hexes
Frostwall cws

Ball-Lightnings with watcher's eye es on hit with discipline
Storm Brands
Anomalous Tempest Shield

Asenath's Gentle Touch Gloves

Fullblock vs Glacing blows

Bastion of hope vs Time of need


In endgame we mainly build up evasion and spellblock without glancing blows for close to trippled ehp.

Fullblock vs Glancing blows

Damagereductions fullblock:

(50-)60% attackblock +75% spellblock /2 × 100% damagereduction = average 6750% dr
with bastion of hope 2/ 5 sec 15%= 9% more/2 average= 7150 dr and more continious attackblock 2/5 sec

- in maps a rumi's concotion flask caps your blockings up to 75% easy, only bossing you do not get capped blockings

- fullblock raises 250% the capacities of your molten shell and frostshield in damagepeaks (like full delirium-maps or deep delve)

Damagereductions Glancing blows:

75% attackblock /75% spellblock /2 × 35% damagereduction = average 2625% dr, but 7-12% more es/ block

Advice: in 3.16 with nice blockclusters and masteries use fullblock with 200% more average damagereductions of course!

Time of need vs Bastion of Hope

Time of need

+ Most important: you don't need cwdt and can use cws
+ 80% permament curseresistances is huge in cursed mapmods and frees up a bottle-suffix
+ each 4 seconds 2.5k es regenerations (equal to 7.5% es-reg average) is great too

Bastion of Hope

- Most important: stun-immunities raises from 60% to 100%: these forces us to prefer cwdt over cws - a huge downside as CI, cws is much better to use full level 20 frostshield (20-39% damagereductions, 4k/es sec) and sniper's mark autotriggered
+ You get 2% attackblock on the transferpoint
+ You get average 8-13% more attackblock
+ You can switch in 2 passives more because of 10% spellblock triggered

A good bastion of hope set-up is:

Bastion of Hope instead Radianth Faith (500-600 es less)

storm burst (lvl1) - (awakened) cast while channeling (lvl5) + divergent frostshield (lvl 21) - (anomalous) ball-lightnings (lvl 1)

Cwdt instead Cws

Anomalous Cwdt lvl 4 - Void sphere - Sniper's mark - Divergent Storm Brand (with runebinder)

Iron reflexes instead ghost Dance on Skin of the lords

(no evasion, more divine shield and es/ block and armour)

Free skills fullgeared / skill alternatives


Fit in all skills (movement, curse, increased duration) of the spoiler "gear, skills, links" and like in the pob.

When you are full geared with additional spellblocksources on clusters or shield or watcher's eye, granted skills on aegis aurora, additional sources of integrated "increased duration" on rare boots, etc. or more free slots obtained like listed in the spoiler "skillmanager", or when you have a b-i-s watcher's eye, b-i-s megalamana clusters etc. it's possible that you have 1 up to 3 free skillslots in endgame.

Then you can choose what you prefer or take in:

- phase run for movementspeed (no blink cooldown, mousebutton 1 automatic triggered on movement)
- anomalous reckoning blocks debilations on your encounters for 10% less dealing damage
- shield charge, in rare boots with both increased duration and fortify integrated, to move and get in delves fortify buff (or cyclone, a bit faster and better aoe, to get fortify buff)
- stone golem (taunt, meat shield)
- withering step (speed, dodge, phasing, faster mapping with damage of withers)
- zombies, spectres (carnage chieftains, curse bots, etc.), summon holy relic, golem or animate guardian in a hungry loop, with supports like meat shield (taunt s also) and/ or feeding frenzy, defensive Felder with empower, fortify, minion life, elemental army for exxample

More possibilities:

- holy relic (regeneration) for defences, if possible linked to feeding frenzy for a big boost of damage
- enlighten for better manamanagement
- sigil of power
- tempest shield 25% spellblock
- void sphere
- a different amulett anoint or helmet enchant

When you also have enough mana with clusters etc. take in additional budget auras like:

- vitality (regeneration)
- defiance banner (10% mana) (taunt) for defences
- dread banner (10% mana) (7% damage, impales) or precision (4% damage) for damage
- aspect of the cat or spider or crab skill (25% mana) added on belt for example
- arctic armour (25% mana) is worth a try also

Holy relic linked to feeding frenzy is for damage best when you have 2 free slots or want to balance defensive skillslots into offensive skills.

In theory set-ups like spectres in a hungry loop (frenzy charges 1M more damage, enfeeble curses 17% damagereductions), Animate guardian or Zombies in hungry loop, or tempest shield (spellblock) or added curses (windshriek boots, punishment etc.) are more options, but have downsides also.

More variants

Precision, Dread Banner, Aspect of the spider, etc.

to be edited...

Rallying Cry: 0.5 % damage crawler, 4 % spiders

Aspect of the spider: hinder x% damage

Enduring cry: physical dot- resistances

Taunting totem: taunt

Void sphere: some virulences

Tempest shield: 25% spellblock


HoA gelevels and damage

Virulences and Damage

More Explanations jewel "The Golden Rule"


The skin of the lords 3.16 change will give us:

21 Base Gem HoA or b.i.s. lvl 21 divergent HoA

+ 3 Empower Lvl 4
+ 2 Skin of the Lords
+ 2 Empower skin of the lords
+ 1 Awakened Minion Damage

That is: 29

30 If we add awakened added fire damage.
(3.15 we where at 26.)

26 > 27 ~ 11% more damage
27 > 28 ~ 22% more damage (because of the 11% more damage per virulence instead of 10%)
28 > 29 ~ 11% more damage
29 > 30 ~ 11% more damage
30 > 31 ~ 31% more damage!!

From 26 > 29 is already 50% more damage. 26 > 31 and we DOUBLE!! our damage.

Raising spiders

Raising the Herald of Agony

Summon the spiders & scorpion


Raise spiders with 2x desecrate, 1x writhing jar, 1x stormbrand/ frostblink

Or 2x desecrate, 1× stormbrand, 1x writhing jar

You need corpses and a kill by yourself to raise spiders. The corpses you create with desecrate. Then you open your writhing jar and kill the worms on top of the desecrated corpses (with storm brand or frostblink, see "blizzard") This raises 20 spiders, often only 18 or sometimes less, because your worms, your aoe-damage and the corpses are not at the same places and the first raised spiders kill the second worm (or Einhar, your scorpion, heist-members etc.). Then just raise them a second time or in maps you will get full 20 after some kills. Or take in icenova with 360* aoe, but it's not recommended, only when you have problems even after practising to raise the spiders try it out.

To raise the scorpion Mr. Shortlegged you need:

1) added physical or added chaos damge (from ring circle of nostalgia, or while levelling from jewel or lesser poisonsupport)

2) chance to poison, poison support (or while levelling lesser poison support, cobra lash, toxic arrows etc.)

3) activated herald of agony buff (green fist symbol)

When you don't have enough mana to activate the buff, take a look at the spoiler "manamanagement" and also just there additional mana-reductions

4) get virulences: hit mobs with ball-lightning, the mobs get poisoned, the crawler raises out of the dirt automatic.

Let the beast stitch it spicy!



11 mill shaper damage / 240 mill. mapping-damage
15 mill shaper damage / 350 mill. mapping-damage

Videos max damage:

Magic 77

The Arachnophil 100

Harry Potter Senior

Mana Minion Mass Summoner Mix MMMMAAA


1 scorpion, 5 Zombies, 6 Skeletons, 11 spiritful Phantasms, 20 spiders, 37 Vaal skeletons

You want a masssummoner but this time not as a necro?

77 minions are not enough, you prefer 80? Or 100?

Here we go with the MMMAAA,

The Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars proudly presents the Manamasssummonermix Edition Magic 77:

A twinbuild with some smaller changes is under construction and in development.

Take a look into "The magic 77 - Mana Minion Mass Summoner Mix" for an impressing swarm:


If you go for Best-in-slot:

Anomalous summon skeletons with maim support and feeding frenzy buffs the best. Perhaps you get also "skeletal atrophy" on a cluster for some more fast wither debuffs.

Hungry loop with minion life, fortify and meat shield offers an almost unkillable, for 10% damagereduction taunting, very effective shielding zombieclub.

When you want the mobs around you in slow-motion, there is a possibility on the belt jewel for minions to hinder with spells for the sweet phantastic beasts which stacks with chills and maim support and also with temporal chains.

Challenge 100: try to fit in on top dominating blow with faster attacks for 13 added warriors and word of the graves as gloves enchant. An arachnophil army of 100 on xxx legs is reachable!

"Harry Potter Senior"
Guardian Mass Summoner- Edition
Scorpions & spiders & spirits
32 minions

(part 2, oneshotting the legion)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-eDG-hIuDc (barrows)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ6LirFj60w (city square)

More Manamasssummonermix AAA-Edition:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3gjQcqxaso (part 1)


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Added explanations

- HoA vs HoP -

Stats and styles of different
Heralds- and Managuardianbuilds


Spartan1407 wrote:
just wanted to ask is there much difference in survivability and clear speed between Vatinas spiders HoP build and this version?

- In clear speed the HoA has 5-7 long ranged 4x splitting (or for blight maps also forking projectiles) hitting 20 up to 70 targets with each projectile hitting for 7 M and more.

- The Hop has 4-5 melee minions, no splash, only slam with cooldown, each HoP slams with around 1.4 M.

- HoA has 100-200% aded movement speed, HoP slow cyclone

This build reaches fullgeared 7.6 k es, buffed 3.1 k es on block, uses with armour+ es mastery powered up wicked ward and divine shield.

The HoP build offers 7.1 k es and buffed 1.8k es/ block.

HoP offers better meatshields and moving of cycloning, in all other stats HoA build offers more defences and much more damage.

More detailed stats 3.14:

1) 70000 armour of Vatinas build of HoP against 140000 armour this HoA/ The Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars. This is important for some big physical hits. Here HoP don't have enough armour for big hits (see poewiki for armours dimishing returns. 140000 Ar of HoA is fitting much better with often 40% more physical damage reduction than only 70000 Ar).

2) 1400 against 2800 es/ block - HoA recovers faster and in damagepeaks much better

3) HoA is better scaleable for high damage with pure agony and virulences and 15 witherstacks, HoP offers only reduced cooldowns on medium clusters for their attacks.

4) HoP Sentinels dies often and must be raised again, it has also in melee range a lot of downtimes - HoA raised earlier with ranged attacks, and the crawler has much more area of damage with his long ranged projectiles also. You can scale up with 55-60 virulences easy against a small loss of added quality of life on one medium cluster or without double curses. Then the Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars reach 3 mill. damage more as a typical HoP set-up. With cyclone you can move in small melee range, with spellecho of this Arachnophilia HoA build you have enough ball-lighnings everytime on the screen, but you have to stand 0.3 seconds to cast 2 of them. So cyclone is a bit smoother in movement.

5) HoA has with pierce support and helmet enchant much more, minimum around 4 times more total damage on mobs like in delve, blight, delirium, rituals or other high density areas. Count 4 x dps in mapping with it's tail projectilesattack (it is the HoA Standard attack with no cooldown) and pierce support and helmetenchant offers another 2x projectiles. HoP charge and slam attacks have cooldowns and only a small area of damage and no longe range. HoP offers no splash, only small melee area of damage and no pierce.

(For better comparing with equal defences of both builds count "hatred" in place of it's defensive "grace" for HoA in: 11-13 mill. total shaper- damage. HoP cannot obtain more auras because of not enough reduced manareservation. HoP must change gear, lower it's HoP-supports, change around 7 passives and use a different annoint to get more mana for another set-up. HoA has the possibility to switch in a second Circle of Nostalgia for more mana and dps and 8 up to 14 mill. damage shaper- singletarget damage and looses only frostwall for around 10.5 mill. damage or one Quality of life-skill and two passives (like raze and pillage or rotten claws) for around 12.9 mill. shaper-damage and 160 mill. mapping-damage.)

HoP is in single target around equal or around 10% increased damage, but only when The Arachnophobiacs are using their most defensive setup with 2-3 x more ehp than the HoP. The HoP movement is 60% slower and has less damageuptimes (first you have to reach melee the target with it cycloning). HoA can also change pierce if it is wanted for better singletarget, switch ring or support with hatred or freeding frenzy, but scaling more virulences stacks are recommended for raising damage in this build.

6) The weak spots like degens, aoe and not blockable hits are equal and are the same in both builds. HoA has in his setup an additional sulphurflask for the cooldowns of time of need and vaal discipline.
And of course don't forget numbers and factors of total damage taken, multiple mapmods, crits, etc. :

The more dodge, vaal grace, pantheon, evasion, phasing, overcapped resistances when you are debuffed and doublecurse (when you choose a defensive second one) of the allstars are not only a bit better than the very, very fine build of Vatinas, to reduce total damage taken:

For example you get often multiples damagetypes and sources, degen and hits or aoe at the same time of one boss or one mob and you have to count the total damage taken in these encounters and moments. And here the Agonyca Allstars are shining and charming hot with double and tripple ehp for all damage types.

7) I don't want forget two advantages of HoP in ehp and defence here at this comparing the tails and arms:

-the Sentinels can take damage as meat shield and can taunt. But only melee and they die fast in some encounters, maps and bosses and there are some disadvantages in playstyle as wrote before and in the build of the allstars spoiler "HoP". So for example HoP have also to deal with chained projectiles and so this advantage is in some other situations very dangerous.
When HoA takes Summon Phantasms-Support in the Allstars have 11 taunting and hindering and meatshielding Phantasms-minions too.

- you can move while cycloning. But as said before, for hard bosses the 2 possibilties of HoA's hybrid style: melee and ranged raising the Herald, is best to deal with high lvl 10x maven invitations, shaper, ueberatziri etc.) and with HoA you can easy switch to cyclone also. The Agonyca Allstars are able to stand outside high damage areas of bosses and stack the virulences ranged. Old HoP must cyclone melee in these damagepeaks.
When the Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars take "storm brand" in they obtain almost the same freedom of movement and still don't need to to move into melee distance.

8) Fortify's 20% damagereduction of melee HoP is a minimum of 50% weaker compared against HoA divergent frost shield 30% dr and it's 60% dr against ranged attacks, and the added chill effect of frost shield results in -15 % attackspeed of melee mobs.
Combined with bodyguards/ knockback frostshield's 60% dr get very often op, and much better than fortify's 20% dr.
And also HoP has to attack and hit to trigger fortify, frostshield is triggered also ranged on stun and block and don't need to hit or attack.

9) Other managuardian builds get into problems when their molten shell, guardian skill or vaal discipline is in cooldown - the Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars start then with their dodge and spelldodge of vaal grace and withering step for these cooldowns.

10) HoP is missing phasing, elusive, evasion, dodge, soul of solaris, vaal grace, overcapped resistances, double curses, movement speed and some more layers of defences and synergies of defences etc.


Total the Arachnophobia Allstars have double and tripple ehp against all damagetypes with their 17 walls of defences, and against physical damage quadruple ehp.

You have circa 4× more multipletarget damage and 3x more mappingspeed and 2x more substain / es on block. You loose around 5% singletarget but you can easy balance your damage up if you want to.

(see spoiler "Index of defences", see Path of Building for ehp)

- HoA vs HoA -

Stats and styles of different/ older
Herald of Agony builds


Monik390 did a 3.16 gemswapping cyclone stormburst -variant, glancing blows


Interesting to see the HoA here in a variation of the set-up and gear of The Arachnophobia Allstars! Arachnophilia!

Ehp / defences / damage

Around one-third of the ehp and defences are reached with the interpretation, so it's a bit squishy with only 35% damagereductions of glancing blows .

Tripple the ehp and 2-4 M more damage are overall reached with The Arachnophobia Allstars Fullblock editions.

To take a closer look and to compare the ups and downs, stats, gear and skills - here are the differences of the build of the Allstars-build and monik390's duplicate listed:


Damage / Pob

Some more millions damage with more damageuptime are reached with a bit more investments into generating needed virulences-buff for the HoA-skill are choosen with the Allstars-build. The optimized pathing can choose with the minion-mastery the huge buff of Unholy might or instead singletarget increased buffed spirit offerings if prefered, that are another 2-4M more damage than monik390's variation deals. The Arachnophobia Allstars also reach up to 6-10M more damage with better generating continuous virulences, more damageuptime with moving aoe's of ball-lightnings and/ or thrown stormbrands with runebinder.

To mention beside: with the equal watcher's eye count in that the Allstars generate quadruple and more es/ on hit on top for more tankyness and substain.

Gemswaps and channeling of stormburst


Storm burst has in gameplay a lot interruptions when you need to start moving. Monik390 tries to use gemswaps to lower this downside.

When the gemswaps and stormburst are not too much disturbing and the interruptions and lesser movement and damageuptimes of channeling are okay, it's an interesting variation fitting for simulacrums!

Blocks / Evasion


It offers 80% (instead easy possible 95%) evasion, so it takes 75% more hits with his low possibilities of the choosen passives, boots and belt.


Why do you place both molten shell and frostshield on the same cooldown?

You really want to stack both skills at once? Really sure?
Why not choose double uptime? The dr of one shield or shell is more than enough.

Keystones bodyarmour


They are already since 3.16 manifesto and patchnotes ranked in the introduction and gear section of the Allstars-build:

Ghost dance is best for highstacked Scourges with a lot ranged spellhits and elemental spellhits of Maven.

Iron Reflexes remains far best against Sirus, Shaper, in Delve and against other physical damage dealers.



The Allstars switch in despair as second curse for 4M more damage in simulacrum-waves etc.. The sniper's mark curse alone in your set-up is only marking 1 singletarget in your set-up and not the waves. The Alllstars prefer 2 curses (or have 4 free passives for other damage or defences).

Do you really always selfcast spirit offering and sniper's mark?



To use the crystalbelt of monik390's interpretation you need the 50% skillreservations for resistances of purity of elements mandatory, it's an interesting choice with some hard downsides - like 65% more damage taken of glancing blows in your pathing.



Double uptime of molten shell and vaal skills are included with increased duration in the boots of the Allstars take also less than half of the hits with the possibilities of the stygian vise belt (or are substaining double es/ block and double physical damagereductions to facetank Sirus A9 or against critting shaperslams.
The stampede's low stats and defences are switched out because of glascannonstyle in harder mods and they are capped to low 50% movementspeed compared to 90%-190% movementspeed used by the allstars.



Don't forget you need mandatory to stay always "nearby" to the bosses with the rare hunter-helmet in your set-up.
Ranged attacking is not possible for it's nearby buff as well as with cyclone of course too.

Eber's unification buff in the build of the Arachnophobia Allstars is automatic triggered with ball-lightnings, movementskills and with better range as the rare helmet of this build here. You don't need to stand "nearby" and the buff is not needed permament like in this build, only need to autotrigger it each 12 seconds.

Purity of elements


The allstars use 80% ailments-immunities on ring and clusters-implicits. For 100% they take in one stat on boots or one small cluster or jewel militant faith.

Fullblocks with 100% damagereduction (and almost double uptime of 70% dr molten shell, vaal grace and 15% more uptime of 30% dr frostshield and raise spiders and some more) are prefered instead 20% ailments-immunities of monik390's 50% mana used purity of elements suggestions.

Originality of skills


When I counted correct you changed 1 skill (stormburst) and 1 aura (purity of elements instead fullblock).

Storm burst is taken by monik390 also as a revival and copy from the angryroleplayer's 3.11-3.14 HoA guide and from elatycs and erigol07's nice posts and idea.

When you publish a complete copy, perhaps you should mention it.


Sorry to be honest - and to call out straight the elephant in the room - you wrote a simply copy. Thank you not. Lol. 😉

One-third ehp, gemswaps, some millions less damage and less skill-uptimes are low results in your duplicate.
Your interpretation balances into 65% lower damagereductions also in endgame.

To quote monik390...


Quoted from top of monik390's duplicate:

"What's the difference between the 2 guides:"

✔️ Chromino goes for a full block. I’m using Glancing Blows. ### ... like in the allstars gb-edition for gearing up
✔️ Chromino prefers self-casting. I’m using cast while channeling with 2 different gems for mapping/bossing. Cyclone mapping, yes way. ### ... like in the melee-setup of the allstars
✔️ His build is tankier. Mine does more damage. ### monik390's build is dealing some millions less damage...
✔️ Chromino offers multiple variations and alternatives. I’m not. ### you do too. lol 😉
✔️ He suggests the build as a league starter. I’m not. ### I suggest it's fine useable as leaguestarter. Not number one, but following as 2. or 3. in the guardian ascendancy with minions.
✔️ His mega-thread has a huge history over multiple leagues and is detailed about everything. I have no time for that. ### ...because this way you have more time to copy other guides I guess?

I know that the build "The Arachnophobia Allstars" is copied in other forums, but that it is copied right in the same forum is new for me too.

I tried monik's set-up and then I decided against his features because it's not optimized.

Monik390's setup is nice when you like cycloning, gemswaps and when tankyness is not so important to you. It's copied too.

So yes, like you write, we have different views.
You did a copy with some tipps and suggestions.

I love the older 3.10 HoA build of HitmanTb and Shadowtitan, I played it a lot and it remains in offensive aspects of damage fine:



But which are the differences to my build The Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars?

- Herald of Agony got heavy nerfed in 3.9. The new build 3.13 of the allstars takes in the spiders of arakaali's fang for more damage and much faster mapping and map-clearing damage.

- Molten shell cooldowns got nerfed. The older build relies a lot on hard nerfed high energyshield too. The Allstar-Team take in vaal grace and frostshield for the cooldowns of molten shell and aegis aurora with max armour and es/ block for much higher substain and ehp.

- Spectres, feeding frenzy, maim support got heavy nerfed. The older build is not optimized like it was in 3.9.

- the spectres of the older build are dying often in heavy boss-encounters.

- The witherstacks of spiders are now best-in-slot and is a debuff which works on curseresistance bosses too.

- the spiders are minimum 12 seconds up and are immortal, you don't have to attack to raise the crawler and have them as a second source of fast damage. They offer around 1-2 mill. more damage. Their agressive ai is in mapping very fast and they clean all the screen alone.

- the allstars take in anointed flesh, so their ailments immunities don't depend on flasks like in the older build.

- the allstars reserve a medium cluster and 2 skills for QoL like much more movementspeed.

- With the allstars you loose some gemlevels of the triggerwand or the cold iron point dagger. BUT you get 45% / 90% more damage of 15 wither stacks triggered by spiders, damage of spiders and damage uptime when you do not ball-lightnings too with spiders and of course the millions of damage of spiders alone.

- With the grace and/ or iron reflexes/ other keynotes you loose a bit damage of the very expensive +1 skin of the loyals, but you get with these top defences of 600k ehp of the allstars the possibilities to go for full damage on large and all other clusters. Overall you get 1 - 7 millions more shaper-damage with the allstars.

- only with 60-70 virulences (... this means mirrors of kalandra for best-in-slot void clusters) you can scale the damage of the old build equal and you can do the same with the allstars without problems. Substaining high stacks of virulences got nerfed. In single-target-situations the new allstars have more damage with their spiders and withers.

- the allstars have overcapped 90% physical damage reduction and overcapped elemental resistances added. Their high armour offers much more pdr on big hits.

- the allstars are shining with much improved and optimized defences. 400% more Ehp comparing to the old build is top and op and the substain is much, much higher too (see path of building). Frostshield is still not counted in for 20% more ehp facetanking.

- the allstars can vary more for special bosses and situations with a cws setup for permament virulences of void sphere for example.

- their 75% block/ spellblock is not depending on flasks uptime like in the older build

- they can also vary better with their large clusters and with their 2 curses of whispers of doom

- the trading and crafting for the +2 triggerwand of the older build is very expensive. The +2 bodyarmour of the older build to scale up the HoA damage is almost mirror-currency-gear often. Getting the gear for the allstars is much cheaper. To max the allstars-gear can be expensive too, but it offers much more variants

Drawbacks of the allstars:

- you have one flask less because of the mandatory reserved writhing jar (... but the spiders offers also damage-uptimes without ball-lightnings / virulences and continuoreliable 15 withers and blindings)

- you have to raise sometimes the spiders and press the flask and frostblink / nova-skill to summon them

- spectres meatshield some damage in maps but also hurts with chained projectiles

- 15% less energyshield of the allstars hurts against dot and degen, but is balanced out with much more ehp and es on block beside vaal discipline and bottled faith


You win 400% more ehp and circa 4x more substain es/ on block, but you have around 15 % less damage. You can easy scale your damage up with hatred instead grace and still have much more ehp and more es/ block.

(see spoiler "Index of defences", see Path of Building for ehp)

Alternate gemqualities for different setups in the variants of this build


- You loose damage with "Divergent withering Touch", but get faster 15 withers. Both works almost equal. I would advice overall to the ordinary gem.
- Divergent melee splash support: more splash damage: nice with hydrosphere?

- Anomalous summon skeletons for make hatred, not grace set-ups (Minions can't be Damaged for 1.5 seconds after being Summoned)

- Divergent generosity for hatred-setup (more aoe that spiders get the aura too when attacking distant mobs)
- Anomalous cast while Chanelling - more attackspeed (cyclone support alternative)
- Anomalous hypothermia support in hatred or chill-setups (increased chance to freeze, HoA alternative)
- Impale Support, Attacks have 10% increased Impale Effect, Anomalous Supported Attacks have 10% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit
Divergent Supported Skills have 5% chance to inflict an additional Impale on Enemies they Impale (HoA support alternative)
- Divergent Vulnerability - chance to maim
- Anomalous Void Sphere (cws alternative)- 40% reduced Skill Effect Duration, 40% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate
Divergent vicious projectiles supports - less damage than awakened vicious projectiles, but chance to impale (with impale support in setup recommended for singletarget)

- Divergent Withering step (20% chance not to remove Buff on Skill use) will not help much because we use often and fast skills.

More variants

Precision, Dread Banner, Aspect of the spider, etc.

to be edited...

Precision: + 7% damage crawler, 10 % spiders

Rallying Cry: 0.5 % damage crawler, 4 % spiders

Dread banner: crawler + 7% damage, 1 impales 3% damage

Aspect of the spider: hinder x% damage

Vitality: es-regeneration

Enduring cry: physical dot- resistances

Taunting totem: taunt

Void sphere and tempest shield: automatical triggered virulences



To be edited: attackblockclusters

1 Added Passive Skill is Aerialist
1 Added Passive Skill is Antifreeze
1 Added Passive Skill is Battle-Hardened
1 Added Passive Skill is Bodyguards
1 Added Passive Skill is Burden Projection
1 Added Passive Skill is Call to the Slaughter
1 Added Passive Skill is Capacitor
1 Added Passive Skill is Clarity of Purpose
1 Added Passive Skill is Conjured Wall
1 Added Passive Skill is Darting Movements
1 Added Passive Skill is Disease Vector
1 Added Passive Skill is Disorienting Display
1 Added Passive Skill is Dragon Hunter
1 Added Passive Skill is Eldritch Inspiration
1 Added Passive Skill is Elegant form
1 Added Passive Skill is Enduring Composure
1 Added Passive Skill is Energy From Naught
1 Added Passive Skill is Evil Eye
1 Added Passive Skill is Exploit Weakness
1 Added Passive Skill is Fasting
1 Added Passive Skill is Fire Attunement
1 Added Passive Skill is First Among Equals
1 Added Passive Skill is Flexible Sentry
1 Added Passive Skill is Genius
1 Added Passive Skill is Hibernator
1 Added Passive Skill is Insulated
1 Added Passive Skill is Invigorating Portents
1 Added Passive Skill is Liquid Inspiration
1 Added Passive Skill is Mage Hunter
1 Added Passive Skill is Mindfulness
1 Added Passive Skill is Molten One's Mark
1 Added Passive Skill is Mystical Ward
1 Added Passive Skill is Non-Flammable
1 Added Passive Skill is Openness
1 Added Passive Skill is Peace Amidst Chaos
1 Added Passive Skill is Powerful Ward
1 Added Passive Skill is Practiced Caster
1 Added Passive Skill is Precise Commander
1 Added Passive Skill is Prismatic Carapace
1 Added Passive Skill is Prismatic Dance
1 Added Passive Skill is Prodigious Defence
1 Added Passive Skill is Pure Agony
1 Added Passive Skill is Pure Guile
1 Added Passive Skill is Purposeful Harbinger
1 Added Passive Skill is Raze and Pillage
1 Added Passive Skill is Readiness
1 Added Passive Skill is Renewal
1 Added Passive Skill is Replenishing Presence
1 Added Passive Skill is Rotten Claws
1 Added Passive Skill is Savour the Moment
1 Added Passive Skill is Scintillating Idea
1 Added Passive Skill is Second Skin
1 Added Passive Skill is Self-Control
1 Added Passive Skill is Septic spells
1 Added Passive Skill is Shifting Shadow
1 Added Passive Skill is Spring Back
1 Added Passive Skill is Stalwart Commander
1 Added Passive Skill is Stubborn Student
1 Added Passive Skill is Thaumophage
1 Added Passive Skill is Uncompromising
1 Added Passive Skill is Untouchable
1 Added Passive Skill is Veteran Defender
1 Added Passive Skill is Vicious Bite
1 Added Passive Skill is Will Shaper
1 Added Passive Skill is Winter Prowler
1 Added Passive Skill is Wish for Death
1 Added Passive Skill is Wizardry

For summon phantasms supports: Blessed rebirth

Variation rare boots, 3x pure agony, sniper mark



This league you decided to not go as a necro again? You prefer long necks, arachnophil tendencies and shellhard managuardianarmour?

The roles of our army are splitted, our tactical offences are well balanced out in 5 divisions of force:

Artillerie & Commander: the herald of agony is our boss-assasin-sniper and offers 3-10 millions- shaper - damage solo.

Pioniers and Cavalry: 20 spiders. We will not lie about, sorry for our other friends, but the tiny 8 legged ones have a bit more ai and are so curious about mobs and maps, that they run highspeed in each corner to clean up. 2 mill. shaper-damage.

Air Force 11: This swarm of flying spirits & shadows are our kings of the winds. They will sum up on 1.5 mill shaper-damage. Best for mapping, but hard to substain and fast killed in some bossing's aoe's.

Infantry: 6 skeletons

Heavy Infantry: 6 Zombies are sacrificed to be our meat shield and cannon fodder. RIP. Sorry for the undead friends.

I started in the older than a templar blight league with the famos stags soulwrestler build as a good map cleaner with easy not 6 links needed soulwrest. Because this build died often in physical damage, I fitter in a Brassen Dome, the aura grace, and a conversion of damage taken to chaos damage with a timeless jewel. I loved the minionstyle because you can look earlier and because of the Action of the swarm.

In the Leage 3.12 I exiled to the guardianascendany and loved the heralds skills because of their targeting the enemy and guiding your herald through the fights.

Vatinas HoP build offered so much fun. But cycloning and whirling is not my prefered playstyle, so I switched again to the Herald of Agony which is best raised with ball-lightnings. Working on a long build about with a lot of fun I mappen often with summon phantasms-support and discussed this also in some threads. The synergies with HoA were too close, too strong, too large and too charming, sorry, I had to write my second path of exile build and guide. Sorry, too often it is copying passages of my build "The Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars" and it is based in many gear slots on Vatinas "HoP", but it has another central goal: magic 77 minions

Speaker of the dead:


Stag's soulwrestler build

Posted by

Hi Chromino,

congratulations and big thanks for this awesome build.
I have played until lvl 93 so far and having a blast.

I would also like to make some contribution to the build as I have adapted minor
things to suit my playstyle. Those may come in handy for others as well:

Storm Brand/Storm Burst as a Ball Lightning Alternative - more free Support Slots
I personally don't like ball lightning. I have replaced it entirely with Storm Brand in my gloves for AOE/Mapping (much smoother as it is detached). In Ultimatum challenges for example it still reaches 55 herald stacks easily due to aoe hits/chaining (golden rule assumed).
As I have added Culling support on one of the free sockets this not only gives me ~10% more damage for the harder mobs but also makes writhing jar pretty much obsolete (except for longer bosses/smoother map start).

On Bosses I use Storm burst - even without any further support-gems or storm brand this suffices to reach 55 herald stacks when focussing the boss. Drawback is, you have to stand still and channel (usually not a problem with frost shield in this build).


Thanks a lot to Grimjack68!

Jack did the for minions difficult "burtok challenge" in the ritual league with the following steps:

"Just used this to beat the Burtok challenge... kill him while he's bleeding and you are affected by bone roil. Such a pain in the rump.

The things I had to switch out:
- Helmet to Speaker's Wrath
- Pull Raze and Pillage off the jewel (can't have ignite)
- Swapped HoAgony for HoPurity
- Put in a Flame dash for movement
- Removed the dagger to disable spiders
- Socketed Vulnerability curse
- 2 writhing jars
- Minor pantheon to Ryslatha

I cleared the map first with the usual setup, then used this just for the boss.

With only physical damage from the HoP, and no firing at the boss myself, Speaker's wrath helm prevents him from dying. Takes a while to grind him down to zero health, but with Flame dash you can bounce out of his bone roil so there's no real risk of dying.

You'll have to hit your writhing jars and frost nova to re-summon your sentinels a few times. Do this away from the boss, so you don't accidentally hit him with anything and kill him at the wrong time.

Once he's at zero life, wait for him to cast bone roil, dash into it, and manually cast vulnerability on him. Now there's a chance for the sentinels to cause bleed, and he'll pop instantly when this procs.

Then put all your gems and gear back to normal and move on with your life. Try to forget all about this challenge and how badly it sucked.

Full disclosure: I bought 15 Necropolis maps for this, and I blew this 7 times before I actually got it, each time learning one more bit of chaos / bleed / poison / fire damage that I had missed the last time."

More Videos


Immortal with 2800 es/ block, facetanking most bosses:



Channel Play L:



Facetanking map-mob with fullblock-edition 3.16


Maven & the formed minotaurier, phoenix, hydra, chimaera
... forgotten to raise spiders, only HoA




Hydra & Maven A9


Facetanking Elder with timeless jewel militant faith / keystone Transcendence
60 virulences, Transcendence with Militant Faith, 97% elemental resistances and reductions , 120000 Armour transforms to 90% elemental damage reductions, 70% (lowered) resistances, Total 97 % elemental reductions - physical damagereductions: 20% ascpect of crab, 15 % enduring composure / endurance charges, 15% basalt flask, 4 % minor pantheon gruthkul, total 54 %


Baran 8 seconds


The Redeemer


Facetanking Drox



Other users

T3amjester cycloning Ultimatum


facetanking Regenerationmaster of Ultimatum


Magic 77 Manaminionmasssummoner


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-eDG-hIuDc (barrows)


Al Hezim



Not deathless fights, offensive edition 60 virulences:

... still practising the beats Ueber Atziri Queen of Vaal ...

(with militant faith / transcendence)


Cortex relic chambers map Boss
Multiple damage and crit-mods, killed him earlier deathless.



Super - spider - summoner- uncle, spiders vs spiders, spiderspeed in crystall ore mine map:



Lvl 99, courtyard map,

T17 Courtyard with bossmods, Sirus Conqueror influenced, Baran Crusader, Maven, Red Beasts mod, Tane, Bloodlines, Nemesis, etc. lol :-)

Nice and premium: lags.


Full juiced Delirium A8, sorry for a lot of lags!
Vaal skills did not activated in combats because of lags, lol. Less lags -> less damage taken. Without recording much better frames are farmed. Sorry for recording on i53570, no ssd, wifi. No headhunter.
With headhunter is faster, see spoiler "Full Null"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOHL96iZZQk (part 1 with juicing and delirium boss Kosis, The Revelation at 5:30 min)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPSse1WXINo (part 2 with arena at 5:00 min)

T17 waste pool, delirium in ordinary atlas map, no Headhunter ;-)



The Formed - Minotaurier, Phoenix, Chimera, Hydra


"The Hidden Ones" 3.13 Maven Invitation, 4 Breachlords, multiple damage mods:


"The Twisted Ones", 4 elder-guardians, Awakened 8
cursed, crit, aoe, attackspeed mods



Baran, 9 seconds


Sirus, A8, facetanking all beams and all meteors




Militant Faith / Keystone Transcendence

120000 Armour transforms to instead 90% elemental damage reductions
Then 70% lowered resistances
Total 97 % elemental reductions

Cortex Boss Court T18



Christoffer Johansson full delirium & cyclone



T18 Burial Chambers
- lvl 99,+ Maven, Bonus: opening exploding strongbox with 2x damage-mod + 1x 94 % added damage mod + EE at 3:09f min ;-) -


marshes, lvl 99, Maven, T16, 2 x Harbingers, Bloodlines, ats-mod, etc...




Facetanking Hydra t17, only cold iron point dagger, phantasms




Pier Map, T 16, Lvl 99

T18 Burial Chambers
- lvl 99,+ Maven, Bonus: opening exploding strongbox with 2x damage-mod + 1x 94 % added damage mod + EE at 3:09f min ;-) -


TrueEdge facetanking T15 Ultimatum trial without Auluprising, without ironreflexes keynote, reduced maximalresistances and double damage map-mod


frannyx04 with the Arachnophobia Allstars:

Maze, make hatred, no grace, cyclone instead of ball-lightnings:

Level 90:


Maven x10


Minotaurier Lair



4 emblems fight legions:



Harry Potter Senior
Manaminionmasssummoner Edition

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ6LirFj60w (city square)

Magic 77
Manaminionmasssummoner: Spirits, Skeletons, Zombies, spiders, scorpions


FranX04 Maze, lvl 95, Hatred + 60 virulences, some varied gear:



Facetanking Phoenix


Facetanking Drox



"I have to give you an award Chromino, Minotaur has been my nemesis as long as I can remember - even with all of the other 'tanky' builds I've played" -

You are a standing in the strikes and crits of 2 minotaurs, maven summoned some other killers, the cave-ceiling-aoe drops on your head. You are full shocked, full debuffed and facetank without molten shell and without flasks and without vaalskills...

That is awesome, okay.
That is Allstars-style!
High arachnophil!

CLloyd0 facetanking 2 minotauriers, full shocked, full aoe, full crits, Maven, no buffs



FrannyX04 with the Agonyca ArachnophobiaAllstars:

Minotaur, Lvl 94, varied skills, buffs and cyclone:


Cyclone Melee set-up (the older different build in this video plays only half the damage:


Thanks to AlikuTV!


Ruins and Baran
Flasks down and spiders in holidays - so the crawler has all the fun alone: half the damage... Lvl 99.


More links

(reserved for explanations)




In all defences the Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars offer 3 times more ehp like other ascendancies and setups like:


life leech, life on hit, es leech, jugg possibilities with endurance charges, gladiator with max block, necro bonearmour, evasion, dodge of shadow, increased flasksspam of pathfinder, high elemental resistances but included missing physical or chaos damage reductions of a lot of builds or only high life or energy shield pools, flasks-uptime depending defences etc. are less constant and have much more weak spots and missing defences in special damage types, when you cannot deal damage yourself, when you have to move, when you play a necro/ guardian/ minion-build etc., or in encounters with special bosses, mapmodifications, contents and situations.


Thanks a lot to elatycs for a variant for mapping and virulences without ball-lightnings:

Storm Brand/Storm Burst as a Ball Lightning Alternative - more free Support Slots
I personally don't like ball lightning. I have replaced it entirely with Storm Brand in my gloves for AOE/Mapping (much smoother as it is detached). In Ultimatum challenges for example it still reaches 55 herald stacks easily due to aoe hits/chaining (golden rule assumed).
As I have added Culling support on one of the free sockets this not only gives me ~10% more damage for the harder mobs but also makes writhing jar pretty much obsolete (except for longer bosses/smoother map start).

On Bosses I use Storm burst - even without any further support-gems or storm brand this suffices to reach 55 herald stacks when focussing the boss. Drawback is, you have to stand still and channel (usually not a problem with frost shield in this build).

gladiator shopping:





Last edited by Chromino on Jan 10, 2023, 4:01:54 PM
Autotriggered spiders & skills


Thanks to monik390!



1. Cold Iron Point vs Arakaali's Fang.
CIP a pretty viable alternative at some point, being budget and gameplay friendly.

When it is best to use CIP:


There is a huge damage breakpoint of Herald of Agony at lvl 31, with CIP it can be achieved for a lot cheaper:

- The skin of the Lords (+2)
- Empower lvl 3 (+4) or Awakened minion damage lvl 3 (+1) + Empower lvl 2 (+3)
- Chaos Mastery on the passive tree (+1)
- HoAg lvl 21 (lvl 20 is doable if u have both Empower lvl 3 and Aw minion damage lvl 3)
- CIP (+3)

At this point, when you can get hoag lvl 31 with CIP and cannot with AF, the damage gap between CIP and Arakaali's Fang is the lowest with just ~10%.

Pros and cons of CIP vs AF:

+ No spiders gameplay (This is insanely big QoL for those who can't get used to spiders summoning).
+ Free flask slot. Many options here.

- Damage is still lower
- Wither + spell totem + multiple totems is a must-have for bosses, but it dies fast.
- Chain (Awakened) or fork (Awakened) support is required instead of the pierce - more mana problems. I elaborate on this below.
- No onslaught.

When it is best to use Arakaali's Fang:

Low budget and High budget.

On a low budget, just 3-link spiders will do more damage than your entire 6-link HoAg (no skin of the lords, no empower, no awakened gems, no chaos mastery, etc). So, it must be a chase item early.

On a high budget, when you can get lvl 31 hoag using AF, it overshadows CIP by a very huge margin (~20%) again.

Pros and cons of AF vs CIP:

+ More damage anyway.
+ Pierce is fine, spiders finish damaged monsters.
+ Reliable Wither (spiders don't die), and apply it all time.
+ Onslaught

- Clunky. I elaborate on how to deal with it below.
- More expensive. 4ex week 1? 1ex week 3? CIP price got down for 10 times already.


2. Spiders. How to Arakaali's Fang.

Well, the most clunky part of this build. No need to deny it, bc it's obvious. Even I felt really bad with the default self-casting setup at first, so I had to find alternatives last league.

To summon spiders there are 2 conditions required:

1. Corpses nearby.
2. Kill.

You won't summon spiders if you just press flask and kill worms w/o corpses around. You won't summon any spiders if enemies or allies kill worms first.

The normal way to summon spiders is:

I. Desecrate, twice (or in the middle of the dead pack).
II. Kill worms.

But, in normal circumstances this feels clunky af, bc u had to stop ur mapping to summon worms pretty often, right?
Or are you getting pissed by failing to summon for whatever reason? No corpses, no kills, enemies and crawler around hunting YOUR worms, etc.

I know how it feels, bro.

And here are BEST ways to deal with it:

1. Cold Iron Point. No spiders - no problem, right? Most obvious solution. Trading a bit of damage for QoL. It's reasonable, doable, why not.

2. Gravebind. Budget mapping option, very good. Literally, a lifesaver on early mapping.


3. Culling strike. This was the best solution prior to 3.16, before gravebind was introduced.


4. Unbound Ailments instead of Minion Damage in Arakaali's Fang. Chromino, please.

How it works:


Bonus: Corpsewalker boots.

They automate desecrate (creating corpses out of the air), but in short - not worth it. Boots slot is too precious to waste it on corpsewalkers.

Enchantments gloves, boots, belt



1. I personally love most "of spite". You get a visual signal something is hitting you and it chill effects are nice for a bit slowing and debuffing attackers.

2. For offensives "of the grave" is fine, the skulls kills some small mobs and activate your ascendancy onslaught buffs faster when other minions are not raised.

All gloves enchantments:



1. For boots best enchant is movement speed. For faster mapping and faster walking out of aoe's.

2. Stun resistances are not wrong for some situations

3. Third best on boots is life or es-regeneration, when vaal discipline and time of need and bottled faith are on cooldowns it offers a small bit more reaction time against dot's and degens.

4. Nice are also increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently or dodges.

There are also fine implicits:



1. For belt with withering step the elusive buff against ailments is best: 20% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments while you have Elusive. When you are moving out of damagepeaks it helps a lot against ailments.

2. 30% reduced Effect of Curses on you while on Consecrated Ground (combined with bottled faith)

3. 300 Evasion while phasing is also nice when you use phasing of withering step/ phase run.

Rankings & Ratings of the build


It's not easy for me personally as editor of the build trying to rank & rate the performance of the allstars and I base the numbers mainly on typical viewings of Youtube and twitch (of videos which very often don't show the downsides of their builds). I base the ratings also a bit on pob's numbers, damage-uptimes, the budget not on leaguestart weekend, poeninja-rankings. I do not compare to some former imbalanced op-builds (like early aurastackers before 3.14) that were nerfed because of heavy powercreeps.

So or so or so - let's start!

I added also a new spoiler "Rankings and ratings of the allstars" on page 50 of the thread.

Levelling 8/ 10

safe, not too slow with storm brands & minions (= damage while moving), easy to gear and a lot variants, damageboosts with serpentine spellslinger (lvl 45), medium clusters of pure agony (lvl 53), Arakaali fang (lvl 54) and defensive boost transforming into CI with uniques (lvl 68)

Top 1: Balaar did a new record of speedlevelling through wraeclast (3h:43min) HoA, phantasms, shield charge


Leaguestarting 8/ 10

+++Many, many variants and alternatives in gear, clusters, anoints, manareductions, skills etc., strong already on 5 links, not much currency needed for craftings, often in top-positions in the guardian-ascendancy for singleplayer-builds in poeninja-leaderboards of guardian just behind aurabots for groupplay

--- but still builded as a tank and not as racer: many other builds race faster

Tankyness 10/ 10

2400 es on block, 120 k armour does max tankyness together with a long row layer of defences. Also against the last weak spots, dot's and ground effects, the build offers 2-3 (or even 4) tanky layers of defences. Fitting for all map-mods and all bosses, facetanking sirus a9, also facetanking maven's elemental spells with variant militant faith/ transcendence (transformates armour into 97% overcapped elemental damagereductions).

Mapping 9 - 10/ 10

Speed of spiders and long range of splitting or forking multiple HoA projectiles offers extreme fast mapping and clean the whole screen, high movementspeed 170%- 200% possible full-geared, only matched by aoe-builds exploding two screens at once. Fitting best for atlas, simulacrums, full deliriums also without headhunter (or geared with hh), delve 500-600, heists, and full-blights (with awakened fork), combined in minion-style: loot already when the minions clean the screen

Singletarget Edition "fullblock-edition" 9-12.5 M: 8/10
Singletarget 100% chaosconversion edition 60, 17M 9/ 10
Singletarget Highway 70 to damage Voices clusters 24M: 9.5/ 10

40/ 40 challenges done, all bosses deathless down & The Feared simultan down

Examples (all deathless, spoiler "videos" playL without many experiences in bossing and poe) Boss-Hunter Edition (7/ 10):

Baran, redeemer, conquerors 8-10 sec
maven 10 encounters 55 sec - 1:05 min
The Formed 1:05 min
The Hidden 1:50 min
The Elder 2:10 min
The Shaper 2x wittnessed & regenerated by maven 5 min
Sirus A9 6 min
(slow to generate virulences in his last phase when he teleports much - but you can facetank all attacks and meteors)

Cheapness/ Budget 8/ 10

Very cheap: level 100 and 40/ 40 challenges very often reached solely with lowbudget basic startergear

3.15 around:

Starting gear: 60 chaos, medium clusters 50 chaos or self crafting, basic jewels 10 chaos, no Arakaali's fang, Rumi's and replica pure talent instead blue nightmare, total 120 chaos

Medium gear 1.5 exalt (without aul's uprising amulet, without iron reflexes etc.), clusters 2.5 exalts (when you not craft yourself), jewels 4 exalts (blue nightmare, watcher's eye etc. included), total 8 exalts

High-end budget 7/ 10

B.i.s. Implicit shields (5-30 exalt), b.i.s. keynotes and best socketcolours bodyarmour (5-25 exalts), b.i.s. watcher's eye (2-10 exalts), aul's uprising 5-15 exalts, split personality 3 exalts, flask bottled faith (5-15 exalts) are traded not cheap, but not hundreds of exalts or mirror-currency-gear like other builds

SSF 5/ 10

CI gear hard to get or craft, but a lot alternatives and HoA very easy high scaleable without much investments, strong already on a lot 5-links

HC 8/10

I am personally not experienced in hc, only based on poeninja and pm's with lvl 100 hc players of the build I would rate:

Level 100 reached, es on block best against disconnects, but some b.i.s.- gear hard to get in hardcore-trade

The Allstars in [3.14] Ultimatum


+++ 3.14 - In all 10 challenges of the trialmaster the Arachnophobia Allstars have ultimative max defences for all 10 fights. +++

In these days the price-peaks of the first weeks of 3.14 league ultimatum are gone, some hotfixes were done and even when I am personally trying to build up Heralds with a gladiator I want to try some notes:

- Thank you for all the input and fun!

With your help and questions I was able to improve the build a lot. Me myself as ordinary in rl visual worker learns a lot about writings. It's first time I enjoy writings much.

But my english improves very relaxed really slow too, lol, sorry again, I hope it's giving some shivers of astonishing language!

- especially thanks a lot for the impressing and funny videos CLloyd0 and TrueEdge recorded! Great! I love them much!

- with your input and questions I was further able to add the "manamanager" and the "skillmanager", so it's much more easy to adjust your setup to your level, gear, prefered content, special goals, etc...

It's very interesting and fun too because it also shows a lot mechanics about poe and the fascination to max out a build in endgame with these spoilers. Yes, they remember of minigames like their titles also, hehe.

I am special really proud that it offers a lot more individualisations in path of exile and answers for complex questions than some other builds.

- I think the build-tankyness and ability to facetank is top and it's a special joy to play poe without oneshots.
Many gamers walked again into top levels without much experiences gained before in path of exile.

When you max up the gear and build of course there remain a lot questions about each individual set-up to get the final 10% more damage or defences. Just ask!

- especially in ultimatum trials the build performs amazing. With all layers of defences it's one of the very few builds in poe which can facetank all waves, all damage-types, all damage-peaks of high tier trials in red maps with all difficult mods.

- Level 100's are reached a lot in top challenge-positions. In softcore and awesome in hardcore too.
All challenges 40/ 40 were completed.

Also not fullgeared the Arachnophobiatics are full 100 levelled - imposant!

HC Level 100 reached

100 reached first time in 3.14 Ultimatum! Wooooow, that is arachnophil!

Congratulations! Basloxxx did it! OPettysLastVastMast did it!

I am verrrrryyy happy that the build performs for guardians in hardcore with HoA well too. Seems that also in hard hardcore with some not traded gear the Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars are prepared for the full journey.

Some gear is extreme hard to get in hc and workarounds with different flasks and clusters are hard to balance out, but some exiles did it! Congrats! Knicks!

The started spoiler "hc" page 50 needs more input. If you like to, I am very interested in more tipps and anecdotes!

I'm in fever 🔥 too on your thrilling road and it's amazing which challenges you not fear! Fascinating!

Updates of the build:

- I made a complete renewal to the order of spoilers and some spoiler-titles to offer a better overview. I added a guide for choosing the fitting edition of the build. I hope it helps a little bit for your orientation.

- smaller chapters about "map mods", "blight maps", "more tipps for maven, ueber-atziri, shaper" for flasks set-ups etc., and some more were added also on page 50

- The new checklists damage and defences are a big help for much gamers and the guide to choose the Edition and balance defences and damage.

- The new complete list of all poe-trade-links for all gear and jewels and clusters with all alternatives on page 50 of the thread offers a big improvement for qualities of life and shopping, thank you again ziumbala!

- Maven remains a bit dangerous and rippy as well as Ueber Atziri all times, but all 40 challenges were made and they were kicked in their arachnopobiatic fears, yuchuu, much congratulations!

- An update for autotriggered virulences with Storm brand even while moving offers faster levelling, faster mapping and more possibilities in boss-fights for your freedom of movement. Thank you elatycs! You started with this nice and fine fitting idea!

- Especially the beast Ueber-Vaal-Queen Atziri got a new, special tailored variant setup with the timeless jewel militant faith and "transcendence" for more easy dealings with her elemental aoe's.
Thank you again 2rdd for this great combination fitting very nice into the build!



-Trading is always very interesting like every league. Perhaps some price fixers, some less delvers, and also the quintupled popularity of the build for many users & arachnophobiatics changed the prices of some slots and gear.

To summarize trade and prices this league:

Amulet Aul's uprising (and split personality a little bit) increased peakhigh much top in prices, but decreased again a lot after 5 weeks.

Helmet-enchants, clusters, belt and rings dropped in prices cheaper compared to ritual and heist league.


- I never would have believed before - much more than 99999 / now 180000 views and I guess soon 100 / now more than 100 pages discussions and helps are extremely top full arachnophil!

- The popularity and use of Herald of agony by Guardians quintupled this league.... wooow, total arachnophil!

Thank you a lot!

I hope you support and help me further and that you enjoy this swarmy, fulltank, stitchy, shortlegged, longnecked build!

The Allstars in [3.15] Expedition


This build in [3.15] Expedition

Now a lot of all expeditions were done, experiences were completed, a blizzard was seen and the masses of hack & slay of first and second month of league were finished. It's time again to add some thoughts about scorpions, spiders and allstars!

Weekend of Leaguestart

In the first week of 3.15 the build of the allstars was not as well performing as in last leagues 3.14 or 3.13.

Aurabots for groups and dominating blow-mainskill were leading the guardian charts in the levels around 95 in the first week of the expedition-league.

Arakaali's fang, the blue nightmare and memory vault were very, very popular, much requested and tophigh and also overpriced traded. The Arakaali's fang was for some days the most or one of the most expensive traded unique piece in whole poe with 2-3 exalts. So some gamers did not got central piece of the Arachnophobia Allstars in the first days of the league and used the variant of cold iron point daggers instead ...

Again the tankyness combined with comfortable top damage was extreme popular for leaguemechanics, only 2 damagenotes were not nice fitting for blockbased CI - Builds.

Patches, Hotpatches and Patchnotes

Skin of the loyals and skin of the lords were bugged and did dropped 5 days without any blue sockets, so it was impossible to optimize manareservations and damage in leaguestart. Pob was also bugged and it was hard to optimize best mana reservations in the app.
Mana multipliers were increased much and then patched with lower reservation-reductions again. After the third patch of ggg the Arachnophobiatics were able to free up a skillreservationslot again on helmet, rings or amulet-anoint without b.i.s.-gear or to use 2-6 different passivepoints.

Performing of the build in [III.XV]

5 days later...

Some days later, after the stormy start, the Arachnophobiatics were climbing the poeninja-rankings again. A lot level 100's were reached and more of the most arachnophils climbed into the top guardian-rankings and heralds-rankings again like in the leagues before.

Also without optimized gear level 100 was reached easy and many Arachnophobiatics got to the top of the top 40 / 40 completed challenges.
This happened some days later as in the leagues before because of the globalnerfs of expeditionsleague (damagenerfs, supportsnerfs, flasksnerfs) and bugged colours of armoursockets and highpriced or even overpriced poe-trading in the leaguestarting-days.

Also top hardcore-levels 98 and above were reached again.

Popularity of the build

Progressing & following to [3.14] Ultimatum 50% more exiles used arachnophil guardians and 60% more climbed into the top leaderboard of guardian-ascendancy with HoA and Arakaali's fang. Last league already the build proved to be tasty, fine mixed and maxed and climbed into top positions and reached an incredible quintupled range of users. Now 80% of Scorpionminions choosed the guardian-ascendancy and - that is a new peak! On top around 90% users in the guardian-ascendancy follow and fellow the Agonyca Arachnophobia Allstars. The forumthread counts now 50000 views each month and 190 pages of discussions, individualizations and tipps - that is extreme interesting. The Herald of Agony is the second top build of the guardians now and raises fast further.

So so so - the build is booming loud!!


Goodguygaming3 introduced also the build on twitch and YouTube as the best startingbuild with minions in the guardian ascendancy #1:


Thank you very much goodguygaming3!

Development of the build

This league only small changes were added to the build, like the new b.i.s. Divergent Herald of Agony level 21 gem with 40% increased chance to poison, the new basalt flask with mooooooree armour as very nice flask possibility and the crafted automatical triggered & used anti-ailments flasks as a big q.o.l. upgrade.

Anomalous poison support was changed and nerfed to chance to poison, poison damage was buffed a little bit. As a result I optimized the pathing for levelling to arrive faster to the new used serpentine spellslinger for 90% chance to poison, more virulences and damage even starting without Divergent Herald of Agony.

The levelling tipps and guide were improved much and were better ordered, also the poe-tradelinks page 50 were developped much better and obtained a clean-up and better index and ranking.

A levelling section for path of building is still in progress - thank you a lot Hauke! Arachnophilia!

Some smaller spoilers like "Why Guardian? Why HoA?" and on page 50 were added, spoilers on page 50 like "More Tipps for Shaper, Maven, the Feared" and "Crafting clusters and gear" were improved.
I improved the spoiler "other ailments", page 1, and "hardcore" page 50 with an better overview how to reach 80% - 100% elemental ailments immunities and I listed the defensive layers against all other ailments as well as flasks against special bosses more clearly.

Invitation and request for help and crafting

Because I am not much experienced with crafting, I would be very, very happy when an Arachnophobiatic would make & create a small crafting guide for the rare gloves with high es, faster casting, slower projectiles, and the rare boots with increased duration, and the stygian belt and amulet with increased skillgemlevels. Because many new poe-gamers use the build it would be a big upgrade for the Arachnophilias!

The build in Poe-Trade

As I wrote above Arakaali's fang, the blue nightmare and memory vault were expensive in leaguestart for 8, 9 days, but after got lower more reasonable prices again. Workarounds were no problems with cold iron point dagger and Rumi's concoction or replica pure talent.

Level 100 and 40 / 40 were again reached without b.i.s. gear, without maxed bodyarmour, without aul's uprising, without shiel corruptions, without bottled faith etc.

After the first week....

Amulett aul's uprising was expensive again as last league. Empower gems and bottled faith reached some new tophigh prices in trade.

Much very nice rare gloves were often crafted and easy plus cheap to get. Also Stygian belts, helmet enchants, the circle of nostalgia, nice watcher's eye and all clusters were traded well and cheap.

Overall the build's prices in traiding raised a bit - mainly for empower gem, flask bottled faith and aul's uprising.

Thank you a lot! I enjoy the community, the discussions, the questions and the individualizations and variations very much!


Also for me personally in real colours there were some new expeditions upwards on canvas .... 36 meters to map and explore in varnish and oil ;-)

"declination", detail

----- [3.15] Expeditions into agony -----


To summarize: BiS - Gearing gets cheaper and easier, iron reflexes is no longer bis as in [3.14].

The build in [3.15] balances a little bit more into damage and manareservations, into chance to poison and permament elemental ailments avoidances. It looses 15% damage, much less than 20% and more lost damage of most other builds. The defences of the build were never based on flasks, so our remaining 550k ehp with phase acrobatics or 120000 armour and 2400 Es on block with iron reflexes are ...
top 1, still far not reachable by other builds. We still guard and keep a double and tripple effective health pool against all damagetypes compared to other builds.

And don't forget: of course the Offensive Edition with 9 mill. - 12M shaper-damage is still number 1 damage for all minion builds in the guardian-ascendancy and offers 95% equal defences, ehp and substain to other defensive orientated guardian builds like HoP-melee-singletarget-builds. But this edition using the aura hatred for damage instead grace for defences lost 30% of it's damage in 3.15 like many other damage-orientated builds.

+++ Anomalous poison support was changed and nerfed to chance to poison, poison damage was buffed a little bit. To compare with other builds: our damage was not much nerfed as other builds because of using arakaali's fang, building around withers and empower and the small buff to poison.
Our defences are as always also top in cooldowns of nerfed flasks and far ahead all other guardian minionbuilds with 5 M shaper-damage.
The build remains easy to adapt, individualize and to tune into more damage or more defences.
I would summarize: to buff virulences with cast speed and poisonchance and to buff damage need more investment in 3.15, but with the base of the top defences and substain it remains easy to optimize the allstars in both defences and damage.

+++ Poe goes slower - overall that is okay, the speedmeta is funny too, but builds which are not only using full damage still remains attracting, relaxing and extreme interesting to build up.

+++ Armour banner offers 50% increased evasion and armour, 10000 ar and 15% reduced damage of taunts +++
+++ reaper minion - we have a whole army on 160 legs (20 spiders), we have the airforce 11 (phantasms-support), we have our strong long worms ( 4 worms of writhing jar) and don't forget the one shortlegged (1 HoA scorpion) - full feed for the visit of the reaper? +++ new 3.15 heralds of absolution - going out for a judgment too? +++ behead headhunter-support-gem - a new love for our vipherstriking spiders? +++

Much harder to optimize and use in 3.15 will be variants of the build like:

- maim support nerfed hard
- fasting nerfed bitter

With the op-defences of the Allstars-style we have some slots to vary and mix up the build.
To check:

Banner of Defiance - with our increased aura effects and determination xx % more armour? Wooow! Perhaps switch out iron reflexes against damage or see below a new 7 link.

The allstars in [3.16] Scourge


The end of the League ... The Path of Grim - - - The Scourge of Dawn

In these final days of [3.16] it's the moment to summarize the buffs, the new keystones, the trading-market and the leaderboards of the ending Scourge League.

The allstars in 3.16 Scourge

Arachnophilia! The Allstars are greeting this league everybody from the shining top of the peak in the guardian ascendancy. Arachnophobiatics lead the Boards.

The big buff


Defences, Auras, Fullblock, Damage

Armour and evasion were both buffed as sources of defences and divine shield is a safe new keystone against dot-damage.

In the special setup of this build the buffed reservation efficiencies allows us with 2 passives more to activate tempestshield, and with it some automatic triggering virulences, 100% shock-immunities and fullblock instead glancing blows.

Determination and Grace were buffed great, we benefit best of both.

With big improvements to defences and recovery, which were overall raised with even 2 more new keystones we progress from glancing blows 35% dr up to new advanced 100% damagereductions fullblock.

On top of the peak the buff of awakened gems empowers the build hard to easy HoAg lvl31. The buff to skin of the Lords is awesome as well.

We are able in [3.16] to buff our damage extreme high 75% (from 5/11M up to 9/18M and further also to 24M in the different editions while loosing only 15% Ehp even in the most offensive 100% chaos-conversion-edition).



Because some easy layers of defences like the combination of iron reflexes and blindings, or vaal grace and phase acrobatic dodges were removed or nerfed, Es and Max mana with unusable healthy mind is nerfed too, the blue/ red nightmare is no longer valuable, and so is max managuardian mechanics like es from mana with memory vault and watcher's eye clarity mod and tree lowered, my thoughts starting into [3.16] overall were:

Let's choose and balance to the other strong top layers of defences: fullblockings. They cooperate best with our second top stat beside armour: 2.5k es on block, not reachable by other builds, and oir guardian skill molten shell and our frostshield. Especially spellblocking are buffed a lot on the tree and with new easy tempest shield-aura. With buffed armour, 2500 es on fullblock, and buffed es-stats on gear it's the tank of tanks again like last leagues!

Fullblock vs Glacing blows and Bastion of hope vs Time of need


Fullblock vs Glancing blows

Damagereductions fullblock:

(50-)60+75/2% × 100% dr= average 6750% dr
with bastion of hope 2/ 5 sec 15%= 9% more/2 average= 7150 dr and more continious attackblock 2/5 sec
With the default build's keystones ghostdance/ divine shield/ not iron reflexes you evade 90-95% of all attacks, so capped attackblock is not needed.

- in maps a rumi's concotion flask caps your blockings up to 75% easy, only bossing you do not cap blockings

- fullblock raises 250% the capacities of your molten shell and frostshield in damagepeaks (like full delirium-maps or deep delve)

Damagereductions Glancing blows:

75/75% × 35% = average 2625% dr, but 3-9% more es/block

Advice: in 3.16 with nice blockclusters and masteries use fullblock with 200% more average damagereductions of course!

Time of need vs Bastion of Hope

Time of need

+ Most important: you don't need cwdt and can use cws
+ 80% permament curseresistances is huge in cursed mapmods and free up a bottle-suffix
+ each 4 seconds 2.5k es regenerations (equal to 7.5% es-reg average)

Bastion of Hope

- Most important: stun-immunities raises from 60% to 100%: these forces us to prefer cwdt over cws - a huge downside as CI, cws is much better to use full level 20 frostshield (20-39% damagereductions, 4k/es sec) and sniper's mark autotriggered
+ You get 2% attackblock on the transferpoint
+ You get average 8-13% more attackblock
+ 2 passives more because of 10% spellblock triggered

That's allstar's tankystyle: Typical ehp/ damage 3.16 Allstars, unbuffed, not full geared




The path of fullblock is tanky fancy. Divine shield and wicked ward are very interesting included & involved with inserting the thread of hope large radius. The spellblocknotes are pathed much faster in the new tree and we are able to skill tempestshield with huge 25% spellblock, some autotriggered virulences and nice-to-have immunities against shockings.

When we block 3 hits (75%) full and one hit (25%) reachs us, we substain and recover 7.5k es in this sequenze. And blockings are not limited, this works 10x each second in simulacrumwaves or ueber-blights. So fullblock is recommended around 60%-65% chance to block and spellblock without glancing blows. Glancing blows remains interesting for levelling, not fullgeared and when you want to balance some passives into damage - which works with fullblock also, only you need a bit more levels done.

New Passive tree and masteries


With huge changes in the passive tree GGG reorganized all defensive layers. For the allstars path between shieldpassives, clusters and CI-keystone a lot possibilities opened up in 3.16.

With a lot spellblock-passives on our path we drive the new tankyroad of fullblock without glancing blows.

For me personally there were extreme many updates to edit and rework into the build with new skills, tradelinks, jewels and clusters, flasks, etc. Still now a few updates on page 50 are missing, but almost everything is edited and completed.

3 new keystones, 3 new mechanics and the Iron Reflexes


Divine shield covers up most dangerous dot and degen damage. Damage over time is no longer the weak spot of the build. With these changes dot lost almost all danger.

Only 5 passivepoints are needed to buff effective wicked ward and power it up by armour increased recharge of the new ar/+ es mastery. A relaxing new layer of more continuous 3.5k es-recharge is gained 4.5 out of each 6 seconds. With the buffed grace and 90-95% evaded hits it's a reliable new defensive layer.

I added optimized 2 more tree-tabs for Divine Shield/ Wicked Ward integrated keystones in Skin of the lords in the PoB.
So from now on the Arachnophobiatics can much cheaper gear a great Skin of the Lords.

Runebinder needs in our pathing now only one point for more virulences with storm brands singletarget.

Keystone Iron Reflexes lost a lot of it's top abilities of 3.15.
The former combination with blindings lost the 50% evasion.
The physical damagereduction of 140k armour is in the doubled new armour formula much less important.
Now the very nice buffed grace is in the hybrid layout of our defences more valuable when we not transform it into armour and synergyzes great with wicked ward, molten shell and frostshield. All these 3 skills benefit much of high evasion.

But in delve with the high 3k es/ block, and against Sirus with his physical damage beams and slams Iron Reflexes remains far best keystone on skin of the Lords.

Keystone Ghost dance is following after phase acrobatics the next strong alternative keystone on the bodyarmour instead iron reflexes or instead reached by pathing 3 passives. It adds with high grace 600 es es when hit as new layer of recovery beside 1.2 k es on block, 50%, buffed with minion blindings easy to 95%, evasion and maximizing molten shell's and frostshield's capacities. Buffed 530k - 1.5 M ehp are unique tankstyle.

New jewels and clusters


We won as possibility, alternative and fast pathing "thread of hope" to target divine shield as layer of es-regeneration, and skill-efficiencies and miniondamage are located best fitting in the large ring too.

Split personality is now most often b.i.s. with the combination int and es (instead former int and mana).

Attackblockings on large clusters and use of tempestshield enables the Fullblockedition. Sublime form enable more early easy grace early without aul's uprising.

I removed Healthy mind and the blue nightmare from the build.

New Helmet


In [3.16] the new big b.i.s. is a Eber's Unification Circlet for nice 25%-30% more damage.

Ylfeban's Trickery for hexes and shocking ground (together with tempest shield's own shock-immunities), an Ancient Skull, a Vertex Vaal Mask for the mix of ar and es or simply a rare helmet with high es and other stats are strong new alternatives too.

Our beloved Memory vault with high armour is better to be changed out because of it's unique downside of 20% less skillreservations efficiencies. Also with the changes of much less mana without healthy mind jewel and changes to mechanics of skill reservation efficiencies and the armour-formula buff with much more physical damagereduction overall our centuries long beloved "Memory Vault" will rest in peace.

The new age of more damage with "Eber's Unification" and 100% chaosconversion starts.

Further changes


The new +1 Chaos mastery adds a lot flexibility to step up to HoA lvl 28 or 31.

Unbound ailments as supports for spiders optimizes the damage a bit more, and awakened void manipulation (+1 HoA lvl) is another new b.i.s. in the HoA supports as well as a new possibility to scale chaos damage further.

Thank you again monik390 and erigol07 for the strong additions!

"Presage" is much more easy to path as alternative in gearing and levelling in [3.16].

Improvements of the build


Luetjeminze added nice levelling pathing trees !! So the build got a lot more beginner-friendly also with a lot recommended new levelling gear items and skills. Thank you and we path soon again!

Thank you again Arkanis_Gath, Luetjeminze and Humtol for great pathings and thread of hope and to monik390 and erigol07 for new supports, optimizations and variants!

Too long spoilers were seperated into shorter spoilers like in "gear, skills, links".

The tradelinks page 50 were organized much better.

The tipps choosing your build-edition, for levelling and in the ailments-spoilers were improved much.

Cyclone, Storm Burst, Purity of Elements

A variation specialized for simulacrums with gemswaps of cyclone multitarget and storm burst singletarget was optimized by monik390. Tempest shield is switched out against purity of elements, glancing blows is used instead fullblock. It's an interesting set-up for simulacrums, but with less ehp and needed gemswaps as downside.

Visit page 334:


Thanks to Monik390 for many great tipps and great videos and building!



Me myself had a lot fun in scourge. I scourged b.o.b.i.s. (best of best in slot) items, had even more fun in the arachnophil community, and best satisfaction getting b.i.s. slot gear. The mechanics of scourge were a lot fun for me and the development and improvements of the build is somehow my path of exile endgame in this year.

And "Guardian_of_the_Short_Worm" / "Commander Strong Worm" with his shortlegged crawlergang levelled as always slow and max relaxed and as always tried out all skills, masteries, gear and more all the time instead rushing the Board and challenges.

So he is not at the top, but at the bottom of the depth ranked, lol.

Some nice crangled items were priced in mirrors-range. With some perfect heist-drops and not bad delirium-drops I traded with hundreds of exalts. In the middle of the league 170 exalts rotted in my stash because there was nothing better for my gear to buy on the market. Only one nice double-corrupted helmet, Eber's unification with 90% manamultiplier, and a mageblood were not to afford by my currency.

BUT: The whole league the wished + awaited magebloods, squires and stranglegasps didn't dropped.

Full damage 100% chaosconversion reach 21-24 M shaper-damage


With the new helmet, 15 withers, awakened void manipulation, triad grips, and the chaos mastery a strong team push the damage high to 21 M while having keystone on armour free and enough passives for fullblock and the amulet is kept flexible also.

Only a bit lower es and a bit missing castspeed are not perfect, but lvl 31 HoAg is reached more easy.
In maps we buff it with minion-mastery and unholy might, singletarget with increased offerings another 1-4 M more up.

We added also the needed virulences with divergent HoA lvl 21 and possibilities like septic spells, cursemastery or circle of nostalgia with increased HoA poison-buff.

Voices clusters became with the nerfs to aurastackers much cheaper and were with 30 exalts affordable to feast another 8M damage.



With "tempest shield" for the fullblock-edition we get also 100% shock-immunities.

The flask Vessel of Vinktar grew to a strong and cheap variant as well as helmet Ylfeban's Trickery with these immunities.

With maxing up wicked ward in the tanky build-editions we activate another es-mastery and get 100% freeze immunity in 75% of the time when es-recharge began recently or with the recharge of vaal discipline.



Lvl 99 is reached again in Hardcore by DoctorScourgePhD. Congratulations and gooo! You choosed the really hard path of the game...! I wish you a long safe path!




In last month of of league 3.16 lvl 98-100...

100% HoA and CI
83% use arakaali's fang
57% skill fullblock
43% uses glancing blows
57% use storm brand
24% use chaos mastery
15% triad grips
10% use mageblood
12% use cycloning/ stormburst

6.2k - 10.9 k es are used

New Record in Speedlevelling of Balaar !


Baraal created a masterpiece.

Watch his championship in speed (3h:42min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPuDWeKqs6Q

HoAg-Templar is now the new speedleveller! Awesome Arachnophilia!

Shaddraks new guide to Balaar's record in Speedlevelling


Shaddrak writes a fantastic detailed guide about Balaar's masterpiece of speedlevelling:


Of course Balaar is skilled for top damage and balance so zero skills, zero auras and zero mana into defences or tankyness.

Trading: a not easy market


Arakaali's Fang, Aul's uprising, Iron reflexes and Empower Supports were high price fixed in trade and again like in 3.15 before. Arakaali's dagger was with 2 exalts one of the expensive gearpieces in poe-market. Large clusters rised in prices too, bodyarmour and aul's uprising lowered prices after first peaks of leaguestarting days.

Split personalities, shield implicits, oils and gloves were much cheaper as in the last leagues and 3.15.
Voices clusters became with the nerfs to aurastackers much cheaper and were with 30 exalts affordable to feast another 8-10M damage.

With all the keystones Ghost Dance / Divine Shield / Wicked Ward the Arachnophobiatics can much sheaper gear Skins of the Lords.
All the keystones are valuable to path on tree also. The build and set-up is less depending on keystones and socket-colours of the armour since [3.16].

Historical excursion: prices of b.i.s.-gear in [3.13] Ritual: 128 chaos :-)


45 days after league start 3.13 Ritual

1) Memory Vault Helmet 3 chaos
2) Aegis aurora shield 4 chaos
3) Arakaali dagger 20 chaos
4) Writhing jar flask, 2 chaos
5) Skin of the lords, iron reflexes, 5 correct socket colours: 45 chaos
6) Aul uprising amulet, grace reserves no mana: 20 chaos
7) The blue nightmare jewel 20 chaos
8) Healthy mind jewel 4 chaos
9) Golden rule jewel 1 chaos
10) Ring Circle of Nostalgia, crawler increased damage, HoA 18% reduced mana reservation: 3 chaos
11) Rainbow stride boots: 1 chaos
12) Split personality, mana, int, 2x 3 chaos

Complete: 128 chaos

45 days after league start 3.16 Scourge

1) Eber's unification Helmet 10 chaos
2) Aegis aurora shield 10 chaos
3) Arakaali dagger 150 chaos
4) Writhing jar flask, 2 chaos
5) Skin of the lords, iron reflexes, 5 correct socket colours: 15 exalts, ghost dance 5 exalts
6) Aul uprising amulet, grace reserves no mana: 8 exalts
7) The blue nightmare jewel switched out
8) Healthy mind jewelswitched out
9) Golden rule jewel 10 chaos
10) Ring Circle of Nostalgia, crawler increased damage, HoA 18% reduced mana reservation: 20 chaos
11) Rainbow stride boots: 3 chaos
12) Split personality, es/ int 2x 4 exalts

Scourge: Leaguemechanics and Scourge-Items


The build was as always extrem tanky for the rippy mechanics.
Many other builds bit the dust, the allstars showed again their unique tankyness.

Ghost dance was this league better in scourges with it's 95% evasion as Iron reflexes with it's high es/ block, but it's downside of all taken/ not evaded hits.
Especially some typical scourge-ranged spellhits in 300+ stacked scourges needed full geared Arachnophobiatics.

The scourged items are extreme interesting and sometimes op, but also extreme rare: 7-links with granted HoA lvl 22 skill are possible on body-armours, +1 skillevel on daggeretc. Some hot dreams of crazy stats on boots and shield turned real.

On page 50 in the trade-links an added spoiler shows some examples.



Some users had difficult experiences in leaguestart levelling, mainly because they forgot changing flasks after transforming to CI, did not maxed HoA lvl, not maxed pantheons and corrupted-blood-immunities against Sirus, because Arakaali fang was high prizes traded, or they were not generating the mandatory maximal virulences of the guide without the golden rule or without added castspeed for their maindamageskill.
Also prices of some gear were peak-high in trade and by far not as easy to manage as in leagues before.

Nonetheless most and many experienced Arachnophobiatics were fast in top positions again in leaguestartdays and climbed all content fast and safe into the leading ranks after a week!

In the top-leaderboard almost all singleplayer set-ups used the build of the Arachnophobia Allstars.

Leaderboard and Challenges


Olohyp_scSC reached with the build top rank 1 in poeninja-leaderboards as first soloplayer just close behind 4 groupplay specialized aurabots.
He started very late into the league - so that is an extremistic impressive ranking using all top synergies of the build.

Congratulations again Olohyp_scSC!

Gluitina reaches rank 3 of singleplayer skilled guardians.

Congratulations again Gluitina! 39/40 challenges are in this league especially impressive in this short time! You kicked the feared spawned at once, that's my personal nightmare! Hehe, Congrats!

All 40 challenges were done.

4 out 5 top soloplayers in poeninja's challenges leaderboards choosed the path of arachnophilia. That is ... dominating.

Last, but not least ....

Not the very top, but instead the very bottom of the leaderboard is invaded by Chromino, lol :-)

Popularity of the Allstars-build


Almost the whole singleplayer-leaderboard page 1 of the guardian-ascendancy is played, beside the groupsupport-bots and two rf and two purities, by Arachnophobia Allstars. Awesome.

Youtuber, Streamer and Veteran of the Game Zizaran adviced to Arachnophobia Allstars build again as the best Herald build in his streams.

Other streamers like GhazzyTv discussed about the build as best optimized HoAg and Pillebrille used the build wonderful in HCSSF.

www.gamersdecide.com raised the allstars into it's top rank 5 path of exile-builds article.

First time again since [3.07] Legion the Herald of Agony was the most popular used mainskill in the guardian-ascendancy with in league-peaktime 27% and more.

Also in all classes and ascendancies the Arachnophobia-build again dominated and was used 84% and more in this skill-category.
But the guardian-ascendancy is a bit less played overall as in last leagues - only HoAg is climbing in popularity much. I hope for some smaller buffs of he ascendancy or new typical focussed guardian-gear.

700 k / 0.7 M views of the build and thread - I never believed that the Arachnophobia Allstars would create so much interests as I started it in january 21! It's in these moments and months by far the most popular guardian build in the forums and one of the most readed guides of all classes in all ascendancies. 100k views in 10 days were the unbelievable sane top peak!

100k views in playL Youtube, 200k and more more of other Arachnophobiatic Allstars videos beside.

Thank you again all for all the community, ideas, questions, helps and supports!

Thank you a lot Luetjeminze, monik390, Baraal, Arkanis_Gath, Zizaran and erigol07 !!

The crawler raises his dirty tail!

Strong is the arachnophilia inside! ;-)

Last edited by Chromino on Mar 21, 2022, 4:03:41 PM
The allstars in [3.17] Astramentis / Siege of the Atlas


** The Atlas besieged !! ** ** Mars Attacks!! ** ** Unhappily Tentacles! Not any stings, no tails! ** Guardians will tank it all !! ** **

Improvements of the build and PoB


Lvl 90

I added the pob the tree- and item-tab "Lvl 90 fullblock before aul's uprising" to guide better reaching full defences with added small clusters and amulet-variations on lowbudget early around lvl 90.


I optimized and maxed much the HoP-variation of the build.
It reaches 13M and more damage with phantasms-support and triad grips. That means it deals 50% more damage and tank 300% more ehp as other guardian-hop-builds.

New gear variants boots, amulet, jewels

100% elemental ailments immunities with boots


Many almost b.i.s. boots with ailment-immunities on the market made it cheap and easy possible to reach 80% and also 100% all elemental ailments immunities.
I changed the boots and amulet anoint for this great tanky upgrade in endgame.
Our high efficient 95% default evasion enables to balance some attackblock instead into 100% reduced duration of ailments or 100% avoided ailments.

Ashes of the stars


The amulet "ashes of the stars" is a new great amulet-alternative and is close behind aul's uprising and great to reach HoAg lvl 31 without 5 passives chaos mastery and use instead sublime form on a cluster for activating grace.

It's 30% skill quality offers:

30% increased poisonchance Divergent HoAg: more virulences / skill flexibility
15% increased castspeed ball-lightnings/ storm brand: more virulences.
Increased duration molten shell/ spirit offering
15% more damagereductions Divergent Frostshield
3% spellblock or +3 chains Divergent/ anomalous tempestshield
0.8 M more damage default sniper's mark or 60% more knockbacks Divergent sniper's mark
12 withers anomalous withering step - 3 more withers


Forbidden Flame and Flesh


The 2 expensive endgame-reward-jewels Forbidden Flame and Flesh jewels enables to build in the extreme strong Hierophant's ascendancy "sanctuary of thoughts" for easier manamanagement and some more energyshield (instead 2 split personaliy jewels int/ es).

The melding of the Flesh

A set-up with 88-90% elemental resistances became possible with the new jewel "melding of the flesh", aegis aurora, purity of ice & increased aura effects as alternative.

In most content the default set-up is already toptanky and offers other possibilities on skillslots, the jewelslot, boots and rings, but against some elemental-damage-dealers like Maven squeezing in the melding of the flesh is very nice.

Burning tar, new bosses and map-mods


The burning tar-groundeffects in the searing-exarchs-maps-mods were very dangerous and very rippy in the first weeks of leagues to all CI's, many builds and this build.

After 6 weeks GGG patched the "tar"-damage tag to an ordinary "burning" tag.

Almost all new bosses were designed with not blockable oneshotting-attacks. The build offers big tankyness for almost all new bosses, atlas-mods and challenges.

Leaguestart and the first week in league


Tradingmarket was really hard and rough again. The arakaali's fang was traded 3 days for 6 exalts as almost most expensive unique weapon. Aegis aurora around 2 exalts. Eber's Unification with 75% enchant and aul's uprising were not much available on the market in the first days, while other helmets with hoag enchants instead were very cheap.

Overall many arachnophilia users not obtained the dagger in first 5 days and only got it some days later. They used Cold iron point dagger or replica advancing Fortress instead again.

The arakaali's fang is not a leaguestarter-gearpiece when you not get or farm the first 2-6 exalts. Also Cold Iron point dagger was around 35 chaos not cheap traded. Triggerwands are instead craftable easy, or replica advancing fortress or heartbreaker were priced only 1-3 chaos.

At the same time needed clusters were traded extreme early and cheap for 1 chaos, awesome strong watcher's eyes for 1 exalt, the strong alternative amulet ashes of the stars for 1 exalt and less, empower and other gems for half prices as last league, aul's uprising after 2 weeks nice cheap 7 exalts, body-armours and b.i.s. armours and b.i.s. boots and voices clusters much cheaper as in all former leagues....

To summarize simply:

After the first 5 days it was the best league ever to collect b.i.s. gear for the Allstars!!

Poeninja challenge leaderboards


The Managuardian soloplay ranking was leaded after 3 days top 1 by far by TheRealXoli/ ArachnoXoli with the Arachnophobia Allstars. He loved the build and had a blast. Later in league he tried out lightningsable, laserweaponforce using the dark force as Inquisitor.

After 10 days Grassygarden feasted rank 2, Brandonarchnemis won rank 3.

Also while a new great youtube-ball-lightnings build of CaptainLance9 arrived in the guardian-ascendancy, the Allstars keep leading the boards for soloplayers and are the most successfull minionbuild outside the squishy glascannon-witch-set-ups!

Popularity of the build


Betta-ah Gaming made a great starter budget 5 ex' video-guide explaining many mechanics:


Twitch Streamer craftzwerg played the build into endgame.

The build was copied on Youtube.

In the guardian-ascendancy the allstars were by far the most popular build in the first half of the league again, with a great active arachnophil community like in the last leagues. It's the most popular minionguide in the templarclass again too.

But: Overall the league was dominated by a strong meta of 60% witches and raiders and in the second half of the league the ball-lightnings-Youtube-build of CaptainLance09 was more often choosed in the guardian-ascendancy.

New video-guide


Betta-ah Gaming made a great starter budget 5ex video-guide:

Thank you a lot Betta-Ah-Gaming! Arcachnophilia!

The allstars in [3.18] Sentinel


The last days of [3.18] - the sentinels dawns.

Like every league I try a summary of the league, improvements of the build, trade, leaderboards and more. Because there were 0 - zero - HoA-changes and patchnotes in 3.18 this time it's not a long one.

The allstars in [3.18] Sentinel

Improvements of the build


I added all tipps and sets and a pob-tree for "the melding of the flesh" and aura "purity of ice".

Extreme tanky 87%-90% all elemental resistances are reached.
It doubles ehp or you also reach inf** ehp against medium hits and elemental damage (from 9M-18M ehp before).

I improved details and layouts of many more spoilers and filters of tradelinks on page 50.

"Skillmanager" and "Manamanager" and "Variations" were updated and improved much.

Some pob-trees were optimized 5% further (mana/es-notes).

100% all elemental ailments-immunities and Lethe Shade


B.i.s. eldritch boots are now craftable to reach reliable, early and cheap 100% elemental ailments-immunities.
I improved a lot tipps about it.

Lethe shade becomes a new very valuable keystone against often uber-dot dealing uber-bosses with 90-100% ailments-immunities.

Awakened Empower


With this endgame-gem lvl 5 it's much more easy to reach HoAg tipping point lvl 31.
Extreme expensive, Chaos mastery is great also or in [3.19] new rare helmet +2 benchcraft is used.

For science!


I added finally a full glascannon set with uul Netol's amulet, The Squire, Awakened Empower etc. :

I added to the PoB the "Full_Glascannon Passive Tree" & + "Full_Glascannon Item-Tab"

Uul Netol's amulet is used: Predator (singletarget)/ or damage on full life (maps) (enable glascannon-skills)

Awakened Empower is linked to HoA (to reach lvl 31 without chaos mastery)

Keystone Divine Shield, Gravepact is pathed.

and The Squire shield with feeding frenzy, Awakened Multistrike, Awakened minion damage, awakened melee physical damage (enable glascannon-skills)

Ehp is 150k like many common witch-builds.

89.7M shaper damage!!

(... in maps with unholy might 10M more on top)

Trading, Leaguestart

Aegis Aurora raised it's price in leaguestart extreme to 6 exalts.
Arakaali's fang was about the same, like in the last 2 leagues.

With these prices you need often to leaguestart with alternative gear like cold iron point dagger or or replica advancing fortress and a rare shield with 5% es/ block.

The prices dropped after 5 days, after 8 days still not low, but affordable 2 exalts when I remember correct.

Ashes of the stars raised to 42 exalts. But Aul's uprising does the same job with freeing up passives and clusters for 3-5 exalts. Rare +1/+2 amulets are enough too and started around 10 chaos.

Popularity of the build

1M views of the build!

The new seventh digit dropped at 29. may 22.

It's now the most popular guardian-guide in the pathofexile.com forum since one year and it still grows very fast further.

In poeninja the Arachnophobias again leaded the boards as solo-guardian-minion-crawlers.
This league 2 days later because of strong metas and high gear-prices and later in league with a few meta-skeleton-mages in the board.


And with best greetings to all bosses:

Here the Allstars crawl!


Facetanking the Maven's Memory Game Explosion

The allstars in [3.19] Lake of Kalandra


The buff of Kalandra!




The last days of [3.19] - the lake dries.

In the end of each league I share thoughts about the league, mechanics, improvements of the build, tradings, leaderboards and more.

The new Arachnophilias - Our new Neighbours, Sisters and Twins


Because in endgame the 100% chaosconversion with herald of agony is best to max the damage I started before half a year in [3.17] an Occultist build. That was not easy to develop. To raise needed defences and castspeed to generate HoA-virulences the Occultist is not best fitting and really hard to balance.

But with the 3.19 new Necromancer "Unnatural strength" - an inbuilded permament Unholy might, the HoA is perfect teaming for 30% more damage.

9.8.2022 publishing the Necro-build

So I took my time to overwork and develop offensive and defensive the necro-ascendancy. And the result is an extreme joyful and before unknown tanky way to sting the atlas clean.

The Necro shines most in singletarget, flexibilty and tankyness compared to other classes.

Improvements of the build


Legendaries and United in Dreams


Many legendary pieces were top buffed in 3.19 Lake of Kalandra.

While the new Rainbowstride boots and Heartbreaker-dagger bring in some advantages in times of levelling, the big buff of minion-poisoning without the downscaling before enables to max the sword "United in dreams". It's 60% chance to poison is like one half more HoA-support, millions more damage.

In wide open maps and areas the HoA develops full range and force without the spiders swarm of Arakaali's fang. And it's easy to scale doubled 30-40M damage in remaining 95% defences.

I added all infos in the build and on ghastly-jewels minion-poisonchance as prefered damage-stat.

Improvements HoA-virulences


I tested again hundreds of skills and supports to generate 70-90 HoA virulences by 85% poisonchance continuous singletarget.

Storm burst remains far best. I linked in faster casting by default for 50% better buffing es on hit with the watcher's eye's discipline-mod and/ or quality of life storm brands in maps.

And purifying flame is surprisingly another great channeled second skill. It's es-regeneration and curse-immunities synergizes great for the allstars too. It hits two times and reach full virulences in most situations.



After selling a b.i.s. Cold Iron Point and b.i.s. Lethe Shade Skin of the Lords in Standard I personally got first time hands on a mageblood belt.

So I drank all flasks and tried out many set-ups.

And I am still more trying out with much fun....

The buff is big with the 140% increased global defences of the build. You reach by default 100k armour and permament bleeding immunities are very relaxing. The increased movementspeed is so nice permament. Imba.

It's straight possible to change out Aul's uprising and fit in an Uul-Netol's amulet for 40% more damage with mageblood, presage on the tree and 2× circles of nostalgia. With United in dreams this set-up doubles damage to 40M and more and still remaining in infinitive ehp.

This is close to reaching Uber-Bosses farming-status in almost full tank-capacities.

Perhaps meta-ready.

As fifth unique flask I added an Ironflasks for the by SoL doubled 400 ward as strong alternative.



I added more large cluster alternatives so it's easy to get strong large clusters cheap and early.

I cleaned up and improved the clarity of the pob-skill-tab.

I developed in details some pob-trees.

Because the juggs and tricksters far not optimize their offensives and set-ups until now I will perhaps publish the allstars build in these interesting tanky ascendancies at some time too.

Popularity of the build


80000 views of the new Necromancer Allstars in [3.19].

It was the second most popular Necro-minion-build in the witch-forum this league and most popular in the guardian-ascendancy again.

That is a huge success for the young build.

Many Youtube-videos with tanking the maven's memory game, Mapping deliriums and United in Dreams were popular and channel play L raised clicks.


When you more favourite the channel, perhaps I will add some glory day webcam and audio.



A bit later as usual, after one week, the build was in both guardian and necromancy ascendancy again in top positions.



The shield Aegis Aurora was extreme expensive again. This was affordable for many Arachnophilias only in week 2 of the league.

Melding of the flesh raised price too. Aul's uprising was cheap as well as Skin of the Lords and other gear, jewels and clusters.

To summarize: week 1 was awful, after 10 days everything was like last leagues.

Congratulations to GoGoTake / SubetenoMaMa

Lvl 100 Hardcore again!


Experiences of gamers with this build -
Quotes and Posts



+++ 2 legs, 6 legs, 8 legs, it does not matter! The first one birthday +++ 1 Year of the build +++ 1M views of the build +++

Experiences of gamers with this build - Quotes and Posts

Ever since I played this build the first time.. I am not finding any other build even remotely tanky enough for me to play and enjoy.

I dont want to keep playing the same build over and over again but this build is just so overpowered that I am going to play it for a third league in a row.

Posted by

Yes, this build is literally *THE* tank. Other builds that are tanks should be compared to this build. I've played most of the other tank builds, and some of them are nearly as good as this, but nothing quite measures up.

On the down side, after playing this, everything you'll play will feel like a glass cannon! :)
Current league IGN: Grimjack_Expdition_HOAG
Feel free to message me in game if I'm on.

Posted by

My best build ever.

Posted by

I’m going to start with this just to avoid rolling six alts this league then end up here anyway like last league.

Posted by

Definitely the most "complete" build I've ever played. Easily does all content.

Posted by

Sry for double post 53mln and when I'll be done I'll be 60 mln dps xD

Posted by

Thanks a lot for the guide. A lot of stuff to learn but so far looking really good only level 76 and can do delve 200 and t16 maps.

Posted by

Many thanks to Chromino for this build.

My first build that able to melt almost everything with stress free gameplay.
My first Sirus A9 deathless something near in 3 minutes.
Maven not a problem at all. All ultimatums is a joke (except some unlucky ones)

And much more that i like - its so flexible, you can play with this build and adjust it how you like. More damage - no problem, more defence - no problem, different skills - no problem, you able to tweak it how you like. I am even not using spiders, because i don't like to spawn them and etc. Maybe i will play with some ascendancy passives, because without Phantasm supports i didn't have enough "Allies" near with me to get permanent Onslaught and etc.

Posted by

This is definitely the best build i've ever played.

Even though this is my 1st time meeting Sirus & tbh i'm quite slow & unskilled, I've managed to beat him deathless just now- tanking almost all his attack. I even forgot to switch from melee splash to multisrike for the spider.
I even dont have the anomalous HoA gem & many other gems also not at full quality but the build still very strong.

Before this i dont even bother to explore the atlas killing conquerors & sirus on my own due to squishy build.
Thank you very much for the build.

Posted by

the build rocks..I am not dying and i am not afraid going into any fight coz 1 shots or other shits the game throw at u :)
THANK YOU Chromino :)

Posted by

...congratulations on the build. I've been having so much fun with her.
Thank you!

Posted by

Hi there. Great build, easily cleared most things with the early versions and transitioned largely deathless to the late 90s! Cheers!

Posted by

Thanks Chromino for this build, it is dam awesome, I cleared Simu for 1st time today :O
Sure is tanky as hell! The damage is decent too!
I recorded wave 30 just for fun~

Posted by

Hi chromino !

I don't need any advice, i just want to thank you for this awesome build and guide, with ton of informations and help !
Just reached 140k armor with grace and iron reflexes, i feel like i'm immortal.
It's the first time i really feel having a powerful build, so really, thank you!

Posted by

Build is very nice, I am basically unkillable

Posted by

Thank you Chromino for keeping this up to date!
It's going to be a great league.
BTW. I have a funny story to share, when I started to test the build at the end of Expedition, I accidentally opened a No Mana Regen map without knowing it. So I raised my 20 spiders and proceeded through the map, and then suddenly I realized I had no more mana left. "Well shit" I thought to myself, but I continued with spiders only and their number went down a bit a few times but they kept killing and re-summoning themselves and they cleared 3/4 of the map before I finally had to TP out and get a mana flask! So I cleared 3/4 of a T12 map with 0 skills used and buttons pressed except movement. Amazing.

Posted by

I have to give you an award Chromino, Minotaur has been my nemesis as long as I can remember - even with all of the other 'tanky' builds I've played - I almost ALWAYS die way too much to Minotaur. Too lazy to learn his attacks/patterns? Idk!

Well, not so much a problem any more:

Posted by

Being able to afk ultimatum and also survive the trialmaster is crucial and this build absolutely allows you to do that even without the broken iron skin and aul amu combo. Being CI and immune to corrupted blood with a jewel is just a blessing in ultimatum (5 or even 6 affixes that doesn't effect this build at all) and the recovery from block is insane.

Posted by

Best build ever. My first A8 Sirius Kill deathless. Came close to dying 1-2 times. I love this awesome playstyle!

Posted by

Just came to post I did this build last league and was great.
Now that I have some gear, (FAR from BIS, crappy annoint, no watcher eye, so much to improve) it feels much more powerful than last time.
I league start this build with zero currency, and built it up quick.
Damage is better, even though I only reach lvl 30 HOAG so far (with emp 4 will be lvl 31)

Sirus a8 easy dies in a few minutes. T16 bosses die in few seconds.
Maven invitations, bosses die before new ones spawn, with mods no problem.
All conquerors and maven invitation (formed, twisted, etc) die easy.
For some reason the damage is just much better this league. And also super tanky of course, with no grace or iron reflexes.
When this build I can finally get BIS gear the game is really easy mode.
Great build again!

Posted by

Thank you for one of the best builds ever done! :)
I just switched to it from farming with freezing pulse totem.. was tired of dying. Now I cannot die lol... :D

Thanks again Chromino!

Posted by

"...played with it and Sirus 8/9 made me feel like walking in the park.

Thanks for what I currently consider the best build."

Posted by

We are rolling now!!! Thanks for all the help my dude! Killed Sirus A8 ez, 0 deaths. Running some real juiced up maps.

Posted by

I dont know any other build that gets you so cheap into red maps.

Posted by

Love this.
Thank you for this build. At last I got to 38/40 since Harbringer.

Sirius down, Uber Atziri down (first time!), Uber Elder down (first time!), new bosses down (deathless), Simulacrum 30 done, uber Chayula down (first time, deathless, and with 6-players party standing outside), Feared down (first time), each Maven crucible fights done deathless (not Feared...).

In the end I could learn the fights, go around my colour-blindness and end the league with satisfaction.

Maven fight:
- Vaal Molten Shell can save you from memory game explosion,
- self-casted Molten Shell and Frost Shield with Ruby+Saphir+Topaz buffs can save you from memory game
- focus on placing DoT's in the middle of arena (this kills us in the final stage)

Easiest? Uber Chayula (I went to get coffee mid-fight xD).

Posted by

[...]amazing build i love it.

Posted by

Build is very nice, I am basically unkillable

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This build is awesome when you start to get some gear. OK I am only mapping till t7 now, but in Ultimatums I really don't care what is the next reward, because I actually can't die. Once got somehow stuck in a T7 on a rune from Baran, surrounded by enemies. Could not cast, could not move and could not flask. I stoud there for solid 30 seconds, geting hammered on. Sure my ES drop once to 40%, but half a second and two blocks later, it was full again.

Its really is an awesome Build if you want to play relaxed PoE. For me its perfect in Ultimatum since I don't have to dodge anything. My adaptive resolution in Ultimatum drops so low, I can't even tell where the Chaos cloud (chaos immune is op), the frost orbs or the lightning circles are. I just stand there and hammer away.

My only issue is: I have sometimes a hard time to spawn spiders in fights like the maven trials. But the agony crawler will kill them sooner or later anyway.

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This build is insane! Facetanking t16 awlvl 9 fully juiced trialmaster feels incredible. And my character was only lvl80 that fight.
I admire your work.

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This build is leaguestart friendly, as it use almost no special items to make it work.
Everything is a must have which increase the build by a lot, but even without the Skin of the Lord, the build can work...

With no expense (and no brain), with basic stuffs (no cluster, no jewels, no ring, no amu), Glancing Blow, and just Aegis, and 2 casual flask, you can already achieve :
- 5k es
- 30k armour
- 500k DPS
- 600 es on block
- 75/75 block chance
- capped resistance (75/80/76)

... At lvl 80
Seems already pretty good for a 10c build, no ?
Most of the builds don't reach this much tankyness / DPS combo with such "investissment".

Also, note that the build may be a leaguestart friendly, it's not a beginner friendly as there is a lot special mecanics in it, and you have to know it to leveling and playing it right.

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Im playing Mana Guardian every league. U can easly farm all content while drinking beer and eating pizza. I dont use spiders tho cos i hate this mechanic, I prefer more dmg for my scorpion. U are making hell of a work and forum thread is a masterpiece. And dont forget that time is mana friend ;)

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just wanted to tell you i love this build i pretty much make it once every league. since im pretty bad at the game a tank build with decent dps is really nice (also thanks for updating it pretty often saved my ass last league lol)

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I played this build for first time at the end of 3.15 (I only played this league + syndicate), I played it as if I was league starting, no bonus gear from my main etc to see how I could start - was super easy. Was quickly running high end content, and even cleared A8 Sirus at 87 without even having all my gems capped.

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I love this build. I'm playing Scourge as my first PoE league ever, i'm noob as fck. I don't understand anything (atlas, crafting, delve/mining, maps). But i love this build. I expect that this build would be playable trought the Leagues. My idea is to dominate this build in 2 or 3 leagues ^^ Thanks a lot. I hope you could up more content :)

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David ML

First time playing - having an absolute blast with my arachnids!
Thank you again for this build!

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What I can say, on a sirus a8 the only thing I dodged - meteor, simply because I don't dare to take it =) Everything else was just facetanked.
All degens besides giant balls were overhealed by ES on hit.

I didn't record this fight, but all I did - mostly just stood in one place and casted my crap.

In simulacrum with cyclone against normal monsters it feels freaking good. And against Kosis with storm burst, it is amazing too. I could save a lot of time just facetanking his barrage instead of dodging it. The only thing I have to dodge against kosis now is his super slam.
Did some bosses yesterday (2x maven 10, the hidden, sirus a8, maven boss fight) and 2 simulacrums. Besides 1 mandatory death on maven's last memory game, everything else was deathless and quite trivial.

As for maps, ugh... Whatever juice, whatever tier, whatever scourge stack, whatever mods besides no regen. I can steamroll it all at ease.

I will go full delve after finishing the feared and other peak encounters. Really wonder which depth will stop me =)
In any case, in 3.16 this build is a lot better than in any previous leagues in all fields, be it damage or tankiness.

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I love this build, im using a headhunter and its so fun haha im inmortal

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Just wanted to say thanks for the build. Funniest I played so far and on my way to lvl 100. Kinda unkillabble, especially since I found Mageblood.

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Thank you for the amazing build, Chromino! 2nd time playing this build in the new league and it's so fun and tanky :)

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I delved a lot tonight and basically just ran around the entire time not having to do anything or pay much attention.
I've been debating rearranging all my shield/block nodes on the tree to get to 38% both block chances and then going GB, but I just feel so untouchable with the full 100% block that I'm not sure if I want to give it up.

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Feeling incredibly tanky and well rounded, haven't died once since I went CI at around lvl 69 or so.

I can pretty much just sit in any ultimatum and agony/spiders just destroy everything.

Might try to take this build to 100 considering how tanky this build is feeling.

Thanks for an awesome build guide

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Once you have the items listed by the build you're literally unkillable.
I haven't died to ANY Ultimatum and completed all waves standing afk and just pressing flasks and ball lightning.

And i dont even have the Grace amulet and the Iron Reflexes armour yet. With it it would be like a Terminator :)


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This build is incredible.I am lvl 73 and i can face tank t15 ultimatum indefinetely standing in stone circle and spam ball lightning, vaal discipline, molten shell and flasks. I have only 5000 es and 3000 mana. I have barely any cluster jewel.lol.full build at lvl 100 with all gear is immortal i think.lol

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Thanks for the build, it's just crazy how I can survive easily 150 stacks of scourge, juiced glennach nemesis 3 and mapping is super smooth, just obliterating everything.

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Oh and I do get occasionally stun locked… it’s annoying because I don’t like to be stuck, but I don’t die so it’s ok.

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Chromino u are the best :D
Yesterday I made changes and I have applied some things of your comment (Armor, flask, gems and make a wishlist :D)
Now I feel like I could eat the world.

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This build is waaaay tankier even on leveling already. I'm level 65, have white gloves (34 itemlevel), blue chest (27 itemlevel) and some random crappy rares from the ground (like leaguecontent-corrupted dagger 6 ilvl from the 1st act lmao).
And I literally die only if really believe in my immortality. I died 6 times for now and 4 times I just yolo run into big packs of everything. 2 because of afking.

You can imagine occultist's survivability with this gear level :D

But I never used Herald of Agony cause people commented here a lot of hard leveling times through this skill. I used Herald of Purity all the way in those crappy white 4-link gloves - HoP + Minion Damage + Summon Phantasm + Added Fire Damage. Plus 4link Storm Brand + Ball Lightning + Chance to Poison + Faster Casting (lol I need to fix this link I suppose :D).
And thats basically all, I don't have any cool items (brought Anvil for, maybe, 1c, that's all). I don't have 6links, don't have actually any other working links. Use steelskin on left mouse button and ~5 levels ago activated Determination.

I have dominating blow in my chest but I don't use it. Just too lazy to use anything except Flame Dash + Arcane Surge besides two 4L I mentioned before.

PoB is little chaotic, but you can find a ton of useful info on 50 page of this topic. It was the most helpful discovery for me here.

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thanks for your build, really easy to play when you know how to summon the spiders without panicking during a boss or a fight with a screen full of monsters

Memory vault + dagger + aegis aurora = you can start printing currency. Upgrade after upgrade ... facetanking while watching tv sirus 6, 9 waves of ultimatum T16 etc. still working on upgrading, need more exalted

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just wanted to say thank you for the great and insanely detailed build guide. So much fun to see what kind of potential builds in this game can reach.
Anyways cheers for this guide.

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Hey thx for one of the best and well written guide i‘ve seen so far.

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Almost level 91 and 0 deaths from this build. I've never felt so tanky before in PoE.

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I did league start with it as well, sure it has been a bit of a struggle

but now i am at a point i am steamrolling maps already with a dead here and there

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I feel almost unkillable at the moment lol. It really is disgusting what I can afk tank. This build is amazing and I really appreciate the help to get me where I am now. I am destroying all content now and im focusing on just leveling. I am switching out my gems for bosses. I bought another chest also with 3 greens 2 blues and a red. So I can now flip flop the build to add phantoms if I feel like it. They clear maps really well.

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I ended up running t12 maps on pre-ci, life version, with a 5 link in a ashrend, without any problems! strong build

Love this build and guide!
It was love at first sight.

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And you don't need BIS items at all. At the moment, I don't use Skin of the Lords with Iron Reflexes nor Aul's amulet. I use +1 gems corruption torso (which could as well be normal Skin of the Loyal) and +2 gems amulet (which costs around 4ex, but you could use +1 gems amulet which is very cheap). I killed A9 Sirus with this setup and it was easy, deathless.

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Hey Chromino & contributors,

just wanted to say thanks for the guide(s). Reached level 100 for the first time and also cleared Simulacrum Lv30.

Keep up the good work!

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Hello guys, hi Chromino,
thanks for the amazing build guide! Let the spiders reign!

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Map clear is excellent. Spiders do enough damage by themselves to kill anything short of bosses, and they are FAST.

I've played the aura stacker, and the damage on bosses here is going to feel weak by comparison. The tank, on the other hand, isn't second tier to anything. :)
This is why Chromino has tongue in cheek renamed Sirus' DIE beam to a healbeam, because we can literally stand in it to restore our energy shield.

I leveled 3 builds to 95+ in Expedition, league starting with this one. The currency I made with the Allstars funded an Explosive Trapper and a Forbidden Rite Totem build - without selling any gear from this one, I might add.

I constantly get into debates in /global when folks ask for the tankiest build available, and most folks push Jugg options. Or the Aura stack, which has a decent tank, but seriously relies on dealing enough damage to kill anything threatening. Nobody else uses Sirus' DIE beam to heal. :)

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[...] good I love the build !!

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You put up a legendary guide AND a crazy "shopping list" for literally every situation/budget [...] Not to mention builds unique "mana reservation" min-maxing type which allows you to do so much stuff that you CANT do without buying KEY expensive items [...]

Thanks for all your efforts! Amazing guide.

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Hello, this is the most comprehensive guide I've ever seen, bravo. Even GGG can't do that much. :)
Thanks for your efforts.

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Sirus 8, deathless.

I only have 6955 energy shield, nonetheless, I can tank anything he throws. (Ok, I didn't attempt the chaos storms, or the meteor hit.) Little shots, DIE beam, corridor zig zag (don't bother dodging, this is the best chance to DPS him, just soak up the hits) even the spinning quad beam has very little effect.

Took longer than it should have because I forgot to switch my pantheon to refill my writhing jars over time, so just the ... short legged dirty tail. That description still makes me laugh every time!

I have to say, this build guide is *Awesome*. The level of detail, the various options, the explanations around gear / tree / skill gem choices are top notch. But what really makes this stand out is the raw language. I just can't stop giggling when I read about the "short legged" "dirty scorpion-tail" "premium lags"... the fun just keeps coming. I have never seen a more entertaining build thread, and I've been here a long... long... Long time.

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Finally hit level 100 with this build (none of that stupid AFK 5 way stuff either). It was an uphill battle, especially with the Delve 600 challenge but getting 40/40 was very fulfilling.
Thank you for the build, Chromino. I've played it two leagues in a row now and love it. It has been an absolute blast after a really rough league start.


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Yep, my work on the build paid off really well.
In this league, my build is a lot better than it was in 3.15. Did so many improvements, got a lot more damage and tankiness.

So far so good.

Started with dom blow, since it's a very natural and the easiest way to lvl guardian, made it up to red maps with no gear bought. Switched to CI at lvl 8x with the budget alternative stuff, and made it possible to complete one of the hardest things in the game in my way.

Feels amazing.

Good luck with your things, exiles. This build is amazing when done right.

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Sirus A8 completed (first time ever)...

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I'm having very much fun with that build. Using full chaos conversation and tiny deviations in the tree.
Tons of damage for mapping and bossing. All content is possible. A9 Sirus and Uber Elder are nearly to easy ;)
About 10 Million PoB Damage, 6.6k ES, 71/71 Block. Feeling very tanky.
Getting 60 Virulence Stacks against bosses is also pretty well to do with the Storm Burst. Storm Brand is perfect for fast and agile mapping.

Thank you for @Chromino for the great guide. And everybody else for the great discussion.

Keep crawling and sting on.

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it's funny how sirus' die beam actually heal me instead of damaging me 😂

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Ooookay, after some struggle in the beginning (levelling was okay, map transition without some extra currency was painful, as I mentioned before) i've managed to get spiders and its just amazing. [...]
I can't actually tank EVERYTHING in game, but, well, mostly I can facetank things in moments where other builds couldn't even dream of. It defnately will improve with gear, cause I have only ~5.5ES for now and some items really need to be changed asap.[...]
Overall really great and VERY tanky build if you have some patience.

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Hi there,

made the 100% Chaos conversion Hoag and so far I'm really enjoying it. Reached Level 100 and destroying all content with ease!!! Thank you for the detailed Guide! Hoag on lvl 31 Slams with 6x Pure Agony & Cult-Leader!

It was a rough league start though, especially to get the Arakaali's Dagger in the first few days!

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Thanks a lot for the work, this is the first time i see such a detailed guide.

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This is a very, very tanky build with enough DPS.
Elder/Shaper/Sirus (especially Sirus) fights are a joke using builds. I can pretty much stand in 1 space and dont bother avoiding anything while fighitng Sirus and never die =)

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The build is awesome (which is why I keep coming back to it) and tanky as hell.

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I am currently enjoying this build quite a lot.
This build is like a small community within the game, which is just awesome.

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It will be way better. I played this build last league, eventually killed everything, Sirius, Maven, etc. Just afked on Al-Hezmin in the centre of his arena cause of CI. He couldn't even make a scratch.
In a matter of tank your armor numbers should grow big for Aegis Aurora and slightly after ~60k it will be almost unkillable in normal circumstances.

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alright so at this point, I don't think I can make any more changes to what I have without spending 30ex for armor and amulet.. with that being said, this is probably one of the chilliest builds I've played in a long time. Scourge feels safe most of the time until I hit about 90 corruption stacks, I did sirus 8 yesterday and face tanked his beams and meteor. Maven invitations feel a bit tippy but that's on me since I'm new to the fights. All in all worth all the investment and headache to make the build how it is now !

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Facetanked Minotaur like a boss with 4.8 es.

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Hi, thanks for a great build (the most enjoyable minion gameplay I've ever played).

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Thank you so much,
Even without boss gems( I forgot to change), I got my first Sirus kill and that too A9. I died a few times as I am not familiar with all his stages but I did not think that I would be able to kill him before.

This build has spoilt me so much.. I dont think I can play any other build from now.

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I am enjoying the fact that im rarely - if ever - dying and rolling right along. im taking my time so i haven't done any major bosses yet, but mapping has been easy enough

this build though is very well thought out and planned, down to the smallest detail, and i appreciate the thought and time thats gone into it

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Chromino, thank you for building and maintaining this. I leveled to 80 now and I am slowly starting to hunt for needed gear.

It took me a while to wrap my head around the build and its complexities, but now I begin to appreciate all the thought that went into it, the multiple layers of defense and offence, the interactions between parts of the build, etc. Absolutely love playing it and I don't even have the dagger yet.

My hat off to you sir.

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Hi, this build is really charming and thx your hard work on this guide!

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But yeah I love the build. My reflexes aren't really great so something tanky was needed. I have seen my share of hairy situations i know none of my other chara could have dealt with. It's less DPS than a lot of other options, but it's very delicately balanced and when the pieces start falling in place it's downright exhilarating. Anyway, love it, just need to finish gearing !

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Great guide, really loving it!

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Great build so far, starting to feel pretty tanky, now gotta work on damage but getting expensive now. :P

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I've played over a dozen builds and this is only the second one strong enough to finish W30 which is very satisfying.

Well done with this off-meta masterpiece for sure, thanks again.

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I totally recommend it, it gives what it promises. Congratulations for the guide.
I bought the melding flesh and I'm even more immortal than I was lul.

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36 challenges done, not going for 40 this league - probably taking Christmas off. Overall very enjoyable and chill build.

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biggest change for me was swaping out of GB, 35% dmg reduction vs 100% dmg reduction is huge difference, rarly see my es drop from 100% since then.

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Just wanted to say thank you Chromino, I've been having a great time with this build and it allowed me to finally get that GG end game drop I've always dreamed of getting. Always hoped for a Mirror but a Mirror worth item will do :D!

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Amazing build. Just compeleted wave 30 of simulacrum with only 1 death (face tanked his big explosion and I'm not even sure what happened lol)
Started the league as witch, but I'm soooo glad I tried this one out! It absolutely crushes

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A8 Sirus down... This build is the best tank in my poe history. It even beats double nebuloch marauder or Mjolner discharge. I wonder how can I die :) ?

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I am really enjoying this build. Even with basic essentials and no expensive items I can take red maps easily without even coming close to dying.

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First just want to say thanks for this guide. Made this last night to play with a friend and I cant stop playing it. Im having a blast.

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Thank you!

All in all, this build has been a lot of fun, especially the reactions from friends whenever I did Sirus carries for them, refusing to dodge anything he threw at me :D Scourge has been a great league for this build

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Chromino, thanks for putting together and sharing a very nice build. This thread is full of good vibes.

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Hi Chromino,

I am very satisfied with the build, yesterday I did Sirus 9 without taking any risks, Die is not able to kill me,
Congratulations for the great and solid build.

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Hello, I'm loving the build, although, I'm big noob
I also really enjoy the fact that every single upgrade shows improvement in the build, as I am a player that usually focuses strongly on one character

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Hey Chromino!

Build is great, been enjoying it. Still a bunch of stuff to upgrade and fix on my part but it's going great.

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Finally done with the grindy part of this league!

Reached Level 100 and did 40 Challenges on the same day. All with this build, never played anything else since the start of this league over a month ago.

This was the smoothest ride ever after getting the 3 core uniques... before them I died like 4 times every t1 map^^

I played since beta and could never reach level 100 on any other character... this should be proof enough for the insane tankiness of this build :D

Normally I never play a build twice but I really consider it, if there are no huge nerfs etc... let's see!

Thank you so much for the support with this guide chromino and mabye we see us again next league (:

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Thanks again for epic build!

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Thanks for making this build btw, really enjoyed it so far. Love the variety it offers while still having decent damage and clearspeed, being able to do all mods and content and being tanky enough to survive most, if not all, uber boss attacks.

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[...] I want to take this character as far as i can, since it's the most fun I've had in a long time in POE!

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Did play this in 3.14 and was 96,5 within 3 weeks and that was with a skin of the loyals, not skin of the lords (was ~5ex away from affording it). Quitted there because I wasted to much time in POE because the build was so much fun :), Failed 3 Ultimatums in total in that time and got to the boss 5 times. It was just to easy if you didn't care about rewards, when you could not die anyway.

That comes from a player who is REALLY bad. I could not figure out how to spawn spieders in Boss fights. So they took some time, but this build gives you time to learn fights.

With this build I got my first:
Sirus (up to 7)
Uber Elder I fucked up because I invited maven to my first try ever.
All breachstones.

And that all within 3 weeks.

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Love the build!!! And even more so the guide God tier!
Rerolled from ranger and I feel unkillable :)

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This build is amazing, and the POB is amazing. There is far more effort in the POB than basically any POB that exists.

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I'd check out the herald of agony guardian build (or herald of purity)..
I'm running it this league and it's a tank. With less than 5ex invested you can facetank Sirus at A6, do T16 maps with ease, delerium maps, normal & uber atziri and so forth.
It's not screen wide explosion fast but gets the job done quick and safely.
If you get more currency you can blow 30-50ex on this build to get all BIS items and facetank everything. But with 5ex you can run pretty much all content.
It's not meta so a lot of items are dirt cheap (like 10chaos for boots, 15choas chest, 10c gloves etc etc).

have a look:

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Absolutely loving this build.

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YouTube goodguygaming3 about the build:


Full video:

Happy birthday! One year of Arachnophilia! Let's swarm!


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Dev1ator wrote:
Curious as to how this build handles Ultimatums. Are any of the kinds/mods of ultimatum source of concern for this build?

Once you have the items listed by the build you're literally unkillable.
I haven't died to ANY Ultimatum and completed all waves standing afk and just pressing flasks and ball lightning.

And i dont even have the Grace amulet and the Iron Reflexes armour yet. With it it would be like a Terminator :)
Last edited by Hey0cean on Apr 22, 2021, 2:59:28 AM
Hey, i just hit Maps and switched to CI, got the Memory Vault, Arakali Dagger and some cheap Basic ES Gear 1c each.

Now i cant Map anymore for more upgrades since i die way too often :D

guess i shouldve farmed hybrid more.

seems like i shouldve stayed hybrid longer.

can u give me any imminent advise whats the cheapest/easiest defense upgrade for me now since i have no chaos left atm. (way too much overall stuff going on for me to figure out budget roadmap) :p

Edit: just got enough chaos from low level delve for the shield, gonna try after buying but cant imagine thats all i need for now :D
Last edited by Schnubbel_ on Apr 22, 2021, 6:51:02 AM
Schnubbel_ wrote:
Hey, i just hit Maps and switched to CI, got the Memory Vault, Arakali Dagger and some cheap Basic ES Gear 1c each.

Now i cant Map anymore for more upgrades since i die way too often :D

guess i shouldve farmed hybrid more.

seems like i shouldve stayed hybrid longer.

can u give me any imminent advise whats the cheapest/easiest defense upgrade for me now since i have no chaos left atm. (way too much overall stuff going on for me to figure out budget roadmap) :p

Hey Schnubbel,

did you checked the list in FAQ when you are dying often? Check your ascendancy, Pantheon, resistances for example.

- change one quicksilver flask to a granite or stibnite flask

Most easy upgrades for your defensive skills are to use vaal discipline and vaal grace. Also when you still not have enough mana for the auras, use the vaal skills solely. 1 chaos or vaal yourself:



A stygian belt and a jewel with minion chance to blind are very effective with your 20 spiders, you can insert the jewel also first in your tree:


In these days of trade and league good and not expensive gear-upgrades are:

1) Skin of the loyals, 5 correct socket colours around 20 chaos:


Best balanced 30 chaos:


2) get a stygian belt with es, lightning/ cold resistance, mana (or dex), eventually empty modifiers to craft

with mana around 2 chaos:


With armour around 10 chaos:


with dex around 1 exalted:


3) get 2x circle of nostalgia:

only with 20% less mana reserved around 10 chaos each: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ultimatum/kPvnLns5

with HoA damage 1.2 exalt today: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ultimatum/lgOrPX0TV

- with the circle of nostalgia change lesser poison to poison support

4) For blocking, as long as you don't have the blue nightmare, get rumi's concoction granite flask 35 chaos or beastcraft it (unique flask recipe) in Einhar's menagerie:


- you can benefit only 1x from +3000 armour, change the other granite flask for jade, stibnite or a flask you prefer

( or the blue nightmare-jewel, which is still expensive 3 exalt:

https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ultimatum/2Kgodfk )

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