0.10.1 has been deployed!

wellevent wrote:

What about desync issue ?

Did you even read the original post? This isn't the thread for discussing anything but 0.10.1...
Editing this msg over to an appropo thread! Patch fixed a lot of glitches for me though, so grats!
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You rock :) Thanks for the patch.
Very impressed with the new Gem art!

I expecting the new art to be more like symbols on top of the gems (I guess more like D2 runes), that I was then going to have to memorize.

With the way that the artist did the gems icons, they read well and are pretty self explanatory. Something not easily done with so little space.


The new shield art makes me look like a badass!

You guys must have the cleanest pipeline in the gaming industry...
Hats off to you all, keep up the great work!
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Thanks to nerf stun look, good work guys !!!! <3<3<3

Great work cant wait to get home and play. 7h left..
A new loading screen would be nice ! -_-
Шось? (IGN: Owner)
Damn guys, the speed is incredible. Can't help comparing your patching to the other Gorilla in our midst's!
Maps, maps, maps. My HC dude gonna have to sit on the bench for a bit I guess :D
Great stuff!
Keep it up GGG, really love this game! :)

Oh and RIP Chris's character. :P
Exile 4 life.

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