0.10.1 has been deployed!

Great work, keep it up!
Looking forward to 10.2!
Check out the Brutal Video Vault! - http://www.youtube.com/chrisdragon
I love you GGG
I'm looking forward to whats in store for the future for now, I will continue feasting on what's already been dished out! Thanks for bringing us this great game!
Ground Slam Marauder - Level 48 - Standard League
Spectral Throw Scion - Level 12 - Domination League

Really like the additions of this patch, the gems new icons are a great improvement.
Sloul wrote:
Really like the additions of this patch, the gems new icons are a great improvement.
Hello I'm having some problems in the game, one of them is that sometimes when I open the portal will not let me, then when I want to open a door of a cell will not let me open it, or when I need to talk to someone in the camp after a mission, sometimes not let me. On the other hand when I'm playing just fine I lock the game and I get the game. Maybe it's some errors that have the level where I am (level 35) or only I have them, and I wonder if my computer, or is the game as it is beta, and ranging fixing the game slowly. If so, hopefully they can fix it soon, thanks.
This patch = BSOD all the time, randomly timed in the game. So losing items, restarting pc all the time is not ok.
Hope they fix it asap, cant play for now (no solution out there yet).
I personally never had any sort of issue with this patch, yet many people have complained about various issues that regard talking to NPC's, moving, leaving areas, entering instances and what not..

I'm glad to see that rather take the "Valve" approach and simply tell someone to "turn it on and off" the developers quickly reverted to a previous patch that allowed the affected players to actually play.

I really got to hand it to the developers of this game, not only have they made something I myself love, but others love as well. Plus on top of that they are personable to a degree that you can actually talk to a developer while playing the game. Regardless of how many times you a patch a game, nothing will tarnish my experiences that I have seen upon the Path of Exile.

Now to the point briefly, I loved the new patch as I was error free and able to play with ease. Sorry to everyone that were knocked off of the path for a while!
I fixed my issue by doing a special patch by Creative (for my fatality sound card)

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