0.10.1 has been deployed!

cant wait to try the changes later on :).

By the change buffing Armour values to equal Evasion ratings...

Does this mean the % or the Base Stats?

also does this apply to ES or just Armor. i know armor was lackin.
sloppie wrote:
better than 1.07

Funny how eveyone will know what you're talking about by just stating a few numbers xD

Anyway, keep up the good work GGG!
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Awesome gem graphics!!!
Thanks for the patch and update Chris! Keep it up as always!

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Looking forward to 10.2!
You say you're very aware of all the problems that are still out there, and that you have to prioritize on which things to fix first - let me say I'm very glad you see minion AI as a high priority, because it is :D Looking forward to seeing how this upcoming minion targeting change is gonna work out.
I think the highest priority is to cut down the DC frequency, especially when resurrected from instance and back to town -- then crashed and back to login screen, never failed. This makes creating a town portal in the instance pointless as after logging on again, the town portal no longer there. It's tired to keep fighting your way through from Waterfall Cave lvl 2 to the top of the pyramid and die again. As the instance will also be reset from 8-15 mins, sometimes we can't make it on time (if logging out will also persist the state for 8-15 mins).

That's the only frustration that I have with PoE, the rest are awesome! Keep up the great work!
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