0.10.1 has been deployed!

As I mentioned in the past, we're expecting to announce our new race season prizes within the next week. It's a big departure from what we were running in Closed Beta, but should make competing in races a lot more fun. For those people who have been helping us with the prize-less calibration races, thanks much for the feedback and data!

There are some short-term fixes coming to the 0.10.1 patch series in the near future. It's likely that the following will be introduced very, very soon:
  • A /dnd mode that streamers can use to get around people spamming them with messages. More improvements to this will be made over time.
  • A few more high-level mods that can spawn on items available from level 77 maps. We want to get these in soon before players spend too much wealth crafting end-game items without those mods available.
  • Changes to targeting of minions.

By the way, a common thing we're seeing in Open Beta is people posting "You need to fix/add feature X!" posts in announcement or patch notes threads. While I love hearing feedback about this stuff, and we spend a lot of time reading the forums to find out what people want us to fix, we'd appreciate it if you didn't post these types of requests in announcement or patch notes threads. The purpose of these threads is to discuss the news of the announcement or the things changed in the patch, rather than to remind us of the (many) problems that are still to be fixed. We will get to them over time and are trying to hit the high priority/safe ones first!

Thanks again for your feedback and support of the game. Things are getting under control and we're going to pump out content. I even got a chance to play last night - my HC shadow died to exploding spawns at level 14 :P
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