0.10.1 has been deployed!

A couple of days ago I was reading threads about minion targeting; today I log-in and see that it's been fixed. What else needs to be said?

GGG: thank you very much for your dedication.
Brrr this game its too amazing. Hate to pay for games BUT i must pay for this one... Dont have a credit card but i will found the way to do it as soon as possible...

p.s. Please keep us informed how is your microtransactions going on :) Just want to be sure that all is okey.
Hey Chris and whole GGG , are you going to make a mistake? You should!!! Because if you continue this way, many of us will think you are higher race from the future...

R.I.P. to your Shadow :(
Great patch.
New look of gem's is awesome.

And music in first city is other.
I really like the new gem art. Looks cool and helps to keep an overview over your gem collection :)
The new gem art looks very well done and well thought out. This must of take some freaking ass long time do do. It helps organize my invetory and it makes visual sense. Great work.
IGN JimansNotSummoner
pretty cool stuff!

OT: do a GGG harlem shake vid!
I wish there are more Chris Wilsons in the game industry.

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It would be awesome if the damage dealt in mobs could show up as we hit them...
RIP Chris' lvl 14.
Help save the Kiwis!!


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