0.10.1 has been deployed!

Increased the damage that Perpetus deals with Ethereal Knives.

why? if u're a melee based character he'll melt you in a matter of seconds just the same as before. It probably will not affect the range-based players, this "fix" or what can it even be called is kinda frighteningly ridiculous. He kills pretty mych anyone who just got to act 3 for the 1st time if they're unlucky to find him, the same hapenned to me aswell at that time. Just for the sake of saving hours for someone who spent that time in hc just reroll this change back please.
All the changes done so far I've played are GOOD, but this one is the only one bad

Just the info from poewiki
- Unique Undying Outcast
- Located around the middle of City of Sarn.
Resists Lightning
Casts Ethereal Knives
Throws Bear Traps
Please tell me all the accounts that are spamming the streamers are going to be perma-banned. DND is a good start but there really needs to be an auto-spam somethingorother that deals with that, as well as the crazy general trade spam.

Also, the new gem graphics are really terrible. It would be great if there was an option in the file to revert them. Nice patch otherwise.
can 1 of you developers help the streamers out? they are getting spam bombed right now in the race.... and their ignore lists are full.
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sweets for sweets!
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The new gem art is slick!

Definitely nice to hear that things are getting more under control.

Thanks Chris and the rest of GGG. Keep working your magic.
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There is a (very) small spelling mistake on the article, it is "noticeable" instead of "noticable", just in the beginning. Not trying to be a grammar nazi, I'm sure Chris wants the frontpage to be flawless, so don't shoot.
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Nice work GGG keep up the good work.
Excellent news! Great art!
And this

Changes to targeting of minions

is the best news of them all. Thank you!
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Loving the new artwork.
you guys just keep on comming im still amazed what you guys have accomplished so far.

and Chris. i love the way you always seem to manage to keep it on a personal level, even when writing to thousands.

you are an inspiration to other game designers out there.
Feel free to pm me ingame @JollyTheJust
will always work if im online.

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