0.10.1 has been deployed!

Very good to hear about the dnd option to protect the streamers. =)
Excellent :)
Pelerin of Wraeclast
I Just LOVE LOVE LOVE new skill gem art.

It is very useful and looks nice. I think artist NAILED IT. Good Job.
The new gem art is so awesome, but it'll take me a while before I can actually decipher skills by their art. It will happen, though!

Please, this game desperately needs it. The new gems have made the situation far worse.
IGN: Narbays
This 0.10.1 release fixed that generic windows error that would say client.exe stopped responding or whatever that the previous patch caused on my system. So cool... while not specifically bug fixed, it's fixed nonetheless.

I´m nearly speechless how fast the game gets better and better!

Keep up your good work... No, not good... great! :-)
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My character sprites for shadow and witch are invisible since this patch? Do I need to reinstall?
Great work, Chris! :)

What about desync issue ?
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