0.10.1 has been deployed!

Once again the whole PoE team did a great job, thanks a lot !

I really enjoy the new gem graphics keep the good work up.
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Thank you for the work, I am delighted with the new animation dualist!
"Changes to targeting of minions."

If the change is that you CAN'T target the minions, that would be wonderful.. lol :)

Otherwise, I can't wait to see the new gem art once I'm done with work!! Thanks GGG! :D
Superb patch! Everything is ok :)

But please please ! some work on PvP system , ranked PvP maby.. something..
My game was patching BUT my pc froze during the patch and reset itself, now the game doesn't want to patch correctly nor fix files. It just keeps frozen at checking resources. Also, I tried running the PackCheck, but I got no luck.

I'm going to reinstall the game and re download the patches, but it's a shame that the client just broke like that...
Fantastic! It's all looking good so far. This is by far one of the best open betas I've participated in. Sure, it's got it's problems but they're fixed ASAP and with good communication.
Keep up the good work!
(Also: better luck next time with your next HC run)
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Awesome job!
Chris wrote:
It's a big departure from what we were running in Closed Beta, but should make competing in races a lot more fun.

I hope you really mean fun. I loved the fact players of all skill levels had a chance at winning at least some kind of reward.
Keep it up guys, i really like the Artworks for the Skillgems :-)

The Thing i didnt like so much is the Prices for the last 3 Minipets...
The Lightning Scorpion Pet...900 points, thats around $90 Bucks.

How do the other People feel about this?
I think like 20-30 Bucks for something really cool should be suffice.

For 900 Points you get 24 Premium Bank Slots...and you still got 100 Points left.

Anyway, love playing your Game.. it rocks!!! :)
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Some people really don't read or listen, most likely also the ones who didn't spend a penny/eurocent on the great game so far.

Keep up the great work, love being part of the growth of this already very awesome game !

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