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Will the Sanctum League go Core?

Could solve the balance issues with sanctified relics by merging them with pantheon powers after POE2 drops. You get X sanctified relic slots, gods drop a quest relic when you kill them in POE1 that you can use in the relic slots or swap out later for sanctum relics
There should also be a post (or written within this post) in regards to whether or not some of the Sanctum league based-uniques are being integrated into the base game for the next patch.
CLassic GGG. Fun leagues don't go core, but the sharty ones do. Bozos.
So sad, this was by far my favourite league mechanic, gave me a whole new perspective on how to play this game, and kept me still playing the league. Gutted, probs gonna skip next league until this makes a swift return.
Stop patting yourselves on the back for this league, GGG. You've fucked up immensely. The bad players that don't use characters that level naturally to 100 in maps without dying, the type of players that play bow builds and shit, those like it. The casuals, the ones that you shouldn't encourage.

Resolve needs to go. Stop rewarding offscreening. Bring back Ultimatum AS IT WAS in Ultimatum league. EXACTLY as it was. Except with even more damage and no Headhunter cheating.

Reward characters that take hits and survive. Not this garbage and the casuals who like it. Ridiculous that people with less challenges than me while I despise this league and can't bear to play it say it's suuuuch a fun mechanic. Then why didn't you play it, huh?
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Worst mistake you will ever make GGG.
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Less and less seems to be going core as time goes on, sloppy with diabloIV on the horizon.
I think I've heard this somewhere... Oh wait it was ultimatum
typical... awful leagues remain and the cool ones are removed then what will be in poe 2? because you are already pissed off with this information
Never bring it back. Resolve does not belong in PoE. It ignores all the work you put into defenses.
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