Will the Sanctum League go Core?

its so sad, i spent all my spare time playing this game and i just got my str stacking relic just now. and it will just be deleted :/
stop giving us player power and taking it away there is 0 reason why sanctum shouldnt go core its awesome and no i am not buying into this false narrative of it just doesnt fit right now and will come back in the future

no one will ever be happy about losing something and getting nothing in return
Wasn't my favorite league.
It's a good news imo Sanctum wont go core.

Just for 1 reason: Resolve bar.
It's just so not necessary in an ARPG to get killed with full life and also having all defences evaded (like ofc Life as first layer, but also armour or evasion, or even ES). I still think that Sanctum was a big mistake. It would be a meh league without Resolve, little boring tho.
When the current league ends in early April, all of your existing relics and invocations will be deleted. If you have any Sanctum challenges to complete, you still have several weeks to do so.

This line angers me alot...League was supposed to go legacy meaning it wont drop in the way it has been anymore. It wasn't supposed to get voided.

I usually praise you guys for your transparency but this really grinds my gears. Imagine how many people like me just played this mechanic just to get some nice relics to treasure in standard and also to try new stuff with in standard. I don't understand why this would be a problem in any way since they are account bound.

This post drained my will to play. Why couldnt you just tell us a bit sooner that this is your plan before people invest endless hours farming this shit. Im sad and angry.

If the argument is: players that didnt play this league will feel like they got left out because they dont have those account bound items that can sometimes be build enabling. Then my argument is: you wouldnt reason like that about other stuff like for example.. they gave free tatoos at this festival and i didnt get one because i didnt attend...solution...lets remove everyones tatoos so other people dont feel left out.

It feels like you made me drop the soap and now im getting f**ked
4 meme jewels sold, Harvest
relics were a really cool form of progression
Damn missed this league was hoping it had gone core for 3.21 :(
what were you actually working on for crucible to make sanctum not go core? Crucible is actually hot garbabe with no loot. the trees suck, the mechanics loot sucks. might as well play standard at this point.
You choose not to make Sanctum go core even though it was an amazing expansion, because it needs rebalance and lack of content?? Excuse me wtf?!?!

You release Crucible which have zero contant compared to Sanctum. You wasted time making Forge of the Titans where you skip 99% of all mobs, you overtuned Crucible mobs when revealing crucible tree's, where the mobs drop nofthing usefull? Yes, we can make some CRAZY weapons, with higher dmg than we ever have had b4, but thats the only good thing about this league, otherwise its pritty much useless. Not good enough GGG

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