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Will the Sanctum League go Core?

STD players are 2nd class players....:(
Well if you bring it back, maybe I will actually get a chance to get past the first freaking floor.
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No. Just give us chance to choose a core mechanics.
Thank Goodness, I was not a fan of this league mechanic.

Being slurped into it forcefully was annoying
Not interacting with it for 8+ maps wasn't satisfying
Being FORCED to obtain RNG relics to compete with others isnt fun
Relics not being tradable was the final nail in the coffin for my experience.

edit- To be clear I played this league is LOT, I just didn't enjoy the sanctum mechanic.
I played 8 characters to mapping this league.
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Thank god it won't enter, having a game inside a game for no reason makes no sense.
Hope u added it as soon as possible
The mechanic is fine, as its something different to be "forced" to avoid and dodge instead of face tanking everything.

I played RF juggernaut and it plays massively different from a normal map, so thats a good thing, its a mechanic that doesnt just add monsters to a map.

The need for specific reliques to trivialize the challenge is annoying to get started, but then you get the special challenges and suddenly your go-to relique setup doesnt work there.

The extreme challenge of never getting hit by anything is a problem, as it really reduces the viable builds that can even realistically do it, so thats bad.

If you get used to dodging enemies and learn their patterns to do so, it gets increasingly trivial to finish the sanctum and at some point it repeats itself too quickly, as choosing a different route doesnt change the bosses and so on.

Sanctum could very well be a unique map in my book, without the reliques and an extreme "uber" version that is the no-hit challenge run ... thats just as fine as the Hall of the Grandmasters, some builds struggle heavily with it, others can beat it easily, having such unique maps is fine.
Remove the additional health bar.

Re-balance the fights.

Relics can now be used in the map device.

Add relics to the beyond boss drop pool that can be used in map device to fight sanctum bosses.

After defeating a boss you can claim a reward before you exit.

Sanctum Bosses have a chance to drop a “sanctified relic” which lets you fight Lycia.

There are four “sanctified relics” (map fragments)

Or upon killing a beyond boss, there is a chance to open a portal to the sanctum.

If you’re lucky you’ll get to fight a sanctum boss.

Sanctum bosses can drop sanctified relics

Sanctified relics can be used in map device to fight Lycia.

There are four “sanctified relics” (map fragments)

That would connect beyond and sanctum - introduce an interesting mechanic to the game and buff beyond.
Sad day, this was one of the best leagues ever.

But yes, it needs to be rebalanced, going core. You can't wait 8 encounters to complete an entire floor.

It was a lot of fun, I've never avoided this mechanic.
It seems like 99% of responses didnt actually read the whole post lol
It's coming back, but not right now.

Several improvements could be made and it seems the team are aware and willing to work on it.

Really good news! Thanks for the update

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