While Sanctum won't be going core in the next expansion, we do really like this mechanic and the way it challenges Path of Exile players. We loved watching your Sanctum runs and the best relics you found. We definitely want to find a way to integrate it into Path of Exile.

There are a number of improvements we need to make to Sanctum before it can have a permanent place in Path of Exile. It needs a general rebalance, could benefit from more content, and needs to be integrated into your gameplay loop in a way that lets players specialise in it if they want to, but doesn't force it on players who prefer the base game. We'd also need to work out how Relics would work.

We're working on a lot of stuff for 3.21 at the moment so we haven't included the Sanctum rework in its scope. But it's hopefully something we can look forward to in the coming leagues.

When the current league ends in early April, all of your existing relics and invocations will be deleted. If you have any Sanctum challenges to complete, you still have several weeks to do so.

Thanks to everyone who is enjoying Sanctum!
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Please add Eternal Damnation to the core drop pool
I mean... to be expected. Most of people knew it won't go core. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that you are planning to integrate it into core in the future. Obviously relics are big power creep so they need to be handled
Hopefully it goes core sooner rather than later - I'd hate to see a years-long wait for Sanctum, like we've had for Ultimatum.

Personally, I think Relics as a form of progression each league would be totally fine - especially if there's Atlas Passives that buff their drop rate, or let you target specific ones.

The bigger problem is Sanctified Relics - they're really the only exclusive reward from Sanctums, and GGG has stated they don't want Sanctified Relics core. This also breaks Invocations.

Honestly, I think it'd be okay for Sanctified Relics to be part of core - it's not like they'd be mandatory - it requires a LOT of grinding to get a good one, and I don't think it would feel "mandatory" for players - just a bonus if you feel like running Sanctums.

Otherwise, Sanctums will need an entirely new reward invented for them...

Also, ofc, it'd be a lot nicer if we could just save up from running maps, and run an entire Sanctum at a time. I assume that would DEFINITELY happen.

Still, really enjoyed Sanctum, hope to see it core soon!
Keep Original Sin stricly as a skill reward please! Sanctum is the most exciting and complex mechanic since Heist. Hope it comes back soon. Also recombinators - you said the same thing about them!
Much love - aLamew.
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
Best league mechanics in years - too bad :(
Sanctum was/is an absolute incredible mechanic and i´m happy you´re taking the time to bring it back later in a more optimized state as a "not main league-mechanic". Hopefully with some juicy atlas passives :>

Keep up the good work <3

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