Will the Sanctum League go Core?

any news on ultimatum is it coming back or is ultimatum coming back just a meme
Wait a second, so all our existing relics (including sanctified) are useless? That's crap, especially if it's coming back later on. We should be able to take our sanctified relics to standard.

If that is the case then why in the heck weren't they tradeable this league if they were all just getting deleted anyways!!??

This was stated in the beginning very clearly. Relics and especially invocations are probably too much power creep which I agree. They wanted those to be this league's spice.
:-/ boooh
Never bring it back. Resolve does not belong in PoE. It ignores all the work you put into defenses. It's the only mechanic I just don't have the will to 40/40 since Heist.

Worst league you've done in years. It's just for bad players that build squishy characters and only invest in damage. Keep it away from the game.
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Good stuff! Leagues too cool to let go.

Hope we can see relics again with permanent buffs. Obvious way would be to remove all the REAL good ones like +1 charge or the stat stacking ones.
Yeah, the relics are a problem. They have four choices regarding relics if Sanctum was to go core:

1) Remove them (bad solution)
2) Make them a core drop pool (better solution)
3) Keep them as is, but make them tradable (OK solution)
3) Keep them as a Sanctum drop, but make their power only affect/active in Sanctum (best solution?).
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Neofalcon wrote:
Hopefully it goes core sooner rather than later - I'd hate to see a years-long wait for Sanctum, like we've had for Ultimatum.

Personally, I think Relics as a form of progression each league would be totally fine - especially if there's Atlas Passives that buff their drop rate, or let you target specific ones.

The bigger problem is Sanctified Relics - they're really the only exclusive reward from Sanctums, and GGG has stated they don't want Sanctified Relics core. This also breaks Invocations.

Honestly, I think it'd be okay for Sanctified Relics to be part of core - it's not like they'd be mandatory - it requires a LOT of grinding to get a good one, and I don't think it would feel "mandatory" for players - just a bonus if you feel like running Sanctums.

Otherwise, Sanctums will need an entirely new reward invented for them...

Also, ofc, it'd be a lot nicer if we could just save up from running maps, and run an entire Sanctum at a time. I assume that would DEFINITELY happen.

Still, really enjoyed Sanctum, hope to see it core soon!

10000% this ^
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