Will the Sanctum League go Core?

Slowly going the way of the Buffalo Ultimatum.

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why let us farm and grind relics so u can delete them this is nonsense, not cool guys.
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Neofalcon wrote:
Hopefully it goes core sooner rather than later - I'd hate to see a years-long wait for Sanctum, like we've had for Ultimatum.

Still waiting on Ultimatum tbh
nooooooooooo :(
Wait a second, so all our existing relics (including sanctified) are useless? That's crap, especially if it's coming back later on. We should be able to take our sanctified relics to standard.

If that is the case then why in the heck weren't they tradeable this league if they were all just getting deleted anyways!!??

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I would like it if Melee could actually do it.

Dont like that DPS is the ONLY builds that can do it.

Making it so in the main game "Keys" to doors drop and are tradable then you go to the Sanctum to just Run it till you run out of keys.

90% of this game is already balanced around glass cannon, it's a mistake to add a mechanic it made defense/slow/melee build even more useless.

I hated the fact i needed a second build on this league to play the mechanic because it's nearly impossible whit my jug but ridiculously easy whit my Templar totem.
Really hoping for the uniques to go core. Don't mean the Original Sin. The rest of the uniques :D

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