Will the Sanctum League go Core?

Will we be able to obtain any of the Sanctum uniques in the future?
aLamew wrote:
Keep Original Sin stricly as a skill reward please! Sanctum is the most exciting and complex mechanic since Heist. Hope it comes back soon. Also recombinators - you said the same thing about them!
Much love - aLamew.

Whats complicated and complex about it? absolutely nothing.
what about unique items from sanctum (not reliquaries)?

can you move them to core drop or somewhere in core leagues?
If you ever want to branch out from PoE, I think you guys have the skeleton of a legitimately good rogue-like standalone. I'd be extremely excited to play something like that, from GGG.

As someone who didn't enjoy sanctums... thank god. :p
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albert2006xp wrote:
Stop patting yourselves on the back for this league, GGG. You've fucked up immensely. The bad players that don't use characters that level naturally to 100 in maps without dying, the type of players that play bow builds and shit, those like it. The casuals, the ones that you shouldn't encourage.

Resolve needs to go. Stop rewarding offscreening. Bring back Ultimatum AS IT WAS in Ultimatum league. EXACTLY as it was. Except with even more damage and no Headhunter cheating.

Reward characters that take hits and survive. Not this garbage and the casuals who like it. Ridiculous that people with less challenges than me while I despise this league and can't bear to play it say it's suuuuch a fun mechanic. Then why didn't you play it, huh?

'No Headhunter Cheating" What are you even on about, I'd love you hear a non dumb solution as to how they just somehow have HH not work inside Ultimatums.
my relics dooode!!
and needs to be integrated into your gameplay loop in a way that lets players specialise in it if they want to, but doesn't force it on players who prefer the base game

Here is the most obvious and easy to implement way how to do it: just make relics tradeable. Literally all you have to do to not force that content onto anyone, at the same time that will allow people to specialise on that content.
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Sanctum died for ruthless with gold, all hail the vision lul !
3.13 Was the best league ever!
3.18 Rest in peace my beloved recombinators, I'm gonna miss you...
What about the Unique items?

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