3.19.0f Patch Notes

Thanks for the unannounced 2nd restart.
I just opened my eater invitation, 28 maps down the drain. :D
Oh no
my betrayal ..... just finish ....catarina ..... WWT
and i was trade d with other player....
Last edited by w185291 on Aug 29, 2022, 1:36:55 AM
Good patch. Lets give keep suffix/prefix with no oshabi limitation please.
I'm not sure why you had to have a second server shut down without warning...
...maybe I missed the warning.
Last edited by Shakeyvick on Aug 29, 2022, 1:31:36 AM
Any estimate for the maintenance shutdown which followed the 10 minute restart for this patch?
Yea.. still not coming back. We went all of 3.18 with these stupid AN defensive layers. Turns out there was a consensus that felt the same way as I do and now you're finally going to nerf them. Hmmmm. Maybe if you just focused on truly balancing the skills in this game then you wouldn't have to keep touching the monsters. The word balance shouldn't really be used with this game development anymore though really. It means something else around these parts. Multiple monsters and skills keep getting added. Just compounding the problems.
I too logged in after the first restart was done, and was mapping. Just had started another map and got booted without warning.

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