3.19.0f Patch Notes

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please nerf mana siphon damage over time thank you
x4roth wrote:
I keep checking these patch notes hoping to see the basic league mechanic actually give more rewards. I keep being disappointed. :(

As far as I can tell, the vanilla rooms are junk. The choose-your-own league content rooms don't benefit from your atlas passives which is one of the primary reasons they feel super unrewarding. I understand that e.g. essence (can)(not always) appear in the tablet with +1 tier to all essences, or all essences are corrupted, etc. But in regular maps I am running into 3 or more corrupted and +1 tier essences in every single map. Why should I go through all of the hassle to spawn an essence room in lake of kalandra that almost has the same perks that I get from atlas passives in normal maps?

I've also never seen a single "good" item from the final reward. Worse than most random rares I'd find on the ground and mirrored so I can't even toss a crafted mod on it to fudge it in the right direction.

Nothing about this league is fun.

Reading this makes me feel like Lake content is a "supplement" to what you're already getting running through maps on a routine basis. Which is almost the opposite of what sentinel felt like, where running a sentinel would mega juice your loot drops last league. But Lake definitely feels more like a supplement and not the main dish. Maybe they are experimenting with both sides of the spectrum with regards to league content idk, but if they are, best to do it now before PoE 2.... I guess?
why you reboot again server?
must be some major change or new patch
Restart again?
Why a second server restart?
Now add reforge keep prefix / keep suffix for harvest and we are almost gucci with this league.
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why is there another restart

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