3.19.0f Patch Notes

Bravo guys... you completely downed the servers.
nice, finally can kill rare mobs without mirror gear.
Best way to discover colors for your loot filter
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Another nerf in HH sadly. Sad league and sad year for a PoE mapper.
Thank you.

Sentinel was so discouraging I just quit by the time I got into T4 maps. Sticking with it this league so far, but every time I die it just feels so random and unfun. There's no "what can I do to make my build better.." it's just random bad combinations of AN mods and I just have to eat the death and move on.

Maybe having the Archnemesis totems (?) randomly spawn in some maps with random mods could work. Then players can choose to do the encounter and get the rewards or just pass.

Just a thought. Thanks again for working on it.
Sad post
AN defence wasn't the problem. it is the unpredictable damage spikes hidden by an unnecessary amount of screen clutter.
Remove AN or make it a scarab or atlas craft so it doesn't kill the rest of the game.
Thanks for the reaction it has been about time to do something about this.

What is missing is a nerf to the damage archnemesis monsters deal. They shouldn't be (only) about having the perfect gear to be able to survive. Rather u should be able to counter your weakness with good gameplay. It shouldn't happen that u get one shot but rare monsters without a chance to survive, yet u are good to go for the map tier as long as the wrong modifiers do not show up. That's what I'm missing.

I appreciate that u guys are responding to community feedback despite the fact some people have been way too harsh in their wording when pointing out what the game is currently lacking.

Keep up the work, I'm looking forward to the last fine-tuning of archnemesis monsters.
Very nice! I personally would have preferred having some means of opting in to AN content and leaving the difficulty fairly close to what it was prior to these changes as I'm sure there are at least a few players who are going to complain that things are too easy now (Uber Archnemesis? :P)... but with the way rewards were reworked also, I think that would be waaay too much effort at this point...

Nice changes. For AN being part of the core game, this should make them at least somewhat more reasonable to take down, and not quite as much of a unexpected, unwanted, unrewarding difficulty spike.
Nice, I will continue to farm heist
And then?
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