3.19.0f Patch Notes

Exactly the kind of changes that were necessary. Bravo.
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AN mobs still suck and will need another nerf, mark my words
Looking forward to seeing these in play. Loot is still crap.
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I keep checking these patch notes hoping to see the basic league mechanic actually give more rewards. I keep being disappointed. :(

As far as I can tell, the vanilla rooms are junk. The choose-your-own league content rooms don't benefit from your atlas passives which is one of the primary reasons they feel super unrewarding. I understand that e.g. essence (can)(not always) appear in the tablet with +1 tier to all essences, or all essences are corrupted, etc. But in regular maps I am running into 3 or more corrupted and +1 tier essences in every single map. Why should I go through all of the hassle to spawn an essence room in lake of kalandra that almost has the same perks that I get from atlas passives in normal maps?

I've also never seen a single "good" item from the final reward. Worse than most random rares I'd find on the ground and mirrored so I can't even toss a crafted mod on it to fudge it in the right direction.

Nothing about this league is fun.
Nice, thx <3
Bravo! Great job guys!
Servers are down now... so I guess we will see soon...
Fix 32:9

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