3.19.0f Patch Notes

Second restart was not unannounced. Had an ingame timer for 5 minutes.
Probably because the challenges didn't sync up anymore.
Can we get a word on what's going on?
Thanks for updating this game multiple times in just over a week from launch, so many people in here are so negative and toxic instead of just providing feedback for you guys to work on.

Thanks again.
triage lol
I did not see the restart timer at all. I dont doubt it was there. But very unexpected.
it's Announced Clearly..You Will enter game when countdown near end maybe
Last edited by Murat_Yildiz on Aug 29, 2022, 1:41:00 AM
Comments disappeared, something rolled back
I hope that we don't get a rollback, i just sold an item for 22 divines and the server went for maintenance again 5 minutes later
Honestly its just something I have come to expect over the years from just about any game, sad fact is, that it just makes sense to me that you restart the server while you have it down, before bring it up.

Like okay we implemented a fix, servers are down, lets do a restart, then launch..... Which is why whenever something like this happens, I feel like there is an Ooops, or Uh OH, that took place behind the scenes.
10 minuets my ass lmao

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