3.19.0f Patch Notes

I never really post but I wanted to take a moment to speak up. GGG, Chris Wilson, a lot of players have tried to tell you repeatedly via multiple social platforms, that the changes you have made are having a significantly negative effect on the majority of the player base. The thing with a free-to-play game is that your business thrives off of a combination of donations, investors, and premium currency purchases. But what do you think is going to happen when you lose the majority of the players who do just those things? People who have been around for years as a regular dedicated fan base are openly telling you that if you do not fix these changes that you are so stubbornly saying aren't that bad are saying they are going to quit permanently. What happens when 75% of your A-list streamers quit and change games? A lot of their fans will as well. This is no longer just a constant stream of people just complaining. You are on the very cusp of losing a lot of financial backing. Please, start listening to the community.

Game got better imo.

The streamers are HC.gamers ofc they'll get bored eventually.
I like how this patch has the subversion of F
twitter: "We've taken the realm down while we try to fix a problem related to challenge progress that came with the latest patch (3.19.0f). Apologies for the inconvenience."

apparently POE has a +500% to "back up time". lmao

touching grass. if grass is a euphemism.
It's the evening crew after the Monday work-day has ended (New Zealand time). If the team uses an engineer to update the web page to accurately reflect the downtime, that is one less worker to help bring the server back online.

Maybe don't patch at the end of the day?


lmao, what if ya'll can't play for 12-16 hrs? bet kalandra league won't sound all that bad after that
im guessing im not gonna get my offering back because yall shut down the realm again?

They changed the New Zealand clocks AGAIN?!?
[Removed by Support]. And so many people are bombing the developers, and so the farts flew to the moon, and then they roll out such patches ... of course, you have to be very careful. It is very difficult to make amends for the negative, positive emotions are quickly forgotten.
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