3.19.0f Patch Notes

I dont like the way the Loot system is right now. The System itself is not necesseraly bad, but it still needs some work.
However, i am having an absolute blast this League and rly enyojing it.
So an idea. Make the mirrored rings drop in high difficulty chests well a "Chance" Im talking 13+

Give random items a randomized stat sometimes such as on armour boots bows etc. Add something to chase.

Add ways to make it easier to traverse the lake. Like im not about to sit through 15 areas walking in a straight line for a chance for small amounts of loot.
Wow, what a long 10 minutes. May as well sleep lol night.

Also loot goblin mechanics need to be removed, please promote more build diversity current state definitely doesn't compare to when I last played in delirium. League mechanics are also not nearly as rewarding as just juicing a T16 up, at least make 83 Tablets semi-rewarding comparitively.

Other then that, games still fun, lots of other new stuff to keep me amused sicne delirium.
So much for 10 mins... I've been waiting 69 so far
Yeah I don't know what happened but it originally went down for "10 minutes" that were more like 3-5, then I played for another 20-30 and then it said "The realm is going down in 10 minutes" again and now it has been probably an hour or more.

Either both outages for were for this patch, suggesting it was possibly a false/bad restart (perhaps some servers didn't patch correctly or something else jammed up the procedure) or the second outage is for something discovered mid-deployment and they're doing a hotfix. Probably something more severe given the differential between what was stated and what's actually happening, unless whoever put up "10 minutes" this time just hit a default value by accident and and it was supposed to be an hour or more.
Thank you!

But there are still problems with harvest and beyond.

1) Tainted fusings are dead. Where is 50/50 chance ?
2) Harvest is dead as well:
-keep suffixes
-keep prefixes
-link 5 sockets
-link 6 sockets
-re-roll stats (divine)
and others are missing

GGG please return old crafting to the harvest and fix the tainted currency at least.

Not exactly sure why they haven't updated anything on the forums but for anyone wondering they did post on twitter an hour ago RIP that the downtime is due to challenges not syncing.

We've taken the realm down while we try to fix a problem related to challenge progress that came with the latest patch (3.19.0f). Apologies for the inconvenience."
Real question. This is not a complaint, merely an observation. I have yet to see the realms down for only 10 min despite the message on the site. I know they are working hard behind the curtain. I am mildly curious if it is just me though. I'm not a vet, only on since scourge league. Wondering if anyone else has the same experience. Been at least an hour on my end that the servers are undergoing maintenance.
GGG Please add
-keep suffixes
-keep prefixes
-re-roll stats (divine)
and reforge more common mods
Servers are down for everyone, far beyond the 10 minutes they said.

GGG seems to care, but they are shiet at communication on the fly with the player base.

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