3.16.1 Patch Notes Preview

Still no fix to Absolution's AOE
Extremely strange to have no more changes to scourge
Fixed a bug where some Synthesis hideout decorations were not being exported to hideout template files.

poooooooooooooog <3
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Oh boy
..with sad patches like that ggg drives away players nearly as fast as with the last league nerf.

Contant that only caters the rich and streamers.
No or bad communication
Patching on the wrong side of the game because they are all full off thenself...

Well. Chris said they can withstand 2 or 3 bad leagues with less income. Guess this checks 2 of those 3.

No balance where you put our power back??


You're making the game too tedius to be geared, it takes about 100 exalts to make the game feel like it used to, and it cost more and more every league.

I want 2m+ DPS in a tabula rasa. The power needs to be in the gems, not the gear.
Strange not seeing the Standard map tab issue here. I don't play Standard but can only consider it the most important issue in the game right now, something like 15% of the playerbase play that game mode and it's effectively unplayable for long term endgame players.

Surely that's higher priority than anything other than the most urgent bugs. The Labyrinth trial bug is annoying but could wait until after the Standard map tab issue is fixed.
Le Toucan Will Return
Straight up Maintenance Mode, eh?
Dead league, dead game. I wish GGG change they CEO, the current one is too old for this. He still belive, in 2022 we should traid via chat and 3d party tools rofl. Still no auction house, btw chines people have all of this + pet for loot rofl.
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I hope that there's a fix so that the map stash tab on standard (that I paid good money for) becomes usable again.

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