3.16.1 Patch Notes Preview

hope GGG will do some more for scourg... i rly wanna see better scourg
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I like bug fixing ... but ...

I couldn't find a fix for the massive lags lot of people have (for me especially in group play / juiced maps) which makes the map absolutly unplayable. Instant shifting in and out of incursions and movementspeed -9000 and then suddenly movementspeed +9000 ...

I mean ... I like that bugs are fixed... but ... who cares if people can't even play in some cases ...
There's still no Viscera Cauldron drop even after kill the 3 boss multiple times in map been like this for weeks and there's no quest about it even after talk with "The last one to die", is this known bug? I posted it on bug forum.
Standard map tab when ?
still no official comment about network/ping/latency issues that are rampant? this should be your top priority guys. i just leveled a champ and didnt have any issue till I completed the story. first map is completely unplayable.

my ding dong is large
Heaven's rain falls upon faces of the children who look skyward
Twisting metal through the air
Scars and screams so you might know his fury
Synthesis border Hideout decoration, pretty please. Thanks.
I wish I could see more during scourges.
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No further Scourge changes? So you gave up on the league? How disappointing :(
Harde mode when?

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