3.16.1 Patch Notes Preview

"Added a 10 second Grace Period when visiting the Mine Encampment from within the Azurite Mine." This is laughable . Who the hell needs protection in Mine Encampment ?
South Africa server still utter dog poo.

Crashing all the time to the desktop whenever I exit maps to hideout.

Scourge mechanic seems like monsters are hitting you from outside the nightmare when youre in the nightmare.

Scourge monsters still too overtuned.

Scourge bar falls way too quickly for non-zoom zoom builds.

Krangled mods on items are not worth even looking at still.

Building defensive means nothing if you still get one shot by everything.
Thanks, but, so, then the flat 50 blood crucible experience per corruption stack remains as is?

Transformation costs raises by item level, why experience gain is flat then at all map tiers?
All-time non-streamer luckless dropless rewardless tons-of-time-playing non-TFT-er 100% solo player.
3d art for Atziri's Acuity!!!!
I remember i made a post about it at 1.2
It took 7 years to make a 3d art for what was the best gloves at the time.
7 years!
So...Nothing more than bug fixes on the .1 patch, and not even the prominent bug fixes like the Standard Map Tab issue or the packet spikes?

I get the feeling this is them officially admitting they're pinning the blue triage tag on Scourge and moving right along to the January league.

That's a whole load of "Fair enough".
What about ES stuck every map at 600 es even though I have 12k eva?

What about my es being stuck even though the node was converted with a Timeless jewel?
Any news about the servers? Octavian0 got a video about it and a get some related issues (to be fair, much less than he show in his video).
no word for a Hextouch + Herald of Thunder/Ice fix yet?
Any performance update? Never been worse.

In 2-3 leagues game went from "fine" with FPS drops when a lot of stuff was happening to barely playeble.

(Yes, my system is old. Yes, proc and GPU usually reach full load, I just don't get why this game is just more taxing every update.)
Added 3D art for Atziri's Acuity.

WOW! That took only... 10 years ?
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