3.16.1 Patch Notes Preview

Krangled league has been dead now for 2 weeks, couldnt even last a month.
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It's about time I guess. Just logged in after a few days of pause. Played two maps. Game crashed/closed 6 times. Let's see if it's playable after the patch :shrug:
iuiulitza wrote:
"Added a 10 second Grace Period when visiting the Mine Encampment from within the Azurite Mine." This is laughable . Who the hell needs protection in Mine Encampment ?

Apparently you didnt see DS_Lily's death in HC SSF at level 99.6 when she went back to mine encampment after a delve, and died to a degen that was still on her even in the encampment while changing music for her stream.

One of the most bullshit deaths ever in the history of PoE.
That, that is, is. That, that is not, is not. Is that it? It is.
Please fix high latency reported in many posts on forum!
Thank you for EO fix
When I kill a man he stays dead.
Nice GGG
latancy spikes??? neverending loading screens???
Fixed 3 instance crashes.

Was hoping for some scourge improvements yikes
So they gave up on this league already? This seems like a "Major" league patch (in that it isn't accompanied by a letter), and this includes nothing useful outside of some minor crash or slight bug fixes.

I think a LOT of players are looking for changes to how long it takes to charge up maps or other items in scourge... or the continued COMPLETELY WORTHLESS items dropping or the horribly unbalanced modifier weights.

IE: Stuff that might be useful to a very small number of builds at best is .01% chance to roll... and is only a slight boost in power.

While stuff that completely bricks items constantly (cannot do X damage, or - all skill gems) rolls constantly left and right on everything.
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