3.16.1 Patch Notes Preview

i wanna see more patch with big changes to current leagu! like add more QOL and more good changes to scourg
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hi ggg, please fixed a lot Consumption internet in this league, in last leagues And especially last league in maps and fight with enemies game internet Consumption was between 10 until 30,40 KB/s and not was lag and The game was very smooth but after update version 3.16 and scourge league game internet consumption is between 40,50 KB/s until 150 KB/s
And the game has found a lot of lags, pleaseeeeeeeee fixed this, a lot players cant play poe Because of all this lag, this problem is very big for a lot players that dondont have good internet in self country
Where is hiden drop rate nerf? If you do something, just give us

If you change something, and even if it's bad for the players. It is worth saying about it. I don't want to believe that for 2 days I can't even drop 3 stack alch orb with 300 scourge, 160 quantity and 200 rarity.

Previously with this powerful quantity and rarity bonus, 1-2 hours of dropping and it always hit Nurse on the Tower map (or more). Now 2 days after 4-5h and 0. Scourge bos too, from 2 days no one. And already done over 200 maps (all with scourge 250-300). Even streamers are already complaining about the league ... Watch Ziz who tells you what to do to make this league "better"
I totally agree there is a silent drop rate nerf which is a major hit on thrust between devs and players.

I am not f.ck.n masochist!
I need to be aware of any changes in the notes especially these affecting top tier items according poe.ninja.

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