3.13.1c Patch Notes Preview

mad_man_moose wrote:
I still have MASSIVE problems with the texture streaming if a map has delirium in any form. The texture stream seems to load like every bulb where you can spawn mobs from as a single entity.

Even worse when you have beyond on it too.

Until you started with the texture streaming I could play with everything maxed. Now I need to set everything to off/low to be even able to play.

Please please do something about it and let us opt out of texture streaming until it finally works.

your not the only one.... i hate this texture streaming with a passion, we need an option to turn it off

I agree. An On/Off Switch is the easiest fix to everything and for everyone

Finnien wrote:
That's nice and all, but...

Ritual rewards feel worthless. Is there any plan, at all, to make a change to, say, guaranteeing 4 rituals and making rewards more consistenly rewarding? Maybe make splinters a drop and not a purchase, so it doesn't feel punishing when you buy vessels, use them, and get a pile of junk with nothing to spend the points on?

I haven't really used the vessels and i don't even know what they do, but i usually get nice rewards, 1 or 2 extra chaos per white map..Fossils sell nicely in bulk for almost 1c each, alts have been having a surprisingly nice value, so you can buy rares too. For small-income people like me it surely feels rewarding.

Finnien wrote:

Trade is functionally broken. Everyone has to be aware of this by now. The trade delay is bad enough, but price fixers exacerbate the issue by an incredible degree. People listing items en masse with no intention of selling them is breaking the system, something that always occurred but never to such a pervasive degree. Is there ANYTHING being done/planned/discussed to help fight scammers, price fixers, and their ilk? Or is it just 'suck it up, exile' and ignore the issue?

I guess if enough people get disgusted with trading and move to SSF, that'll solve the server load issue too. Maybe that's the strategy at this point.

Right now, I feel like the silence on these two issues is deafening, and it's more than discouraging at this point.

I don't really know what's going on with the trading(it's working fine for me), but i hate market manipulators, too. I don't hate them like for what they do, as people, but i think it's a silly and stupid thing. I took the opportunity to report 1 manipulator, who also tryed to scam me. Becuase of that i discovered, that name-shaming is not allowed on the forums. And i also would not have bothered to report a "market manipulator", because i have better things to do. But since he also attempted to scam me, with the timing and precision of a robot(by inputting single chaos orbs instead of stacks, trying to hide them among stacks), i used that opportunity to also mention, that his intentions may in part overlap with market manipulation, too. >:)

Japan wrote:
Auction house when? Chris, GGG please, it's not 2011 anymore. The game has so far evolved, with so much stuff that you guys have to think over your stance and listen tot he players. Interaction, feel of weight and other things are not real. It has no weight or interaction elements, when we have to pm the whole community over a website to buy a 3chaos item.
It has also no feeling of weight or Interaction when I have to use third party tools to check the price of an item and have to leave my map with limited portals to sell my stuff in person to a player who doesn't talk with me, don't say goodbye or anything else, because he don't want to chat, he wants his stuff, fast, uncomplicated and want to leave fast as possible.

Chris, GGG, you know what the players say? The best trade Interaction are those with bots. That's a huge and sad statement, you should listen carefully.

I'm perfectly fine with the way it is. Not to a degree where i would prefer 1 over the other. But enough to respect either decision.

Sshado wrote:
Please, I am begging you to listen to the other users in this thread regarding trade issues. It is important but the current signal to the community is that you do not care and have no concrete plans. This is a bit distressing as a players who has quietly enjoyed your game since beta.

I don't really know what's going on with the trading at this point, but i am assuming, that this is about some of the "server load" issues or something ? I haven't played today and i might take a break from PoE, it's just 1 of many games, after all..but most recently when i bought something everything was working fine for me.

Hello. I just looked at reddit and am now seeing, that the magnitude of the trading issue is alot bigger than i thought. I'm still fine with the trading. I also don't think, that people need to confuse the issue of how the system works with wether or not the system works. Fixing it and changing it are two different takes on the same matter...

I also checked my chat log and my last buy was about 24 hours ago and took exactly 30 seconds..no issues whatsoever. I don't really sell much anymore despite premium tabs, because when i play the game..i want to play the game. But the last time i was green(online) for selling i only had a single whisper, that asked for a sold item, which was probably coming from poe.trade, because they keep their records for longer than the official site i heard.
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FramFramson wrote:
Sooo.... Anomalous Golem buff effects not working... forever? No plan to fix this?

We're still working on this and don't have a timeline for a fix.
I'll assume these random big black boxes that spam my screen from time to time will be gone right? Seems to be a vulcan issue.
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The Stone Golem's Attack Range has been increased, and will now use it's Slab Slam and Rolling Stone skills more often.

Eh?! This is a balance change. Why are you making balance changes midleague?!
sigh welp back to playing world of tanks at least there i can play a game at 120 fps
ctrl f "trade" nothing, so who cares, when we cant even have a properly updating trade site.
"Fixed a bug where certain map bosses could sometimes fail to transition to their next phase if they were frozen"

glad to see this one finaly being fixed, people can play freeze build again!
"A short grace period has been added between Elder Guardian phases."

WHAT! Don't you dare go screwing around with your best boss fight.

YAY! Arcane Surge is fixed! Good Job!

Now please replace the "grants lvl 1 arcane surge on hit " Heirophant stat to something actually useful.

Totems don't take those nodes and everyone else uses lvl 20 Arcane Surge.

Perfomance issues fixes when?
The world unravels.

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