3.13.1c Patch Notes Preview

Shagsbeard wrote:
The tag on the live version is showing 3.13.1b. So which is it? Is it safe to play now?

The realm was rolled back to 3.13.1b following an issue with challenges on 3.13.1c. We're working on getting the patch out again but it may be delayed to tomorrow.

It will be so cool if you decide to postpone the release of the patch for a longer period and consider fixing the drop of FPS and permanent mini-freezes? then many of player's will back to normal play. P.S if this patch intended to fix this problem too, then that's fine (before the final release, of course)
No fix about AMD hyperthreading always crashing ... great, must still desactived it to play PoE
Still no Texture Streaming removal/disable option, lol.
that explains the multiple 579GB downloads I posted about in BUGS thread...

Please create a high performance option that works.
the 3.13.1b was the most stable patch ever, period

the 3.13.1c is the most instable patch ever, period
Not gonna lie, it feels pretty discouraging not not hear a peep from GGG about the progress on texture streaming in weeks. My game performance have never been this bad and im getting FPS spikes from simply killing packs of monsters. I would understand if it only was me experiencing this problem but it seems to be pretty widespead.

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