3.13.1c Patch Notes Preview

how about fixing the client and servers, Because its bin 3 weeks from launch client stopped crashing but servers are doing horrible now, I'm literally losing maps, enter a map kill 3 mobs get a 15 second delay on actions get killed and disconnected and when you login back instance is gone
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That' great and all, but you still haven't fixed the huge performance issues the game has. Constant dc's broken trade gfx memory leak etc. We have had these problems since launch of 3.13 and still you havent done anything.

I'm done playing for now, not be course i dont whant to but be course, for some reason my gfx card overheat's and runs at 100% even at settings set to performance...............

The only reason people aren't running away screaming, is that we dont have any better alternative.
5rd patch and still no sense of performance...Probably i'm forced to left the league cause of the performance,i can't play it decent,and it makes me sad...
Patch rolled back my challenges...
Patch messed up the challenges screen - the # on the account and next to your character name in chat is the same but when u press H it shows the wrong challenge completion screen that doesn't reflect what you actually need at all.
Ritual rewards that have been revealed can now be linked in chat.

This part is showing in the launcher but missing in the patch notes(right above "The monstrous treaasure" first line of ritual improvements-subsection)
Blubbey's Convenient Death Aura:

Alternative Items for Napzzz' Peak Life Necromancer Build:
This update just give me a new challenge list...maybe other person but not mine. Think will get a rollback later.
SO what about performance fixes? Or a lot of posts about this curious drop of fps by half is not that important when people's just can't play in yr cool game GGG?
nice patch... rip 3.13.1c sadge
The tag on the live version is showing 3.13.1b. So which is it? Is it safe to play now?
Shagsbeard wrote:
The tag on the live version is showing 3.13.1b. So which is it? Is it safe to play now?

The realm was rolled back to 3.13.1b following an issue with challenges on 3.13.1c. We're working on getting the patch out again but it may be delayed to tomorrow.

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