3.13.1c Patch Notes Preview

What about fixing the Haewark Hamlet not spawning harvest bug? :/
Xystre wrote:
The Obtain Ritual Base Types challenge now requires you to exchange Tribute for 9 out of 27 Ritual Base Types.

Will this grant the challenge done for people with over 5/9+ bases? because this is one of the worst challenges this league.

I'm on 7/9 after many many maps.

The challenge will only be completed for those who have completed it prior to the change. If you are yet to complete the challenge, your progress will be the same but it will be easier to complete the challenge after the patch. In your particular case your challenge progress will be at 7/27 after the patch which means you would need to purchase two more base types.
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Waiting someone to fix Energy Shield crippling to not-working nerf, and IceStorm killing nerf.

It was really bad in 3.0, and it went unplayable in 3.1, now is pure absurd.

It is pointless to play game which is killing the fun of the players.
I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)
Shadow nerfing harvest spawn rates instead of just noting it WeirdChamp
I still have MASSIVE problems with the texture streaming if a map has delirium in any form. The texture stream seems to load like every bulb where you can spawn mobs from as a single entity.

Even worse when you have beyond on it too.

Until you started with the texture streaming I could play with everything maxed. Now I need to set everything to off/low to be even able to play.

Please please do something about it and let us opt out of texture streaming until it finally works.

100% crashes are at a minimum now for me, but I actually preferred the crashes over an equally long total freeze of the game :') At least with crashes it'd sometimes kick me from the instance fast enough to not die to it.

Anything more intense than spawning influenced monsters is still an absolute shitfest. Harbinger, beyond, harvest crops, delerium mirrors, you name it and it has a change to freeze your game with increasing probability the longer the client is running.

I appreciate GGG being the only people still actively trying to innovate my favorite genre, but performance does matter. A lot. I would've been lvl 97 by now if it wasn't for the freezes and crashes instead I'm hard stuck lvl95 because whenever I get to 20-30% I encounter a harvest. Kinda need those so can't just skip them but you know you're gonna lose that 20-30% in the process because you'll freeze for 10 seconds and no matter how much you spam flamedash and flaskpiano to survive, you will be dead when it stops because it's 10 freaking second and this game can kill you when you blink at the wrong time.

Honestly considering skipping next league at this point and maybe even the one beyond that because this is becomming a toxic pattern of screw you betatest my game plox. Imagine being a HC player right now lol...
Texture streaming is hell.
My latency is fine, my performance is reasonable, but as soon as a significant spawn takes place (harvest, conqueror appearance, etc) my client completely freezes for multiple seconds and by the time I can see again I'm invariably dead.

I was able to play just fine a year or two ago.
Why can't this be optional?
"Fixed a bug where certain Conqueror-influenced monsters could be invisible during Ritual encounters."

"Fixed a bug where anointed amulets wouldn't hide their passive skill information when viewing their Advanced Mod Descriptions."

I was contemplating how to respectfully complain about these issues but, apparently, GGG was already reading my mind. Cheers
Since facts and critical thinking is not allowed anymore (Hello Devs who censor everything that does not fit their narrative), here again.

Your fixes BREAK things, your promises never held!

CU maybe next league, maybe this Clownfiesta will end till then!
No fixes on Gardens? Their spawn rate is ok with region talents?
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Totem and Arcane Surge in one go? Nice!

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