3.13.1c Patch Notes Preview

Praimsara wrote:
What about the Bug with Harvest in Haewark not spawning for 40+ maps?

There is clearing something broken wasting my time and making me sad that you need to fix....

I have not even seen ANY Garden Spawn in 2 days and I play all day... what gives?

Answer me :O
sounds like heist blueprints in lira. rushed that ASAP and have yet to see one drop.

POG!! now how about enabling the atlas region's passive tree and the uncharted realms passive tree to affect maps offered by zana in her master missions?? why this isn't enabled by default nobody knows
Dear GGG,

Could you please also look into a potential bug where Phantasmal Earthquake does not benefit from the Iron Will modifier granted by Repentance crusader gloves?

Thank you!
Thanks for the stone golem fix!
Fixed a bug where totems were not being counted as Allies.

That must have been one funny bug xD
Blubbey's Convenient Death Aura:

Alternative Items for Napzzz' Peak Life Necromancer Build:
nice :)
drenched 👌
blue divine ire mtx plssss
Please, I am begging you to listen to the other users in this thread regarding trade issues. It is important but the current signal to the community is that you do not care and have no concrete plans. This is a bit distressing as a players who has quietly enjoyed your game since beta.
Fix Vulkan Crash that causes the game to brick when? crashes once you have to restart whole pc, because you cant turn the game off
Sooo.... Anomalous Golem buff effects not working... forever? No plan to fix this?
Xystre wrote:
The Obtain Ritual Base Types challenge now requires you to exchange Tribute for 9 out of 27 Ritual Base Types.

Will this grant the challenge done for people with over 5/9+ bases? because this is one of the worst challenges this league.

I'm on 7/9 after many many maps.

The challenge will only be completed for those who have completed it prior to the change. If you are yet to complete the challenge, your progress will be the same but it will be easier to complete the challenge after the patch. In your particular case your challenge progress will be at 7/27 after the patch which means you would need to purchase two more base types.

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