Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

Ok, now with the patch notes released, the cat is out of the bag.
And yet there are still no "powerful new options" to be found.

Nothing to mitigate the (in parts) hefty nerfs to ~15-ish of 19 Ascendancy Classes.
1/3 of the 40 Skill Gem updates that we were supposed to wait for, before making a final judgement, were nerfs to the alternate Aura Gems.
Nothing where you could say "wow, that sounds good, maybe i'll try that".

Disappointing to say the least.
WaifuJanna wrote:
assassin is fine, just focusing more on crit now.

Thank you for explaining to the crybabies.

A lot of people are also just NOT READING.

So many complaints about Cladiator losing Bleed chance. He didn't lose it -- it got moved. It's the same total bleed chance, jsut easier to get with less investment.
KUNAIfever wrote:
PoppaGrim wrote:
You really don't need to make posts like this.

You dropped a bunch of nerfs, own up to it! There's nothing wrong with breaking up the meta.

But posting an argumentative position statement as a "clarification" when the original post is crystal clear, can only be read as intentionally condescending and demeaning.

It really needs clarification since being mad loses reading comprehension and patience

Exactly. Too many people are ONLY LOOKING FOR NERFS and not reading everyhting or considering the relationship between adjustments.

I didn't think the post was condescending. More like patient and reassuring.
So I'm relatively fresh to the game, started playing just as heist started.
Maybe i'm wrong in my thinking here

I love RPG's and theory crafting builds in them. I generally welcome a nerf or 2 in games if it benefits overall health of the game.
However I'm very confused on the rework decision. Here's why:

Most People would of assumed that the top tier builds got nerfed ( no surprises there ) which sure they did, although the degree was a lot more than what we expected.

However your lower tier builds were not brought up to the power level of your mid tier ones either. In fact some were also nerfed to a degree which is mind boggling. if your aim was to improve build diversity this would of been a starting point.

Movement speed in this game matters, both for farming currency as well as survivability - you've taken that QoL from Ascendancy nodes. Therefore I 'll assume you've added more points on to the passives tree, question is where and what kind of numbers

Mitigation is really terrible as is and you've nerfed it. We already have the problem of being 1 shot out of the blue, so we actually needed more support here, not less.

Damage - for low budget players or people with little experience on this game, DPS checks will be our walls and with no reliable currency generation to increase our DPS then we will suffer.

I understand that the Harvest league mechanic is coming back and from I hear it has insane crafting capabilities. so therefore I'll assume more focus is going to be brought to the gear if no significant changes to passive tree.
This just leans heavily on the economy being skewed so hard to the people who can afford the gear that majority of playerbase will not be able to cope.

Lastly - this is a heavily combat focused league between the rituals in maps, plus we have the Boss rush arena... yet we received nerfs overall to our survivabilty. This didnt boost diversity for builds if anything it narrowed it.

Aanybody who claims that what we have received with our current information ( skill gems pending still, although lets be honest that'll most likely be cast times and insignificant changes to damage to gems hardly anybody is using) is good for the game is just blatantly ignorant of what majority have seen and are upset by.
@SnrMarksman this always was and is an elitist game. GGG is fine with most players never getting to red maps let alone end game content.

No more damage anymore for remaining chains.

+1000 evasion on tailwind is missing.

Accuary is missing and 50% inc area is missing.

Projectile speed is missing (For TS Builds).

Far shot gives more dmg yes, but you need that to compensate
the dmg loss from ricochet.

So in fact we can say Accuary is missing, 50% inc area is missing,
eva is missing, projectile speed is missing

The Gale Buff is rly cool. The only extrem powerfull thing is the bleeding
note. I am sure with a bleeding barrage you can do alot of single target dps.

So I am not really sure what to think about that rework....
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MackBesmirch wrote:
WaifuJanna wrote:
assassin is fine, just focusing more on crit now.

Thank you for explaining to the crybabies.

A lot of people are also just NOT READING.

So many complaints about Cladiator losing Bleed chance. He didn't lose it -- it got moved. It's the same total bleed chance, jsut easier to get with less investment.

You probably don't understand this since you didn't play assassin but the person you quoted is entirely wrong on what's a buff and what's a nerf and so is his entire graphic. Imagine taking the time to make a visual and trying to spin so hard.
Assassin just murdered. Probably will be the less used class in pair of still dead berserker.
"our intention was to streamline many of these passive nodes so that they were much simpler but more powerful." "We did not specifically set out to buff or nerf the overall power of most Ascendancy Classes in Echoes of the Atlas"

You effin' kidding right? My league starter has an outright 20% less damage and 20% less minion duration, and my bosskiller build has 30% less damage... this is ABSOLUTELY a nerf... it's NOT "simpler but more powerful" That statement is a flat out lie. These don't kill my builds completely, but they are NERFS.

It's bad enough that you left us still saddled with the bleeding anal cancer conqueror system of progressing the atlas... it's just adding insult to injury to nerf my builds at the same time.
That, that is, is. That, that is not, is not. Is that it? It is.
GrimExcuse wrote:
Remember, GGG still has to keep the influx of NEW players. This is a hugely dense game with a rather large learning curve. Y'all gotta get over your egos of being so good and make room for the fact that without an ever-growing player base, this awesome free to play game we all love can't keep delivering bold new content.

This Maven multi-boss expansion looks especially FOR all of the experienced and upper-tier players who are so good at the game, they can blithely criticize efforts to make it more accessible and easier to learn for less L33T players.

I love the diversity of gamers in this community, but honestly, the smugness and entitlement in these forums can get really insufferable. Like, if y'all are so good, why not see a nerf as a challenge instead of a personal affront to being OP.

Thank you, this is very refreshing to hear. The gatekeeping community of PoE's elitist needs to seriously fuck off. The game is growing and needs to pay wave to the new players who stick around

No offense, but there is nothing approachable about POE at this point to a new player. There is literally too much going on in the game. And obviously they would have no concept if now-nerfed ascendancies were previously "overpowered".

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