Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

kuzmind001 wrote:
MackBesmirch wrote:
WaifuJanna wrote:
assassin is fine, just focusing more on crit now.

Thank you for explaining to the crybabies.

A lot of people are also just NOT READING.

So many complaints about Cladiator losing Bleed chance. He didn't lose it -- it got moved. It's the same total bleed chance, jsut easier to get with less investment.

You probably don't understand this since you didn't play assassin but the person you quoted is entirely wrong on what's a buff and what's a nerf and so is his entire graphic. Imagine taking the time to make a visual and trying to spin so hard.

That assassin infographic is one of the most stupid things I have ever seen.
Are people dumb or what ?
Jesus, I actually don't know whether I should laugh or cry.
In any cases, the person who made it is either a troll, or a retard lacking basic brain functions. Seriously...
Osirius wrote:
Thanks for everything GGG! You're doing a great job. Only people who are bad at the game are crying :P

Wow, you never ever reached endgame in the first place,.... lol
Just looking at your character sheet says you are one of the not so good players. oO
Necros are definitely suffering from "loss Aversion". Guess you could not figure out a way to soften that blow eh?

Was there a change on the Witch Necromancer?
Ghostseer wrote:
Yukiomi wrote:
GGG: "We want to revive unpopular gems"
A few days later...
GGG: "Hey, Animate Weapon (0.1% pop) losers! Take some more nerfs for minion damage!"


This comment has a shelf life of less than a day. Gem buffs announced tomorrow.

Ctrl+F "Animate"

0 results found.

This should be further emphasised tomorrow when we reveal the full patch notes for 3.13 which includes over 40 skill gem buffs and other balance changes.

Well, so a half of those 40 gems are nerfed alt-quality auras and another half is megaLuL buffs like Smite has? Yep, it changes this whole list of so-called "balance changes" into oblivous pile of … nerfs.
In Echoes of the Atlas, our intention was to streamline many of these passive nodes so that they were much simpler but more powerful. This meant removing many of these filler stats that didn't actually impact builds in a meaningful way. These new changes have stripped away a lot of the peripheral minor stats from Ascendancy Classes and have added simplified, but much more powerful, options.
I do not see any meaningfull power increases -- only nerfs (and, in rare cases, close-exchange). If you see it the other way around, I would surely like an expanded explanation with class-skill, usability (speed/area/defences), final damage numbers and the such. From where I stand, it looks like a Tencent marketing straight on. Note than you did NOT have to lie to us in the first place -- no one made you write quoted stuff instead of "we're unhappy with ascendancies and we've nerfed many of them". But this case, along with Good/Bad Chris will now be branded into GGG history forever.

Also, look here: a 60-something pages of people generally seing through your disguise with only a very few that claim some nonsense in support of your post. Did you really think people playing PoE are that gullible and will buy that idea? Most of them aren't and won't. And everyone henceforth will know what you've done. No amount of excuses could be a repentance for this -- your reputation is tarnished forever.
Funny how they also decided to nerf all versions of Replica Alberon's Warpath, including those that went into standard. What's the f*n point in legacy items at all then? There are multiple other even more OP legacy rares/uniques. Why the f* not nerf them?

Fuck you and fuck your game. I'm done.
imagine going on the forums and whining, cause you're not satisfied with adjustments. tells a lot about how inadaptive and low one can be!
Imagine getting a perfectly fine running car for FREE, and then complaining to the person that gave it to you, that you hate the colour of it :DD

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