Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

Vasetal wrote:
nerfing=balancing :D still waiting for RF BUF

It was powered already. You probably didn't become familiar with the new options yet. Look here:

• 15% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage
• Regenerate 2% of Life per second
• 10% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage

But don't forget that for some time it's going to feel like a loss
Legoin_air wrote:
Lol, basically.. Keep your feelings in check until you played it. Love it.

I am sure the changes will be useful and encourage new and possibly very powerful builds.

If that's how human psychology works, you can never build hype.

GGG wants to build hype. Better be prepared for the backlash also.

Many people also see the ascendancy tree as their "reward" for running lab, which they view as a particularly noxious challenge because of its all-or-nothing slab of time commitment, and its RNG-gated final chapter.

If the rewards suck badly enough, most people will just stop. This is one reason certain ascendancies gather dust: raider, for instance, is hard to get "right" because she has no salient solutions to problems presented by endgame content. It all has to come from gears or skills. If that's the case, no surprise that people are taking those gear and skills to a different ascendancy that has substantial endgame tools, such as deadeye or gladiator.

Also, the nerfs didn't always make sense. Arguably, minions ARE the defining character of necromancy, but the minion small passives got a nerf. Some other choices to nerf certain ascendancies also didn't make much sense in light of your saying it was to give each one an individual distinct character.
Just got all my jun crafts unveiled...2 years later! Thanks Gravicius!
Ur nerfed 40% damage from saboteur if used a mine recently where is the buff?

Miner wasn't meta , why got nerf ? Nerf the aura stackers and can't will be meta builds.
translation - "so you think we nerfed everything, when in fact we buffed everything" LOL
Caulder10 wrote:
speed, damage or defence are literally all that matters in poe.

Also, impale Champion CLEARLY got nerfed again, not sure how they could insist that wasn't intentional. And that's FINE. Just don't pee on me and tell me it's raining.
Most changes are just straight nerfs with no "powerful new option" in sight XD

It is ok if you want to nerf ascendancies but don't try to present it as buffs when they are not.
lonestaRip wrote:
nice clarification.

but whats wrong with hierophant?hiero is never a top build choice and you remove "summon two totems instead".

wow you guys really hate totems.

Tbh i thought that this part of the ascendancy was redundant since it didn't stack with the support gem that gives +Max summoned totems and i always used that gem in a totem build guess i was wrong then :D

Yes you were, multiple totem support was worse than crit strike support in spell totems.

I'd like to know if the new ricochet affect skills that normally cant chain like scourge arrow's thorn arrows?
Okay look, I am not one for being rude without constructive feedback so here you go:

In my opinion, I believe (along with most of the community) that ascendencies have been overall nerfed. Move speed, aoe, dmg, everything.

It honestly feels like we are just being slowed down in terms of progress. As a new player it would feel like moving and playing like a snail. It doesn't help either that you guys spent time buffing ascendencies in past patches just to nerf them back into the same spot where they are un-played.

Personally, I do not appreciate being told that I am feeling the "loss more than the gain" when there are passives which literally just love stuff. Look at necromancer for example. Not a single buff.

Once again, personally, I feel like ascendancy should be the strongest thing in the game in terms of determining your chosen method of playstyle. Why? Because on its own it creates build diversity. Let's say champion is the impale ascendancy. Everyone who plays champion will impale. But they can use different skills to impale. It determines playstyle. But then by nerfing impale and making the ascendancy less relevant and putting power into gems, now instead of having a bunch of different skills using impale, you have a bunch of people using impale, with the same skill just on different classes with the only difference being, "hey I have 0% chaos res but you have 10% (because of items or something)".

I am not here to shit on this game. I quite enjoy it. I just believe that 1. I don't appreciate being told that nerfs are actually "buffs". Be straightforward. Be honest. As for 2. I think that overall this patch is reducing build diversity. Of all things, ascendancy should be the one thing that isn't nerfed. Skills and spectre, sure. I'll make a new minion build. Nerf necromancer? all minions are dead except the specific one that you choose to buff in the patch so now instead of spectres, carrion golems, phantasms and whatnot you just have one meta build with one ascendancy with one skill. Finally 3. I think that you guys have a put a lot of work and effort into this patch, however, I believe that you need to try to understand the way that the community creates and plays builds before nerfing ascendancy. I feel as though, even though its a lot to ask, I feel the entire community would appreciate a minor overhaul on some of these ascendancies, putting some of the power back into them. No one uses power/ frenzy/ endurance charge duration. We all like aoe, dmg and move speed, which just so happen to be the things that you took out, naming "side skills" or something.

All in all, this is trying to shed light on why I think what I think about this patch. I apologize if I sound salty because I'm trying to sound straightforward at the moment.


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