Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

removed 50% area effect from deadeye and added 2 arrows instead.
i rather keep that area effect.
mirage archer, its good for low tier maps only.
i saw dream, wilson slaped harvest bench +40.
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Reactions are mostly overblown, most of the nerfs are increased damage % which is negligible in the long run honestly, most will not even notice the difference. Will hit newer casual players who rely on ascendancy nodes for all their power the hardest, which is pretty lame. The movement speed nerfs though, huge qol downgrade for everyone but especially shitty for assassin whose survivability is based almost 100% on being fast and not getting hit. I get wanting to curb assassin power, but super heavy handed with the survivability nerf as well, when the class identity is already glass cannon. I guess we’ll see how things shake out.

there is no need to argue with this kind of people. they are not skilled enough or receptive to any info that can make them understand how to combine skills, passives and gear into a powerfull combo.

Then don't cry if your powerful combo is nerfed. Try to be coherent for once.

what are you talking about??? i dont cry, the opposit infact.
This was a serious nerf to several existing builds.

The least GGG could do is be honest about it.

Golemancers, for instance got wrecked. Necromancers got fish slapped on everything, Elementalists using Mastermind of Discord/Pendulum of Destruction/Paragon of Calamity got bent over. Juggernauts got a few teeth kicked in, and that's just the first few I've looked at. Overall, it looks like a lot of defensive and offensive power has been neutered or mechanisms just removed.

PoE Origins - Piety's story
60 pages of whining lol
This game gets better with each new year, thanks for great job and keep it up! All nerfs are logically correct, hope to see more nerfs in future.
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We haven't seen the gems yet. They're transferring power from the ascendancies to the skills. That's not something anyone can comment on until we see the new skills.
AlekzZz84 wrote:
60 pages of whining lol

plus the 52 pages of same from first post lol
So Hierophant is done. First with self flagellation nerf by reducing curses by half, and now taking half the number of totems. :(
Lol, basically.. Keep your feelings in check until you played it. Love it.

I am sure the changes will be useful and encourage new and possibly very powerful builds.

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