Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

xMustard wrote:
people will always focus on the negative.
you could give someone a 14 foot diameter cake, but take away their small cookie and they'll just cry about losing the cookie.

my 3 year old does the same thing sometimes

Actually, what you write sound more like a 3 year old boy crying about something over realistically check changes.
Shagsbeard wrote:
We haven't seen the gems yet. They're transferring power from the ascendancies to the skills. That's not something anyone can comment on until we see the new skills.

Builds are a combination of skills, gear and tree. You can't just move things around from tree to gems and expect not to ruin a lot of builds. They likely do have some overpower and tactics built into some of the new gems just waiting to be exploited. They almost always do that. That doesn't fix the builds using the old gems.

GGG needs to learn the law of diminishing returns, and apply it to movement speed, damage, defense, resistances etc. It would cut their "balancing" headaches in half, and let people play things they liked playing. It would let people try other builds too, because they could allow a lot more power for a lot more things without worrying about someone getting 300 quadrillion DPS.

PoE Origins - Piety's story
iuiulitza wrote:
Correctitude wrote:
Nerfs are good. They make us better players. Without nerfs, the game will become very easy to defeat.

Wrong. Nerfs brings struggle . Struggle kills fun. And when you can't find joy in playing , you quit. Simple as that. Unless you find joy in struggling.

So you would say Dark Souls is a dead game with no community?
Struggle != Challenge. Fix your logic.
Thanks for everything GGG! You're doing a great job. Only people who are bad at the game are crying :P
We removed all meaningful stats, and added flavorful but ultimately meaningless stats to create "identity" where there was already identity.

BTW calling nerfs across the board and buffs to irrelevant stuff buffs is disingenuous at the very least. "Oh hey, you already had 100% functional uptime on onslaught? Cool well now you have 100% actual uptime on onslaught and also we've removed a bunch of damage! enjoy your powerful new build that does significantly less than your previous build! Such power!"
Osirius wrote:
Thanks for everything GGG! You're doing a great job. Only people who are bad at the game are crying :P

Looking at your characters i would say you are really bad at this game sir and you just reflect that on others that have an opinion on facts..
This is what I learned from 3 years of playing p.o.e from G.G.G

1. G.G.G creates some character's mod stronger than others

2. Most users play that characters

3. G.G.G realize they made a mistake or may be thinking that they should adjust balance

4. Nerf that characters

5. Angry users complain or leave the game entirely

See, this was just repetitive strategy that I felt from G.G.G for 3 years.

The things that they don't realize is this game is 7 years old. Most users

sometimes burn out playing same thing over and over again. Yes they add

something here and there but mostly, and basically it's same thing. In order

to reduce that stress, they have to know there should be some sweets for

the users here and there.

It's alright to give the users a challenge, but if you press them too harshly,

users will leave.

Terrible changes. Killing the game. GGG you are not asking the players. Get the same as Cyberpunk. Nobody will play. Online will crash. Which is what you wanted to achieve.
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lonestaRip wrote:
nice clarification.

but whats wrong with hierophant?hiero is never a top build choice and you remove "summon two totems instead".

wow you guys really hate totems.

Tbh i thought that this part of the ascendancy was redundant since it didn't stack with the support gem that gives +Max summoned totems and i always used that gem in a totem build guess i was wrong then :D

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