Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

I had a plan, now the plan is gone.

I was expecting the "generic" power in an ascendancy to stay yet it was nerfed for the sake of killing an archetype that was previously possible.

I guess back to ED Contagion starter.
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ChetWalters84 wrote:
Where is the give and take? I think we are smart enough to be able to read what is posted and unless this new give and take is within the gems, we see a lot of nerfs.

over 40 skill gem buffs and other balance changes

This is why players are complaining. They haven't added everything together to see the whole outcome. I'm sure when these new values are released there will be a different picture. Base damage value can play a huge part in overall damage >:)~
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it's fine COPIUM
Buff flasks. I don't spend enough of my life pressing 1-5
Looking for buffs to true melee skills!
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When we introduced Ascendancy Classes, we wanted to provide ways for players to specialise their characters even further. These classes had passive skills that included several stats, many of which became meaningless over time or didn't provide any identity for player's builds. These were basically 'filler' stats that added speed, damage or defence. This was convoluted both from the perspective of players planning their builds as well as balancing for every fringe-case scenario.

DUDE wtf.. yeah you removed some shitty nodes. and added new ones instead. and fked up most usable nodes aswell. wtf you guys are talking about. you gutted assassin mark. long before that double curse rings wich made it good for clearing maps not bosses. now you guys try to say "buffed" ?

nerf minions bcs of botters. yeah good choise. nerf aurastackers. yeah good chocise

why... because more diversity to other builds. boot looky look a lot of char acendansys were gutted down hard. assassin . havent you already fixed it. and now destroyed twice where it was first place it needed buffs. lol

on top of that you released new alt quality gems. and im pretty sure they get destroyed same way.

what i sense from all of this is that you guys try to slow down all players in this game, but you know that you only make it harder for new players, because they do look builds up from youtube mainly, and they go for it, and looky look. after 2 months they scratch head it doesnt work. and he just drops it and moves to other game wich makes sense.

why not buff other forgotten acendansys. you guys have 4 leagues or more of info what classes are not picked.

maybe updated tree tomorrow will make more sense. but doubt. acendansy should make sense to player what ever main attack gem he uses. but its now forced

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i saw dream, wilson slaped harvest bench +40.
You are so full of shit. The changes don't cancel each other out. You haven't stripped away minor attributes and made the core ones.much.more powerful. In most cases the core stat has had a tiny buff, but you've lost so much damage, speed, etc, that your tiny buff doesn't come close to making up for it.
For not trying to nerf things you did a great job nerfing everything. I hate to see what happens when you try to do it.

Mind showing us in detail what the powerful new things are? I see something like this

20% more Damage with Bleeding

Attacks have 25% chance to cause Bleeding
30% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments against Bleeding Enemies
25% more Damage with Bleeding

So how is 20% more of something more powerful than 25% more of the same thing plus 2 other things. I'm confused.

Such bullshit nerfed nearly every damn ascendancy in the game and most of them have been nerfed to the ground too such a shame I’ll be back in a few leagues when you actually let people have fun with good builds and not destroy almost every single build
I can't believe how everyone's reacting so soon about the ascendency changes without even waiting to see what skills have been buffed. They might find a match to the changes.

*Laughs in Templar*

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