Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

xMustard wrote:
people will always focus on the negative.
you could give someone a 14 foot diameter cake, but take away their small cookie and they'll just cry about losing the cookie.

my 3 year old does the same thing sometimes

What is the positive ?
That statement sounds good in theory, the problem is it doesn't cancel out in powerlevel at all.
When things like 30% movement speed are gone, and there is no compensation, what should we make of that?
Where are the "powerful new options" ?
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MackBesmirch wrote:
Love this and thanks, GGG.

For me, PoE has been less about making an OP meta build min-maxed to the gods, but about CREATIVITY and the challenge to make a build to see if knowledge of the mechanics alone could get me past lvl90.

I learn a lot form the top-tier streamers, but I get bored when everyone is hopping on the bandwagon for that ONE build that can only really be optimized one specific way.

This is me. I quit MTG (build creativity & meta shifts) & Diablo 3 (base game style) for PoE. Most of my desire to play the game comes from thinking of new builds or combining old builds in new ways. I usually max at 94 or 95 (97 once in 7 years) when I have friends who get to 100 every league.

In other words:

THANK YOU, GGG, for keeping things interesting and spicy. KEEP IT UP!

Elementalist looks amazing.
ign crixus_sabr
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can you please point at what option is adding more power to any build outside of ele/occul?
Thx for RIP deadeye mirror\blink arrow build.
Hate you Cris,rly.
Obviously sold all the good skill MTXs, need us to play/buy something else.
No matter what you write, you GUTTED assasin, completely
These new changes have stripped away a lot of the peripheral minor stats from Ascendancy Classes and have added simplified, but much more powerful, options.

You nerfed juggernaut, a class that was not widely played and added nothing else to it.

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These ascendancies look like support gem stats. There is nothing unique about most of these changes. I'll still play and figure it out, but these are pretty boring tbh.
Stop nerf: Replica Alberon’s Warpath
Stop nerfs all!

or go Dead Game

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