Clarifying the Ascendancy Changes

just removed the reason to play earthshatter :(
I love GGG and PoE, but the worst thing about this company and game are its patch notes lol

our damage doesnt just come from the gem alone so please dont try to make it up that way because it doesnt work that way, you nerfed A LOT and the come back is "we buffed 40 gems" like come on
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I do not understand the changes to Hierophant, the changes seem to be a straight nerf unless there is options in the passive tree that make up for it. I do not get why they would remove the option to place 2 totems at once. This will likely require to run multiple totem support as a gem reducing the damage of each totem more. Further removing the cast speed buff to the totems is a big nerf, with no other compensation elsewhere (unless in passive tree somehow...).

While I have been out of POE for a few leagues, I do not believe that Hierophants were putting out crazy numbers, so I just do not understand why they made these nerfs. No justifications for the nerfs in my humble opinion. Maybe someone can enlighten me haha.
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I couldn't agree more. This new approach to ascendancies is far superior.
Assassins is very slowly.
"small nerfs" and "more powerful options" seems ridiculous from where I am sitting
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Ratedetar wrote:
These new changes have stripped away a lot of the peripheral minor stats from Ascendancy Classes and have added simplified, but much more powerful, options.

You nerfed juggernaut, a class that was not widely played and added nothing else to it.

They changed it, if you're stacking accuracy for attack speed. You now gain 1% attack speed per 150 acc(down from 200), and gain double the acc equal to strength. I don't see how that is a 100% nerf.
toxic rain sab might aswell play without uber lab, there is no any meaningful 4th ascendancy point for it after explosive expert nerf

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